The Olympic Dream

The Olympic Dream

It was a quiet morning practice for the US Olympic gymnastics team. The girls were stretching one last time before they hit the showers. Dominique Moceanu, Shannon Miller, Amanda Borden, Jaycie Phelps, Dominique Dawes, and Kerri Strug. The coach clapped her hands and the girls got up and headed for the showers. The stalls had doors and everything, so the girls didn't usually see each other nude. Amanda walked by Kerri's stall and noticed that her door wasn't shut. She stole a glance and saw Kerri's small, pert breasts. She walked on. The thought of a naked woman had never turned her on before, but she was wet from seeing this. Amanda wanted more. She walked to her stall and showered, thinking of Kerri's warm flesh.

The girls were sitting in their hotel room playing cards. It was around 8:00 in the evening. They didn't have to compete in the morning, so they had all made plans to stay up all night and talk. As 11:00 rolled around, the girls were tired of cards. "Let's play truth or Dare!" said Shannon. Everyone agreed and formed a circle.

"I'll go first," said Amanda. "Dominique (this refers to Dominique Dawes, the girls referred to Dominique Moceanu as Tiny), Truth or Dare?"

"Truth," said Dominique.

"All right," Amanda said, thinking of how bad she wanted to see more nude girls, "you have to go to the window and flash the next person that goes by."

"OK....." said Dominique reluctantly, "I will." Dominique walked over to the window she lifter up her shirt, revealing her average sized breasts to an old woman walking across the street. All the girls giggled at this.

"All right, it is your turn Dominique," said Shannon.

"Jaycie, Truth or Dare?" asked Dominique.

"Truth," said Jaycie.

"Have you ever fooled around with anyone?" asked Dominique.

"Well.....this one time..." Jaycie stuttered, "when I was twelve, me and my neighbor fooled around a little."

"What was his name?" asked curious young Moceanu.

"Well..... Susan. It was a girl," Jaycie said. The girls stared at her in awe. They couldn't believe that Jaycie had touched another girl. Amanda was pleased to hear this.

"What kind of stuff did you guys do?" asked a curious Amanda.

"She licked my vagina and I sucked on her breasts, you know, stuff like that," replied Jaycie.

"Show me," said a daring Amanda, pulling off her shirt and revealing her small, but lovely breasts. The girls stared at her in disgust. They couldn't do this. It wasn't right. Amanda leaned over to Jaycie and pulled off her shirt. The two topless girls looked each other in the eyes as Amanda's curious hand reached out and touched Jaycie's warm breast. They locked in a passionate kiss as they caressed each other's chests.

Looking on, Shannon began to rub her throbbing pussy. She couldn't take it anymore. She pulled off her shorts and panties and joined Jaycie and Amanda. The two let go of each other as Shannon stepped close. Jaycie reached out a finger and put on Shannon's hot little pussy. Shannon had a lot of hair down there and the girls were amazed by the sight of Shannon's well developed 18 year-old body. Her breasts were large for a gymnast, 34B.

Amanda reached over and lifted off Shannon's shirt and unclasped her bra. Shannon's beautiful breasts fell out in all their milky glory. Moceanu reached over and touched Shannon's breast. Her tiny hands cupped them and pinched the nipples. Soon, Moceanu was naked as well, her 13 year-old body not having a sign of adulthood on it. Dominique and Kerri watched on in a strange daze. Amanda walked over to Kerri and touched her breast. Kerri let out a light moan as Amanda's hand cupped her pert breast.

Dominique reached over and touched Amanda's tits. Dominique ripped off her shirt and panties and forced herself onto Amanda. Amanda accepted the gesture by taking her panties off and laying on her back. Dominque put her head down between her legs and pushed them open. Amanda was about to cum just thinking about Dominique's tongue in her slit.

Soon, it was.

Amanda quivered with pleasure as Dominique's tongue began to flick in and out of her hungry pussy. Kerri, watching all of this, walked over to Jaycie and ripped off her panties and motioned to her to get on the floor. Jaycie laid down and Kerri nestled her head into Jaycie's neglected pussy. She drew the lips apart with her fingers and began to insert her tongue. Kerri immediately fell in love with the taste of pussy juice. Kerri continued to lick as Moceanu lowered her tiny pussy onto Jaycie's face. Jaycie was now giving and receiving. Shannon pulled Kerri away for a moment to strip off her clothes. Kerri's nude body returned to Jaycie's hungry pussy and Shannon's mouth came to rest on Jaycie's pert little breasts.

On the other half, Amanda could feel her orgasm coming closer and closer. She had cum while masturbating, but this felt a lot bigger. With a buck of her hips and a loud scream, Amanda came right into Dominique's awaiting mouth. she lapped up the juices and leaned over to kiss Amanda and let her taste her own flavor. Amanda then rolled Dominique over and went to work on her.

Jaycie has now on the verge of a huge orgasm. The feeling of her nipples being played with and a tongue in her pussy was just too much. Jaycie screamed and her pussy exploded with girl cum. Kerri wasn't expecting it, but she still managed to drink most of it. Shannon leaned over and lapped up the rest. Kerri them leaned over and kissed Shannon passionately. Jaycie, still in shock, got a mouthful as Moceanu blasted her load into Jaycie's mouth and all over her face. Moceanu got up put her lips on Jaycie's. They both sat there locked in a kiss.

Amanda was bringing Dominique closer and closer to an orgasm. She could feel Dominique's shakes as her stimulated pussy was being sucked on. Amanda decided to speed up the process by laying a finger on Dominique's clit. This sent Dominique over the top and her cum gushed out of her hole. Amanda lapped it all up and the two parted, heading to other girls.

Kerri felt Shannon's tongue in her mouth and her hand in her pussy. She loved it. The embrace broke and Shannon moved down and gave a small lap at Kerri's hairy pussy. Kerri's pubic hair had just started to come in, even though she was 18. She felt Shannon's tongue roll around in her hot little pussy. She let out a soft moan. Amanda crept up from behind and surprised Shannon by inserting a finger into her tight pussy. Shannon moaned with happiness. Shannon had never put anything in her pussy before, not even a finger. Masturbation was always out of the question. She was saving her first sexual experience for her husband. Too late now.

Moceanu and Jaycie bucked back and forth, rubbing their pussies together. Dominique stepped over and placed her lips on Moceanu's little nipples. Moceanu's breasts were still unnoticeable. She had no pubic hair either. She had always been very horny, wishing her body would develop so boys would want her and she could have sex. But nothing was happening yet, so she had to resort to masturbation, and a lot of it. She would often do it 2-3 times a day. Now, she was about to cum for a second time, and so was Jaycie.

Kerri moaned loudly as her juices poured out into Shannon's mouth. Her first orgasm. Kerri loved the feeling of the orgasm. She wished she had discovered it earlier. Her head fell back, and she fell asleep from the exhaustion. Meanwhile, Amanda had Shannon on fire. This would be Shannon's first orgasm too. She felt an odd stirring in her pubic region and all of the sudden, she felt the best sensation of her life, her first orgasm. Amanda's waiting mouth slurped with glee. Once all the juice was gone, Amanda put her head up on Shannon's tits and closed her eyes. She and Shannon were both asleep.

Moceanu bucked and her juice gushed out at the same time as Jaycie's. Their simultaneous orgasm sent Dominique to the floor, licking up their love juices. Moceanu put her head back onto Kerri's sleeping breast. Moceanu was asleep instantly. Dominique put her lips on Jaycie's and they kissed passionately. Jaycie put her arm around Dominique and they fell asleep, locked together.