The Schoolgirl 2: Teacher's Pet by Screamer

The Schoolgirl 2: Teacher's Pet

Mr. Leon was an excellent teacher. At least he thought so. He always made sure his students got good grades and maintained high averages no matter how many countless hours of extra help he had to give them. His only flaw however, was his obsession for young girls. Don't confuse him with a pedophile, he loved girls that he considered were "of age" which was usually seventeen and over.

His obsession, he knew, would one day be the end of him. On more than one occasion he had snuck into the girls bathroom and masturbated while the girls peed in the stalls next to him. This was a great turn on to him, and it felt as though he couldn't stop. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get enough of draining his balls in such a forbidden place. On the fourth day of May, Mr. Leon was sitting at his desk looking at his eleventh grade English class. Actually, he was only looking at one girl in particular.

Her name was Kelly Jenson. She was a beautiful seventeen year old girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. Mr. Leon felt like melting every time he saw her. Today, he was staring at her exposed legs. The loose blue skirt she was wearing gave him a good view up to her mid-thigh. Her shoes were black, with small, thick heels. As his eyes moved up to her chest he saw that the opening of the shirt, around her neck, was hanging down as she wrote, giving him a chance to see her bra. For a moment she stopped writing and started nibbling on her pencil. Mr. Leon's cock grew hard as he watched her lips slide up and down the pencil.

When the bell rang, Mr. Leon called Kelly up to his desk. Kelly was very surprised by this, Mr. Leon never called her up before, she had always been a good student.

"Yes Mr. Leon?" Kelly asked shyly.

"Kelly, I called you up here because I noticed something with your grades."

"What is it Mr. Leon?"

Mr. Leon tried to concentrate on what he was going to say but it was very difficult to take his mind off Kelly's perfect body.

"Kelly I want to tell you that your grades have been slipping."

"But Mr. Leon! I've been a B student all year!"

"I know that, and I want you to continue to be a B student, or even an A. That's why I would like to give you some extra help."

"Extra help?" asked Kelly, sounding a little confused.

"Yes, when can you come after?" asked Mr. Leon as his cock tried to jump out of his pants.

"Well, you see Mr. Leon, I don't get out of work until seven and I start right after school."

"Look Kelly, which is more important, your grades or your job?"

"My grades but..."

"No buts. You need this help."

"How about this Mr. Leon. How about you come over my house at seven. That way, I can go to work and get extra help." Mr. Leon hated this idea. He didn't like it when parents were around.

"But Kelly, do you think it would be alright with your parents?"

"Oh don't worry about them, they both work. They won't be home until about eleven. They work together at the..." Mr. Leon cut her off, "Excellent. I'll be over tonight."

"Ok, but Mr. Leon, if you don't mind, what kind of grades am I getting right now?"

"I'm afraid C's and D's." When Kelly left the classroom, Mr. Leon looked down at his grade book and saw all the A's and B's next to Kelly's name.

Mr. Leon was at her house at seven sharp. Lucky for him, she was still wearing the same adorable outfit that she wore in school.

"C'mon in Mr. Leon."

"Thank you Kelly."

For the first half hour, Mr. Leon watched as Kelly wrote an essay about herself. He couldn't get over how cute she was. She was almost too perfect. He craved her, and more than anything he wanted to empty his balls into her body.

"Ok, I'm done," said Kelly as she handed her essay to Mr. Leon, "Do you want some coffee Mr. Leon?"

"Yes, thank you."

Kelly got up and headed for the kitchen. This gave Mr. Leon another chance to look at her. He pressed his hand down on his cock as he watched her buttcheeks wiggle under her skirt.

After another hour of tutoring, Kelly finally said, "Mr. Leon, how much longer are we going to be here?"

"Until you understand what you're doing."

"But Mr. Leon, I do understand, and besides, I really gotta go."

"Where?" asked Mr. Leon without thinking.

"You know, the pottie."

"Oh, I'm sorry, go right ahead."

Half a second later Kelly was sitting on the toilet. She slowly leaned backwards, against the back of the toilet and spread her legs. She knew this was going to feel so good. With her right hand, she began fingering her cunt. Thoughts of Mr. Leon raced through her head and her heart beat faster. Sweat dripped down her forehead as she pushed her finger in deeper. Next the thought of Mr. Leon's bulging pants entered her head and she cried in pleasure.

That's when the fantasy became a reality. She opened her eyes and saw Mr. Leon watching her. She was about to get off the toilet but Mr. Leon held her down.

"Relax," he said softly, "May I ask what you were thinking about?"

But Kelly said nothing, she just pulled Mr. Leon's lips to hers and kissed him with absolute abandon. Mr. Leon slid his hand up her skirt and felt her wet pussy dripping into the toilet below her. His other hand cupped her left breast. Kelly pulled his body closer to hers and began undoing his belt buckle. In no time Mr. Leon's six inch cock was in the open air. It's head was slightly purple and the shaft was throbbing and veiny. Kelly could tell Mr. Leon needed to be relieved.

"Pee for me Kelly," said Mr. Leon as he started rubbing her cunt lips.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, please, I love it when girls pee."

Kelly pushed and let out a stream of warm urine all over Mr. Leon's hand. His left hand let go of her breast and began stroking his cock. Kelly finished peeing and Mr. Leon picked her up off the toilet as small drops of urine fell to the floor. After pulling her panties off her ankles he removed her shoes and put her down on the tile. He raised her skirt and was finally able to see her hungry cunt. Mr. Leon could wait no longer, he pulled his pants down to his knees and moved towards Kelly body. She spread her legs to give him the best access he could get, but instead he started kissing her again.

"Please, just put it in me...please..." said Kelly as she grabbed Mr. Leon's ass and pulled him closer.

Mr. Leon felt his rock hard cock slide into her tight pussy and thought the pleasure was going to kill him. Deeper and deeper he went into Kelly's body. When he could go no deeper he pulled back and thrust forward. Kelly's fingers dug into his ass crack as he rammed her cunt with all his might. Mr. Leon's hands tightened around her hips as he picked her lower body off the floor slightly so he could ram her even deeper.

"Oooh dear God..." moaned Kelly as her cunt stretched.

"No, not fucking yet!" yelled Mr. Leon as he pulled out of her cunt.

"No! Don't stop! Please don't stop!" yelled Kelly as she grabbed onto him.

"Roll over," commanded Mr. Leon.

Kelly rolled over onto her stomach and once again Mr. Leon raised her skirt, this time exposing her plump ass. Pre-cum was already dripping out of Mr. Leon's cock as he used both his hands to spread her butt cheeks.

Kelly knew what was coming next as her ass was spread. She took a deep breath and waited.

With all his might, and no sign of gentleness, Mr. Leon thrust his cock into her asshole. The pre-cum helped him into Kelly's unbelievably tight hole and his strength got him in the rest of the way. With his knees between Kelly's legs, and his hands and arms holding up, push-up style, he lowered he thrust himself into her. He couldn't believe how great her ass was. It was tight, but not too tight, and felt amazing.

Kelly extended her arms and put her hands on the floor to keep from sliding as Mr. Leon rammed her ass. The thick cock made her feel like she was going to split in two, but nonetheless, it felt incredible.

"Oh God, oh God," said Mr. Leon as pleasure rippled through him, "Oh my God your ass is so...great..."

Mr. Leon could her Kelly moaning with both pain and pleasure. "Keep moaning, go ahead, shit, fart, do whatever you want!"

Kelly lifted her ass up and winced in pain as Mr. Leon's cock went deeper than ever.

"Oh yes!" yelled Mr. Leon. "Pee again for me!"

Kelly obeyed and Mr. Leon felt the urine hit his legs as he continued to hump her ass.

"Oh...shit...gonna...cum!" yelled Mr. Leon right before his cock spat out sticky cum into her ass. His knees splashed in her urine as he humped and humped until his balls were empty.

When he was done, he let go and his chest fell down onto Kelly's back. He noticed that Kelly was smiling, she too must have had an incredible orgasm he figured.

With his cock still in her butt, and his knees in her urine and started to kiss her. It was an incredibly intimate and passionate kiss that both enjoyed.

Slowly, Mr. Leon slid his cock out of her butt and stood.

"Well Miss Jenson, I must say that was incredible."

"Thank you Mr. Leon...what kind of grades am I getting now?"

"The same you've always been getting," said Mr. Leon.

"A's and B's?" asked Kelly.

"Oh yes. But I'd love to give you a little extra credit...."

Note: This is a work of fiction. I do not advocate sex between teachers and students. If you have any other questions, comments, or suggestions, please send them to