Rules Get Broken by Calloway

Rules Get Broken

I was in my room reading when I heard my roommate Catherine come in early from her date. The deeper voice laughing with her signaled to me she wasn't alone. I heard the music go on and the fridge door swing open, then laughter and chatter coming from the living room, and I returned to my book. After a while I noticed that things had gotten quieter and the silence attracted my attention. Our rooms were right next to each other, and I'd had to endure listening to her fuck more than once. She got a fair amount of attention, and from the sounds of things, enjoyed it. She was loud and tireless, and though sometimes the performances were awe-inspiring, a marathon session right beside my head when I have to wake up for work the next morning could be frustrating. Particularly when I wasn't getting any.

Cathy was also a babe, tall and slender with narrow hips and bee-sting breasts, but so far I had kept my feelings for her a secret. I had made a "no room-mates" rule for myself a while ago, and was currently enjoying a short self-imposed sabbatical from sex. She'd only been living with me for 3 months, and since I was into my fourth month of celibacy, she hadn't yet seen me with company over. I've been bi since high school, but the topic had never come up between us. And since it wasn't any of her business, I never offered.

It became obvious what I was in for when I heard her bedroom door open and the light flick on. "Well, this is it, the inner sanctum," I heard her say, "What do you think?"

I didn't catch the reply. I heard the sound of one boot hitting the floor, then the other. I tried not to listen as the rest of their clothing went flying, till the unmistakable creak of her bedsprings caused me to put my book aside and sigh. "Here we go again," I thought, and knew there'd be no point in trying to concentrate any longer.

It was relatively quiet for awhile, just the odd creak of the springs, a low moan or a giggle. Eventually the sounds of sex grew louder, and I noticed a faint dampness between my legs as I imagined what was happening behind the wall. The cooings of my roommate were turning me on and I threw aside the blanket and began to caress my body the way I imagined she was being touched. I ran my fingers softly across the expanse of my own breasts and tweaked at the nipples, making them hard. My hand traveled lower down my body till it reached my dampening centre. The initial contact with my clit caused me to jump slightly. As I listened to her moaning, I closed my eyes and thought of her body, and what I might do to it to bring forth those same sounds. I was getting hot as I listened to them and decided to bring myself off. I reached across to my night-table, pulled open the drawer and drew out the vibrator I kept there for occasions such as this.

I switched it on, and the low hum of it filled the silence of the room. I ran it across my breasts and teased it against my nipples. I brought it up to my mouth and kissed it gently, then dipped it into my mouth, wrapping my lips around the shaft and down my throat. Moist now, I brought it down to my pussy, and with one hand, pulled my lips apart. I pushed a pillow under my buttocks and bent my knees to give me better access. I ran the vibrator up and down my slit, brushing it across my clit and back down to my dilating hole. "Oh yeah, lick it. Lick my clit" I heard her moan through the wall, and it was I who was doing the licking. "Gently now," she warned her partner, and I lessened the pressure of the vibrator on my own clitoris. "Fuck me," she commanded, and in my mind I was fucking her.

I dicked the vibrator in and out of myself to the rhythm of my roommate's moans. I thrust faster and deeper as they did until I heard the unmistakable grunt of a man climaxing, and a cry of frustration burst from her throat. He must have come just moments too soon, and though I heard her beg him not to stop, stop he must have. I hadn't come yet either, and I was delighted to hear her say, "Fuck it, I'll do it myself. You just watch and learn."

It didn't take long for her moans to erupt again, and I was getting closer to the brink as I listened to her masturbate, stroking my own clit in my turn. I could sense her orgasm closing in on both of us, and felt her pace growing frantic as I tried to keep up. I heard her come, and came with her. I let my orgasm wash over me as hers did, and though separated by a sheet of drywall, it was as if we wound down together.

Fifteen minutes later I heard her door open and their voices pass my room on their way to the front door. I took the opportunity to dash down the hall to the bathroom to splash my face and have a quick pee. When I got back to my own room, I was shocked to find her standing beside my bed, completely naked and holding my still sticky vibrator in her hand.

She turned to me slowly as I walked in. "Just like a man to leave you wanting more eh?," she said. "10 to 1 this didn't do the trick either." I looked at the hand that was holding my vibrator, still glistening from my sap, and blushed. "You're blushing," she said, " That's so cute. Well, if it helps, mine's a little longer than this one, but yours is much thicker. I like the variable speed settings though, mine's just got fast, slow and off," She revved it and giggled as she brought it up to her nose and ran it underneath, sniffing at the musk. "Tangy," she said, flicking her tongue out to taste what she smelt. "Mm, and thick. Oh come now, don't look so surprised," she scolded. "What, I'm a moron all of a sudden? I don't notice when a woman's warm for my form? I can hear you as easily as you can hear me, you know."

"It's O.K. Ellen, I like you too," she murmured as she walked over to me. Taking my face in her hands, she leaned over and kissed me full on the lips. Softly at first, her full lips pressed gently against mine. She kissed my lips again, then my cheek, the tip of my nose, and back to my lips. "It's OK Ellen," she whispered again, this time into my neck as she moved her body in against me. I could feel the firmness of her breasts press up against my own as she gently brushed her body across mine. I guess she mistook my surprise for trepidation. I'm no stranger to the touch of a woman, but if that's what she thought, I was willing to play along.

"I wouldn't mind washing Steve off first though. Care to join me?" she asked as she grabbed my hand and led me to the shower. In the washroom she turned to me again, standing there in the flannel robe I had thrown on. "This has got to go." she said decisively. I just smiled and lifted my arms above my head, letting her pull it up and off. Then we were standing face to face, completely naked.

Her eyes roamed my full hips and voluptuous breasts with their dark pink buds. The cold air on my bare skin and the growing sexual charge in the room brought my nipples to attention again. It was the same with her smaller, tighter breasts, her nipples like crimson berries against the milk-white B-cups. She was taller than me, and slim. I could see her pussy lips still puffy below her tiny well-groomed bush. The sight of a freshly fucked pussy right before my eyes, and mouth, brought a new flood of moisture to my already juicy nether regions.

We came together and dissolved into each other's arms, hands roaming across our bodies. We kissed, long and deep, our tongues wrapping around each others. She rubbed her breasts against mine, and I felt myself gasp. Her hand reached around my back and down to my ass, which she squeezed, letting a finger play along the crack and down to my perineum. One of my hands was running from the outside of her thigh to where our breasts squeezed together, and I stroked the flesh where they met.

Finally we broke apart. "Shower time," she giggled, "I'll wash your back if you wash mine."

Together we stepped into the stream of water, the steam circling around us. Looking me straight in the eye, she picked up the bar of soap and started lathering herself. Her soapy hands traveled across her breasts, coating them with suds. Her fingers picked at her nipples, making them stand even firmer. Her lips parted as she pressed them together, slippery with the suds she'd created. Never taking her eyes from mine, she soaped her belly, then down her thighs. As the water beat down on her back, her hand crept between her legs. I watched as she spread her full lips apart exposing her swollen clit to me. Slowly she rubbed a finger across it, down her labia, gently poking at her open hole.

Clean now, she traded places and moved in on me. She started soaping my body with both hands, concentrating first on my breasts. The slippery feeling of the soap brought a different sensation than just flesh on flesh and my lips opened in a quiet sigh. She washed my neck and my belly, bending down to stroke up and down my legs and thighs. She leaned in to where my legs met, inhaling deeply at the perfume that still hung there despite the shower. She lapped at my slit but had to pull back from the water that coursed into her mouth. She coughed as she said, "That's enough for me. Showers are great for kissing and rubbing, but a person could drown trying to give a little head. All done?" she asked, and I nodded. She was in the lead and I was happy to follow.

She turned off the water and led me out of the tub onto the cool tiled floor. She picked a towel off the rack and dried me off, gently patting me with the soft cotton. A mischievous look cast over her face and she gestured to the straight-backed chair we kept there in the bathroom. "Have a seat, sweet-cakes, I have something to show you," she said.

I sat down and Cathy lowered herself on top of me, straddling my hips with her long legs. Our skin was still damp from the shower and clung together where it touched. She leaned down and we started kissing passionately. My hands went around her and pulled her towards me. Our breasts brushed together, and she reached down to grasp one of hers, rubbing the nipple across my own. Like twin bullets, our rigid nubs rasped across and around each other. We kissed like that for a few minutes until Cathy finally climbed off to take control of my body.

I sat in the chair in the middle of a steam-filled bathroom, thrilling at the ministrations of my lithe young roommate. She stooped over and licked at my neck. Her long damp hair cascaded around my face, tickling me where it touched. I cupped her firmly jutting breasts in my hands as her tongue traveled down my collarbone to where my own tits hung waiting for her touch. With her tongue, she circled the perimeter of one and then the other, spiraling in till she reached the centre where my nipples stood hard and swollen. Her lips closed on one of them, sucking it into her mouth. She nibbled it gently as her tongue laved around it, drawing it deeper into her mouth. I moaned with pleasure and desire as she moved across to the other, squeezing gently with her fingers the one she had just released from her mouth. The pressure of her tongue and hands on my breasts was filling me with desire, but I needed her to direct her attentions elsewhere. "Eat me," I moaned, "Lick my clit. Please. It's aching for you."

"All in due time, my dear," she replied, "I want to taste all of you." And with that she gave my engorged nipples one last tweak, threw a towel on the floor, and knelt down at my feet.

She took hold of one of my legs and lifted it off the ground to her mouth. She tickled the instep of my foot with her tongue, then sucked a toe into her mouth. Still holding my foot, she brought it in between her own legs, running it up her slit. I could feel the wetness there, and it caused an extra gush of moisture to run down my thighs. I was soaked with desire at this point and ached for her tongue on my clit. She let go of my leg and ran her tongue up one calf, then the other. Still kneeling, she licked up the insides of my thighs, stopping where they met to breathe deeply of my scent. She continued to tease me for a while, then finally settled in on the centre of my desire.

I shifted my buttocks on the chair until my sex was completely exposed to her. Slowly, she licked my slit from bottom to top, stopping to flick at my swollen button. She prodded at my hole with her tongue and my hips thrust forward off the chair to meet her jabs. I could feel one of her fingers flicking at the very base of my vagina, her nail scraping from one orifice to the other. Softly she dipped a finger in the entrance to my seething tunnel, then in one steady motion thrust it inside to the knuckle. At the same moment her mouth wrapped around my clit and she sucked it hard as she explored my depths with the tip of her finger. My hips bucked violently as I was overcome, sensing my orgasm welling up from deep within. She curved her finger to stimulate my G-spot and the combined energy of her sucking lips and flicking tongue coaxed my orgasm up and through me, peaking at last when she thrust a second, and then a third finger into my dripping tunnel. I rammed my hips into her face, trying to somehow bury her even further inside me. The chair scraped erratically across the floor as my whole being shook with the force of the orgasm that overtook me. She kept up a steady pressure on my clit as waves of ecstasy washed over me, eventually lightening her touch as she felt them subside. I shuddered one last time and collapsed against the back of the chair, arms splayed at my sides. She kissed my sex delicately and lifted her shining face from between my thighs.

"Did you like that?," she cooed to me, "Did you like to have a woman make you come with her mouth?" "I always like that," I murmured back, "But now it's my turn to make you come." I reached out to take the hand that had been inside me, sucking the sticky fingers into my mouth as I pulled her up off the bathroom floor. I led her down the hall to my bedroom and laid her on her back on top of the bed. Grabbing a pillow, I pushed it underneath her hips and told her to lift her knees and spread her legs.

Her lips were already spread and dripping moisture as I played a finger along her folds. I took hold of one of my breasts and ran the hard nipple up her gaping furrow. Her back arched as the hardness touched her pulsating clit and I flicked it rapidly over and around her dark pink button. She jumped at this new sensation, different from any tongue or finger. I brought the breast down to her burrow, pushing the rigid nipple inside her. Her muscles clenched around the nub and I squeezed it in further. My breasts are large, more than ample enough to be able to lick by myself without straining, and as I dove-fucked her, I sucked her engorged clit into my mouth. I continued like this, filling her with as much of my breast as I could squeeze in while at the same time flicking my tongue across her clit. Her hips thrust at me with a steady rhythm, her ass coming up off the bed with each lunge. I looked up to watch her face and saw both her hands on her own breasts, her tongue straining to reach where her nipples jutted into the air. Her breasts were too small for her long neck to reach, so she mashed them together, fingers plucking at the tips. Her mouth lolled open as she moaned loudly for me to suck her harder. I took the clit between my teeth and closed my mouth around the flesh. Holding her like that I flicked my tongue across the tip, all the while prodding her pussy with my breast. I curved a finger underneath and circled her anus, probing at the tight muscle. That was enough to send her over the edge and she shouted, "I'm coming, yes, don't stop. I'm coming." Her whole body heaved as she came, her muscles clamping around the soft flesh inside her. I kept sucking her as she came, shaking with each new ripple that coursed through her body. Her sighs died down and I eased my breast from her quivering snatch.

"Hey," she said when she had finally caught her breath, "You've done this before." I agreed that I had as I clambered back up her body. I kissed her lips and kept going till the sodden breast was directly above her mouth. She licked her own sap off the flesh and latched onto the nipple as I spun around to take one of hers into my mouth. Greedily I chewed and sucked at her small jutting bosom while she tended to mine. My hand ran down between her legs and I sunk my finger in the slippery nook where my breast had just been. She followed my example and reached up between my legs where my hips thrust into the air and stroked at my steaming slit. We masturbated each other, mouths slurping at each other's breasts as our fingers circled their targets. She came again, reviving the waves of her last gut wrenching climax

Finally I let go of my liplock on her breast and moved down her body, easing my vagina onto her face. She prodded my hole with her tongue as I lapped at the juices that ran between her legs. I found her clit again and sucked ravenously on it as I used both my hands to spread her lips apart. I ground my pussy into her face as she flexed her tongue inside me and rubbed my clit with the flat of her thumb. I moaned into her pussy as another orgasm washed over me. Her pelvis mashed into my face while she bucked with the throes of her third. We twitched together as we wound down, our bodies mere tangles of sweaty trembling flesh

Finally we were spent, our bodies still thrumming from the orgasms we'd shared. We fell asleep with her head on my chest and my face in her hair. It seems I'd broken my no roommates rule, and I smiled as I looked forward to morning when I could break it again.