Pool Side Chat by LivLou

Pool Side Chat

Jake had been my neighbor since I could remember. He was three years older than me but we were always best friends. When we hit puberty we discovered we could be more than friends. Late night fuck sessions in his room, in the pool, or in his car we not uncommon. We never dated, we were just friends...with benefits. Jake was a good lover, he had a 6 inch dick and he could do wonders with it. But he knew who I wanted, I had wanted this person since I was old enough to want any one. His step dad...Mike. Jake's mom was a very, very rich woman. She married Mike when I was 5 and Jake was 8. I remember having a childhood crush on Mike when I was 9 or 10. He was much younger than Jake's mom and his body showed it. He stood a little over 6 feet tall, broad shoulders and short black hair. He worked out almost everyday and every woman on my block lusted after him. No one was sure exactly why he and Jake's mom were married, she was short, heavy set and was pretty much a bitch. Everyone assumed it was the money. Everyone was right.

One night after Jake and I had taken a late night swim I looked up and saw the light on in his mom and Mike's room. "What's their sex life like?" I asked.

"I mean Mike is always making sexual innuendoes but your mom doesn't seem like the type."

"She hates sex. I've heard them fighting over it since I was little. I don't think my mom has ever liked sex." He answered.

"Christ, he's got to be horny as shit."

"Yeah, I know for a fact he jerks off daily."

"Oh yeah," I said, " how do you know?"

"Because we do it together. You should see his porno collection. He's my hero"

"Have you guys ever done anything else besides jerk off?" I asked with a wetness beginning between my legs.

"Yeah, once, but we almost got caught. It was going pretty good. Both of us have to been too scared that my mom would come home again."

That did it. I was so wet, and I could tell Jake knew because he had "that" smile on his face. He knew my ULTIMATE fantasy was to see two straight guys fuck. I could just imagine the fun they had. Mike had a huge cock. I'd seen it by accident (wink, wink) a few times when we were swimming. It had to be 8 or 9 inches soft. Without even realizing it I reached down and began to stroke my clit.

The next thing I knew my hand was replaced by Jake's tongue. He plunged his tongue in and out of my pussy until I was about to cum. Jake moved in between my legs and I could feel the tip of his cock gently entering my pussy. Slowly at first he entered, and then he rammed his rock hard cock in and out of my cunt. Our juices mingling. I came quickly because of the good tongue fuck he had given me.

After my muscles relaxed from my orgasm I grabbed a hold of Jake's cock, pushed him on his back and teased the tip of his cock with my tongue. I had been sucking Jake's cock for so long that I had become a pro. Deep throating was easy and quite enjoyable, for him and me. I lightly nibbled on his cock and roughly massages his balls. By his loud moans I could tell Jake was close to cumming, I started to suck in earnest and with a loud yell Jake squirted a huge load of hot cum into my mouth. I loved the feeling of it rolling down my throat. I licked up every last drop and collapsed in a heap with him, breathing heavily.

"Jake, it hasn't been that good in a while." I said.

"No...kidding," he said, catching his breath. "What got into you... besides me," he laughed.

"I don't know. All that talk of you and Mike. Damn... that was good baby." Hey its almost 1 am. I have to get up and work. My mom wants you to come by tomorrow at like noon. She said she has to talk to you about something." he said.

"OK, I need to take a shower and get to sleep too. I'll talk to you tomorrow." I said as I leaned over and kissed him.

The next morning I work up at eleven and remembered that I had to meet Jake's mom. I quickly showered, trimmed the soft brown pubic hair around my freshly used cunt, and was off to meet with The Neighborhood Bitch.

When I got to the back door of Jake's house I saw his mother in one of her famous multi colored Hawaiian mumus. I couldn't help thinking to myself that a death row inmate wouldn't want to shove his dick in her. I gently knocked on the glass door and she, surprisingly, smiled and opened the door for me. "Well hello there dear, thank you for coming over. Jakey is at work " She said disgustingly cheerfully.

"Um, hi Mrs. H. What exactly did you want to talk to me about?" I asked.

"Well dear, as you know my father always likes for us, Jake and I that is, to come up to the mountains for two weeks with him. Mike was supposed to be away on business those two weeks but it got cancelled. So he'll be all on his own."

I had no clue what this whale was talking about. I had remembered Jake mentioning something about his grampa's cabin. But I still didn't understand what it had to do with me.

"Where do I come into this Mrs. H?":

"Well I need someone to watch Mike for me"

"Watch him Mrs. H? Isn't he quite capable of doing that himself. He's a big boy now. Besides, what would he do that I would have to spy on?"

"Oh dear, not that kind of watch dear. To be honest, he needs a cook and maid. I see no point paying Louisa to come in and cook and clean just for him. So I was wondering if you would do it. I know your father leaves for HIS business trip on Wednesday, right?"

Shit! I had completely forgotten. I had lived with my dad since my parents divorced when I was 3. Every summer my dad's company sent him off to some resort where he was supposed to "mingle" with the clients. I was always stuck staying at my grandmother's house. This gave me a reason to get out of that, but I still wasn't too keen on the idea of playing housegirl. WAIT! For the first time since puberty my hormones had failed to kick in right away. A chance to UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL with Mike for two whole weeks. If I didn't have him in bed with me fucking me like a cheap whore on the third night I would have to work on my charms. Suddenly I was feeling like a little black French maid's outfit was just up my alley.

"Sure Mrs. H, I could do that. I really don't want to stay at my grandmother's house. It'll be nice, I can use your pool whenever I like(and your husband I thought to myself)."

"Oh, thank you so much. I know I won't be sorry for asking you. We leave the day after tomorrow, and will not return for two weeks. All the groceries, and cleaning supplies are in the kitchen. I'm sure you'll be able to find your way around. Any other expenses you might incur you can talk to Mike about. Oh, and I have already talked to your father, he said it was ultimately your decision, but he didn't mind."

I couldn't believe this woman. She had already talked to my father. Oh well, I guess I should be happy he said yes. I had the next two weeks to get the hottest guy in town in my pants. No one could stop me now!

"Thanks Mrs. H. I have to get going now. Dad leaves the day after tomorrow too and I have to get all his things ready to go. Tell Jake we'll have to get together before you guys leave. I'll see you Wednesday."

I returned home feeling very frisky and honestly dripping wet thinking of all the nasty things I could do with Mike's cock buried in me. When I walked into the house I heard my dad talking on the phone in his upstairs office. I walked upstairs and into his office. He had his back towards me, facing his computer. I thought to myself how long it had been since daddy and I had fucked. Ever since Jake had become my regular lover dad had just started jacking off or finding some secretary at work to pump his cum into. But I missed my early morning fuck sessions with my daddy.

He had a great 7 inch cock that was so thick I could barely get my entire hand around it. I never did understand why I quit. But I was so hot thinking about fucking Mike I would have fucked the mailman if he knocked on my door. I quietly walked up behind my dad and ran my hands over his shoulders, making him believe I was just rubbing away some of the stress. But as my hands wandered lower of his chest I softly whispered in his ear, " Hi daddy, my pussy feels funny, do you think you can look at it and tell me what's wrong."

My father's conversation had grown to almost an argument when he swiveled around in his chair to look at me. I took his hand and held it to my wet cunt, running his middle finger over my clit, just to let him know how wet I was. I instantly saw a bulge begin to grow in his shorts he was wearing. He silently muttered the words, "Wait, I will hang up." He had a huge smile on his face, but it turned to confusion when I whispered back, "No, stay on as long as you can."

I pulled my father over to the couch he had in his office and sat him down, all the while he was still growling to the person on the other line. Slowly I unbuttoned his pants and remembered one of the best things about my dad. He never wore underwear. Lightly I licked at his pubic hairs, and as he lifted his hips so I could roll the shorts down I began to lick his thighs, being very careful not to touch his almost rock hard cock and twitching balls. His breath had quickened and it was becoming harder for him to mask it on the phone. I could no longer stand not touching his beautiful piece of manflesh so I took his beautiful cock and started licking the head. Small amounts of precum had started to ooze from the little eye looking back at me. As I tasted it I remembered all the hot times my daddy and I used to have. I was so hot and ready to fuck that I abandoned my poor daddy's blow job and jumped up on the couch to straddle him, careful not to let him enter me yet. I rocked my hips back and forth letting the head of his cock rub and massage my clit and outer lips. My dad's hands had roamed up to my medium sized breasts where my nipples were so hard they hurt. Roughly pinching them and tugging he started to remove my shirt with his one hand while he mumbled things into the phone he was holding with his other hand. Brazenly, while still rubbing my cunt with his cock, I leaned over and began to kiss him, letting his tongue momentarily touch mine. Now he could no longer handle it. Quickly he spoke into the phone.

"Oh fuck it, Mark. I have to go, there's been an emergency. Yeah, you could say something's come up. Bye"

With that he gave me an evil and grin, turned off the phone and threw it on the floor. Roughly, he grabbed my shirt, and gave it one last tug until it was off, then he threw my bra, which he had already unclasped, toward his abandoned chair. He began to jerk his hips up trying like hell to enter my cunt. But, with every upward thrust I would inch my pussy just a little farther away. I could see the passion, and little twinge of anger brewing in my dad. When suddenly he picked me up and not so gently laid me on the floor. I was elated! Daddy had remembered that I liked it rough. Never enough to hurt, but enough to make sure I knew who was in control.

"You dirty little whore, you think you can tease daddy with that juicy cunt of yours and not have to pay for it?"

And with that he entered my pussy. I had been fucking Jake's 6 incher for so long that my dad's extra inch in length and extra two inches in girth was like shoving heaven deep into my pussy. We were both so hot that he started to ram his beautiful cock in and out of me so hard it was touching my cervix, and his balls were slapping against my ass. He was still massaging my breasts, and roughly darting his tongue in and out of my mouth. My hand drifted down to my clit where I began to rub and grind into it. My daddy started to grunt and scream and I knew he was about to cum. I scratched my nails down his back as I felt him squirt his boiling hot wad into my pussy. That feeling sent me over the edge as my pussy muscles milked his cock until no cum was left in it. My daddy collapsed on top of me his dick still inside me.

Lovingly he looked into my eyes, "Well baby girl, what brought this on?"

"I missed you daddy. We used to have so much fun. You were my first, and for so long my only. I miss waking up with your cock jutting into my belly." I giggled.

" Oh hunny, I haven't fucked like that in a long time. Nobody makes daddy as rock hard as my Punkin does."

His then dwindling cock slipped out of me, along with a flow of cum and pussy juice. He lifted my small 5'5" frame easily with is large 6'3" body and carried me into his room. Gently laying me on the bed.

"Here Punkin, you can help daddy get ready for my trip. But before we get the suitcases out, how about one more time?" He asked me with a wicked grin.

Before he could say another word I pulled him onto the bed, and rolled him onto his back. His cock had already regained its previous stature and my cunt was still dripping from his earlier deposit. So once again I straddled his throbbing hard on, but this time I left out the teasing part. I plunged straight onto his cock and rode him with passion I didn't know I had. His hips met mine in a rhythm and we screamed and moaned and groaned together for what seemed like hours. Suddenly I could feel my twat lips start to tingle and I knew my second orgasm was near, I screamed out my daddy's name as I came hard on his cock. As he heard my shouts I could feel his second load explode inside of me. I collapsed on top of him and slid down next to him on the bed. We kissed deeply as we snuggled into each other's embrace. I fell asleep with images of Mike's cock taking me from behind and making me cum like no body's business. "Hmmmm," I thought as I drifted to sleep, "two weeks to make my magic work. If it doesn't, at least I'll always have daddy"

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