A Police Woman Betrayed by Jaz1701

A Police Woman Betrayed

The room was completely silent as John Pressman finished speaking. He had just confessed to the brutal rape of over 15 young, attractive lesbian women on national television. He had laughed at the police, the DA's office and the judicial system. He bragged about how it felt to shove his 8 inch dick down an unwilling lesbian's throat, to look her in the eye while he fucked her face and she choked on his cock. The soft heavy feel as he fondled her jiggling tits. He loved the mixed smell of her fear and disgust as he pried her legs apart and entered her for the first time. He had tried to explain the sensation of hearing a woman beg, plead promise you anything, EVERYTHING and the satisfaction that came when she realized that there was nothing she could do, nothing in the world that was sweeter to you than ripping into her tender lesbian ass, and burying your face in her cunt as far as it could possibly go.

In a just world John Pressman would have gone to jail for confessing to such terrible crimes. Unfortunately he held his news conference AFTER he had gotten off on a technicality. The police had not gotten a warrant to search his car, and even though it was parked in front of his house the judge had ruled that it was separate and distinct and required its own warrant. Under the rules of Double Jeopardy he could not be tried again. He was a free man and there was nothing anyone could do about it. He ended his statement with a challenge to the police. "You arrested me, beat me, and threatened to kill me if I did not confess. Ok assholes I confess to raping the 15 women you know about, I'll even throw in 8 more in other states. I can't wait to get out there and rape some more." He then turned and left the room laughing all the way.

Police Captain Carl Jablonski was a tired man. In the past two weeks he had received calls from the Commissioner, the DA, The Mayor, The Governor, The ACLU, and 6 different Gay/Lesbian activist groups. They all said the same thing, he better catch this fucker, and it damn well better be air-fucking-tight this time. Since John Pressman's release 5 Lesbian women had been raped. The last 2 had been left naked and hog tied in the street outside his precinct. None of the women were willing to testify. The poor young girls were completely shattered, John Pressman had taken their pride, dignity, sanity and in 3 cases their virginity. Jablonski was running out of options. He had sent 2 teams of undercover female detectives posing as lesbian lovers to get Pressman's attention in the bars he frequented. They were young, pretty, and experienced detectives, who had 37 male officers backing them up; as well as state of the art recording and surveillance technology. The undercover officers kissed and rubbed each other seductively in plain sight of Pressman, to no avail. Both times he identified them as fake lesbians, laughed in their face and went home. Jablonski had just received word that harassment charges had been filed and a restraining order had been issued barring him from further investigation without showing due cause. He figured that he had one more chance to get this sick bastard. Jablonski would be risking his good name, career, and maybe even endangering the lives of some of the men and women in his command. "No one makes a fool out of this department, and gets away with it." He was going to do whatever it took to put Pressman away for good.

Susan Miller was not a very good cop. She knew that, and the rest of her squad knew it too. She had dreamed of being a detective for as long as she could remember. She was going to outsmart the bad guys and protect the innocent. It had not worked out that way. She was 27 years old and after 8 years on the job was still assigned to traffic duty and crowd control. She was starting to admit to herself that this might be the best she could do. She did not really resent her job but did wish her relationship with her fellow officers was better Many nicknamed her Deputy Dike, or the Luscious Lesbo. Susan was 5ft 9in tall, had soft brown hair, plump 36 D breasts, and thanks to a rigorous exercise program, a firm juicy ass. "If I could just find a way to get the Captain's attention I know I could do a good job as a detective". she thought as she was walking past the Sergeant's desk. "Hey Miller, get your butt up to the Captain's office right now" Sergeant Peterson called to her. When Susan entered Jablonski's office he was not alone. Lieutenants from Vice, Homicide, and Tactical Command sat in a semicircle around the Captain's desk. "Miler have a seat, keep your mouth shut and listen to what I have to offer you" Jablonski ordered. We have been trying to catch the so called Lesbian Rapist for two weeks and frankly he has made us look like fools. Every time I send someone undercover he sniffs them out. Pressman knows a Lesbian when he sees one. If we are going to catch him I need a real Lesbian as bait. I have been authorized to give you a bump in pay to Grade 39 as well as a promotion to Detective Sergeant if you successfully apprehend Pressman." This was too good to be true. Grade 39 paid $56,000 and she would be a Detective at last. "I'll do it sir!" she squealed. "Good you will have plenty of backup and we will plant a microtransmitter in your shoe. You will get Pressman hot and out of control. Then beg him to stop, and tell him that he is raping you. That will be the Task Force's cue to break in and arrest him. Is that clear?" he asked. Ok then all you need to do is pick the female partner who will be bait with you to get his attention. I want to make this 100% clear. There can be no holding back on this one. I need you to get his attention. You must pick a woman that will get you and Pressman excited. You will be kissing, licking and rubbing yourself all over this cop. Do whatever it takes. If you need to, strip her naked and lick her pussy clean on the pool table, then do it. If you decide that shoving a pool cue up her ass is the only way to get Pressman to attack, then that is what you had better fucking do. Do you understand me Officer?!" he roared.

Susan could not help it but she felt herself getting wet from his instructions. She could not believe her luck. She knew exactly who she wanted, shit she had fantasized about her for almost a year now. Those proud, perky tits and that tight tight ass had haunted Susan's dreams for a long time. She wanted to lick that pussy, to stick her tongue deep in her fellow officer's ass and savor the funky aroma. Sometimes she would hang around outside the showers to catch a peek at this small, beautiful woman. Susan had masturbated for many a night to the remembered image of her dripping wet perfect little naked body, begging to be sucked and fucked. She was made to be spread, beaten into submission, and licked until she begged for Susan's touch and taste. Susan knew these were just intense fantasies, she could never have this woman, or so she thought. The Captain was bringing her fantasy to life. "I understand sir, I would like to have Linda Thomas as my partner. One thing sir she is newly married, I am not sure if she will be convincing.

Jablonski thought he was going to be sick. He had partnered with Linda's father for 22 years. Frank had died taking a bullet meant for him. He was Linda's Godfather and had just given her away at her wedding 2 months ago. She loved and trusted him, and would do anything he asked. He was going to betray her, and her father's memory. "SHE doesn't have to be convincing. Basically you are going to rape and molest her. I am gambling a sick bastard like Pressman will get off on the idea of raping another rapist. Just be brutal with her and we will have him."

Susan was very happy as she left the Captain's office. "Don't worry sir I will get his attention, it will look like I am raping her and enjoying every minute of it. I promise." As soon as she closed the door the room erupted in protest. The other officer's were shocked and dismayed at the details of this plan. "Grade 39 that's more than I make.. Det Sgt she is a fucking meter maid... Linda is a good cop she deserves better than to be gift wrapped for this sick lesbian bitch" they yelled over each other. " Gentlemen please hear me out. There are some details to this plan that I neglected to cover with our young lesbian officer. We are all having to make sacrifices on this one, and she will be no exception. You and all 60 of your men will be asked to provide audio, and visual recordings of John Pressman brutally raping Officer Susan Miller. There will be no doubt about it this time. In addition to the tape we will put on a parade of the distinguished eye witness testimony of 60+ policemen, DA's and judges who will be on site with you. We will not stop Pressman from raping Susan Miller. He is to be allowed to fuck her in anyway he sees fit, for as long as he likes. If he wants her pretty little ass, it is his. If he prefers to rip her cunt to pieces, no problem. Anything goes. If at the end he decides to kill her, you WILL let him. We'll have him on tape murdering a police officer. Let him get off on a technicality then.". If she survives the ordeal Susan will have earned her promotion and every penny of her pay increase. Of course she will still have to pass her psych exam, and be on probation just like any other new Detective. If she fails either she can be removed from the force at my discretion. Considering the mental state of John Pressman's previous victims, I don't think she will be passing any psych exams in the near future. Get some popcorn gentleman, and let's enjoy the show".

John knew it was time to leave town. He had proven his superiority and exercised his God given right to rape Lesbians but things were starting to get out of hand. Everywhere he went he was being followed. Every woman that he thought he might like to rape had to be carefully scrutinized to make sure she was not a cop. It was not fair. He was being persecuted for following his natural instincts. Ever since he raped his first Lesbian he knew that this was to be a way of life for him. Hell even the Constitution promises every American Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Raping Lesbians was his life, and it made him happy. Lately he had been taking too many chances. John was beginning to scare himself. If the police ever caught him he would be going to jail for a long time. To make things worse he knew his fellow inmates would jump at the chance to rape a Master Rapist. "Yep it's time to move on and lay low for a while, just one more date and I am outta here" John promised himself.

Linda was very nervous as she and Susan drove to the "Brassy Bitch Bar and Grill" She kept sneaking quick glances at her new partner. Uncle Carl had asked her to participate in this very important assignment, and she did not want to let him down...but she was extremely uncomfortable with the idea of kissing another woman, especially a Lesbian. As the car pulled to a stop outside the bar Linda turned to Susan and said, "I guess this is it...before we go in I guess we had better practice you know kissing and stuff, so I don't screw anything up". Susan smiled at her and said "relax I'm sure you will do fine. Just pretend I am your husband. I am just as nervous as you are, and I promise you I will not enjoy the things that I will have to do to you in there. But we have a duty to try our best to get this creep before he hurts any one else. I guess you're right though a little practice is probably a good idea."

Susan leaned over and began nuzzling Linda's neck; she gently planted several soft angel kisses on the smaller woman. Finally she worked her way up to Linda's cheek and kissed the left and right sides tenderly. She reached out and took Linda's dainty hands in her own and began to softly caress them. Next Susan began to lick Linda's lips until they parted just a crack, and she slipped a tongue inside her mouth. As Susan started sucking on her tongue Linda was starting to panic, but she tried to hold it together. Then Susan began making small circles on the blue silk shirt covering Linda's pointy little nipples. Susan looked down at her and saw her unease. "Look, I need to know before we get in there if I can count on you not to blow our cover. We know this guy is a serial rapist, for all we know he is a killer too. We are supposed to be lovers and the plan calls for me to be very aggressive with you. Both of us could be in a lot of trouble if you tense up in there. Can I trust you?" Linda was a good cop, as her father was before her. You don't ever let your partner down. She knew what she had to do. "Don't worry I am with you partner, do whatever you have to do to me to take this jerk off the street, I can take it". Susan gave Linda's nipples a firm tug, smiled and said good, I'll hold you to that." The policewomen got out of the car and walked into the bar where they knew Pressman was waiting.

John was getting a little bored with the "Brassy Bitch". So far all the couples were too fat, to ugly or too fucking old. He only raped grade A lesbian meat. He preferred women who had never been fucked by men, but any attractive lesbian would do in a pinch. John liked the "Brassy Bitch" because it usually catered to a younger crowd, had good food and music, and respected the privacy of its patrons. The dim lighting and high backed booths at the tables allowed for intimate caresses, lingering kisses, and confidential conversations. John would observe his prey for an hour or so, and make sure it was safe to rape one of them. He had been there for about two hours this evening and was about to give up and go home when two young lovers caught his attention. One was a tall leggy blonde with sweet, heavy tits, and a warm full bottom, she was tan good looking, and athletic. John got an instant rock hard on. Her partner was just as beautiful in a quiet mousy way. She was about five years younger, and her sweet, baby doll physique made him want to hear her scream, to see that pouty little mouth wrapped around his fat, smelly cock. As john watched them he began to get more and more aroused. The tall blonde had been deep tonguing the smaller woman for about 15 minutes, and was visibly excited. John watched her hands go under the table, and could not believe it when he saw the smaller woman's panties drop to the floor around her ankles

The blonde was clearly playing with her pussy and to John's delight, the younger girl did not seem to like the public display. The stronger woman brutally grabbed both of her hands and held them with one of hers on top of the table. With her free hand she began a brutal finger fucking assault on the unwilling pussy. Every once in a while she paused and licked her fingers before attacking again. Her hands seemed to fumble around for a moment and then found the smaller woman's asshole. Susan had one finger in each hole and seemed to get off on the other woman's discomfort. Suddenly she stood up and half dragged Linda into the hall near the emergency exit. John laughed as the smaller woman tripped on her own underwear, and followed at a discreet distance to see what would happen next. Linda was scared, Susan seemed to be out of control. She was also very embarrassed. She knew several surveillance cameras had been installed in the bar as well as at Pressman's residence. The thought of her fellow officers seeing Susan stick a finger in her vagina, and up her ass was almost too much to bear.

"Susan what the fuck are you doing? Why did you attack me like that nobody said you were going to rape me. Please I can't take anymore", she sobbed.

"Shut your mouth, do you want him to hear you? We almost have him now, he is following us, we just need to push him over the edge so he will attack me. I am going to be risking my life in a few minutes, suck it up partner it is almost over." Susan encouraged Linda.

"What do you mean push him over the edge, how are we going to do that?!" she demanded. "Well Linda I am going to strip you naked in this hallway, suck your beautiful tits, lick your pretty pussy, and taste your dirty little butt. Finally I am going to stand over you and make suck my pussy until I cum all over your face." Feel free to fight me, it will be more realistic if I have to beat you into submission", Susan said with a feral grin. She then pinned Linda to the wall and brutally ripped the thin fabric of her shirt. As Linda was not wearing a bra she immediately buried her face in her tits and began licking, slurping and biting her small breasts. "O God no what are you doing, stop you are raping me, please Susan don't do this. Somebody help me! Uncle Carl pleaseee!!", she begged.

Susan laughed as she positioned the smaller woman on all fours and roughly snatched her mini skirt off of her ass. She then began mashing and kneading Linda's ass cheeks, finally spreading them far apart and shoving her nose deep into her ass. When she could go no further she began taking long doggie licks up the crack of Linda's butt before inserting her tongue in her anus. Linda was thrashing wildly on the filthy bar room floor in an attempt to escape her rapist, but Susan was just too strong for her. She pounded her once on her back, and enjoyed the "whoosh" of air that accompanied the solid "thunk" of her fist. Linda could not catch enough breath to scream, never mind struggle. She laid on the floor helpless as Susan spread her thighs apart and began sloppily cleaning her pussy. Linda was not exactly wet, but the french kissing, tit massage, and suck had left her a little moist.

"I knew you would taste good, I have wanted this pussy for so long, and now you belong to me. Shit you knew I was a lesbian, and still you paraded half naked in the locker room right in front off me. You had to know what you were doing. You are getting exactly what you deserve. Cum for me baby, cum all over my face you little cunt tease. I've got you now" Susan laughed as she sucked Linda's clit to a forced orgasm. She then tenderly licked her wet pussy until it was completely clean. Linda was in a state of shock, she was curled up in a ball on the floor dazed and confused. "Why had none of her fellow cops come in to save her? Was Susan really raping her or was she just trying to catch Pressman, and why couldn't she stop herself from cumming all over Susan's face?"

Susan removed her panties and flipped Linda over on her back. She leaned down and said "My turn lover", as she straddled Linda's face. Susan's short skirt completely covered the smaller woman's head blocking her view. "You made this wet sticky mess between my legs, now you are going to clean it up" she said as she began gently bouncing, humping and grinding on Linda's helpless mouth and nose. The vibration of Linda's screams, and her hot breath gasping for air was more than enough to send Susan into a long, powerful dripping wet orgasm. "I am not getting off until you lick my pussy dry. "Linda was furious, and sickened by this final humiliation, but slowly, reluctantly she stuck her tongue in Susan's filthy sopping pussy and began to lick her lesbian rapist dry.

John was in love. He had never wanted a woman as badly as he wanted Susan. Usually he planned his abductions carefully. Usually he would rather risk losing his prey rather than risk going to jail because of poor planning. But not tonight. He had to have Susan right now. He carefully crept down the dimly lit hallway and pulled out his 6 inch boot knife. He did not have to worry about alerting the two women. Linda's face was still buried under Susan's skirt, and Susan was deep into her second orgasm caused by Linda's reluctant tongue.

Both were surprised when they heard John say, "I have a knife pressed in your back Susan. Linda close your eyes and put your face on the floor. If you see me I will have to kill you." Linda was not about to risk her life for Susan, not when there were 60 cops waiting outside. Susan why don't we go back to my place, and get to know each other a little better." John walked her out the emergency exit to his car and they drove away.

Susan struggled to remain calm as she entered John's apartment. "My God this is the place. More young, lesbian women had been brutally raped in this room, than had EVER been raped in a single place in the entire history of the world" she thought to herself. Now she was here she had to be strong. This was her chance to stop a truly evil person, to justify what she had done to Linda. If she could arrest John Pressman her career, her whole life would have meaning. At least she was not alone. Her fellow police officers were moving into position. As soon as she asked for help they would kick down the door and come running in to save her.

"Can I get you anything before we get started" John asked in a civil tone. "No.... allll rightyy then why don't you get on your knees and start sucking my cock." Susan acted as if she was surprised. " You know I am a lesbian I can't suck a man's nasty cock, and if you try to force me I will call the police. You would go to jail for rape. This has gone far enough, I am leaving now," she said as she headed for the door. John punched her as hard as he could in the stomach and then gave her a vicious backhand that spun her around and knocked Susan to the floor. He took out his boot knife and said ,"open your mouth bitch. Since you don't want to suck my cock you can suck on this instead. Susan was stunned, bleeding, and in pain she began to lose her composure.

"Please don't hurt me, don't rayuhhh", she choked as John stuck his knife into her open mouth "Suck it bitch, suck my knife or I'm gonna fuck your face with it. I want you to lick it, suck it, and then deepthroat it. John made her suck his knife for about 5 minutes. Susan's mouth and tongue were bleeding from several accidental superficial cuts. "Let's try this again. I am going to ask you if I can fuck the various holes on your body with my nasty man cock. Every time you say no I will assume that you would rather have me fuck you with this nice clean knife instead. Maybe you will enjoy it shoved to the hilt in your round, juicy ass, perhaps you get hot at the thought of me fucking this knife into your tight wet snatch. Who am I to judge you. If that's the way you want it I will do my best to fuck the living shit out of you with my little friend. " Susan began to cry as John's 8 inch cock was put in front of her face. "Why are you doing this, why are you raping me. Please somebody help me. Help Police!!!" she screamed hysterically.

John laughed and said" Scream all you want the walls in here are 100% soundproof. You know the funny thing is the police had about a dozen video cameras at my apartment, if we were there they probably would be kicking in my door right now. That's why I took you to a buddy's house. Ronald's gonna eat you up." John was still chuckling to himself as he spread Susan's beautiful ass and began dry fucking her. "You are under arrest, I am a police woman, stop fucking my ass and put your hands on top of your head. Do you hear me! I am a Lesbian police woman, do as I say right now!" Susan blubbered. "Beautiful, sexy, a fellow rapist AND she has a sense of humor. I think me and Ronald are going to enjoy fucking her for a long, long time." Susan's screams, and John's laughter mingled together to make a fine, rich harmony long into the night.


I received an interesting e-mail a few weeks back. It seems I offended someone because I do not put story codes in the header. According to this well meaning individual this is extremely poor taste. It did not exactly piss me off but I mean come on! The title of my stories all have the word rape in them. I have to believe that anyone reading them knows what they are in for. If they don't well that's just too fucking bad. This is adult erotic fiction fantasy. I am a reasonable person. If anybody was completely surprised and horribly offended by any of my stories drop me a line at jaz1701@hotmail.com Intelligent specific suggestions will always receive a courteous reply. The above story had m/f, f,f violence, nc. Usually there will be a little "inc" as well. There now I can rest easy.

Jaz 7/12/98