School's Out by Les

School's Out

"All in the showers now. Hurry up!" the P E teacher shooed the students into the changing room. I pulled my best mate Tom to the side and let the other boys go in. "Come on, now's our chance." Checking the coast was clear we made their way to the storeroom. Feeling for the key at the top of the door frame we quietly entered. Closing the door I locked it behind us.

Going to the side wall, I moved the coats from the hooks. There were two holes neatly drilled in the wall. It was where the old pipes used to be for the showers. Crouching down we were rewarded with the sight of the girls' changing rooms. I had found this place by accident. I was doing a detention and had to give the caretaker a hand stacking tables in the store room the plumbers were in replacing the pipe work for the new showers. When we left we had not filled the holes up. I had heard voices and went to the hole and saw a group of girls having a shower.

This was the first chance, I had to take Tom to witness the sight. "Here they come." We pressed their eye to the holes and saw eight girls enter the shower stalls. We were all about fifteen years old. I felt my prick grow at the sight of the girls as we turned on the water. Rachel was the one I fancied. I tried to buck up courage to ask her out but each time I tried I got tongue-tied. Seeing her in the nude made my prick stand up solid. She had her back to me but I could see as she washed, a glimpse of her breasts. She turned and I was rewarded with the full frontal view.

Her breasts were full, at least a 36" with large nipples, her hips had taken the shape of a woman. Her pussy was bald. She shaved her lips clean of any hair. "Wow," Tom muttered, "look at Rose." I looked and saw Rose washing her fanny. It was covered with soap and her hand was moving slowly back and forth in a regular rhythm. Tom had his prick in his hand and was moving it slowly to the same beat as Rose. I stared at Tom's prick. It was long and thick like my own. I had never seen anyone masturbate before. I felt my own prick start to throb. Unsure, I hesitated and seeing Tom getting more aroused as I looked into the shower room oblivious of me at that moment. I pulled my prick out and rubbed it faster. Looking in I saw Rose with her back to the others still playing with herself. Rachel was drying off and as she bent down to dry her legs I saw her pussy lips and tiny ass hole, it was as smooth as the day she was born.

Still jerking off, Tom looked at me rubbing myself. He was spellbound by the sight. Looking down at his own he compared it. He had been circumcised when he was young. I still had mine. As I rubbed it covered the glans and stimulated me. I looked up and seeing Tom watching took me to the edge. Shooting my wad I spurted three really hard shots. Two hit Tom one on his hand that held his prick, the other on the tip of his prick. Still rubbing he felt his sperm mix with his pre-cum, it felt so smooth. Moving faster he whipped the sperm into a froth which covered his prick. Sliding his hand down once more he felt his sperm rising and he came. The wall was splattered with cum.

"WHAT HAVE WE HERE?" a voice boomed out. It was the caretaker, looking at the scene in front of him. Two boys holding their pricks both having cum. Seeing the two holes he went to one and saw the girls finishing dressing in the changing rooms. "You have a choice, take my punishment or the headmaster's," the caretaker said. We knew the head was cane happy. So we said we would take his.

"Meet me here tomorrow morning at 7 am and don't be late. And don't tell anyone about this or else!" The boys ran out of the room and as it had been the last lesson, ran for the gate. A bunch of girls had gathered at the gate talking while waiting for their bus. Rachel and Rose was amongst us. We glanced at the girls as they passed. The girls smiled and said, "Bye boys."

Getting home I told my mom I had to go to school early for training. Laying in bed that night I wondered what the punishment would be. The caretaker was liked by a lot of kids at school. Especial the girls' hockey team. We all thought he was great. Drifting to sleep I dreamt of Rachel. She had smiled at me today. It was the first time she had acknowledged I existed -- was there a chance? My dream was broken by the alarm. Getting dressed I bolted a cup of coffee and toast and ran to Tom house. It was 6:45, we ran to school. It was Saturday. The school was only open for sports, the hockey team had taken the morning for its training. No one else was allowed to use the school sports halls while the hockey team practised.

The caretaker met us at the gates. Locking us after he let us in. We went into the gym.

"Put the pommel horses over there. Put the small box over there. Let the ropes down. I'll be back in a minute." We did as we were told and waited. We could hear voices in the background. "Sounds like the hockey teams here," Tom said. I nodded.

The caretaker arrived carrying several team bands. "Tie these on to each handle of the pommel horses. He laid a roll of ribbon and a ball of string on the stage as we tied the bands on. The huge curtains that covered the windows were drawn. The gym had gone dim. "In here you two," he barked pointing to the mens changing rooms," and don't move till your called."

We heard laughter and giggling coming from the gym. Then silence. The caretaker came in holding two blindfolds. "Put these on tight and don't take them off for any reason," he said. We did as we were told. The door opened and we could hear people moving around us. Suddenly we were gripped on each arm and escorted out of the changing rooms. What was going to happen to us. Who were these people? "Tie their hands to the horses and tie their feet to the legs," he barked. We were pushed around the gym and tied up like trussed chickens. "You boys have been found guilty of spying on MY girls. Wanking yourselves at the sight of MY girls in the shower. YOU must pay the penalty. PULL DOWN THEIR SHORTS." I felt hands pulling at my shorts. Who are these people? My shorts and pants were lowered to my ankles. My ass was bare for all these people to see.

I heard mumbling in whispers, then, "YOU WILL EACH RECEIVE 6 STROKES."

I could hear someone move behind me. The gym was dead quiet not a sound was heard. Wack!!! I felt a jolt as a strap was laid across my bare ass. The pain took my breath away. Wack!! I thought I would be sick. The flesh on my ass was alive. Wack!! I screamed as the intense pain seared through me. Wack!! I struggled to free my self but the bands had bee tied tight. Wack!! I felt faint. My legs trembled. My ass was going numb Wack!! The final one. It felt as if I had been to the dentist, I didn't feel any pain. I could feel a trickle running down the back of my leg. I stood hunched over the pommel I could do nothing. I could hear Tom's strokes being administered.

A voice next to me said "HE'S GOT A HARD ON." I had. The pain I had received had given me a boner.

"This one too," a voice called out.

"Untie then and put them on the box," the commands were issued. "Right girls, I'll be back in one hour."

We were led to the box, stripped of all clothing. Laid on our backs and tied spread-eagled both sporting hard ons.

"Who's going to do it?" a voice spoke quietly.

"I will."

I knew that voice. Whose was it? I tried to remember. A hand suddenly took hold of my prick and started to rub. It felt so good. Wack!! Another hand had hit my backside and the pain shot through me. "Spy on us eh?" a voice yelled, "Got your jollies wanking over us did you?"

Wack!! The searing pain brought stars to my eyes.

"That's enough," the girl who had been rubbing my prick said. "It's time for fun girls." I felt hands all over my body. Pinching. Prodding. Someone cupped my balls and I felt a tongue lick my ball sac. A mouth sank over my prick and started to suck. My ass was killing me but that mouth was doing such good things to my prick. Swirling her tongue over the tip she sank down to the hairs on my belly. I could feel my prick going deep into her throat. She increased the speed and I felt a finger push something wet into my ass region. The finger prodded my hole and I felt it side in My prick was rampant now the finger increased the pressure and sank up the knuckle. Then two my mind was blowing a gasket. Suddenly the fingers came out and a long thin thing entered my ass. I felt my ass swelling to accommodate the object. It started to purr. It was a vibrator. It tingled and then was being moved in and out. My prick was boiling under the pressure of the mouth and I could feel my jism rising. I thrust upwards to get deeper into her mouth and shouted, "I'm CUMMING."

The vibrator was pushed in as far as it could go as I shot my load. I lay there limp prick and sore ass still wondering who was this group, were they all girls? It sounds like it. Who sucked my dick? I was left alone as they did the same to Tom. I still was trying to guess whose voice it was when my hands were untied and I was led around the room still blindfolded. I was laid on the floor and was tied spread-eagled again. Another mouth took my prick and made it firm. This one was inexperienced and I could feel her teeth grating on my prick. However I rose to the occasion as she carried on. I felt someone else near me. Suddenly a pair of legs straddled my head and I could smell a musky odour. My face was covered by a hairy pussy. Rubbing it all over my face the girl said, "Lick me you pervert. Stick your tongue deep into my cunt."

I lapped at her lips they were wet with her pussy juices. Her lips parted and I stabbed into her tight slit. Wack!! A glancing blow to my ass brought tears to my eyes. "Deeper you perv." I raised my head trying to get deeper but she screwed her pussy across my face and covered my nose and mouth and sat on it. I couldn't breath. I thrashed around trying to get her off but she resisted. I blacked out.

Coming to I heard Tom getting the same sort of treatment. My blindfold had slipped a fraction and I could just make out Tom's figure surrounded by four girls. He was tied to the climbing frames by his wrists. The girls had straps in their hands and were lashing his chest. He screamed out in pain. The girls laughed. And continued. Several girls came toward me I feigned to still be out for the count. Standing over me I recognised Rose. She was nude. Her bush was glistening she was turned on by the treatment she was giving us. She kicked me with a toe. "He's still out. Amy's fanny must have been strong." They all laughed. "He has got a nice prick though."

Bending down she took my prick in her hand and started to pull it gently. I felt My prick respond. Slowly it came to attention. Rose called, "Rach your fancy man's got the hots for you." Waving my prick at her, Rachel came over and said, "My what a nice one."

I felt her hot mouth descend onto my prick. Her tongue flicked and licked me all over. Her hands cupped my balls. I felt her roll them around in her fingers. She straddled me and I felt her hot pussy engulf me. She was tight and soaked with cum. My prick slid to the hilt and I could feel her vaginal walls gripping my prick. She moved slowly up and down. I glided in and out it was heaven. She lent over and kissed me on the lips. I could not let her know I was awake. I laid there scared to move even though I was building up the passion in my dick. She moved faster and her breathing became ragged. "Oh my god," she gasped, "this prick is making me come sooooo hard."

This was too much for me I thrust my hips up to meet her thrashing hips. Her juices flowed out of her quivering cunt." He's come round," a voice shouted. I felt her lips tighten on my prick. Drawing the spunk from my sperm filled balls.

"I'm Coming up your cunt," I yelled.

"YES. YES. SHOOT IT ALL UP INTO MY CUNT." She was lost in the mist of passion. As wave after wave of spunk shot from my prick. She shook for the last time and laid her head on my chest. Rising up she kissed me deep. Our tongues interlaced. She was not aware I knew who she was.

We lay like that for a while both coming down from a sexual high. She was holding me and kissing me with little dart like pecks. I was still inside her. But semi hard. She got up. As she did I noticed a trickle of our juices running down her leg. She scooped it in her hand and licked it clean with relish.

"Right girls time to stop." The caretaker had returned. Leading us to the changing rooms he took off the blindfolds.

"NOW GET OUT AND DON'T SAY A WORD." He took us to the gates and locked them behind us. We were both hurt from the strapping we got and it was awkward to move. We spoke about what had happened but I didn't say I saw Rose and Rachel. I got home and went to the bathroom. Mom was out. Strapping off I turned to look at my ass the straps had dug into my flesh and had broken the skin. I noticed the trail of blood that had dried on my leg. Running a cool bath I slowly sank down feeling the water sting. I just lay there thinking of a way of getting Rachel back.

Monday, sitting in the first class, I looked around. Some of the girls were staring at me. I heard whispering behind me, turning I saw Rachel sitting next to Rose. As I met their stare Rachel waved to me. She thought I hadn't recognised her in the gym. The teacher came in and started to give the lesson and I forgot about Rachel for the time being.

After school Rachel was waiting at the gates. As I passed her she called out, "Tony can I walk with you." I smiled and said, "Sure." All the time I had tried to talk to her but lacked the courage. And she talked to me. Walking by my side we talked about the day at school. She was trying to be very friendly. She made no reference to the gym.

I had an idea. Turning to Rachel I asked to come to my house. She said ok. But she had to go home and change first. We arranged for her to come at 6pm.

I ran the rest of the way home. Called Tom and told him to come over and bring some things. I read a list to him of things we might need. I found out mom was going out at 7pm. I went to the basement. It was never used except for storage. There was a long table in the corner. I drag it out into the centre. Looking into boxes I took anything that might be useful

Tom came and we hid him in the basement. It was nearly six. A knock on the door announced her arrival. She was dressed in a halter-top and shorts. I must admit she looked really sexy with her long hair cascading over one shoulder. We went into the kitchen and got a drink. She seemed so relaxed as we talked about school and her passion for hockey. She never made any reference to our humiliation in the gym.

Mom left and I suggested we went to the basement to get a magazine I remembered about hockey. She was walking into a trap. I walked down the stairs first. Picking up the magazine I placed it on the table. She moved towards it. Tom was hidden by a box. Springing out he placed a sack over her head and pulled it down. Trapping her arms in a tight grip. She never saw it coming. As she struggled in Toms grip I bent down and tied her ankles to the legs of the table. Leaning her back so she laid on it I took one wrist and tied it to the other leg. Pulling off the sack she was screaming to be freed. Her one hand left free on purpose. She was jerking on the table trying to free herself, to no avail. Tom took some tape and put it across her mouth. She pulled it off with her free hand. I stepped forward and struck her with the back of my hand.

"SHUT UP BITCH," I said. She whimpered but remained silent. Her body was stretched fully on the table, her breasts were heaving after her attempts to free herself. Her nipples stood up through the thin material. Her legs were spread open with her hips just on the end of the table. Tom had got a sharp pair of scissors and started to cut her top off. He started to cut at her belly button and slowly moved towards her chin. Her eyes bulged as he pulled her top away from her exposing her breasts. We had seen them in the showers but not this close. We each took a breast and playing with the nipples until they became hard. Reaching into the box of tricks we had gathered we took two pegs out. She realised what we were going to do and tried to squirm away but she was trapped. Pinching them once for lunch we placed one on each nipple. She gasped out in pain as the wood clamped on to her nipples. She begged us to release her. We ignored her pleas. Moving to her shorts we cut up each leg pulling the remains away from her youthful body her mini panties barely covered her fanny. Grasping them I ripped them away from her body. She was as naked as the day she was born.

We had done this in silence. Her face was ashen and pale. She was scared out of her wits. Tom was the first to speak. "So bitch. Did you have fun in the gym?" Pulling her head to one side he exposed his ass. It was covered with bruises where the straps had been applied. "We were told we had to do it to you," she whimpered."


Another stinging blow to her head stopped her in her tracks. I was feeling good. I had power over this helpless girl and I was enjoying it.

I moved to the end of the table and bent my head to take a close look at her pussy. It was open. The swollen lips that had parted showed the pink flesh inside. And exposed her tiny clit. A trickle of moisture oozed out of her cunt and had pooled on the table edge. Placing a finger into her fanny I felt the heat of her glory hole. Thrusting two fingers deep inside of her she squirmed at the harshness of my actions. Tom had taken two more pegs and tied a bit of string to each. Placing one on each of her cunt lips he pulled on the string until it stretched the lips painfully apart. He did the same with the other. Her cunt was exposed to the world.

Tom reached for a fly swat, placing it on her cunt. She knew what was coming.

Swat!! He brought it down on to her opened cunt.

She threw her body about trying to escape from the pain. It was no good.

Swat!! Another hard slap brought her tears.

"Pain is good for the soul," Tom said, giving anther swat.

She shook. Her body gyrating on the table. What was wrong?! I looked at her face. She was smiling. Now she was getting off with the pain.

"My god," I cried. Tom looked in disbelief.

She was saying, "More more please give me more."

Looking at her pussy we noticed her hole was opening and closing under the contractions of her orgasm. The whole of her pussy area was red from the fly swat. My prick was standing up in my pants. Glancing at Tom I noticed the same thing was happening to him I looked at Tom again. He nodded. We moved in unison. Pulling our tops off and then our jeans. Both of us had tents as our pricks bulged in our pants. Removing them Tom went to Rachel's head and pulling it towards him placed his prick deep into her throat. She gagged. Pushing again he rammed it deep. She clamped her lips around his throbbing member as it went in and out. She took the tempo and eagerly accepted her punishment. I stood between her legs and placed my prick on her moist entrance to her cunt. Placing my hands on her hips I pulled then towards me sinking my prick into her gaping hole. She shuddered as I rammed it to the top of her cunt. Her vaginal walls gripped my prick as I thrust as hard as I could. She was being raped and she was enjoying it. The thoughts running through my head made me step up the speed. I knew I was going to come soon. Tom let out a yell as he came pulling his prick out of her mouth and letting his spunk shoot over her face. Her eyes and hair was covered in spunk. She was trying to lick the sperm off the jerking penis. The sight of this brought me off. Ramming home once more I let her tight cunt receive my cum. Shot after shot bounced off the walls of her fanny. I lay across her tied body and rested.

She lay helpless covered in spunk. Her hips still twitching in the after throes of an orgasm this girl liked pain. I looked around the basement. On the desk in the corner was a quill. Taking it I went to her and traced the tip of the feather around her breast. She moved as it started to trace an outline around her nipple. She was relaxed. With her eyes closed. Taking the nib I stabbed it into the softness of her breast. She yelped as the nib pierced the skin. A small droplet of blood appeared. Continuing down her body tickling and stabbing at random I reached her pussy, looking at the sopping wet hole dribbling my cum. I took the tip of the feather and inserted it inside her. The softness of the feather tickled the walls of her cunt was making her squirm with pleasure. Pulling it out I traced it on her lips. They were swollen with being pegged. The blood was pressing against the nerves of her fanny lips making then so sensitive. She started to shake as the pleasure of the feather took her towards another orgasm.

Tom had stood and watched as I teased her with the feather. His prick had recovered and was stood up almost touching his belly. Bending down he removed one peg of her nipples taking it in his mouth he sucked hard and pulled it up. Stretching her tit to a conical shape. Releasing it it sprang back on to her chest. And he repeated this over and over again. Suddenly he bit the nipple hard. She screamed with pain. He moved and I saw a trickle of blood appear at the base of the nipple. He licked it up. He was turned on so much by this girl who enjoyed pain. He had never hurt a girl in his life before.

Tom went to her pussy and saw the cum still dripping down to her ass and forming a pool on the table. He reached down and released the lips from the confinement of the pegs they sprang back into shape guarding her cunt. Her clit was peaking out of her swollen lips he bent his head and licked it with his tongue. She shuddered at the soft caress of his tongue as it rasped the blood engorged digit. He licked the spunk that was dripping noticed the salty tang as it mixed with her juices. Darting his tongue deep inside if her. Her hips rose to meet his tongue. Lapping the full length of her pussy he probed her ass hole with the tip she let out a gasp as his tongue entered pushing through the sphincter and withdrawing several times. I had stood back and watched as Tom licked her out. Calling Tom over I suggested she should be untied. He agreed. We both released her. She lay there, bruised, sore, and humiliated. But she was happy. She explained to the boys she was used to this sort of treatment. Her father and mother had introduced her to pain as a child of six. Sex at the age of twelve. In fact her dad was the Caretaker. She was forced by them to get the other girls in the hockey team involved. She was also made to have sex with girls in the shower. Her dad used to watch through the same holes as the boys.

She explained to me she had liked me for a long time. But her dad had forbidden her to talk to boys. But after having sex with me in the gym she wanted to know me better. She looked at our pricks which were still very hard.

"It's a shame to waste them." She took us both in her hands and started to rub us off together. I placed my hand on her pussy. She grimaced. "Be gentle its so sore." I inserted a finger and rubbed her clit. Looking at Tom I saw her mouth open and she took his prick and licked the shaft. Moving to the bulbous head she engulfed it with her lips. He took a tit and rubbed the swollen nipple gently. She pulled on my prick as if to guide me and I felt it touch something soft. Looking down I saw she had put the tip of my prick against the head of Toms. It was a weird feeling, his pre-come mixed with mine. He looked at me. I smiled. He liked it too, she kept it up rubbing his shaft under mine, the feeling was mind blowing. Suddenly my prick was wet. Tom had spilled his wad. It shot out of his piss hole and plastered itself on my pubic hairs. I felt it hit my belly button. I was blown away with the feelings my own prick jerked. Tom bent down and took my prick into his mouth. His soft lips coaxed my sperm out into his mouth. He gulped as my spunk hit the back of his throat. This was the first time I had ever felt another man on my prick. It felt so good.

Rachel watched us both as we looked at each other. It had been the first for us both. She broke the silence. "Come on you two love birds, I need some attention." She laid back on the table voluntarily as we administered to her needs. Tom kissed her mouth tasting my come on his lips she sucked his lips to get more. "Let's go to my room." I said. "It's more comfortable." We walked through the house naked. It felt good. Laying on the bed the three of us looked at each other and laughed. We were even now. We started to notice our pricks had gone hard. Rachel took mine and placed it to her lips. Tom had sunk between her legs and was licking her out. "I want the both of you at once," she said. "Tom, lay on your back." She was taking charge now. She straddled Tom and placed his stiff prick into her awaiting pussy. She moved up and down and her juices started to ooze. Taking some on her fingers she rubbed it on her puckered ass hole. "Tony come behind me." I went and kneeled close to her she reached behind and took my prick guiding it towards the glistening hole. "Push gently," she said. I started to put gentle pressure. I felt the tip enter. I pulled out and pushed again. This time the sphincter muscle slipped over the tip of my prick I could feel her pushing back against me gently Tom was moving up and down and I felt his prick through the thin wall that separated her vagina from her bowel. Feeling her relax I pushed deeper into her until I was all in. Rachel murmured with pleasure feeling the two of us deep inside of her. Tom's speed had increased and the feel of his prick rubbing mine although in separate parts of her body was sending me in a whirl. Tom started to shake as his orgasm spewed out of him. Rachel moved so fast up and down his shaft I plunged in and out feeling her anal canal gripping me. I came so fast. Each time I pulled outwards her ass gripped my prick pulling the spunk out of me deep into her. We collapsed into a heap. She moved out the way and I fell on to Tom. Our pricks laid side by side, as our bellies squashed them to our bodies.

Tom looked at me. We both looked at Rachel. Neither of us moved. Liking the feeling of each other's bodies. I was the first to make a move. Reaching out I grasped Tom's prick in my hand. It started to grow. Rubbing slowly I looked at Rachel she was laid there watching, her hand on her pussy, rubbing. She was smiling to herself. Tom moaned as he reached for me. Taking my head in his hands he kissed me gently on the lips. My prick jerked. Feeling me respond he kissed me deeply. Feeling strange that I was liking the feel of Tom's kisses and his hand on my dick. I pulled away.

Rachel said, "Go to it boys enjoy yourselves I wont say anything."

Looking at his proud prick dancing in the air I said, "what the heck." Bending down I put my tongue on the tip of his prick. I could taste Rachel 's cum on it. Licking it I noticed his prick was dripping some pre-com. I took the whole of it in my mouth. It felt so good. Sucking it I felt his hips move in sync with my mouth.

Suddenly he pulled out. "Fuck my ass Tony. Ram your gorgeous prick deep into me." He turned on all fours and stuck his ass in the air. His puckered hole stood there waiting for the assault of my prick.

Rachel made my mind up. Spitting into her hand she rubbed my prick with her saliva. Putting some on Tom's hole she took my prick and held it at Tom's hole. I pressed into Tom. He groaned as I entered him. I hesitated. He pushed back on to my prick and I knew he wanted more. Pressing deeper I felt Rachel move between my legs on her back I felt me tongue lick my balls. I plunged deep and hard into Tom's virgin ass he groaned. As I held his hips and rammed into him Rachel slipped a finger up into my ass. It felt so good. She moved with us. As I rimmed him she pushed two fingers into my ass I was shaking with all the new feelings I was experiencing today. I could feel his body respond to every move I made.

I put my hand under him and felt his prick it was so hard. His balls were pulled up close to his body. His gripping ass was too much for me -- I shot blast after blast deep into his bowels. His body shook with the flooding of his bowels. He quickly pulled out and came behind me prick in hand. Without ceremony he pulled Rachel's fingers out and rammed his prick deep in one movement. It took my breath away. His raging hard on plunged deeper and deeper into my bowels.

My prick had not had a chance to get soft with his onslaught on my ass. Rachel had taken my prick into her mouth and was sucking me and fingering herself. Tom kept up a savage pace. Ripping into me I felt I was being torn apart. Never had I felt this good.

Tom shouted, "for Christ sake I'm coming." He rammed me once more and spurted deep into my ass. It burnt as I felt the hot liquid enter me. He shot so much into me it started to leak out the side. Rachel licked it up greedily.

I lay flat on the bed, Tom's cock still hard inside of me it felt so good. Rachel cuddled into us both as we lay fatigued. I could still feel Tom's hard prick twitch inside of me. I still wanted more of this prick. I pushed back on to him. He responded.

We lay there pushing against each other slowly this time savouring the delicious nerve tingling sensations of being loved. We picked the pace up.

Rachel said, "Hold on lads." And got up in front of me on all fours. I placed my prick into her cunt. She pulled it out and said, "I want it up the ass like you're getting." I obliged. I rammed it into her. Moving in unison we fucked like this for a long time. Speed was not essential. We were finding feelings that we never new we had. I came into Rachel. She was playing with her clit and came with me. Tom still thrusting into me as Rachel slumped to the bed. Tom reached under me and played with my balls. That did it for me. My ass gripped his dick so tight, as I came again, spraying the supine Rachel with a shower of sperm. His orgasm shook his body as he came. My ass had never been so alive feeling every tremor of his prick as it spewed deep inside me.

Who said revenge was sweet?

All my stories are fantasies.