My Wife Roxanne

My Wife Roxanne

Last Friday I sat in the living room waiting for my very sexy wife to come home from wherever it was she went every Friday night. I plugged in a homemade porno movie that we had made a few weeks ago. My wife Roxanne is a very nasty and good lover, and we have an open relationship. Every Friday night she can do what she wants (and with whom she wants), and every Tuesday night I can do the same.

I was totally gay when I met her, because I was unable to get completely satisfied by a woman. So until I met her I mainly sought the always nasty and exciting lifestyle of the gay community, which never disappointed me. However, since I have been with her I only find the need to indulge in the alternative lifestyle when she is away on a business trip, or occasionally on my Tuesday night outings. I love Roxanne very much and I know she feels the same about me.

Anyway, like I said on this evening I was awaiting her return, sitting naked on the couch watching our homemade porn movie. Just as my well-stroked dick was starting to get good and stiff, and my dickhead was starting to get red and glistening with my excited precum, I heard Roxanne drive up the road and park in the driveway. She walked in the front door and came into the living room. She was practically naked and her hair was a mess (which is even more sexy on her) -- like someone had been running their fingers through her hair. She has this velcro miniskirt that she usually wears when she goes out, and as she walked toward me she slowly tore it off and it dropped to the floor. She straddled me on the couch and began to kiss me. She was drunk (which was unlike her, but when she is drunk she is fun).

I reached down to touch her nice slit and found it to be dripping, literally, she was so horny. But she was not herself. She seemed excited to tell me something. She said, "Remember when we were having sex the other day and we were telling our usual sex stories to help make each other's orgasm more intense?" I said, "I always remember them, I love them." She said, "Good, because your fantasy was for me to get gang banged by four or more guys, remember?" I answered, "Yes, of course, I remember very well." Then she replied, "Good, because I have a surprise for you..."

She got off me and suddenly left. I was thinking, "Come back, I'm hard as a rock, don't leave now." I heard her go out the front door, not shutting it behind her. I was thinking, "Damn, I'm going to have to jack off now." Then in she walked again, with seven guys following her! She flopped down on the floor on her back with her legs spread out and her pussy wide open, and barked at them, "Fuck the hell out of me and leave no hole untouched, my husband says it's okay!" I couldn't believe it. For one thing, I live in a small town, and three of the guys were guys I had already had sex with! I didn't know the other guys, but all seven of them were very hot.

All seven guys stripped quickly and began fucking my wife. Their dicks were standing out rock-hard before they even had their clothes off. One of them immediately pulled her legs apart roughly and began driving his dick into her pussy without any foreplay. Two more kneeled on either side of her, and she grabbed their dripping dicks and began wildly rubbing their glistening cherry-red dick helmets all over her tits. Three more kneeled around her head and began beating off over her face, dripping their pre-cum all over her face.

The seventh one, a big muscular man, straddled her upper torso, almost sitting on her neck. He had a very long foreskin that hung over the tip of his dickhead at least an inch, even though his thick veiny dick was totally hard. He brought the tip of his foreskin to her lips and begin rubbing it back and forth over them. She greedily opened her mouth to try to swallow his dickhead, but he kept pulling back and wouldn't let her get anything but the tip of his skin into her mouth. Then, when she was about to go crazy from not being able to get at what she wanted so bad, he slowly skinned his foreskin back and exposed an angry red helmet that was almost totally coated in greenish and white ripe stinking dickcheese. As soon as he skinned it back, a huge stink filled the room. The second the stink hit her nostrils, she went crazy with lust and began licking and sucking at the smelly cheesecoated head and scraping the slime off with her teeth. The whole time he kept smearing it all over her lips and upper lip and nostrils, so she could smell him on her and in her for a long time to come. When she had cleaned it completely off, he fell forward, and propping his hands on the floor about her head, he began face-fucking her as hard as he could.

The sight and smell of all this made me so horny that I could cum with just a thought, but because there was no hole left for me, all I could do was watch and leer like a lust- maddened bull and beat the hell out of my dripping meat.

The guy in her pussy came and shot all over inside her. He must have not had any for a while judging from the size of his load, because the cum was pouring out of her cunt as he pulled out of her, dripping all over her labia and thighs. He jumped up and kneeled down by her face, and stuck his cum-and-pussy-juice-coated dick into her mouth along with the cheesy guy's dick, and they both fucked her mouth simultaneously.

As soon as the first guy got out of her pussy, the two guys kneeling by her side immediately took his place and they both began fucking her dripping cunt simultaneously. Although Roxanne didn't know it, these were two of the guys I had previously had sex with myself, and I knew that they were getting off on their dicks rubbing against each other while they were simultaneously fucking her. They both shot their loads very quickly, and as soon as they shot their loads into her, like a dart their mouths were down on her hole sucking out their own cum and the cum from the guy before them.

One by one each of the seven guys traded places until all seven had fucked her and cum inside her cunt. I was getting very frustrated because my dick wanted to burst but the whole time none of these guys had left an opening for me to join in on the fun. But it turned out to be worth it. Even though she was yelling and moaning with demented lust the whole time they were fucking her, I knew Roxanne and I knew she hadn't cum yet herself.

After the seventh guy had pumped his load into her pussy, she suddenly told them to stand above her and wait while I fucked her. Which I must say I was glad to help her out. As I stood straddled over her, she pulled me forward and sucked me for a minute or two, and then she eased my body down onto her and my dick slowly slid into her. The inside of her cunt was very very warm, almost hot, and as I slid in there was a squishy sound as the others' cum and her own copious cunt juice oozed out. I sloshed around inside of her like a wet pair of sneakers. It was so good, so nice and loose (I like it loose) and very wet.

Then she rolled me over on my back and started to pump me from on top. Every pump she sloshed a cum bath on me and my crotch. She moaned like I have never heard her moan before. And she deep tongued my mouth the whole time, sharing with me the tastes and smells of all the cum and dickcheese she had taken from the other guys. I liked it so much that the whole thing with me only lasted maybe 3-4 minutes, tops. The whole time the other seven guys stood around leaning over us to get a good at everything, furiously beating their meat, and dripping their sweat all over us, and urging us on with husky rasping grunts of encouragement. When she saw from my contorted face that I was about to shoot my own load, she suddenly jumped off of me and began to deep throat my dick with her mouth. Wow!!! She barely made it. Her mouth was full of my first shot of cum the second it enveloped my dick. At the same time I reached my arm down and stuck my hand into her cunt and began kneading and massaging her swollen clit for all it was worth. After taking my first shot in her mouth, she pulled her mouth off my dick and left it open and her tongue hanging out right in front of my dick slit, as I exploded all over her lips, teeth, tongue and face with four or five more powerful bursts of cum and a couple more smaller ones after that. At the same time she began spasming with multiple contortions from her own orgasm from the vigorous massaging her clit was getting. When we were finally both done, and could stop gasping for air, she licked me clean, scraping all the cum off of me and into her mouth. For my part, my stiff dick never softened for a second, and I could have cum again right then and there. But she had something else in mind.

She laid down on the floor and told the men to circle her, including me. As she lay there I was thinking how much fun this has been. Then, to my surprise, she said, "I want you to hose this slut off!" We all looked at each other, not really believing what we had heard. Including me, because I had never done this with Roxanne. And then she said sharply, "Come on, I need you all to piss on me, I need you to clean this slut off. The first one to start can fuck me again, and the one to piss the most will get a blow job." And staring at my surprised face she said, "And you, honey, I want you to piss in my mouth and clean it out." Well, surprised or not, I was sure as shit ready! I looked at the other men and said, "Well, guys, it looks like I get to fuck her again." But as I stood over her mouth, just as the pee started to come down my tube the big muscle man with the cheesy dick shot a stream directly at her cunt, and it was already splashing all over her cunt just my own pee started to stream out of my dick slit. And when my pee started, all the other six guys starting peeing too.

My pee filled up her mouth quickly. It ran out the sides and down her face and ears. In the meantime the other guys pissed all over every part of her body, wagging their dicks back and forth so that not a spot of her body would be uncovered by their piss. Some of the guys had been drinking beer beforehand and their piss was pretty light colored and odorless. But some of the other guys, including me, hadn't been drinking, and our piss was dark and strong and smelly as hell. Seconds after the showers began Roxanne -- and the room -- began to smell like the urinal trough in a public restroom. The sight and the smell of it made my dick jump so hard again that it almost hurt to keep peeing. But I was determined to fill Roxanne's mouth with everything I had, as an expression of my love for her. I had never done this before, but I knew right then and there that this would for sure not be the last time.

She was getting a shower all right. She was soaked, not to mention the rug. She ran her hands and fingers through it, massaging it into her body as if she was soaping up in the shower. Finally, we all stopped about the same time, except for one guy who had one of those sit-on-the- toilet-for-hours pisses.

She motioned him to direct it to her mouth, which he did willingly. She quickly sat up, taking all his stream as she arose. She then kept moving her mouth up his dark yellow piss- stream until the guy's dick was in her mouth. Then she sucked and moaned as the piss ran out of her mouth and down her chest. She rubbed one hand through the yellow stream and into her breasts, and with the other hand she rubbed her cunt and fingered the cascading pee into her rubbed-red pussy lips. He just kept pissing and pissing.

When he finally stopped, she kept sucking his tool. With his dick in her mouth the whole time, she pulled him down to the floor and bent over him on all fours, never once stopping her mouth-pumping action on his dick. At the same time, pushed her butt high in the air and motioned the muscle man to fuck her in the ass.

I watched with real intent because that was her first time to get it in the ass. The cheesy muscle man lubed up his dick with the piss that was dribbling all over her, and then lubed up her asshole with some of the piss too. Unbelievably he still had more cheese under his foreskin, because when he skinned himself back and lubed up his dickhead with the collected piss I could smell it again. (I was glad of that because knew I'd get to taste the flavors of his ripe cheese the next time I sucked out Roxanne's asshole.) When he was thoroughly wet, he suddenly grabbed her around the waist plunged his fat dick into her asshole, and began pistoning her asshole like a machine.

Roxanne bucked and groaned with his every stroke. Soon he was ass- fucking her in counter-rhythm to the guy she was sucking. In one stroke he'd thrust forward into her asshole, push her mouth all the way to the base of the dick of the other guy; and then the other guy would thrust forward into her mouth, pushing her asshole all the way to the base of the dick of the guy who was fucking her. She was being tossed back and forth like a bucking bronco, while all the time through her dick-engorged lips she was making her own ever louder lust-maddened fuck sounds. The other guys and I leaned closely over the three of them, smelling their rutting sex odors and jacking our dicks wildly.

Then on impulse I grabbed the rock- hard dick of the guy next to me and began jacking him. Soon he got the idea, and he grabbed the dick of guy next to him, and in short order we were all jacking each other's dicks furiously while we watched and smelled the writhing six-legged beast in front of us.

Suddenly a new smell was added to the steamy sex-odors that were rising like a cloud from my wife and her two lovers. I heard a loud squishing sound I hadn't heard before, and at the same time my nose detected a new flavor that hadn't been there before. The guy fucking her ass looked down and saw that her asshole and his dick and balls were covered with her soft creamy shit, which was now squirting out around his dick-shaft every time he plunged forward. Spurts of her creamy shit were now being forcefully ejected out of her asshole in streams and were flying all over his stomach and legs every time he lunged forward. At the same time, Roxanne began yelling, in a muffled way as best she could through her dick-distended lips, "Oh yeah, oh yeah, fuck the shit out of me!"

This was too much for all of us. Even though I'd never done such a thing before, I couldn't resist leaning over and grabbing a good handful of her warm silky brown load from around her asshole, and wiping another good handful from off of the stomach and chest of the guy fucking her. Her soft shit had become nearly liquid with her own body heat and that of her furiously-fucking lover. Scarcely stopping my frenzied dick- stroking of the guy next to me, I quickly spread it all around my own dick and balls and also on his dick and balls. In less than a moment all the other guys did the same thing, and soon our furious mutual jacking of each other was accompanied by the same loud squishing sounds as our hands flew over each other's shit-coated poles.

Roxanne surely could smell what was happening because a moment later she opened her eyes and at our dicks and saw immediately what was happening. Still impaled at both ends and unable to exercise control over any part of her body, her eyes flashed me a begging message that only I as her loving husband understood. She wanted some too! I reached down to her still well-coated asshole and grabbed the dick of the guy who was still ass-fucking her, and scooped off of her asshole and off of his dick one more good handful of her soft, semi-liquid brown gold. I rubbed it liberally all over the dick and balls of the guy who was face-fucking her. I saw her eyes flash me another hidden "thank you!" message. As soon as she got her first taste of it from the other guy's dick her eyes glazed over in pleasure and closed again. Although all of our physical frenzy increased, soon the moaning and groaning diminished and all that remained were the faster and faster body movement sounds and the sounds of our gasping and heavy breathing, accompanied by ever faster squish-squish sounds of the shit being forced in and out of her asshole, in and out of her mouth, and up and down the dicks of the rest of us as we jacked each other. As our movements increased in their frenzy, the air was thick with the smell of cum, sweat, pussy juice, piss, and shit, all mingled together like a heavy aphrodisiac incense.

Suddenly the guy fucking her shit- smeared asshole bucked upward, froze for a moment, and let out a roof-shaking yell as he shot load after load of his hot cum deep into her shit cavity. At the very same moment the guy she was sucking bucked upward, froze for a moment, and yelling loudly squirted load after load of his overheated cum deep into her throat. Suddenly five more fireworks of cum exploded from the rest of us all over Roxanne's face, hair, nose, and lips. On its way out of our dicks our cum was liberally mixed with the shit that covered our dicks and our flying hands, and by the time our cum landed on her face it was a rich brown color. As we exploded, and while she was still impaled by the two guy's dicks front and back, Roxanne suddenly arched upward and yelled loudly as she too had orgasm after rippling orgasm, with pussy juice streaming down onto the carpet in heavy raindrops from her heaving cunt.

Spent, we all collapsed into a pile on each other. We all lay there in silence, just getting our breath back and inhaling the heavy intoxicating sex and body waste odors that filled the room. Soon the other guys one by one got up, went to the bathroom and began toweling off. I stayed on the floor next to Roxanne and wrapped my legs and arms around her in a tight embrace. We looked deeply into each other's eyes as we pressed our lips close together and intertwined our tongues. I could smell and taste deeply the flavors of cum, shit, and piss that wafted from deep inside her mouth to deep inside my mouth, and I inhaled them deeply while at the same time swallowing as much as I could of the cum-shit-piss- dickcheese flavored saliva that poured from her mouth as we kneaded each other's tongues with our own tongues. My beloved Roxanne was at that moment a totally depraved, degraded, stinking, piss-covered, shit-covered, cum- covered stinking mess -- and I felt closer to her at that moment than I had ever felt in my life. As we embraced we felt as if we were melting into one another.

Finally, the other seven guys got dressed and left. Before they left, Roxanne managed to pull her mouth away from mine long enough to tell them how much she enjoyed their company and how much she hoped we would all do this again, soon. I added my enthusiastic agreement. They all agreed it had been an excellent evening and promised to come back as a group the following weekend. I think we are all going to become good friends who will be seeing each other for a long time to come. After they finally left, Roxanne and I fell into a deep sleep in each other's arms.

We had to throw away the rug, except for a small square that Roxanne cut out and framed in the room for a reminder. The next day we bought a dozen more cheap disposable rugs in anticipation of future parties with our new friends. Roxanne and I are unbelievably excited about this new side of ourselves that we have discovered. Since last Friday there's not a night that has passed that we haven't eagerly devoured each other's shit and piss. And I didn't go out this past Tuesday -- I spent it with Roxanne since now I can't bear the thought of even a day going by without partaking of her wonderful nourishing brown and yellow sustenance. We can hardly wait for this weekend to come. We have so many new things to teach the guys....