Still In Their Family: The Real Story by jungis1

Still In Their Family: The Real Story

I'm really pleased with the response to my first story, "All in Their Family," even the criticism. What intrigued me was one question: "Is it true?"

The answer is, well, sort of.

The cast and their relationships are real. Anna and her daughters do exist-- different names, of course. The story is merely my masturbatory fantasy of them tuned to my tastes. What is really different from the story is this: I was married to Peggy and Anna was my mother-in-law. What is real is my lust for the lot of them. I changed the girls' ages somewhat to suit my fetish. When we married, Peggy had just turned 19, Mickie was 17, and Gail was twenty-one. What I'm about to tell you now took place nearly two years later and concerns my very real encounter with Anna and Mickie.

My marriage was on the rocks, and so was Anna's.

On my side of this coin, I had suspected Peggy of having an affair with a former boyfriend, Vinny. She usually came home from work before me, but one day I left work early, only to greet Peggy at the door and notice she wasn't wearing a bra. Unable to explain that, she confessed to having spent that afternoon (and many others) with Vinny. She wasn't particularly apologetic about it, but I loved her a whole lot and wanted to continue the marriage. One night, when we were in bed, I asked her about the affair while we were engaged in foreplay.

She didn't hold anything back and described a typical encounter in exquisite detail. Peg told me how she'd meet him at his apartment and first suck him off, taking his cum in a spray on her face and tits, something I knew she liked. The thought of Vinny's cock in her mouth aroused me just as much as it bothered me. Our own sex life slowly degenerated to my satisfying myself while she told me just how much she liked having sex with him. Hey, as sex goes, it wasn't bad. I particularly liked to fuck her firm c-cup tits while she would tell her story. But, after I'd cum, well, I was left with the reality of what she had said.

Peg knew I loved her, but she did treat me like shit, and I was almost at the point
of asking for a divorce. Still, though, I hung on.

Anna's side of the coin, so far as I know, was less sordid. She was not quite divorced, merely waiting for the court to issue the papers, and her ex, Fred, already was living with a younger girlfriend. At the time, I was twenty-eight or so, and she was, I think, 46. She was very slim, not quite boney, short dark hair, and
pretty much as I described her in "All in Their Family." She wasn't bad looking, but hardly a knockout. Again, what distinguished her were those big breasts on such a petite frame. Yeah, when she took the bra off her tits sagged like two pancakes, but lingerie has always been a turn-on for me anyway. In retrospect, I think she was a very nervous and neurotic lady, but she kept it under rigid control. Ha! Who am I to call her neurotic! I spent seven years in therapy after this misadventure.

Peggy and I were at Anna's house, along with Mickie and Gail. Anna's break-up with Fred was becoming nasty-- while Fred tried to stay above the fray, his girlfriend, who was about Peggy's age, was shitting on Anna by sending her pictures from Fred's photo album, all nice family shots and each with Anna's face cut out. This was sort of a family meeting about what Anna could do to keep her sanity. I had just come back from Fred's apartment, where I met with him and his girlfriend, Laurie, in an attempt to mediate. I had had a few drinks before I went there and a few more with Fred and Laurie. Laurie apologized for her atrocious behavior and swore not to do it again, something she had done before.

When I got back to Anna's, they had all been drinking, too, and Mickie had added marijuana to the mix. Everybody's tempers were frayed, and Anna and her girls were very angry. When I told them of Laurie's apology and promise to be good, it was rejected before I finished. And when I suggested that Anna just accept the apology and hold her head up high and all that shit, Peggy threw her drink in my face. The alcohol stung like hell, and I said something like, "I'm going to kick your ass for this," because in two seconds Mickey and Gail jumped on me to keep me away.

I was strong enough and drunk enough to keep going for Peggy, like some football player going for the goal with two opposing tackles on his back. I had enough sense about me that I knew I'd never hit her, but everything else I felt about her was now venting, so if I scared her shitless, well, that was fine with me. Then I saw Anna holding the telephone, asking me, "Do I have to dial 911?"

That took the steam out of me. We were in the town where I grew up, and many close friends were cops. No, I definitely didn't want them showing up. With lots of angry stares at each other, we all agreed that Gail, who was married, would stay the night with Peggy at our place, and I'd sleep on Anna's sofa. Then it would be the morning of a new day and we'd sort things out.

Gail had the least to drink, so the suggestion that she drive Peggy home made sense. Mickie was completely shit-faced and passed out on her bed with her clothes on.

I went to the bathroom, splashed water on my face, and came out into the hall. I guess Anna hadn't heard me because she was in her room taking off her blouse, leaving her in her jeans and bra. I stood in the doorway and watched. Truly, I had lusted in my heart for her, much as I lust after Julia Roberts-- that is, with no promise at all of any chance for realization.

What I said about her breasts is true and what I wrote about her attractiveness when wearing a bra is equally true. Although her back was to me, she was standing in front of her dresser and a large mirror, so I could see just how nicely she filled that pink bra.

Soon enough she saw me in her mirror, paused a moment, and turned to me. "I think you should be thinking about getting some sleep," she said.

I stood, leaning on the door frame, ogling her.

"I have to go to the bathroom," she said, walking toward me, wanting to get by.

I guess it was the alcohol, because I'm not terribly aggressive in any situation, but I pulled her to me and, with one hand on her breast, kissed her. She made a feeble attempt to pull away and wound up with me holding her back against me by cupping her breasts. I was hard as a rock to begin with, but finally being able to feel those tits while I watched it all in the mirror turned my boner to steel.

"We shouldn't be doing this," Anna said.

"Why not?" I replied. "I've always wanted to touch you. And I think you knew I was coming down the hall when you started taking your blouse off. So, thank you." My hands roamed over the front of her body, caressing those satin-clad breasts. I slid one hand down her flat belly to the top of her jeans and unbuttoned them. Anna grabbed my hand when I started to unzip the fly.

"No, this is wrong!" she said with a conviction unmatched by her body english. I was pumping my cock against her and she was responding.

"What's so wrong about it?" I asked.

"I'm your mother-in-law, for Christ's sake. You're married to my daughter! We can't do this!"

"Oh, bullshit," I said. "You're Anna and I'm Bob, and the rest is as artificial as a Hallmark card. Relax," I instructed her as I guided her to the edge of the bed. I kept feeling her breasts and trying to get her to respond to a kiss.

"I want you to stop this right now!" Anna exclaimed.

I didn't even slow down, instead kept on manipulating her nipples through the soft satin. At long last they responded, growing stiff as I lightly pinched them.

"Bob, no more, please."

I continued to ignore her. Her bra itself was a turn-on-- light pink, with lacy cups and a little bow between them. "Now I know where Peggy got her nice tits, Anna. She's a little fuller than you, but yours are just fine." I pushed her onto her back and unzipped her jeans. I knelt in front of her to tug them down her slim hips and legs. Let me tell you, she may have been 46, but that woman was in fine shape. I leaned forward to kiss her cunt through her panties.

"Bob, no! That's enough! This is wrong!" She raised herself up on her elbows, which just pushed her tits out all the more. My clothes were off and my cock was waving free.

Anna looked toward the door nervously. It took a second, but she was concerned that Mickie might hear her raised voice. "Mickie's out like a light," I said. I tried again to kiss her pussy, but Anna resisted, her legs pressed hard together and her hand demurely covering any view of her crotch.

I lay down beside her, pulled her to me, and kissed her while feeling her breasts. "Bob, don't make me do this," she said, her legs slowly spreading.

Her panties were moist as I ran my fingers lightly over the crotch.

"Don't make me do this," she repeated, even as my hand went under the waistband, over her soft pubic hair, and onto her pussy. She started to pump her hips and finally responded to my kiss.

I tugged her panties down and kissed my way down her flat belly to her pussy. I licked her cunt lips and kissed her again so she could taste herself on my lips. "You taste as good as Peggy, Anna. Must be the genes," I said. "I wonder if your pussy is as slippery as Peg's." I rolled on top of her.

Again, she muttered her refrain. "Please don't make me do this."

Well, hell, I wasn't 'making' her do a damned thing. I mean, if she had slapped me, or even gave any resistance at all, I would have stopped. She arched her back as my cock pressed against her cunt, and I slid into her soft wetness. I held my self up on extended arms as I pumped her slippery box.

I balanced on one hand so I could feel her breasts while I fucked her. "I love feeling your tits, Anna. It's better-- no, different from feeling was I supposed to cum? Fuck her, I thought, figuratively and literally. I straightened up and grabbed her by her upper thighs, pulling her against me when I thrust my cock into her, and easing off as I slid back only to thrust again."

"Don't make me do this, Bob," she pleaded again, but again her body argued with what she said, because she caught the rhythm quickly and shoved her cunt hard on my cock.

I had her legs over my shoulders and leaned forward, bringing her cunt high in the air as I pumped my cock in and out of her. I tongued with her and then kissed her as I came, shooting my repeating load up her wet cunt, all the while feeling those wonderful breasts. I stayed on top of her and continued the kiss, finally rolling off and onto my back.

This is always the moment of truth in sport-fucking, I guess. It goes one of two ways. Either I'm glad the lady is there and I want her (or me) to stay, or I immediately start thinking of ways to get her (me) to leave quickly, and hopefully without hurting anyone's feelings. Nobody ever asked me, but if I had to define 'infinity', I'd say that in the latter case it's the time from when I cum until she or I leave.

But I was very content and was glad to be there. I put my arm under her neck, drew her to me, and kissed her again.

It wasn't a long kiss because Anna pulled back and said, "I think it's time for you to go sleep on the sofa, Bob. This was wrong, you shouldn't have made me do it, but we can pretend it never happened."

Falling back onto the pillow again, I replied, "Anna, there is no right or wrong here. It's just two individuals, you and me, and this in-law business is bullstuff."

Anna lit a cigarette, took a drag, and then said, "I was hurt very much when I first found out Fred was cheating on me. That hurt, Bob, a lot, even if the marriage was a farce at that point." She took another drag on her smoke.

"I'm sure you know about Peggy and Vinny, right?"

After she exhaled, Anna said, "Yes, and I know you're hurt, and I'm sorry. I couldn't say anything to you, you can understand that. And I know you really had no one to turn to, so maybe that brings us to this moment."

"Anna," I said, "when she told me she had sucked him off and bathed in his cum I thought my world had ended." I didn't tell her, of course, how much the idea turned me on just as much as it hurt, and at this moment it turned me on a lot and hardly hurt at all. My arm was still under her, and I pulled her onto her side toward me. God, how I loved the feel of her tits against my chest.

Anna pulled free. "The cigarette," she said. "And I have to go to the bathroom. And you have to go to the sofa." With that, she was out the door and down the hall.

I really didn't think she wanted me to go, but she had said it. If she came back and found me still in her bed, would it escalate to dialing 911? My cock was growing hard again at the thought of fucking her. Hey, fucking her was great, and although I didn't buy the mother-in-law-as-family argument, it was all the more erotic because she was forbidden fruit, regardless of what I thought. And I thought it was great.

When she came back, Anna was wearing a robe, but I could see her bra was still on. "Do you want to have another drink and talk this over?" she asked.

"Sure," I replied, trying to read the signals. "I just have to hit the bathroom myself."

"I'll meet you in the living room."

So, I went to the john and peed, and one look in the mirror reminded me I still was stark naked. Holy shit, I thought, the whole thing was just too much. I flushed the toilet, grabbed my clothes from Anna's room, looked in to make sure Mickie was asleep (coma was more like it-- she hadn't moved), and walked to the sofa with my limp dick wagging from side to side.

I wanted more of Anna, and the overall signal was that she felt the same way. I mean, there we were, having just fucked each other and now having a drink to talk it over? Come on, give me a break. She had her bra on, right? Did she intuitively know that if she had taken it off my lust would have turned to despair? On the other hand, there we were on the sofa, she with her robe and me with a still limp dick.

She handed me a tumbler half-filled with Jack Daniel's Old Number Nine. I sipped it and felt its fire descend down my throat to my belly. She had to know I'd already had much too much to drink, I thought while I tried to maneuver to look at her tits. I started to get hard again, and pulled the light blanket she had brought over my groin.

She drank a good portion of her drink and said, "I'll be going to bed shortly. Thank you for what we had." She blushed, then said, "And I'm glad to know that this old lady compares favorably with my pretty daughter." She hesitated. "Bob, we have to keep this between us. I don't want Peggy hurt-- I know, maybe you think it's only fair, that this was just your getting even. Okay, you're even. Except for one thing. Not only would Peggy be devastated if she found out, she wouldn't even be able to turn to her own mother to talk it out. She does love you, you know."

God, while she talked my boner was trying to break through the blanket and poke her in the eye. She couldn't not see it. But she hadn't gotten up to go to bed, and she had already finished her drink. She had to be losing it, but she seemed sober as a judge.

"Well," I said, moving beside her, "let me at least give you a kiss good night." I pulled her too me, feeling her breasts against my chest. Her mouth was open for my tongue and I pulled her robe open to feel her up more directly.

"Stop, Bob, don't make me do this." She didn't struggle or resist, she simply failed to participate.

Later, when I was in therapy, my shrink confirmed what I had started at that point to suspect. The first time I fucked her, her submissiveness could have been seen as giving in to someone she couldn't possibly stop physically. It could have been that I raped her-- she surely said 'no' and 'please stop' often enough.

My shrink agreed with me, though. He said she was a classic something or other, a person who sees sex as boring, or bad, or dirty, even repulsive, but who at the same time wants to do it, needing only permission or instructional authority to give in.

That was Anna, and I was just figuring it out. I opened her robe completely and saw she had put on a clean bra and panties, the bra cut very low at her cleavage, showing the breast-flesh I so liked to nuzzle.

I kissed her again and told her how much her breasts turned me on, putting her hand under the blanket and on my cock. This time she jerked me slowly as we kissed. "Suck me, Anna,"

I'm tired of writing it. "Please don't make me do this, Bob. Please."

"Anna, I want you to," I said, moving her gently but persistently off the sofa and onto her knees in front of me.

"I don't want to do this," she said.

Yeah, right. I pulled her head to my crotch and let my stiff cock bounce against her lips, cheeks, and nose. "I want you to suck it, Anna. I want to see if your mouth could possibly be as good as Peggy's. Suck me the way Peggy sucks Vinny."

I pushed my cock between her resisting lips and onto her wet tongue. I let her suck me, let her do the work she had pleaded not to do. I ran my fingertips along her taut lips as she sucked up and down my shaft and I was in heaven. Yeah, I know, what guy's not in heaven when he's getting a blow job. . . What elevated it beyond a great blow job was that it was my wife's mother, my mother-in-law, on her knees and between my legs, sucking my cock like she had found the fountain of youth.

I pulled her head up to me and kissed her, and then told her to take her panties off. She handed them to me and I sniffed her musk in its wet crotch. "Your panties are all wet, Anna. Here," I said, pushing them into her mouth before she could tell me that I shouldn't make her do that. I kissed her and the panties in her mouth while I played with her stiff nipples, then pulled her to me so I could fuck her breasts.

"Push your tits around my cock," I told her, "jerk me off with your tits."

Putting the panties in her mouth had been a stroke of genius. It shut her up, at least. And it gave me an idea.

"Anna, wrap the crotch of your panties around my cock and suck me."

As soon as the panties were out of her mouth, Anna started her usual protest, so I took her wet panties and wrapped my cock with it, pulling her mouth toward me before she could protest again.

Heaven? Hey, I've got to tell you, you haven't had a blow job until your attractive mother-in-law sucks you off through the crotch of her panties. The panties were made of silk, and soft, wet silk is sex itself. Maybe it was good that she had given me more to drink, because as good as her sucking me felt, the alcohol was keeping me from cumming. That's heaven. At least for a while.

I moved Anna onto the sofa so that she was on all fours perpendicular to me, her head bobbing in my lap. With one hand I roamed over her tight butt, one finger penetrating her cunt, another experimenting with her asshole. She clenched her butt to dissuade me from her asshole, so I just let my fingertip rest against it. My other hand, of course, stayed with her silky breasts, silk full of breast in my hand, silk full of cock in her mouth.

Anna sucked and sucked and I couldn't cum. Believe me, I wanted to cum, but I just had too much to drink. Talk about frustration. Anna finally pulled away, her jaw tired. I kissed her and told her that she sucked a hundred times better than Peggy, but not adding that just the adventure of her being my mother-in-law added immeasurably to the evaluation. Even with that said and given, she still would be a first-class cocksucker.

We kissed again as she stroked my cock.

"Maybe we should stop now, Bob," Anna said as she stroked my cock and kissed me. "I shouldn't have given you another drink." She slurred her words slightly.

I thought the last drink had been more intended to loosen her up. Whatever, she was pretty loose at that point. Her insistent stroking had me ready to burst, right at the brink, but I couldn't cum. I needed something to take me over the top.

Looking straight ahead from where I was sitting, I could see into Mickie's room through the narrow hallway. I hadn't shut the door after looking in on her. Mickie, I thought. I gently pushed Anna away and went into Mickie's room. Mick hadn't moved and was still out to the world, sleeping on her left side. I stood there looking around the dark room with my boner swaying as I moved. In an instant Anna was beside me, pulling me from the room.

"Bob, NO! Not with Mickie! How dare you!" Anna eye's were sharp and she didn't slur a word.

"Anna, Anna, no, not Mickie." I laughed in an attempt to get her to calm down.

Anna relaxed about halfway. "Why did you go in her room?"

"I wanted to get something, Anna, something for you. And I know where it is, so hush for a second and I'll be right back." I tip-toed into Mickie's room and quickly found what I wanted. On my way out, I couldn't resist temptation and leaned over Mickie's inert form to feel her breasts. Jesus Christ, Anna's genes were something, but then again, a breast is a breast is a breast. They're all great (well, not my grandmother's, but you know what I mean), but there's something special about feeling up your unconscious sister-in-law.

"Bob!" Anna hissed at me from the hallway.

With one hand behind my back and the other around Anna's back, I guided her to the sofa. Without saying a word, I kissed her and fondled her breasts, paying particular attention to her swollen nipples which, when I pinched them, caused her to thrust her tongue deeper into my mouth and increase the speed of her stroking hand on my boner. I was right back where I was-- heaven, but unable to cum.

What I had taken from Mickie's room was a pair of her panties from her hamper of soiled clothes. I wore it on my hand like a mitten and felt Anna's breasts through her bra and her daughter's panties. For a moment Anna must have thought they were her own, and then it struck her.

"What are you doing?" she demanded.

She let me kiss her before I explained. "They're Mickie's panties, I like feeling you through them. It's like feeling up Mickie while I'm feeling you, it's like feeling Peggy when I hold your breasts in my hand, Anna."

"You touched Mickie when you were in there, didn't you?"

"Yes, all I did was feel her breasts. But I want yours. Her panties just add a little excitement." I stroked her face with Mickie's panties. "So far I like all the breasts in your family, Anna. Mickie felt very, very good, but nothing like you." Which was technically true. Mickie was on her side, asleep, and wearing a shirt and bra. Nice, but no competition to feeling up Anna with her daughter's panties.

Anna looked sort of hopeful when I compared her with Mickie and, earlier, Peggy, but as I pressed Mickie's panties against her lips, she looked defeated. "I know what you want me to do, and I can only ask you not to make me do this, Bob. Please."

I pushed the crotch of the panties into Anna's mouth and kissed her while I gave her nipples a workout. This time, without any coaxing, Anna knelt in front of me, wrapped the crotch of her daughter's panties over my cock, and took it all in her mouth. Her saliva quickly made her daughter's panties wet and slippery, and I held her head still while I fucked her mouth with a boner just screaming to cum.

"Anna, I want you to suck my cum through Mickie's panties. Suck me hard, show Peggy that you suck my cock like it belonged to you. Show me that you suck better than your daughters." Senseless patter, but despite the exhilarating physical sensations, I was trying to focus on cumming in my mother-in-law's mouth. Anna loosened her lips, which made the feel of wet silk against my boner all the more enticing. Finally, finally, after fucking Anna's mouth the way I fucked her daughter on our first date, the cum rose from my balls and shot out against the filmy silk of Mickie's panties to be sucked through and into Anna's mouth.

I pulled my cock back so that Anna could see the last loads of hot, wet semen penetrate through the panties. Before I pushed it back in her mouth, I wiped my cum on her cheeks and nose. For a long time I simply couldn't move, and Anna stayed on her knees, sucking my cock gently the way a baby nurses on its mother's nipple. After what seemed like many long minutes, Anna silently took her robe and went into the bathroom. And I sat there looking into Mickie's room, remembering even in my sated state the wonderful feel of her young breasts.

The sound of running water from the bathroom made me have to pee. I couldn't wait, and it was a choice between pissing in the sink or pissing in front of Anna. Well, after what we had just done, I didn't think she would be so upset at watching me pee.

I opened the door and saw Anna's figure behind the smoked glass of her shower door. "Anna, it's me. Sorry, I have to pee."

She cracked the shower door, letting steam escape, and said. "Go ahead. What else can you do to demean me? Think about what you made me do-- are you proud of yourself? Are you more of a man now because you fucked your wife's mother and--" She stopped for a moment to wipe her eyes. I couldn't tell whether she was crying or the rivulets on her face were from wet hair. "Let me finish trying to make myself clean, Bob. Go to sleep now. On the sofa," she added.

I went back to the sofa and finished what was left of my glass of fire produced by Mr. Daniel's fine crew down in Tennessee. Again I looked into Mickie's room, but my cock was out of action for a while. Still, it was a nice thought. You have to understand, when I first met Peggy and her mother, Mr. Dick wanted to fuck them all. Fucking Peggy was always great-- I've never had such a partner who was so willing, so ingenious when it came to sex. Sometimes I would transplant Peggy's attitude onto her sisters and imagine what it would be like. Hey, it's a guy thing, you know? It's not that we really want to fuck every good looking woman we see, but we do. You have to live with the contradiction, I can't explain it.

I heard the door to Anna's room close and went to the hallway. I could see through the crack at the bottom of the door was still on, so I walked in without knocking. She was in her robe again, on her side and facing away from me.



"Can we talk at least?"

"About what?"

I sat on the edge of her bed and touched her shoulder. "About what's happened tonight."

She still didn't move, but replied, "I've said everything I have to say. What I said about keeping this from Peggy-- and now Mickie-- goes double. I can't believe what you made me do. I feel like, like, some perverted piece of shit."

Years later, when I was in therapy with the kindly Doc Tenney, he gave his take on the whole thing. I can't quote him, but the gist of it was that her pleasure came in three stages. First was the wanting-- she wanted sex and deep down liked it. The second stage was getting past her defenses, with her being told to do it or instructed to do it. The third stage was the degradation. It's a personality disorder, not a normal thing, but according to the good doc, Anna got a lot of fulfillment from feeling nasty and probably would masturbate repeatedly while thinking about it, only to feel all the more demeaned.

In short, he said, she was who she was (and probably still is), and she could have just lived her own life of quiet desperation had not the right characters come on the scene at the right time. She would look at herself as a victim of my villainy and punish herself for that, too.

Heavy stuff. At the time, though, I wasn't sure why I was in her room. To apologize? To fuck her again? I didn't know and told her so.

"At least you could have put on your underwear," she said derisively. When she first turned to look at me, I could see that she didn't have her bra on. Bad sign.

Christ on a crutch, my cock was getting hard again. Hard enough to fuck her with or without her bra. I tried to open her robe, but she pulled away and said, "This time, no means no, Bob."

Oh, man, I thought, did we have to go through the 'please don't make me do this' routine yet again? Well, if I had to suffer through that, then it was time to make it worthwhile.

"Okay, forget it, terribly sorry and all that," I said. "Good night."

I left her door open intentionally so she would come to the hall and see me go into Mickie's room. There wasn't much light, but the outside street lamp gave a warm glow that let me at least see clearly.

"You get out of there, now!" Anna commanded.

"Well, you're being such a bitch, Anna, I thought I could find some solace with pretty Mickie." While she watched, I leaned over her daughter and rubbed my cock on her lips. "Go to bed now, Anna, it's late."

"Stop that! Stop it now!" Anna cried. But she made no move toward me or, blessedly, the telephone.

"Come on, Anna, Mickie's no virgin. She's sucked cock before. Jesus, Peggy told me what they used to do on double dates when they were in high school." I had flashes of Peggy sucking Vinny and Mickie sucking me while I sucked Anna's tits through her bra.

"Bob, no! She's not even awake."

All the better, I thought. At least she wouldn't yap at me like her mother. "I'm not going to fuck her, Anna. I just want to cum on her."

Anna pulled me away. "Okay," she said, "Let's go to my room and you can cum on me. Leave Mickie alone."

I objected, of course. "No, stay here with me, Anna."

Sure enough, like one season following another, Anna said softly, "Please don't make me do this."

I opened one of Mickie's dresser drawers and threw one of her brassieres at Anna. "Put it on and get on the bed with her, Anna."

Anna turned away from me and slipped into Mickie's bra, your basic white cotton uplift job. When she turned to me again, she was transformed. Mickie's bra cradled Anna's breasts so differently, making them rounder and more luscious.

"Bob, this is so wrong, so very wrong," she said, but I knew that kissing her and giving her nipples a workout would make her more pliant.

"Let's just undress her so she won't be cramped when she wakes up." Well, it was a thought, getting Mickie comfortable, you know.

"Please, Bob--"

"Anna, just do it," I said. "You take her jeans down and I'll, I'll take her blouse and bra off."

I sat next to Mickie and hoisted her upright as Anna fumbled with her daughter's belt and the snap on her jeans. I had my hands on Mickie's full breasts while I unbuttoned her blouse. No doubt you've all figured out how much lingerie turns me on, but with Mick I was looking forward to unsnapping her bra and letting her young breasts out of the corral. I couldn't help kissing her neck as Anna tugged the tight jeans down Mickie's legs and over her feel. Pulling her blouse down and off, we soon had this almost-child reduced to her bra and panties.

Anna, apparently having already surrendered, didn't have to be 'made' to carry out any of my many suggestions, the first of which was that she kiss her daughter's pussy. Anna looked hard at me, then at my raging boner, and she lay on the bed, her face between her daughter's legs, hesitantly kissing the crotch of her panties.

I unhooked Mickie's bra and watched it fall free of her tits, those huge, high riding globes of breast flesh topped by already stiffening nipples. I lay her down and sucked one of her tits, savoring her nipples.

And then Mickie stirred.

Anna and I instinctively moved into the hallway.

"She's waking up, Bob," Anna said. "We have to stop."

"Let me see if she goes back to sleep," I said. I went to the side of Mickie's bed, crouching low so I was on her level.


"Hmmph, huh?" Mickie struggled into consciousness. "Bob? Is that you?"

"Yeah, it's me. I just wanted to make sure you were okay."

"Oh, wow, what a night last night. You and Peggy had one hell of a fight. And I think I'm still a little drunk." She shook her head a few times, attempting to drive out the cobwebs. She tried sitting up and would have fallen off the bed if I didn't catch her in my arms.

"Mick? Mick, you still awake?"

"Um, yeah, sort of. Was Mom in here? She took my pants down, I remember. . . " Suddenly she realized she had only her panties on. "Oh, man, I can't believe this." Woozily she put her head on my shoulder.

I held her in my arms, nuzzling against her neck, my hand on her breast. "You okay, Mick?"

"How did I get naked?"

"You passed out last night, Mick. Anna undressed you so you'd be comfortable."

"So now I'm almost naked and sitting on my brother-in-law's lap. You're in enough shit with Peg."

"Hey, I was just checking on you, that's all."

"So how come you're naked, Bob?"

"Remember how Peg threw the drink at me? I didn't want to try to sleep when I smelled like a distillery." I gave her a kiss on her cheek. "Lie back and go to sleep, Mickie. I'll see you in the morning."

Let me tell you, those were hard words to say. But with any luck Mickie wouldn't remember any of it. Meanwhile, Anna huddled in the hallway in just Mickie's bra. Mickie was unsteady as she looked around her bed, leaning and falling back on the bed when she reached to pull Anna's robe to her face. The way her breasts bounced was enthralling.

"This is Mom's robe. How come it's here?"

"I don't know, Mick. Maybe she tried to put it on you so you'd be warm."

Mickie tried to rise and reached out for something to help get her upright. What she grabbed was my cock. She managed to sit up, but left her hand on my boner. "Is this what you use on my sister?" she asked.

Painfully aware of Anna not five feet away, I tried to disengage. "Yeah, but it's obviously not enough for her."

"Oh, you mean Vinny."

"Yeah, I mean Vinny."

Mickie sniffed the air. "You've had sex. I can smell it."

I didn't reply.

"Did you fuck my mother?"

I stayed quiet.

"Oh, wow, this is far out." She put her arms around my neck, her nipples gliding along my chest. "Was she any good?"

"Yes," was all I said.

"Unfuckingbelievable," Mickie said. "I gotta pee."

Unsteadily she lurched out into the hall and saw Anna. Mickie sniffed again. "Oh, wow," she said again, and made her way to the bathroom.

Anna came in, grabbed the robe and put it on. "I'm going to bed. You go on the sofa," she said, then went to her room.

I stayed put.

In a minute or so Mick came back, smelling of soap and toothpaste. What an incredible body she had. She was tall, about 5' 11", with full breasts that rode high on her chest. Her waist was small, flaring out to her round ass and long, lean legs. Through her flimsy panties, I could see that she kept her pussy hair neatly clipped.

She wasn't the least bit shy and she still struggled to get her wits about her. "So you fucked my mother."

"Yes, I said I did."

"When my father left her, he said she was a cold fish."

"Well, he was wrong," I said.

"Where is she now?"

"She just went back to bed."

"We should go talk to her," Mickie suggested.

"Christ, Mick, this mess is bad enough."

Mickie looked down at my still hard cock. She took my hand and led me to her mother's room. She swung the door open and we saw Anna huddled on the bed. Mickie went to her and touched her gently. "Mom?"

Anna was crying, and when she sat up her robe opened and Mickie saw that it was her bra that her mother wore. "This is too cool," Mickie said. "Too much."

"He made me do it, do everything, Mickie, I asked him to stop, but he wouldn't," Anna said in gasps.

"That's not true, Anna," I said. "I didn't make you do anything you didn't want to do."

Anna shook her head to show her disagreement, and Mickie looked at me suspiciously.

I had no choice and went for broke, By that time my cock was hard as a rock. Mickie stood there, using the bureau for support, her breasts out and nipples hard, Anna sat on the bed in her daughter's bra, and there I was, about to be accused of rape.

I stood in front of Anna and said, "Suck my cock, Anna. Right now."

"Please don't make me do it again, no," said Anna as she took my boner in her hand and guided it to her mouth. Dutifully she sucked it all in her mouth, then slid her lips back and forth.

Mickie was transfixed at what she saw, and I watched her squirm as the crotch of her panties became transparent with her wetness. I pulled her to me and felt her breasts as her mother sucked my cock. Mickie kissed me and I knew the fix was in.

I pulled at Mickie's panties and she obliged by slipping out of them and, while I pumped her mother's mouth, I pushed Mick onto the bed. God, what tits Mick had-- even when she lay flat on her back they jutted upward. Holding Anna's mouth on my cock, I lay down next to Mickie, sucking her sweet nipples while I strummed her cuntlips. We kissed and tongued while Anna sucked my cock.

I moved Anna off my cock and guided her to her daughter's erect nipples and let her suckle there while I mounted Mickie. I held her legs apart and speared my boner into her young, wet cunt. Mickie was tight as drum and slick as oil as my cock slid in and out of her. The effects of the alcohol had worn off because I soon found myself fighting for control, trying not to cum in Mick's cunt. Jesus, I didn't even know if she was on the pill.

But I couldn't help fucking her while her mother sucked on her stiff nips. Mickie played with her other nipple while she rubbed her clit, her hips pumping against mine until she started moaning as she accelerated toward orgasm. Mickie pumped on me and held Anna's mouth on her nipple, finally arching her back as I felt the warmth and fluid of it all on my cock.

I pulled out of her wet hole and put my cock between her breasts, Mickie pushing one breast toward my cock while Anna nudge the other close with her sucking. Bliss, pure bliss, the best sex I'd ever had, so good. Mickie's tits were large, but they were firm, and the sensation of my cock gliding between them brought me rapidly to climax. I pushed the tip of my cock into Anna's mouth so that she sucked it and Mickie's nipple simultaneously. Mickie watched when I came, watched her mother's cheeks expand as I shot my load into her mouth, and we both watched my cum leak from Anna's mouth all over Mickie's proud breast.

"Oh, man," said Mickie in her inimitable way. "Unfuckingbelievable."

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