Rape Betrayal #4 - Don't Rape me, Rape my Daughter! by Jaz1701

Rape Betrayal #4 - Don't Rape me, Rape my Daughter!

Susan could not believe what she was reading. 30 seconds ago a large white van had pulled up in front of her home. 10 seconds ago a tall heavily muscled man had rung her doorbell and without saying a word had handed her a piece of paper. "We have your daughter, we will rape her to pieces and you will never see her again unless you follow all instructions." This had to be some kind of sick joke, she tried to convince herself, but one look into those cold unfeeling eyes and she knew something was terribly wrong.

"Where is my daughter, what do you want from me, how do I even know if you really have her?!" she asked in rapid succession.

The man said nothing for a moment, and then "Get in the van and I will take you to her this is your only chance. When I leave here you will never see me or young Jenny again."

He knew her name, My God he knows her name! She had to go with him. Susan was a strong woman and a good mother "I will find a way to get my daughter back no matter what it takes, no matter what I have to do. Just hold on Jenny Mommy is coming! " Susan vowed to herself. She allowed the man to handcuff her, put a blindfold on and swallowed the 3 pills he gave her. She was led to the van and was fast asleep within 5 minutes.

When Susan woke up she was lying on a large bed in a room with no other furniture, and no windows. Her blindfold and handcuffs had been removed and there was a bucket of chicken and warm soda laying on the floor next to the bed. She was groggy from the sleeping pills she had taken and her mouth was exceptionally dry, so she drank the soda. She got up and tried the door, it was locked but as soon as she tuned the handle an alarm went off. Shortly two men came into the room. One was the asshole who had brought her here. The other was a huge semi-retarded buffoon. "Susan It is time to begin your rape training. I want to explain the terms and conditions of your release and what is required to ensure your daughter's safety. You may call me John. I will be your primary master. Me and my friend have one thing in common -- we enjoy rape. I prefer beautiful attractive adult women like yourself. You will give yourself to me completely. If you allow yourself to you will enjoy the experience. I will never hurt you. You can ask me to stop at anytime. At that point Bob will become the primary. He will not be interested in you, but young Jenny would suit him perfectly. You do not want that to happen, your daughter would be broken beyond repair by the time he was through. The rules are simple. Obey my every command, and in a week or so I will be bored with you. You will have saved your daughter, and will be free to go."

Susan could not believe this was happening. "You can't get away with this, there will be people looking for us. Please just let us go and we won't tell anyone what happened," she begged.

John looked her in the eye, smiled and said, "take off your shirt." Bob started giggling in a high pitched tone. "Bob go play with Jenny, but do not touch her unless I say so."

Bob said "Jenny is real pretty I want to be her special friend, I want to play secret games with her dirty places."

Susan began crying as he left the room. "Don't touch my daughter, I will do whatever you want but please don't let him touch my baby, she is only 13 years old." Susan pulled her shirt off and waited for her next order. John came up behind her and began massaging her neck and shoulders. He undid her bra and smiled when her tits were released. "Susan do you mind if I suck on your tits for a while they look very tasty" John asked.

"No I don't mind do whatever you want John I belong to you" she lied.

John held a heavy round tit in each hand and began gently tugging and rubbing them together. He sucked on each nipple for several minutes until both nipples were hard. He moved up to her mouth and began kissing Susan passionately, almost franticly. As he sucked on her lips and tongue she began to feel aroused. Her nipples were always a sensitive area, and her husband never spent enough time on them. John was a good kisser and it had been high school since she had been french kissed so expertly. "Susan now that I have sucked you would you mind sucking me" John asked as he dropped his pants to the floor. John was hung like a horse, a damned big horse with a thick, fat cock.

"I'll try my best" she promised. Susan wrapped her hands around his cock and began licking and sucking on the head. She was no expert at oral sex. Her husband was a quiet, gentle man who loved her. They had tried it a few times and he knew she did not like it so he never pushed the issue. Every once in a while she would give him a few licks or a suck to get him hard but that was as far as it went. So Susan was unprepared when John grabbed the back of her head and began fucking her face. As his cock slid into her throat she began coughing and gagging but could not pull away. She could not breathe and began to pass out. She was scared she might die and began scratching and clawing at John's arms. Just then he began shooting his load down her throat. "Drink it, drink it all down you bitch! " John screamed. As John's hot, slimy cum slid down her throat she began to get sick. When he finished she grabbed the bucket of chicken and spewed chunks all over it.

"That was really disgusting Susan, and I sure as hell don't appreciate you scratching me. Any more defiance and we are through. Now let's get your pants off and spread your legs, I want to play with your pussy before I fuck you." This was it the ultimate betrayal to her husband. They had been college sweethearts, she had never cheated on him and they were both virgins when they met. She had been proud of the fact that he WAS SEX to her and she to him. If things had gone the way they should have neither of them would ever have had anyone else. John was about to take that away from them. She could not let it happen.

"Please stop, don't do this".

John stopped pulling her panties down. Susan was crying almost hysterical. "Do you know what you are saying, do you want us to fuck your daughter instead of you?!" John asked in disbelief. Susan was sobbing uncontrollably now, "I don't care just leave me alone I want to go home. I do not want your filthy cock inside of me, my husband deserves better." John shook his head and laughed, "OK you win Susan I'll stop. You know me and Bob have raped a lot of women. When it is Bob's turn we kidnap little girls, when it is my turn we take Mother's and their kids. We have been doing this for years. You are the first mother who has ever betrayed her daughter. You are one sick bitch. I am going to need some time to think this over, goodnight Susan" John left Susan on he floor crying next to a bucket of vomit covered chicken and a half empty bottle of soda.

The next morning Bob and John entered the room. Susan was allowed to use the bathroom and shower. She was fed and her clothes were cleaned. She could not bring herself to look at John, and the thoughts of what Bob may have a lady done to poor Jenny threatened to snap her fragile hold on reality. "Susan, Bob and I have talked it over and I have decided to give you a choice. You may go home right now. Bob will return Jenny when he is through fucking her cunt, ass, mouth etc. Jenny looks enough like you that I may make an exception and join in too. Imagine my big cock ramming down your daughter's tiny throat while she screams, and begs for mercy, imagine her expression when we tell her that mommy could have saved her but chose not to. We could do it that way, or you could help us. Convince your daughter that fucking and sucking two total strangers is a normal and necessary part of being a woman. In fact I will expect you to suck her tits while I fuck her mouth and Bob comes in her ass. Afterwards you can clean his cum out of her butt with your tongue and lubricate her pussy before I rip her young snatch apart. The choice is yours."

Susan was broken and humiliated in a small voice she said, "I will do what I can."

Bob returned in a few minutes with Jenny. "Mommy Mommy I was so scared" she cried as she rushed into her mother's arms.

"Shh baby don't worry mommy is here now. You don't have to be scared of these men. They are Sex doctors. Now that you have begun having your period it is time to show you how to have sex so when you are married you will know what to do".

"Mama I am just a little girl I don't want to have sex yet, and certainly not with these mean old men," Jenny protested.

Susan smacked her face and said "You apologize to the Doctors right this minute young lady, take your clothes off, spread your legs and open your mouth. Jenny was crying as she did it but said "yes ma'am" after all Mama knows what is best.

Susan wondered what it would be like to suck her daughter's asshole and pussy. Unconsciously she began rubbing her clit. When Bob entered Jenny's young tender ass, Susan rubbed herself even harder. When John began feeding Jenny his monster cock she felt a warm tingle begin to spread over her body. "Just hold on Jenny Mommy is cumming!"

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