Our Holiday by Marsh

Our Holiday

We publish this letter as a warning to silly romantic young couples who may wish to explore the wilds of Papua, New Guinea, take care, for there are many dangers. We thought, as the holiday was planned, there would be many unusual sights and people to see in this last remnant of an old civilization. Carefully working out the costs we decided the backpack was the cheapest way, as we were both still young and strong, we could pick our own hotels and pay as we go. Arriving at Port Moresby, found the climate very hot and humid. Spent the night in a quite seedy hotel, could not sleep, mosquitoes gathering around our perspiring bodies. Early start in the morning for I had arranged transport, cheapest way, just a little six seat Toyota "minibus". We seemed to be the only passengers However everything seemed just fine until we got about fifty K's out of town, came to a sudden stop, appeared to be a large "log" across the road. Suddenly surrounded by a strange group of tall black men, all brandishing weapons of some sort, some wearing ragged shorts, others had simple tufts of grass covering the genitals. My wife Jennifer was fascinated to see the smiling men waving sticks and all talking a language we could not understand. I felt rather uneasy. She clicked our little Japanese camera, quite excited to get all the shots, then some of them slid the door open and entered the bus. Jennifer, sat, quite unmoved, welcoming smile on her face, beautifully dressed in crisp white blouse, well filled with her bountiful breasts, white shorts covered her hefty thighs, then to wooly white socks and stout leather walking boots. The men seemed to find little of interest on the bus, but gathered round Jennifer, laughing, talking, and pointing fingers at her breasts.

Then, to my horror, she was escorted from the bus, giving me a nervous smile as she left, I jumped up and followed, but was stopped by two very large smiling black guys. However, I could still see her, in the bushes, surrounded by four black figures. They were undoing the buttons on her blouse, then slipped it off. Next her bra was removed, exposing her magnificent breasts, full and heavy. They examined her "tits" with great interest, squeezing gently and pulling the nipples. Jennifer stood quietly, thank goodness these men did not appear to be violent, just curious to see a naked white women. However, I was really concerned about her safety, and angrily charged forward to make some sort of rescue. Very silly, for I was quickly overpowered, brought to ground, tee-shirt, shorts and underpants were removed, then my wrists and ankles were bound. I was left, completely helpless and quite naked, terribly embarrassed, for two of the older tribesmen came over and examined my penis with great interest, pulling the skin back to see to see how it worked. Poor Jennifer screamed, please don't hurt him, Then she was pulled down into the grass, shorts unfastened, laughing and whooping they pulled them off, panties were next, Poor Jennifer was now, quite naked, apart from the boots.

She tried to cover her private parts, but was quickly overpowered. Many hands held her down very firmly, chubby white legs slowly opened to reveal the tuft of her blonde pubic hair and the pouting lips of her prim little vagina.

Poor Jennifer just lay there, completely helpless as a young naked black guy with fuzzy hair and erect penis moved into position between her spread thigh. Jennifer cried "Oooooh!" as he entered her hairy grotto, then gave her a savage fucking, his thick black member moving in and out like a piston. The tribesmen all crouched around Jennifer, quietly watching and stroking erect cocks patiently waiting to mount the young woman.

Another guy seized her ankles, lifting my wife's legs high and open wide, the cleft of her sex was open, pink and wet with cum even her anus was on full view, tight, puckered and as yet untouched. Three more of them fucked her, I could see her poor cunt filled with black dicks, one after the other. Then the chief came along, little man with afro hair style, his long wrinkled penis erect. He motioned his men to hold Jennifer open for him, then he carefully eased his member into my wife's virginal back passage, Jennifer moaned and groaned but the deed was done, his black penis was sank right up to the hilt! His saggy balls pressed against the cheeks of Jennifer's lovely white bottom. It took the old guy a long time to cum, at one stage he stopped for a rest, short of breath,

Shortly after, they all disappeared, back into the dense jungle. Poor Jennifer crouched and opened her legs before me and the bus driver, did a huge golden piss, wiped her cunt with grass, smiled bravely and we got back on the bus. . . . . . . Marsh.