When Harry Met Sally by Joe Boone and Sally

When Harry Met Sally

My hands were wrapped in her long blonde hair. My rock hard cock was rhythmically pounding into her as I knelt behind her. Her moans filled the room. Slowly I ran one hand down her back, sliding it around her waist up to her pendulous breasts with those hard, long protruding nipples. As my fingers massaged her nipple, I released her hair and ran the other hand down between her legs to her wet slit. Her blood filled clit beckoning me from between those sweet blonde downy covered lips. As my fingers rubbed her clit, she grabbed the headboard, throwing her head back. Pushing back, meeting my thrust.

"Oh God yes," she said. "Fuck me. I've waited too long for this."

I could feel her inner muscles milking my rigid member. We were quickly approaching our peak. I heard her scream as I plunged deeply into her beautiful ass and released my load that had been building for months. Her cunt clamped down tightly on me as if wanting to keep me buried inside her forever.

She slid down onto her stomach with me lying prone on top of her. She turned her face to me, and our lips met. I rolled off as my softening member slipped from her, leaving a wet trail as it slid across her thigh. Our faces almost touching, I looked into those beautiful searching eyes.

"God, you are beautiful," I whispered as my eyes slowly closed and smilingly I slipped into a dreamy mist.

"Excuse me sir," a voice said.

I slowly opened my eyes. Instead of Sally, I was looking up into some other woman's face.

"We will be landing soon, sir," she said. "Please put your seat in the upright position and make sure your seat belt is fastened."

As I slowly came out of my stupor, I realized I had been dreaming. The roar of the jet engines brought me back to reality. I was on a plane. On a flight from the States to Gatwick Airport in London, hopefully to see the very woman I had just been dreaming about.

What was I doing here, I thought as I watched through the window as London slid by below. Had I completely lost it? I've just flown four thousand miles to meet a woman I didn't know. One I had only met through the Net. I'm sure if anyone knew, they would say I was definitely a candidate for one of those funny backward jackets.

I guess it all started about six months ago when I had received a reply from her, about some stories I had written and had posted on the Net. She too was a writer and thus I had at least one reason to keep in contact with her.

There were some nights I would sit in front of the computer till midnight or later exchanging e-mail with her. I think I was the one that kept pushing for the closeness in our newly found "cyber" relationship. There was also the fact that we were both married and neither of our partners knew about our writing erotic stories. Maybe that secrecy contributed to the fact that in my mind at least, we grew closer.

The honesty with which we discussed different things as well as our feelings, only added to it. Was this only infatuation? What were these feelings I felt? Did I coerce her into meeting me? Would she have said no if I hadn't been so insistent? For that matter would she even be there?

I was still asking myself these questions as I walked through the gate at the airport. Then I saw her. The long blonde hair framing that beautiful face I had admired so many times in the picture she had sent me. I stood there and watched as she tried to pick me out of the crowd. I had forgotten that she had no idea as to what I looked like. Walking up behind her, I tapped her on her shoulder. Her head slowly turned and her beautiful blue eyes locked with mine. All I could do was stand there like some idiot not saying a word. Not knowing what to say.

After what seemed an eternity I finally managed to stammer and stutter out that I was Harry.

"Hi Harry," she said, holding out her hand, "I'm Sally."

She leaned forward and gave me a peck on the cheek. Very reserved and British. Painfully proper. What I'd give to wrap her in my arms and kiss her the way I had thought of for these past months. But it wasn't to be.

We hailed a taxi and headed into London. I felt that maybe I should at least see some of the history of this city before my flight left later that night.

After walking around most of the day holding hands like two teenagers, we finally settled down at a favorite bar of Sally's called "Cheers". It was so relaxing, sitting there talking about anything and everything. I had forgotten all about the raging hard on I had when I first saw her. We were friends, just friends. Not the mysterious lovers, I had planned for us to be. We talked about everything with true abandon; I don't think I had ever felt so free with anyone before to tell about my feelings. By the looks on the faces of the other people sitting around us, our conversation about all the wild sexual feelings and fantasies we had discussed by E-mail and the things that we had written about in our stories was obviously getting a bit too raucous! We laughed and drank until we were completely out of breath. We didn't care if the stuffed shirts setting around us overheard our outrageous conversations or not.

Before we knew it, time had caught up to us. I had to get to the airport, and fast. We made our way outside and Sally hailed a taxi for me. Opening the door of the taxi I turned and looked at her. I had made this trip as a horny old man. Now I was leaving as a relaxed happy guy who had found a very special friend.

I drew her towards me and hugged her tightly. Not knowing what to say, we smiled into each other's eyes, then she released me and I got into the taxi. I wound down the window and tried to conjure up a few words to describe my feelings for her and this all too brief meeting. Sally also seemed to hesitate, then bit her lip, opened the door and climbed in with me.

"I've got nothing better to do" she said, a bit breathlessly, "Why don't I go with you to the airport."

She slid over next to me and wrapped her arm through mine, but her smile seemed a bit crooked. I sensed the mood had changed, but I wasn't sure why. Was she really as upset as I was about my departure? We rode in silence for a while, I couldn't think of anything suitably light to say at that point. Sally shivered, though it wasn't that cold and lay her head on my shoulder. Her scent was powerful and the proximity of her head made my heart pound madly. Suddenly, the old demon, lust, was back. My cock stiffened and I subtly adjusted my position to ease the pressure in my trousers. Could she see the bulge? Whether she'd seen it or not, she looked up at my eyes, searchingly. Her lips looked tender and suddenly the most inviting thing I had ever seen. Fuck friendship, I wanted her at that moment and brought my lips down upon hers and we kissed. It was no longer a kiss of friendship; it was a hot, wanting, needing and demanding kiss. To my surprise and pleasure her response was equally demanding. She brought her arms up round my neck and pulled me towards her. Our tongues entwined and did their dance inside each other's mouths.

My hand moved to her breast as if of its own accord. Her quick intake of breath urged me on. Kneading her breast, my mouth left hers and I showered her upturned face with kisses before moving down to her throat. My hands explored her breasts, her stomach and her legs. I was dimly aware that we were still in the back of a taxi and that probably the taxi driver (a small Indian guy) could probably see all this in his rearview mirror, but I no longer cared. All the pent-up lust that I had built up for this woman over the last year that I had tried to deny today was spilling out.

My hand slid up the inside of her pantyhose covered legs and in response her legs opened to allow me access. She was so wet that her crotch was soaked! I felt triumphant as I realized that I had found out that this hot little bitch was as aroused as I was and yet had somehow managed to hide it! Now undeterred by the pantyhose I simply ripped a hole in them allowing my hand access to her panties. Pulling the leg band of her panties to one side I covered her wet pussy with my hand. Deliberately, I moved my fingers up her wet gash until I found her stiff clitoris. As I rubbed it, she almost moaned, muffling the sound by burying her head in my neck.

At last I felt I had the upper hand. I had found out Sally's secret, that maybe she had tried to hide all day; she was just as turned on by me as I was by her. Married or not, when it came to her desires, she could not control herself as I could no longer control myself. Pushing her back from my shoulder I tore open her blouse, the buttons flying all over the back seat. She looked at me, her eyes were slightly unfocussed and she was panting, like a dog. I wrestled with her bra and managed to release her marvelous tits. Her nipples were huge and erect, there was no hiding her arousal now.

I don't know how I spoke, my mouth was dry and my throat felt constricted. I told her I wanted her breasts and that she should hold them up for me. I almost felt like we had become the puppets, caught in the strings of their own lust, from one of our stories. I glanced in the mirror and noticed that the taxi driver had indeed been observing us and now had as good a view of Sally's breasts as I did. Good. They were mine. Let the poor bastard suffer as he watched me stuff these delightful treats in my mouth......

Her hands clasped each of those beautiful breasts, and lifted them to my mouth. I slid to the floor of the taxi until I was kneeling between her legs, devouring those beauties. Running my hands under her ass, I grabbed the waistband of her pantyhose and panties and pulled them down her legs. In response she tugged them off her ankles and raised one leg up to the window separating us from the driver, her foot was almost in his ear. Then before me was her treasure; the blonde hair matted with her juice. The lips of her pussy opened like a flower in full bloom. I wasted no time, driving my face between her thighs. Clamping my mouth over her petals. Shoving my tongue as deeply as possible inside her. Her hips bucking up against my face. I pulled away for a moment, looked up and saw her grasping and squeezing her tits in response, her long, slender fingers pulled and twisted her nipples far harder than I would ever treat a woman. She begged me not to stop and returning my mouth to her pussy I felt a flood of juice in my mouth.

She must have cum at least once as she sort of slumped over against the door of the taxi. I wanted more of her, much more and I didn't care where I was or who was watching. I pulled and tugged at my trousers and finally let my cock free from its constraint. She smiled in a lecherous kind of way and reached out her hand and grasped it. I felt like an electric shock had run through me. Pulling me forward by my shaft, she engulfed it completely with her mouth in one swift motion. Never had I felt anything like this. The back of her throat was massaging the head of my cock and I was so worked up I shot glob after glob of cum down her throat. The greedy bitch sucked me dry until the nerves of my cock were screaming for release. She looked up at me, there were traces of my cum all round her mouth and chin. Had she managed to do that deliberately? With that lecherous look in her eye she resembled one of those unfeasible cum sluts I had seen photos of on the web. Her clothes were in total disarray, her breasts exposed and free, her skirt hiked up around her hips, her gorgeous pussy exposed. The scent of sex seemed to fill the taxi. Just looking at her made my cock, which had begun to get flaccid after my orgasm, stiffen again.

"Fuck me," she growled. "I need you in me NOW!"

She didn't need to ask, I wanted this more than anything else in the world.

At that moment the taxi driver spoke for the first time:

"Not here mate, too public - I'll get done by the law - give us fifty and I'll take you somewhere private."

I looked into Sally's eyes & she nodded consent.

"Do it," I said, "But for God's sake be fast......"

I returned to the seat and Sally stroked me gently as we raced through bleak, gray London suburbs. She made no attempt to cover herself and left her legs parted, her bare foot still up on the window. We kissed passionately as my hands roamed over her body.

The taxi pulled into the driveway of a moderately sized house. The taxi driver opened the door to a garage at the side of the house & drove us right in. It was cool and fairly dark. Sally turned on the seat and put her back against the taxi door, lifting her leg up on the back of the seat.

"Take me Harry," she challenged, "I'm all yours..."

I wasted no time, knelt up on the seat and pushed my cock in to her slippery wet pussy. It went in, right to the hilt, with no resistance. I thrust hard, letting the full length slip in and out. Every time I drove forward, her hand banged against the door window. I had managed a few thrusts when the driver opened the door Sally was propped against.

The driver leant in and said: "Not in the taxi mate......."

With no support for her back, Sally sort of slumped backwards out of the taxi until she was horizontal. Her head lolled back beside the driver's legs. Despite the presence of the driver and his request, I was finding it difficult to stop. He looked at me and grinned. His eyes had taken in Sally's gorgeous, semi-naked prone body and her heightened state of arousal. He watched as I drove in and out of her body. Not knowing what else to do I grinned back.

A silent message passed between us: "Here is a fucking gorgeous looking woman who is giving it out and appears to be up for anything, even allowing herself to be fucked by a stranger in front of a stranger........"

Suddenly Sally felt more like a stranger to me than this taxi driver. Who was she, this wanton slut who would give it out so freely? Was I the first guy to be screwing her behind her husband's back? Was the innocent act she had put on today, the loving wifey, really so innocent?

My grin broadened: "Yes, here she is, a slut, up for anything - I bet she'll even let you fuck her........"

His grin broadened too, his white teeth a dazzling contrast to his dark skin. I noticed that he had an unmistakable bulge between his legs. He noticed my eyes were on it. With a questioning look in his eye, he seemed to ask for my permission to proceed. I nodded, and with that nod I sealed all our fates. He slowly unzipped his fly and revealed his cock. I could not take my eyes from its brown skin, I had never seen a brown cock before. Bending slightly he rolled back his foreskin and brought the pink head to Sally's lips.

She opened her eyes, a bit surprised to see this tool looming over her face, but to my almost orgasmic pleasure she took it in to her mouth without hesitation, bringing up her hand behind the taxi driver's ass, pulling him nearer to allow her take more of his meat into her mouth.

Slowly at first, then faster and faster he moved in and out of her mouth. I could see her throat move as his cock thrust down it. Her other hand rolled his balls around. I heard him gasp and drive his cock into her and hold still. His cock pulsed each time he shot a load down her throat and his semen spilled from her lips.

He pulled back, sated pleasure written all over his grinning face.

"Come," he said, and for a moment I thought he wanted me to orgasm too. But he beckoned with his hand.

"Let's take the bitch upstairs and do her on my bed, it's more comfortable......"

He had called Sally a bitch. I should have been upset with him and yet I realized that he had merely put into words how I had started to feel about her since she had come on to me in the taxi. Sally said nothing and I grunted my approval. My stomach was filled with butterflies with the anticipation of what would happen next. This would be no quickie.

We almost dragged Sally up to the bedroom between us. She seemed a bit nervous now. I think the reality of the situation; that she was with two strangers, both of whom were crazed with lust and whose cum she had swallowed in the last half hour was hitting home.

"Harry," she said, looking up at me as we dragged her upstairs, "Maybe this isn't such a good idea right, now - your flight........"

But I didn't answer. Fuck the flight, I'd catch another tomorrow. She was trying to appeal to me as the good friend she had made earlier but she needn't have bothered. That Harry was gone, this one only wanted one thing, sex, sex and more sex and she was the going to provide it. The taxi driver smiled across at me, knowingly. I smiled back. It's alright mate, I thought, you'll get yours too........

Once upstairs in his bedroom, everything seemed to get crazy. The driver threw her to the bed quite violently. I stood there as if watching some kind of porno flick as he tore off the rest of her expensive clothes, ripping them in the process. She curled up as if to protect herself from invasion, but he pulled her legs apart, maneuvered himself between them to keep them that way and thrust his cock into her. As he thrust in and out of her in quick darting motions, I could see the veins in her neck stand out as she braced herself against his ruthless intrusion. She looked over his shoulder, pleadingly at me, but I stood there as if removed from it all. Our eye contact was broken as he grabbed a hand full of her golden hair and pulled her head back.

Again he grinned up at me.

"Tasty bird," he said. "Get round the front and feed her your dick."

With no will of my own I moved to her head. Sally was no longer a person for me, she was an object. I slapped her across the face with my cock and although she looked up at me pleadingly, I shoved my stiff member down her throat. Each time the taxi driver rammed into her, he caused more of my cock to be swallowed by her burning mouth.

The gorgeous sensations of my cock in her throat were all to short lived though.

The taxi driver was ordering me about again:

"Change places," he said, "I want to come in her mouth again."

I pulled out, ready to take her cunt again. As I got behind her, I heard him curse her saying, "Open your mouth bitch!"

That's when I lost all control. His base treatment of Sally was everything I secretly wanted to do to her. Ramming myself into her, I moistened my finger and pushed it all the way up her ass. She moaned in pain, but I was beyond all reasoning. As I thrust in and out of her, I let my cock slide completely out of her, held her crack apart then shoved it fully back up her tight asshole. She tried to scream but her mouth was full of cock. The pressure from her sphincter muscle was almost unbearable. Reaching up around her hips I started pistoning in and out of her. The sensation was unbelievable, I had always wanted to try anal sex and this little bitch was letting me go all the way.

The taxi driver had withdrawn from her mouth, I don't know whether it was because he'd cum or she could not give head as I fucked her ass. She lay her head on the bed, turning her face sideways as she did so. She was making little gasping noises as I rammed home each time and there were tears coursing down her cheeks. The anal fucking she was receiving was obviously painful to her, but somehow her pain made my pleasure all the more enjoyable.

The taxi driver was beside us now. He'd stripped completely and was now knelt on the bed beside Sally and held her buttocks further apart to allow me good access. He was still grinning like a monkey and his cock stuck out and rubbed against Sally's white thigh as I pounded her.

He reached between Sally's legs and I thought he was going to finger her or something, but he actually reached out and grabbed my balls and started to fondle and squeeze them.

I am not 'bi'. I don't fancy guys, never have and never will, but the sensation of his hand on my balls combined with the pressure on my cock gave me a real buzz. The next thing I knew he was between Sally's legs, slurping at her pussy as my balls brushed his face.

I'm ashamed to say that I wanted his tongue on my balls. I felt so depraved at that moment that I didn't care who or what he was. Mercifully he obliged. His cool tongue lathered my balls. The sensation was wonderful. I even withdrew from Sally's ass to give him better access. Sally curled up in a ball at the top of the bed, sobbing gently to herself as I lay back at the foot of the bed and let the guy go to work on me. Not only did he work on my balls until they felt like bursting but then he also swallowed my cock, which couldn't have tasted too pleasant since being in Sally's ass.

I think I was moaning at that point. The next thing I knew he had swiveled round and now his erect brown cock was bobbing in my face. As I said, I don't fancy men, but there was something beautiful about this cock and at that time I wanted to put it in my mouth (I can only tell you this, I can't explain it). So I sucked him, in fact I sucked him off. The bastard made me cum, and as shot my load into his mouth, the sensation must have made him peak and he came in my mouth. Thick globs hit the back of my throat and filled it with his vile tasting cum.

Then I came crashing off that sexual high. I rolled out from under him, gagging and spitting that shit from my mouth. The bastard was STILL grinning. Licking his stupid lips as if to take up every last trace of my cum. This was the bastard responsible for what I had done to Sally. Sally and I had developed a wonderful close relationship, unique, like no relationship I had ever been able to have with a woman before and this grinning bastard had irrevocably destroyed it..........

Then I hit him.

He flew back against the wall. Over and over I hit him. I hit him until he stopped moving, then I hit him more. I became aware that something was on my back. Clawing, screaming and hitting me. I realized it was Sally.

"Stop it you crazy bastard!" she screamed, "Stop it, STOP IT!"

I left the guy alone and threw her off me. She immediately ran past me and curled up against the body on the floor. She checked him, then looked up at me.

"You've killed him!" she screamed. "You've killed him!"

"So what," I yelled back at her, still furious. "The son of a bitch deserved it."

"He's my husband, you bastard!" she screamed, crying. "He's my husband..........."


So, as I sit here in handcuffs, my grim consolation is that I at last got this story off my chest. It's a good confession, it tells the whole story, but I doubt if it will stop me being charged with murder. Why me? I suppose I could blame Sally and her husband for what happened, but it wasn't them, it was my damned romantic mind and that uncontrollable demon, lust.

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