The Penile Pump Implant by Man-Cock

The Penile Pump Implant

When I was 19-years old I was paralyzed from the chest down in a car wreck. A drunk driver blindsided me on a rainy road in the middle of no where. He'd broken my neck leaving me paralyzed from the shoulders with little use of my arms. I spent a lot of time in the hospital then in a rehab center. After my anger and depression subsided I realized my cock no longer responded like it once had. Naturally I couldn't feel it, hell I couldn't feel anything from my neck down, but it would get erect... it just wouldn't stay erect for very long.

I'd watch, as the nurse would change the external condom. They'd wipe off my cock with a cloth, then brush on white skin-bond glue around the base of my growing erection. Then they'd roll the rubber condom down over the head of my cock on past to the base. They'd grip my erection tightly bonding the glue to the condom. Next they cut about a 3inch strip of elastic tape and wrap that around my cock's base over the condom. The end of the condom had a straw-like piece of plastic tube where they plugged that into a bag on the side of my bed. When my body would piss it would run out the condom's end down into the bed bag. I enjoyed watching the different nurse's change this every morning. I enjoyed watching them hold and squeeze my erection. Even though I had no feeling in my cock, just seeing them play with it was a turn on.

One particular Saturday morning a young nurse, maybe about 21 was changing my condom. She was very pretty. I complimented her on her looks. She was really taking her time rubbing my cock with the damp rag. She'd smile at me and continue fondling my erection. "I think I'm going to add a little cream to this... you seem a little dry," she smiled reaching for the hand lotion. "You okay with that?"

I nodded yes, excited that someone had taken an interest in my cock. By now I was used to the fact that I'd never see my cock spewing out jism like I once had. It's weird how when one thing is taken away from you, you find another to replace it. You adapt to the situation as best you can. My other senses were working overtime to compensate for my loss of feeling. The smell of her perfume, the sweet sounds of her voice the long delicate fingers she wrapped around my cock. All of these things triggered a growing desire in me to have her pump my penis till she (and I) couldn't stand it anymore. I wanted her to jack me as fast and hard as she could. I didn't know what the outcome would be but I wanted her hand tightly around me milking me like I'd never been milked before.

She squirted some lotion on her hands and began applying it to my throbbing erection. Her hands worked my stiff cock up and down, slowly. Her grip moving faster and faster becomes a blur to my eyes. I couldn't feel this wonderful woman's hands but I was excited beyond belief. By God I was erect and she was hand fucking me playfully as she smiled often looking back at me with a wickedly devilish grin. Her hands continued to prime my erection. She masturbated me for nearly 15 minutes and my hardon was just as strong as ever. The head of my cock was swelling as her grip choked the length of my dick.

Seems that on occasion I can get a bona fide steel hard-on. One that lasts forever without cumming or going down. The thing is you never know when you're gonna get one.

She finally stopped rubbing and sadly looked up at me. "I wish I had a lot more time to play," she confessed, "but they're gonna come looking for me if I don't get back to work."

"I understand"

"Honey if I didn't need this job so bad I'd climb up there and straddle that sweet cock... "

"I know, I appreciate everything you've already done."

"No, thank you sweetie. I may swing by when my shift ends," she added. "Would that be okay?"

"I'd really like that."

"Me too."

My cock throbbed for nearly an hour after she put the condom on.

Well she did come by and that damn cock of mine got erect for all of maybe 4 minutes. It was very disappointing. After that, I asked my doctors more and more about penile transplants. There was one kind that inflates making you a huge erection that lasts as long as you want. No kidding, you could pump it up and it'd be hard all day.

Since I didn't have any feeling and couldn't ejaculate I thought that'd be very cool to have a dick that stayed fully erect all day if I wanted it to. My doctor was a lady, (Amy Fulbright) in her late 30s and very attractive. She seemed to enjoy talking to me about the possibilities of me getting this pump up penile implant.

She often flipped my bed sheet back, peeled off my condom and looked at my cock. She'd get me erect and then they'd roll in a industrial size penis pump with a clear Plexiglas cylinder. It plugged into the wall and sucked my fucking dick into a massive hardon. She'd let it stay in that thing for about 45 minutes telling me it was good for my penile vessels to get a good supply of blood in them. Most all of the nurses would come by for a look while I lay there with my dick fully erect out from under the sheets. They'd take my temp or check my blood pressure or use any excuse to come in. I really enjoyed it. I wondered if secretly they were thinking of my cock later when they masturbated or fucked their boyfriends or husbands.

Doc Amy loved talking about sex too. We talked about everything sexual. One afternoon she surprisingly admitted to being bisexual. I told her that was a turn on to me. She'd tell me the strangest stories. For a doctor she was really kinky. From what I could tell she was really preoccupied with men's cocks.

About a month later she recommended me to a surgeon who did the operation. I was excited about finally regaining some control over my body, especially my cock. The surgery went fine. Amy came by several times to check on my progress. Eight weeks later I returned for a general checkup. Amy helped me pump-up the implant and inspected my entire genital area carefully.
"This is very impressive. It feels exactly like the real deal,"


"Have you had a chance to have intercourse yet?"

"No, I 'm not seeing anyone right now."

"Oh," she smiled and looked around the room. "We really need to test this to make sure it'll work in a real situation," she smiled. "I wonder where we could get a volunteer." She hesitated thinking. "Would you have any objections to me... well, ah, how can I put this?"

"I'd really like that. -You fucking me. As a matter of fact I'd enjoy that very much."

"Great, that'll give me a chance to see, ah, and feel first hand how well it works."

Two nights later she came by apartment. I told her I'd leave the door unlocked and I'd sent my roommate attendant out for about 4 hours. I was in bed waiting when she entered the apartment. I was naked except for the sheet that covered my pumped up erection. A huge bulge pitched the sheet up in the center of the bed. She smiled as she entered my bedroom.
"That's quite a tent,"

"Yeah," I responded smiling. "I thought you might like that."

She unclipped her hair and sat her bag down.

"I've never seen you with your hair down, it's nice."

"I've got several surprises for you tonight."

My Vientiane blinds were cracked just enough to let the late afternoon light filter through. It was nearing dark and I also had a few candles lit.

She slowly peeled off a jacket, a blouse, a skirt and a slip. She eased her black lace panties to the floor and unhooked her bra. "I've been thinking about you and that sweet cock for weeks now."

She pulled the sheet off the bed revealing my 7.5-inch cock at full attention. She leaned over and darted her tongue at my cock's head. "It's so fucking perfect," Amy licked the sides then swallowed the head. I looked at the clock, which showed 6:37. She climbed on the bed and straddled me.

"Bring that bush up here," I said wanting to lick her pussy. I hadn't tasted pussy since before my accident. "I want to taste you."

"Oh, you want to lick my pussy, huh?"

"Yes, very much..."

"This little old thing? How much do you want it sweetie?" she teased me now straddling my head with her crotch. Her fingers were rubbing her slit a few inches away and spreading her cunt revealing its sweet wet lips, pink and fragrant.

Laughingly I joked, "You fucking bitch, drop that hole on me now," I shot my tongue up just licking the back of her hand. She lowered herself until I was lapping her wings. She ground her cunt in to my face as I licked and sucked her wet mound.

"Oh yeah baby, ohhh yeah, eat me out good," On and on she bounced her pussy on my face as I wildly licked her wetness. I sucked her wings and nibbled her clit when she rolled her hips backward. Her moans grew louder and her wetness covered my face. She rolled her tits upward pinching the nipples tightly. "Oh god yeah, baby eat my pussy," she groaned. "You do it so good, awwww god, yes. Suck my clit, yes, yes, yes!" her body stiffened and her breathing grew erratic. In a series of full body spasms she clamped her cunt tightly to my face as wave after wave of orgasm ripped through her soul.

Finally she crawled off of me and straddled my cock. In seconds it was all the way inside her. She groaned as she pinched her nipples. She began to ride me... fucking my cock wildly up and down crashing her cunt into my balls. "I'm going to fuck your sweet brains out,"

I smiled watching here body milk mine. Her smell engulfing my senses, her beautiful skin rippling as our bodies collided. Her breast bouncing wildly, nipples erect and her eyes buried inside her head, cast back as she fucked me like a demon possessed. Her sticky wetness covering my face, breath after breath I breathe in her scent deeply. She drops her sloppy cunt onto my pole again and again smacking the wet skin loudly.

Dizzy with desire I suck her fingers as she leans forward on me, her breasts meshed tightly between us on my chest, her hips hunching my rock solid erection, her breath scalding my face as she takes what she needs. She is lost somewhere within herself and I am lost there too. I want her to fuck me; I need for her to fuck me. I smile as she rides me. I'm giving her what she wants most. I feel her in a way I could never have felt her before. I'm tuned in to her on a level I never knew existed. Her hands cup my face as she erupts in another orgasm.

Time flew by as she fucked my prick slowing only to enjoy her multiple orgasms then ridding my pole another round. She finally was so tired from fucking me till she could hardly move. "Dear God, I've got to get myself in better shape," she confessed collapsing on top of me with my erection still inside her.

She rested a for a while and got something to drink then she fucked me some more. She couldn't get enough of it. She came so many times she lost count.
"I don't ever want to stop fucking your damn cock." she whispered as she rolled off me. "But I've got a big day tomorrow."

"That's cool,"

"Can we do this again real soon?"

"I'm all yours doc,"

"Yes you are... say,"


"Would you mind if I brought a friend of mine with me sometime?"

"A female friend?"

"Yeah, she won't believe me when I tell her about tonight. We'll have to show her how incredible this is."

"Bring her when ever you like."

"Thanks, I will. You'll really like her." She kissed me touching the side of my face. "I really had an incredible time. This was probably without a doubt the best fuck I've ever had."

"Me too," I added. "I think we really connected."

"We did sweetie. We did." She whipped her juices of my prick with a wet cloth and put a condom on me. She deflated my erect cock and got dressed. "I wish I didn't have to run. Do you need anything else before I leave?"

"Just one last kiss."

"I'll call you and we'll get together in a few days. If I can last that long." She added leaning in to kiss me deeply. "Night sweetie,"