Pool Party by English Expatriate

Pool Party

My wife was a virgin when we married, and though we have sex more often than most couples who have been married five years, it's always been rather conventional. Which makes the events of this past summer all the more remarkable.

Before going on I would like to describe my wife and myself. Victoria is a brunette, 5'2", with an angelic face. She has small but pert breasts capped with large pink nipples, a slim waist, and a beautiful ass. I'm a heavily muscled 5'10", 185 lbs. with an attractive face. My one physical deficiency is my small penis, a mere 4 1/2 inches. As my wife was a virgin when we met, I've always felt it necessary to remind her that most men are considerably larger than I, to which she's always responded that she loves only me and thus wants only me.

As a school teacher, my wife has summers off. I, too, like to take my vacation in the summer in order to spend time with my wife. With the economy so bad this year, we'd made no plans for my week off in July. So, when Victoria's old college friend Elisa begged us to spend a week at her palatial estate at the shore, we didn't hesitate to accept. Actually, Victoria's motives were far nobler than mine. Elisa had just lost her much older and very wealthy husband and Victoria meant to keep her friend company in this trying time. As for me, I was just thinking of the free luxury accommodations we would be enjoying.

Things started getting strange right from the start. When Elisa greeted us upon our arrival she seemed far too happy for one so recently widowed. She also seemed to be checking me out. But, I put the thought aside as self-flattery. Elisa then showed us to our suite and encouraged us to change and join her out by the pool. We did so, finding Elisa lounging on a chaise lounge in a tiny white string bikini which contrasted dramatically with the very conservative one-piece suit my own wife was wearing. It seemed a strange outfit to wear while entertaining an old college friend and her husband.

Later, after dinner, the conversation got stranger still. My wife commented on Elisa's ability to seem so cheery at what must be a difficult time. Elisa replied that the whole thing was actually quite a relief, as she no longer had to conceal her many lovers. When Victoria blushed deeply, Elisa laughed and commented on how delightful it was that her old college roommate still hadn't lost most of her innocence. She went on to say that I must be quite a guy to have convinced Victoria to give up her precious cherry.

Elisa then steered the conversation away from this subject and we all retired to bed shortly thereafter. Exhausted from the trip, Victoria quickly fell asleep, while I was left to wonder just what was going on.

Rising early the next morning to go for my accustomed run, I met Elisa in the kitchen wearing a see-through robe and nothing else. Taken back, I simply stared for a moment at her melon-sized breasts with their large brown areola. It was also quite obvious that Elisa was a natural blonde. She laughed at my open-mouthed expression and boldly stated that she made it a rule to blow every man that slept in her house. I replied that I was happily married and that as Victoria had always been faithful to me, I too would be faithful. Elisa simply gave me a devilish grin and walked away.

That evening, after we'd retired, I told Victoria all about the morning's incident. Rather than being infuriated, Victoria apologized for not warning me. She said she'd forgotten how oversexed Elisa was. Then she admitted that all through college Elisa had tried to get Victoria to give up her virginity and to join her in her sexual exploits. On any night that she'd not been out fucking and sucking, Elisa would regale Victoria with the tales of her sexual adventures. She'd even tried to arrange it so that Victoria could watch Elisa doing it and thus "lose her fear," but Victoria had always rebuffed her. Victoria admitted that even today while they had been out shopping, Elisa had kept up a non-stop sexual monologue. As she was telling me this, I could see the flush that comes over Victoria's skin when she becomes excited. I commented on this and she admitted that she'd changed since marrying me - that rather than becoming embarrassed as she used to, the whole day had excited her. She then started kissing me passionately and we quickly started undressing each other. Just as we both were down to our birthday suits, a knock came to our door.

We quickly threw on some night clothes and allowed Elisa to enter. She asked if we were comfortable and then made small talk for about an hour. By the time Elisa left, fatigue and embarrassment about almost being caught had completely killed Victoria's ardor.

This pattern continued throughout the week. Elisa monopolized Victoria's time completely during the day. I golfed, swam, read by the pool etc. We'd then spend the evening together watching TV or a movie, playing cards, or just talking. Elisa never made another even slightly off-color comment in my presence. But, each night Victoria was hotter than the night before from Elisa's stories. And each night just as things started to heat up between my wife and I, Elisa would find some excuse to interrupt.

Saturday morning came and I decided to sleep in. Victoria came up from breakfast and said she had a surprise for me. She told me that Elisa had organized a pool party so we could meet her friends. Then Victoria excused herself and went into the bathroom. She came out looking absolutely stunning in a black string bikini. I'd never seen her in anything even remotely revealing and asked about the change in attitude. She said she thought I'd like it, that it would be fun, and besides, Elisa wasn't the only one with a good body.

Then she asked me to make love to her. Well, the house was full of servants preparing for the party, the landscapers were mowing the lawn and I was sure if we got started Elisa would barge in, so I begged off. Victoria said she understood and told me to get ready for the party while she went to see if there was anything she could help with. As she walked away, I noticed that her sexual flush hadn't completely faded.

I quickly dressed and went downstairs to see if I could help out. I found Elisa and asked if there was anything I could do. She answered that everyone would have a good time and nobody would get hurt if I just promised not to interfere. Confused, but not wanting to be rude, I gave my word.

The guests soon arrived, mostly in couples except for Elisa's date, Frank. All the couples were attractive, and Frank especially so. Everyone mingled and talked and flirted as a bunch of scantily clad people who are drinking around the pool will do. I noticed Victoria was spending a lot of time speaking with Frank and made my way over to investigate. When she saw me she threw her arms around me and gave me an extremely passionate kiss. I could tell the booze was lowering her inhibitions as it always does. Coupled with the week-long lack of sex and the constant teasing by Elisa, Victoria's usual flush of excitement was a virtual inferno. After some small talk with Frank, I wandered away to refill my drink, confident that Elisa would have to knock the door down to interrupt us tonight.

When I came out of the house I heard Victoria's mischievous squeal and looked up to see Frank chasing her around the pool. I started to step in to stop whatever was going on when Elisa grabbed my hand. She explained that Victoria had pushed Frank in the pool and he was only looking to get his rightful vengeance. And besides, Elisa reminded me, I had promised not to interfere. Well, I had to admit that I had given my word. Besides, something in this whole strange situation was starting to excite me. I wasn't sure what was going on, but I wanted to see it played out.

Frank stopped chasing Victoria and went into the house to change out of his wet clothes. He came back out wearing a long swimsuit that went just past his knees. Elisa gave me a look and a smile. Victoria was standing poolside with her back to the house and Frank quickly snuck up on her, put one hand on her back and pushed. Victoria screamed and hit the water where her swimsuit top floated off. Apparently she was unaware that the top had come undone (or had Frank undone it?) because she quickly darted over the coping and out of the pool. It wasn't until she heard all the laughter and looked down that she realized she'd lost her top. Victoria quickly covered up but not before I could see her tremendously swollen and erect nipples. She then smiled, looked around, spotted her top and dove in after it. She retied it, exited the pool, and started running towards us. Her face was flushed and her eyes gleaming. Elisa turned to me and reminded me of my promise once again. By now my mind was saying that things were getting out of hand, but my throbbing cock wouldn't have let me interfere even if I hadn't promised.

Victoria ran up to Elisa and I and asked us what she should do for revenge against Frank. I tried to tell her it was just an accident and to forget about it, but she'd have none of that. Then Elisa suggested that the only way to get revenge for exposure was through exposure. She said that Victoria should sneak up behind Frank, grab the bottom of his pants and yank them down. Victoria giggled mischievously and agreed to do it. As she started away, Elisa shot me a look and then called Victoria back. She pointed out that Frank's shorts were very long and that Victoria would probably have to bend over to grab the leg-bottoms. This would risk Victoria's bumping in to Frank, thus warning him. So, Elisa suggested that she and I could go over and talk to Frank to distract him. Then, Victoria could sneak up behind him, quietly kneel down on the grass and then pull his pants down. Victoria agreed, and I had given my word not to interfere. Besides, I tried to tell myself it was just innocent fun.

Elisa and I went over to talk to Frank and Victoria started sneaking up on him. As Victoria fell to her knees behind Frank, Elisa whispered "this is going to be great" and Frank got a shit- eating grin on his face that told me this had all been planned. I looked at my wife, but she only quickly put her finger to her lips in the old shhh! signal. By now everyone's attention had been drawn to our little group and as my wife yanked down Frank's shorts, a collective gasp went up from the crowd. Victoria's face grew puzzled, as she was expecting the same laughs that had greeted her own partial disrobing. She grew more puzzled still as she rose to her feet and Frank kicked off his shorts instead of scrambling to pull them back up. And then her expression changed from puzzlement to shock as Frank turned to show her the 9" of cock hanging between his legs. But it didn't hang there long. Victoria's expression obviously turned Frank on, as his cock starting twitching and growing until it stood straight out from his body at least 12".

I knew that Victoria had never seen a prick this size before. Her eyes were glued to it. Elisa whispered in my ear, "Remember your promise!" Then she stepped forward and, taking Victoria's hand, guided it to the huge cock.

My wife began to stroke the massive prick as if mesmerized. It twitched under her touch as she rubbed her fingers around the head and up and down the shaft. Almost as if she was unaware of it, her other hand sneaked into her bikini panties and began to rub her cunt.

Even as she stroked the monster prick, a tall black man who had been watching the scene walked up behind her. Reaching around her body and slipping her bikini bottom to one side, he jammed two thick fingers deep into her already dripping twat. I watched my innocent wife jump in shock, and then squirm back against his body, gasping as he began working his hand in and out of her cunt, the fingers of his other hand freeing her firm tits from her bikini and twisting her nipples until they stood up even stiffer than they already were.

As much as this scene was turning me on, I wasn't too sure about it. I looked around at the group which was now gathering around my wife. Other men, and women too, were stepping up to grope her tits, ass and cunt. One redhead took a nipple between her teeth and bit it hard enough that my wife screeched loudly. She obviously didn't mind that much, though, because she slid her hands up under the other woman's tee shirt, freeing her pert, freckled tits, and began playing with HER pink nipples. Soon the two of them were kissing passionately, their hands working each others' clits, while the big black stud kept jamming his fingers deep into Victoria's cunt, from behind now. She was taking three, and obviously loving every second of it. "God, fuck me with your hand!" she gasped, her hips pumping furiously back onto his probing fingers. I could see she was getting close to a huge orgasm. The redhead's hand was almost a blur as her fingers beat their tattoo against my wife's clit. All around us, clothes were beginning to shed as the crowd gathered closer.

I had never even imagined my innocent bride being part of such a steamy scene. Her face was contorted in a sluttish grimace, her bikini top dangling from one shoulder and the panties now around her knees. The black man had freed his cock from his shorts, and she reached back to jerk on it. His hand still worked furiously at her cunt. I could hear the squishing sounds his fingers made slipping in and out of her, and see the sheen of juices smearing the insides of her thighs.

I decided this had gone far enough. But just as I started to reach in and pull her away, I felt a hand from behind me close on MY swollen prick. It was like a sharp shock of electricity shooting straight up my spine. I heard Elisa whispering in my ear as her smooth fingers squirmed into my shorts to squeeze my bare cock. "C'mon, Bob - you promised." Before I could protest, she had swiveled around my body and, dropping to her knees, slammed her face down on my dick, taking the whole thing into her mouth at a gulp. She was already naked, her round tits bouncing as her mouth slipped up and down the length of my cock. There wasn't much science in the head she was giving me; her mouth was like a hot, slippery cunt slamming hard against my balls on each downstroke and almost letting my cock pop out as she pulled back. Meanwhile, one hand pulled and twisted my sac as the fingers of the other worked in and out of her own cunt. Victoria looked over at me, and gave me a smile and nod of encouragement as she saw her old college friend on her knees deepthroating my cock like a pro.

What the hell, I figured; my wife obviously didn't mind, and I had promised to stay out of it; besides, Elisa's mouth felt too fucking good on my prick to think about making her stop. I decided to relax and enjoy the blowjob ... not to mention the show my wife was putting on.

And what a show it was! She was now bending over to take the tip of Frank's huge cock into her mouth. While one hand still frigged away at the redhead's cunt, the other began to slide up and down the shaft of Frank's monstrous snake, stopping at her mouth to be slicked with her spit.

Suddenly she stopped and stiffened. The black man behind her had stopped finger fucking her twat and, bent over as she was, was edging his nine or so inches of meat into her hot hole. I knew all too well that she had never taken anything that large! She was game though, although I knew her cunt must have been being stretched out in ways she'd never known before. Right then, she was so hot she would have fucked a fire hydrant.

He was obviously having a little trouble working his way in, but he pushed firmly as his dick slowly spread out her cunt lips and slipped in a fraction of an inch at a time. The redhead my wife was finger-fucking leaned forward across her back to watch the action, grabbing one of my wife's ass cheeks in each hand and pulling them wide so she could clearly see what was going on. She must have had a hair trigger, because the sight was enough to trigger her climax; she gasped and her knees shook with orgasm as she watched the huge black prick stretching out my wife's cunt. Victoria pulled Frank's cock out of her mouth to lick the redhead's slippery cunt cream off her fingers after her orgasm was finished. I couldn't believe she was so open in her first experience with another female

As I watched my horny wife lick another woman's juices from her fingers, her cunt stretched to its fullest around the cock of a black man whose name she didn't even know, I felt my own cock begin to throb in Elisa's mouth. She realized I was about to blow, and pulled her head back a little so that my cum shot out straight onto her extended tongue and into the back of her mouth. "Oh, give it to me!" she gasped as more of my cream squirted onto her lips and face and dripped down onto her round, brown-nippled tits. Meanwhile, she got off on her own fingers, then stuck them into her mouth so that her own juices mixed with my cum! Her tongue twisted around her fingers and the head of my cock as she eagerly gulped down my sperm. Victoria's eyes were glued to the sight of me pumping my jizz into her friend's face. Still I kept shooting; I don't think I have ever blown such a load, and it coated Elisa's face and mouth copiously. With a moan of delight, she took my dick back into her mouth, drinking the last of my cum and keeping me as stiff as when I started. Her fingers returned to her cunt, pushing sticky sperm up into her box. Her lips and tongue felt so good that my dick didn't droop one bit; I stared in pure lust as her cum-dripping face whipped up and down the length of my cock with undiminished fervor.

Meanwhile, the black cock snaking into my wife's dripping snatch was in to the root. I was amazed that her tiny frame could accommodate such a monster. He started to fuck her, hard, each thrust jamming her face further down onto Frank's huge tool. Frank's dick was so thick, though, that she couldn't take him into her throat; I thought with some regret that she would never have that problem with my diminutive organ. She was grunting and screaming around the big cock, her body shaking as she was cumming her ass off almost constantly. Her muffled cries gurgled out around her mouthful of dick.

The man behind her had hold of her hips now, jamming his cock in so deep that I thought he and Frank must be almost banging dicks somewhere in the middle of my wife's tiny body. Suddenly, he thrust his pole in to the utmost, and his body began to shake. I knew that he was squirting his jizm straight into my wife's womb, and she loved it! She threw back her head, letting Frank's cock slip out of her mouth with an audible pop, and screamed at the top of her lungs. "OH FUCK!! CUM IN ME!! I WANT IT ALL!! FILL MY CUNT!!"

My wife was usually not very talkative during sex, but then she usually didn't have nine inches of squirting black cock jammed into her belly! The man behind her pumped a few more times, then pulled out, and I could see a glob of his cum slide out of her hole and begin to trickle down her thigh. He reached across Victoria toward me and we both laughed as we exchanged a smiling high five. Before the sperm dribbling from my wife's cunt could make it too far down her leg, her redheaded friend was on her knees behind her licking up the curds of jizz that dripped from her drenched twat. My wife shook and moaned at the sudden emptiness, but before she could really miss being stuffed with dick, another man stepped up behind her and slid his cock across the redhead's face and into Victoria's dripping pussy. She didn't even look back to see who it was; she just sighed with contentment and returned to sucking Franks 12 inch prick. The man behind her, a gray-haired man in his fifties, began to fuck in and out her now very well-lubed cunt. His cock jamming into her displaced more of the cum that had pumped so deep inside her body; fortunately the redhead, whose tongue was now working at my wife's clit, was more than happy to gobble down the thick cream as it slid out onto her face.

The guy now fucking Victoria had less staying power than the black stud, and was soon ready to blow. When he did, he pulled out of her and pointed his cock downward, directing his streams of semen into the hungry mouth of the woman still sucking my wife's clit and hole. She now had a mixed mouthful of black and white cum, spiced with Victoria's sweet cunt juice. Quite a "cock - tail", if you'll pardon the pun!

Someone decided that she herself needed some attention; the son of one of the couples there slid in underneath her and fed his young cock straight up into her pussy. She happily began to bounce up and down on it, while keeping her lips locked onto Victoria's dribbling cunt. Not to anyone's surprise, another man's hard cock was now ready to spear my wife's soupy hole. This guy looked like a bodybuilder, and his cock easily rivaled that of the black powerhouse who had fucked her first. My sex-crazed wife gurgled with delight at this new invader, and began to eagerly bounce up and down on the balls of her feet, squirming and twisting on the cock which impaled her so deeply. In doing so, she spread even more of the mixture of juices out of her snatch onto the redhead, whose face was now almost completely covered with the sloppy goo.

There were about three dozen men at the party, and it was beginning to look as if every one of them was going to fuck my beautiful wife. I loved her more every second as I watched her devour cock from both ends of her body. In the space of a half-hour or so, she had already quadrupled the number of lovers she had had in her life! It was hard to believe that this was the woman whose virginity I had taken.

It was also hard for me to believe that Frank had such staying power. Even though Victoria could only take about a third of his thick member into her mouth, I knew that she had great oral technique. Perhaps the distraction of getting fucked so hard had thrown her off her rhythm.

Just as I was thinking that, Frank threw back his head with a roar and plunged his cock as far as it would go (about four inches) into my wife's eagerly sucking mouth. I could see her throat working as she hungrily gulped his cum; some of it, however, still squirted from the corners of her mouth and dribbled down her chin. She caught it in her hands as it dripped off and smeared the jizz across her face, her lips still stretched around Frank's throbbing pole.

Elisa chose that moment to jam her index finger up my ass to the knuckle. The unexpected intrusion, coupled with watching my wife guzzle what looked like about a quart of semen, pushed me over the edge a second time. Again Elisa opened her mouth wide to catch the jets of sperm, her eyes smiling up into mine as her pink tongue wiggled back and forth, turning white with the froth of whipped cum she was devouring. I felt my knees shake with the force of my orgasm as the final jets squirted out across her nose and cheeks. No sooner was I done cumming then she took my prick back into her mouth, not wanting to give it a chance to wilt. I began to wonder if she actually intended to suck me completely dry. If so, she was making a good start!

I looked up to see a fresh guy pumping his penis into my wife's mouth; he had been gifted with about 8 inches, and to my amazement Victoria was taking the whole thing down her throat with every appearance of enjoyment. She actually reached behind him and grabbed his ass cheeks, pulling him against her so hard that I saw him wince as her chin knocked into his balls. He quickly recovered, though, and, grabbing her head in both hands, began fucking in and out of her throat with all the force he could muster.

The big guy behind her, meanwhile was pumping faster and faster, puffing like a steam engine. His face was so red that I was momentarily concerned - then he stiffened and started to shoot his load deep inside my wife's cunt. She had cocks jammed in to the balls at both ends, and was screaming and gurgling in what seemed like one long extended orgasm. This was enough to set off the guy she was blowing, who proceeded to add his seed to the huge load of cum that Frank had already pumped into her mouth. He pulled out and jerked the second half of his load across my eager wife's tongue, lips and face as the man fucking her from behind slid his cock out of her slippery twat and did the same to the redhead, who still had her lips stubbornly latched to Victoria's clitoris. My wife was still cumming and shaking as the fresh semen poured from her cunt and mixed in the redhead's mouth with cum and juices that were already there.

This, in turn, set off the kid whose dick the red-headed woman had been riding. She screamed as, with a grunt, he drove his prick into her up to the balls. Reaching between her legs, she squeezed his nuts to get the full quantity as he shot his load into her innermost depths. The red-haired woman convulsed in orgasm and fell off him backward onto the grass, her legs splayed wide open. The bright sunlight clearly illuminated the cum oozing from her widespread pink cunt like honey from a cracked urn.

This was too much for Victoria, who then did something that completely blew my mind. Diving forward on her hands and knees, she plunged her face between the redhead's thighs and pressed her lips to the woman's twat lips. She then started sucking the cum right out of the other woman's pussy, eagerly gulping the mixture of semen and cunt juice. I could actually see her tongue slipping in and out of the hole, and the foam of juices that was developing at the juncture of the two sets of lips. Her eyes turned up and met mine, with barely a hint of recognition; they were glazed over with pure animal lust.

Pool Party - Part 2

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Pool Party by English Expatriate

Pool Party - Part 1
Pool Party - Part 2

At that moment, a man knelt behind her and pushed his cock into her cunt. He was about 7 1/2 inches, so the length was no problem, but his prick was as thick as my wrist! I watched Victoria's eyes widen as she felt this monster widening her cunt to previously unimagined dimensions. The further he pushed his pole into her, the further up the cunt she was eating her tongue slid. She started emitting a slow continuous moan that gradually beginning to escalate in pitch. Meanwhile, the man took a bottle of suntan lotion and squirted it into her ass crack. He started working a finger into her tight bunghole. Could he be seriously planning to ram that monster of his up Victoria's ass?

My wife gasped and started to sit up, but I reached down and patted her shoulder reassuringly. This I wanted to see! She was an anal virgin, and although she had always promised to let me try it "someday", someday had not yet come. Once she realized that I was there to protect her, she relaxed and went back to sucking the redhead's cunt. That woman, in the meantime, was dividing her attention between the cocks of three men who had knelt down around her head. She would stroke two and suck the third, her hands and mouth going alternately from one to another. She worked hard, obviously wanting a healthy meal of cum from all three. This amazed me, since her pretty, freckled face was already almost obscured by a thick, sticky crust of half-dried cum and pussy juice. Nonetheless, she tugged at each cock as if it was the first she had ever had, and as each one slipped into her mouth she lifted her head from the ground to slide her mouth up and down its full length.

The guy fucking my wife was now working two fingers in and out of her virgin asshole, twisting them around to stretch her tight sphincter muscle so that she would be able to take his meaty cock. Soon, he decided she was ready, and pulled out of her cunt. His tool looked even thicker than I had remembered it; the head like a purple fist, slick with Victoria's pussy juice. He squirted one last dollop of lotion directly into my wife's asshole, and lined up his cockhead on the target area. Victoria stopped licking her friend's cunt long enough to splay her knees apart and reach back with both hands to pull her ass cheeks wide. I watched in amazement as the huge tip of the man's cock began to expand her anal ring and inch into her ass. She gasped in pain as she felt her sphincter stretch.

"Do you want me to stop?" the guy asked.

"I'll fucking KILL you if you do!" my lust-crazed wife growled, and shoved her ass back against him. "Agh!" She yelped as his dickhead slipped past her anal opening completely, and then a smile began to spread across her face as he fed her the rest of his prick, inch by inch. I could actually see the cock disappearing up her ass, one vein at a time! Victoria was pushing back hard, and grunting and moaning deep in her throat as the huge prick stuffed her rectum. Once it was about half way in, the guy began to pump, going a little deeper with each stroke. My wife's face was bright red, her eyes squinched shut, as she began to really enjoy this new experience. After a few strokes, her fucker grabbed her hips and yanked her hard against him, slamming his monster cock up her ass to the hilt. "OH FUCK YES! " she screamed, her eyes popping open. "I can't believe how good this feels!" And, judging from the way her butt was bouncing back to meet every stroke of the thick, throbbing cock jammed balls-deep in her asshole, it felt good indeed!

My wife was squirming on the huge prick that skewered her ass, as another guy stepped in front of her, offering his cock. She eagerly sucked it between her lips. Her grunts and groans were almost exploding out around the dick she was sucking as the man behind her slammed his prick into her rectum to the root, over and over again, his balls bouncing against her sopping cunt.

The guy fucking her looked as amazed as I was at her sluttish reaction. She was shoving her ass hard against him, eager to have every millimeter of cock jammed into her newly fucked asshole. This woman was a revelation to me! Never had I imagined that the sweet girl who had never had a lover before me would end up on a lawn on her hands and knees, in broad daylight, in the middle of a pool party, with one man ramming his cock to the hilt up her ass while she hungrily sucked off another. And this after she had already taken at least five loads of cum in and on her, and showed no signs of slowing down!

The man reaming her butt began to increase the force of his fucking even further, until he was literally slamming into my wife on each instroke; I could hear his stomach slapping against her asscheeks. I couldn't believe she could take it, as each push into her back door shoved her face down further on the cock in her mouth.

Her face grew redder and redder, the veins in her temples bulging, until at last she brought her right hand back, jamming all 4 fingers into her cunt and plunging them in and out with almost frightening intensity. The extra stimulation was more than the man buttfucking her could take. With a roar, he shoved his prick into her bowels one more time and erupted deep inside her. My wife's eyes popped open, her head reared back, and her mouth stretched open to its limit. She seemed to be trying to say something, but no sound at all emerged. The man she had been sucking took advantage of her condition to jerk himself off and shoot a tremendous load directly into her open mouth. She didn't even seem aware of it; the sperm just spilled out of her mouth across her quivering lower lip and poured down her chin. Then, her lower body began to convulse as the man behind her shot his last jets of semen up her ass. She emitted animal grunts that seemed wrenched from the very depths of her being. Spasm after spasm contorted her face; she seemed almost to be having some sort of seizure as her orgasm rocked her again and again. Finally, she collapsed onto the grass in a fetal ball, cum dribbling from her every orifice. She was still twitching and moaning softly. I had never seen anything like it.

After that, events seemed to run together. Everyone was naked, fucking indiscriminately. At one point, I was fucking Elisa in the ass while Frank jammed his foot long tool up her pussy. I saw Victoria getting the same treatment from two other guys. Later, Elisa straddled Victoria's face while my wife lay on her back, legs akimbo, as one guy after another knelt to fuck her, in the pussy or up the ass depending upon his mood.

At last, Frank made his way to her. As large as were some of the other cocks she had taken, none compared to his 12-inch monster. She grinned up at him and said, "I want you everywhere." Frank grinned, and pulled her ankles wide apart. He looked directly into her eyes as he slid his cock deep into her very well-fucked cunt.

It took a few strokes but, amazingly, my petite wife took the full length of him right up to the balls. He fucked her, slowly at first, but gradually picking up speed as she got used to his huge cock stuffing her full. Elisa, meanwhile, was once again on her knees with my cock in her mouth. She seemed to have an unquenchable thirst for my cum, and of course I had no problem whatsoever with that!

Victoria came fairly quickly on Frank's tool, and as soon as she was done, he pulled out of her. Pushing her legs even further back so that she was folded almost in half, he lined up his rod on her rear hole. She grabbed her butt cheeks and pulled them wide. So many men had already fucked her there that she was thoroughly relaxed and lubed. Even so, Frank's cock was so huge that he had a little difficulty working it in. Eventually, however, the two of them succeeded in achieving what I would have thought was impossible - Frank stuck his entire foot of penis up my wife's butt!

And Victoria loved it. As he began to fuck her with increasing speed, she rocked her hips back and forth eagerly to meet each stroke. I was once again awestruck at her unguessed-at sexual hunger.

"More, More, MORE!" she moaned, until Frank finally just plunged it in until his orange-sized balls slapped against her ass. Then he started fucking her like a jackhammer and she seemed to come on every stroke. Finally, he pulled out and moved quickly to her mouth. All the time she'd been sucking him while the others had fucked her, she'd never been able to take more than 4" of that super-sized cock in her mouth. But now he thrust his cock balls deep into her throat and I swear she came again. Then he pulled out and shot all over her face and tits. At that same moment, I shot my last load of the day into Elisa's mouth.

Victoria begged my forgiveness for months. I kept telling her that it was okay, that I could have stopped her, that instead I joined in the fun, as Elisa sucked me to three orgasms - not to mention several other women I fucked! Finally, to prove it was all a one time aberration, we had Frank and Elisa up for the holidays. Nothing happened between the couples despite all Elisa's cajoling, but Victoria almost fucked my dick off. They're coming up again for Victoria's winter vacation week and I plan to "throw my back out" the night before they arrive. It should make for a very interesting week.


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