Pizza Girl by Min

Pizza Girl

I'm 27 years old, and have been married for 7 years and have two beautiful children. I'm 5'6" with light brown hair and green eyes. Many people say that I'm very attractive, and I work out to keep my figure. My husband always comments on how great my legs are. My sex life with my husband has always been very good. I was a virgin when I met my husband and have always been faithful to him and love him very much.

Recently, my husband was laid off from his job. So I took a job to try to make ends meet. My husband Rick works two odd jobs and I took a job delivering pizza for a local pizza shop.

One day, I worked a double shift, I don't really mind, usually I can make more tips this way. I usually wear a T-shirt and shorts when delivering, much more comfortable working in them. It was about 10 o'clock, close to closing time when an order for 5 large pizzas came in. I looked at the name and it was for a friend of ours. I said I would take it and since it was almost closing time, my boss said just keep the money till tomorrow and turn it in then so I wouldn't have to come back.

I packed up the pizzas and drove over to Ron's. Ron has been a friend of the family for years. He's a large black man, he used to work with my husband before the lay off. I arrived at Ron's and looked at my clock, it was about 10:30, I had to pick up my husband around 1 o'clock, when he gets off his shift at the conveyance store. I took the pizzas and went up to the house and rang the bell, Ron opened the door and was surprised it was me delivering the pizza's. I told him things were tight and I was trying to make ends meet. He invited me in and relax and since it would be a couple of hours before I had to pick up Rick, I said sure. He made a couple of drinks and I sat back and relaxed and watched some television. I asked him why he ordered so many pizza's, and he told me he was having some friends over soon.

After a few more drinks, I was really relaxed and had a good buzz going. Then he pulled out some joints and started smoking one of them. He offered me a hit and I said no, I've never even smoked a cigarette. Well, after a few more drinks, he offered me a hit again and said it would really relax me. Well, since it was Ron, I trust him, he's always been a good friend. My first hit, I tried to inhale it, but I just gagged. He said to try it again, so I did, after about the fifth time, I got in a real hit. I was really buzzing. I just wanted to lay down, so I got up and went over to the sofa and laid down. After a few minutes, Ron joined me and started to caress me. I wanted him to stop, but I was just too buzzed to do anything. He told me that he has always found me attractive and that I really turned him on. I didn't know what to do. He started kissing on me and pulled my shirt up and started sucking on my nipples. I wanted to object, but from the pot, the drinks and his sucking, I was getting turned on. He started caressing my thigh and was moving up toward my pussy. I pushed his hand off, but he just kept doing it. I felt my shorts coming off and by this time, I didn't really care. I felt his hand start rubbing my bare pussy. It felt good. He started fingering and I was starting to get really wet. He stopped sucking on my nipple and moved down to my pussy, and started eating me out. I wanted to scream, it felt so good. I was so relaxed and was feeling real good.

Ron then moved up and tried to kiss me and I moved so he kissed my cheek. He said, "You don't have to kiss me baby, just fuck me." I thought he was kidding, then I felt his penis against my pussy. I tried to move away but with one good thrust he was in me. I have never felt anything like it, it was much larger than Rick's penis, I wanted to scream from the pain! I looked down and to my amazement, only the head was in me, he started to push it in further and I tried to push him off, but the pain soon went away and I hadn't felt this full since I gave birth. It was really turning me on watching this big black penis going in and out of me. I just laid back and it was feeling better and better. I started rubbing his chest while he was pumping me. It wasn't long, but I had my first orgasm. He started a faster pace and I couldn't stand it anymore and wasn't long before I had my second orgasm. Then he really started slamming that huge penis into me, I just grabbed on and gritted my teeth. It felt so good. I heard some people come in, but I didn't even care if anyone was watching.

Then I heard some chatter like "Give that white bitch some black meat!" I didn't care, just wanted to feel all that meat in me. Ron's breathing started getting faster and his pace was faster and faster and I was about to cum again, then I heard a large moan from Ron and I could feel him cumming in me, which made me cum again! I just laid back to catch my breath. I've never been fucked like that before. I was really buzzing from the pot and alcohol and from that last fuck, it was a good feeling. I felt someone else climb on me but I thought it was Ron. I opened my eyes and someone stuck his penis into my mouth. I've never had a penis in my mouth. In all the years I've been married, I've never even had my husband's penis in my mouth. He started sticking it in further and further in my mouth till I started gagging. I heard him say "Suck it bitch, suck it or choke," so I started sucking. I felt someone parting my legs into the air and someone's penis entering me.

It wasn't Ron, it was a smaller penis, but he had a fast pace. I couldn't believe it, I was sucking this guy's penis and being fucked at the same time. I started getting dizzy and then the guy I was sucking came. I started gagging so I had to swallow. I have never tasted semen before, but it ran out my mouth all over my chin. Then the guy that was fucking me stared cumming. I heard a loud moan and he pumped me full of his cum. I opened my eyes and I heard someone say that this was the last guy to have a piece of the pizza girl. He was HUGE! I thought Ron's penis was bit, but this one was HUGE! It must have been at least 15 inches long and 5 inches in width. I tried to get up and they all pushed me down. I was yelling NO! But really, I wanted to feel this huge penis in me. He spread my legs high with each arm. He licked his hand and rubbed it all over his penis. He pressed his big black penis against my pink pussy lips. He started to insert it and I felt a sharp pain. I grinded my teeth taking the pain.

He looked right at me and smiled and he knew it was hurting me, but he was determined to blow his cum in me too. I yelled from the pain and I thought it was all in me and I looked and only about two inches was in. He looked at me and said, "Here it comes honey, ready or not!" Then he shoved the rest of it in me. I thought he was splitting me apart! It really hurt! I started crying and he was pumping faster and faster. After a minute or so, the pain went away and it started feeling pretty good. He was jamming me with all he had! After about 30 minutes and 5 orgasms, he was still going at it! I can't believe he can go for so long. Then his pace started to pick up and he started breathing faster and faster. I knew he was close, then all of a sudden, he slammed all of his penis into me and started cumming. It triggered another orgasm, I felt his hot cum blowing into me. When he finally stopped he pulled out his penis and cum oozed out of my pussy. I just laid there and didn't know what to say.

I must have passed out and when I got up, everyone was gone and I saw 5 empty pizza boxes with pizza crusts everywhere. I got dressed and looked at my watch and it was well after 4 in the morning! I rushed out and over to the convenience store and Rick was gone. I rushed home and found Rick asleep on the sofa. I kissed him on the head and went to bed.

I feel so ashamed for what I have done. I never wanted to cheat on my husband, but it was an experience that I will never forget! I didn't have sex with my husband for at least a month. He was getting irritated, but I had to get the swelling down and had to let my pussy time to shrink back to size for him to enjoy. Sex with my husband hasn't been the same since, I often fantasize about that 15 inch monster that ravaged my little pussy.