Private Party Lesson by Karla W.

Private Party Lesson

Amy was in a bind. She worked as a free-lance stripper, but the party she was working this weekend requested both her and a topless waitress. She offered me $300 to work with her. It was not too bad at all, but I just couldn't bring myself to taking off my top in front of a whole party of men. I offered to waitress for them dressed. She only offered me $100, but since she needed someone, she agreed. She told me what time to be ready, and we were set.

As much as I did not want to be topless, I still wanted Amy's party to go well for her. I decided to wear my powder blue bikini under my white blouse and black pants. If the party was going well enough, I might waitress in it. I wasn't too concerned about getting too much attention with Amy there, since she was going to be nude, and she had a much nicer body then I. I didn't expect my 32B titties to distract anyone next to her 38DD's. After I was dressed, Amy called me, and said she could still drive me home, but she wouldn't be able to pick me up. I told her that was alright, I would take a cab. She gave me the address, and said she'd meet me there.

I seriously misjudged my time, and arrived an hour before Amy told me to. It was a cold night, and I didn't want to stand outside, so I went to the door and knocked hard over the loud music from inside. A big, but very cute guy answered the door.

"Hi! I'm Joe! Come on in! Hey everyone! The strippers here!"

"Wait, no, no, hold on," I blushed, and talked very quickly. "I'm the waitress! Amy will be here in an hour!"

"Oh, okay, here, let me take your coat and top, you can start passing out the beers now."

I blushed again. "I thought Amy told you, I'm not going topless. I'm sorry." He looked very disappointed. I took a deep quick breath. "Here, I'll wear my bikini top, okay?" I took off my blouse, my nipples poked up through my top. I felt uneasy right away.

"Well, alright, at least Amy's going nude. I'll put your coat and shirt up safe for you."

There was a keg with plastic cups, and several coolers with beer cans and bottles. Basically, all I did was tap and pass out the beers to anyone who needed one. There was about thirty of them, though, so I kept busy. They all seemed very nice, and with the exception of having my top untied five times, I was having fun. I liked the song playing on the CD, and I was kind of dancing while I was waiting for someone to ask for a drink. Joe, and a few others clapped for me. I had drank a couple beers myself, and I decided to put on just a little show. I kicked off my shoes, and danced teasingly as I slipped off my pants, leaving me in just my bikini. I went back to taking care of the drinks, when I heard the phone ring. Joe answered.

"Yeah, this is me...What?...Oh, no, can't you get a ride?...Well, these things happen...Oh, yes, I'll tell her...That's alright, we'll be fine. Bye."

"Hey everyone! The stripper just called, her car broke down, she's not coming!" I suddenly felt very alone. I apologized again for Amy, and asked for my clothes back.

"I'll understand if you say no, but, I'll give you $500 to stay, and take off your top." He pulled a thick roll of cash from his pocket. I felt chills up and down my arms, but I took the cash. I put it in a cup by the bar, and danced for them as I untied my top, and let it fall to the floor. Joe picked it up and left the room again, to put it with the rest of my things.

I spent the next several minutes crossing my arms, and moving very stiffly. They laughed at my shyness, and I laughed, too. I started dancing, alone, and with different guys. I let them touch my nipples, kiss them, lick them. I was having a great time, when I suddenly felt my bottoms pulled down to my knees. I screamed, and pulled them back up, but then fell to the floor. One very big, and not cute at all, man towered over me, laughing. Two guys helped me to my feet. Joe ran up, and told him to back off. Then he looked at me.

"Hey, look, here's another $500, can you loose the bottoms, too?" I shook my head no, he took out all the cash in his pocket. "This is all we've got, you're getting $1,400. That's more than double Amy's fee. Come on."

My hand shook as I took the money. I'm not sure if it was because I was going to be naked, or because it was a lot of money, but I was very nervous. I put the money in my cup, and chugged a whole glass of beer. I almost fell over, but then I laughed, and danced again. As I slipped off my bikini bottom, I turned my back to the guys, and wiggled my ass at them. Then, I turned, and threw my bottoms at Joe, and danced totally nude, my arms out, letting my whole body be seen, no inhibition at all. Joe disappeared again, but returned shortly. After the song, I went back to waitressing, sitting on everyone's lap whenever I brought them a drink. My ass was slapped, pinched, or patted at least a hundred times. I slow danced with several of them, their hands usually firmly planted on my butt. I saw Joe standing alone watching me. I let go of the man I was dancing with, and held my arms open towards Joe. Before he even took my offer to dance, the man who pulled my bottoms down suddenly walked up in front of me, his cock poking out of his pants.

"Suck my cock, you little slut!" He pushed me to my knees. As I tried to get back up, two others grabbed me, and held me down. I fought back hard, I saw Joe run up, very angry. My heart slowed just a bit, as I felt saved. I looked up at him, and realized he was mad at ME!

"Look, little Miss Bitch! We're paying you $1,400! We expect something for that kind of cash!" He picked up my tip glass, and put all the money back in his pocket." You know, you were a high class prostitute a minute ago, but now you're just a cheap whore! All he wanted was a blow job, now every one's going to get one, and more!"

The big ugly man suddenly forced himself into my mouth. He wasn't clean, either. I gagged on the size, and awful taste and smell of his cock. His big and hairy balls slapped my chin over and over, as his long member plunged in and out of my mouth. He pulled out of my mouth, and spurted thick gobs of cum into my open mouth, and on my face. Everyone cheered, and another man shoved his penis into my face. He wasn't as big, but at least he bathed once in a while. The whole room seemed to be spinning, I had no control over what was happening. He shot his cum right down my throat, and another took his place. After at least seven of them had covered my face in sperm, I was then pushed down to my hands and knees. Joe walked up behind me, his long cock pointing right for my wet pussy. He got down behind me, and grabbed my hips. With one very unloving thrust, he buried his cock inside me. I gasped, and begged him to stop. I even offered to let him do this, in private, but he just laughed. Everyone stood around us, watching me helplessly being fucked.

After a long while, and after I had orgasmed several times myself, Joe filled me with his load, and pulled out. Another man pushed himself into my pussy, and another took over my mouth again. They started moving at their own pace, but soon moved together, in and out of me, both sides of me at once. I didn't want this, yet my pussy was burning wet, I couldn't help but move with them. My face was splattered again, and another took over. They seemed to cum faster in my pussy then my mouth, but one after the other, I couldn't even keep track of them. I heard his voice again, big ugly man! I couldn't under stand what he said, but the guy in my pussy suddenly moved from behind me to under me. I was being bounced up and down on him, his cock deep inside me, while the guy in my mouth pulled out without cumming. I felt something hard and thick pressing against my ass. I couldn't scream, but I started wildly struggling, frantically kicking and waving my arms. He pushed into me, I felt my hole rip slightly, I knew I was bleeding. He pressed harder, slowly going into me, while the other kept moving me up and down on his cock, keeping me hot, unable to resist. He was half inside me when he stopped, and grabbed my hips firmly. I screamed insanely as he violently forced himself all the way inside my ass. He started pumping me, very slowly at first, but as my hole grew wet, my ass loosened a bit. The two of them started moving inside me together, and now that my screaming had stopped, my mouth was again plugged by cock. Three huge cocks were deep inside me, moving in and out of me, my body numb and aroused all at once. Two others used my free hands to force me to stroke them off. Almost all at once, my mouth, pussy, ass, and both hands were filled and covered in cum. After they all pulled out of me, I looked up to see Amy standing in front of me in a short skirt.

"Amy! Help me! Please! Look what they've done to me!" She just laughed.

"Oh, Karla, you are so naive'. I set this up! I hate your guts! You and your little petite ass coming around the club, getting all the guys attention. Remember Justin? He was my fiancée when you met him!"

"He was? I didn't know! He didn't say..."

I didn't finish before she pulled up her skirt, and pressed her pussy to my mouth. She pushed her hips hard against my face, so my head bent back. Then she unloaded a hot stream of piss down my throat, trickling out the corners of my mouth, but mostly filling my already cum filled tummy. After she was finished, Joe walked up. He reached into his pocket, and took out all the cash.

"Here you go, Amy. This was well worth it!"

"Actually, no. Doing this was worth it to me, keep your money. Just make sure I get a copy of the video."

"No problem, thanks again."

After she left, everybody finished taking their turns, everybody did me at least twice each, I'm certain. Joe walked up to me again, and called to everyone there.

"I think we owe a big thanks to Amy for this gift, and to show our gratuity, we should do what she did!" He pointed his half hard cock at my face, and the others gathered around, and aimed, too. About ten of them each took turns soaking me in urine, about three times. Finally, after the last drops of piss were done, Joe came to me again.

"Time for you to go, party's over."

"Where's my clothes? Please, let me take a shower, give me back my clothes"

"You just had three showers, that's all you're getting. Your clothes, I threw them out in the back yard. You want them, get them yourself."

I crawled on my hands and knees towards the back door, too weak and sore to stand. Joe opened the door for me, as I crawled out, he kicked my ass, and I tumbled down the stairs. Then he shut and locked the door. I looked around, but I didn't see my clothes anywhere. My hair and body were wet, and I was shivering in the cold. I looked up at the night sky, and saw all my clothes, thrown up and hanging off a power line, completely out of reach. I was still on my hands and knees, I heard someone running up from behind me. I tried to turn to see who, when I felt them jump on my back, their cock hard, and they easily slid inside me. I struggled with this heavy attacker, but he was too strong. Suddenly, his cock started swelling up inside me, bigger, thicker. It was the size of a softball, it was locked inside, I couldn't get him out. Then he barked and howled, and after almost an hour, he filled me with semen, and pulled out of me. I collapsed, and rolled onto my back. He walked up to my face, lifted his leg, and trickled hot bitter urine down onto me. Finally, I passed out.

I woke the next morning, the sky just starting to get light. The night dew wet my skin, and all the cum and piss on me. I stood up, very sore and weak, and knocked on the door, calling for someone to help me, to just give me something to wear. No answers. I took a deep breath, and started walking. I watched for people and cars, several times I had to hide behind a tree or bush. After I had gone quite a ways, I suddenly realized, I didn't know where I was, or how the cab got me there. And I had no idea how to get back to the party house. I was completely naked, and totally lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!