Shotgunning by G-boy


Dorm life wasn't for me. Being an only child, I was not used to the noise and hustle and bustle, and the complete lack of privacy. My two roommates, Sean and Jimmy, were inconsiderate, loud, boisterous eighteen year olds. They came and went at all hours of the day and night, never seemed to study, and blared their awful music whenever the mood struck them. They may have been in college for the babes, booze and fun, but I was there to learn. My academic scholarship stipulated that I maintain at least a three point oh average, or I would be cut off. My mom certainly didn't have tuition money just laying around, and I desperately wanted to be a lawyer. It came as no surprise when the semester ended and both Sean and Jimmy were placed on academic probation. I, on the other hand, had accrued enough curriculum points to move to off campus dwellings. The apartment I rented was a two bedroom apartment, managed by a puffy, middle aged man, who spent a great deal of time lurking around my apartment. Through the college newspaper, I managed to get Brian.

Brian was a star football player for our college. He was six foot two, just slightly taller than my six feet, but he was much more muscular than I. His long blond hair and Nordic good looks hid a warm and friendly personality. I liked him immediately. He was the perfect roommate; clean, considerate, and studious. Although he had an athletic scholarship, and as a starting football player, enjoyed some latitude as far as his GPA was concerned, he also wanted to be more than just a football player. When he did go out, he always invited me to come along. I did only a few times, but didn't enjoy myself all that much. I did not have a steady girlfriend, and was extremely jealous of Brian. His steady girlfriend was Dianne, a four foot ten inch tall Asian American. Her long black hair hung to the small of her back, and her almond eyes peered out from a perfect moon face. Her slender body was capped with small, pert breasts, and her buttocks were slightly on the plump side. Brian said that came from sitting on her ass all the time. I loved the sound of her voice, a light musical tone, and her small teeth smiled at me constantly. I really liked Brian, but resented him for being able to have Dianne. The few times she spent the night, they were always considerate of my feelings, and kept themselves locked up in his room. Eric and Smacky, two football players, were also a frequent overnight guest, sleeping off a good drunk on our couch.

One Friday night, after midterms, we found ourselves with nothing to do, and very little money to do it with. Brian suggested that we get a case of beer. I looked at him and shrugged my shoulders.

"That's fine, but what do we do tomorrow?" I asked. "You and I can finish off a case in no time flat."

"No, we'll shotgun it. It'll get us fucked up, and last the whole weekend," he assured me. We pooled our money together, and he ran off to get the beer. I put the six pack that we already had into the freezer compartment, and waited for my roommate's return.

He returned, with two cases of beer. I raised an eyebrow at that, as I knew we'd only had enough for one case.

"I ran into Eric at the store. He spotted me the money, and he's coming over tomorrow. That all right?" he explained. I nodded my head yes. I liked Eric. Although he was a large African American, he was so friendly that I never felt intimidated by his size.

Brian put one case on the table, and tried to ram the other case into the small refrigerator. I helped him stack the beers up, then watched in amazement as he pulled a full pint of whiskey from his tight shorts. He laughed at my expression.

"Eric caused a commotion in the back of the store, and the clerk went to see what the problem was, so I helped myself to a pint. I would have gotten us a fifth, if I'd have had blue jeans on, but a pint was all I could fit in my shorts," he said.

We laughed at his daring, and toasted our luck with a slug of whiskey. Then we settled down to do some serious "shotguns". Brian sat on the couch and I took the recliner. He explained the procedure of "shotgun" as he prepared his can of beer.

First, he filled his mouth with a shot of whiskey. Taking a pocketknife from his pocket, he turned the can upside down and punched a hole in the bottom. He placed his mouth over the small hole, tilted his head back, and pulled the tab on the top of the can. The effect seemed to be immediate. The empty can fell from his hand, and he slumped into the couch. I repeated his actions. The beer and whiskey slammed into the pit of my stomach and light bulbs burst behind my eyes.

I awoke to a strange tugging sensation in my groin. Groggily, I looked down to see Brian's head bobbing up and down in my lap. As my senses became more attuned, I saw that Brian's shorts and shirt lay on the floor, and my own shorts were also on the floor. Brian's mouth tugged and tickled my penis and his hand worked furiously at the base of it. With his other hand, he masturbated himself. I was so shocked that I could not respond, and felt the eminence of my ejaculation mount. With a groan, I emptied my testicles into my roommate's mouth. He continued to suck and pump furiously at my penis, until the feeling was so intense that I had to push him away. He leaned against the couch and masturbated himself to an orgasm. I stared at him. His well muscled body was completely hairless, and his penis was at least seven inches long. He spurted semen onto his chest and belly, which he wiped up and then licked his own semen from his hand.

"I didn't know you were gay!" I gasped.

"I'm not. I'm bi-sexual," he said, once he caught his breath. "I like pussy. But, every now and then, I like a good hard dick, too. I've wanted to suck you off ever since I moved in with you, and you were laying there with a hard on sticking out of your shorts, so it just seemed like a good time."

This seemed to make sense to my still somewhat foggy mind. Dianne, his girlfriend, was the ultimate in feminism (in my eyes), and I had noticed that he was always finding some reason to be physical with me. I had just chalked it up to pure Jock-ism, but I now knew it was deeper than that.

He looked away from me, now somewhat embarrassed. As I mulled it over, I went to the freezer and grabbed two more beers. I made no move to retrieve my shorts; the cool air felt good on my genitals. I silently handed him a beer, and grabbed the pint of whiskey. I "shotgunned" my beer, and tried to hold on to consciousness. Blissfully, I failed.

When I awoke, Brian still sat on the floor, with his back against the couch. He was slumped over in a semi-daze. I felt my eyes travel down his muscular body to his hairless penis and scrotum. His penis was slightly erect, and I found myself staring at it. I looked down and noticed that my own penis was slightly erect, but growing. I felt a strange urge; to return the favor Brian had done for me a few moments earlier.

When I was twelve, I had a best friend, my cousin Matt. At his thirteenth birthday party, he, and I, and a few of his close friends had a sleepover party. We spent the night in his parent's pool house. His dad was my mom's brother, and his dad was the rich one of the family. We had a pack of cigarettes stolen from one kid's dad, and some magazines stolen from Matt's dad, and we sat around, smoking, looking at the pictures, and giggling. One pictorial showed this young woman paired with a man with the largest penis I've ever seen. It was so big that she could barely fit her mouth around the head of it, but in the very next picture, she had it safely buried in her vagina. Frank, a thirteen year old boy that lived down the street from Matt, sneered and said, "Mine's bigger than that," which brought forth howls of disbelief from all of us. He punched his eleven year old brother, Jack, and said, "Who's bigger, me or you?"

The conversation worked itself around to all of us lowering our trousers to expose ourselves to the scrutiny and mental measurements of each other. Then Frank showed us what he and Jack did at night. He lay on his back, and Jack and he assumed a sixty nine position. Matt and Bobby were so intrigued that they did likewise with each other. This left me to amuse myself by watching. Jack finished first, and rolled away from Frank. He, still unsatisfied, unceremoniously walked up to me and shoved his penis into my mouth. Within a matter of seconds, he ejaculated into my mouth. I surprised them all by cursing and spitting the foul mucus from my mouth.

Almost seven years later, I found my mouth filling with saliva at the thought of placing another's penis into my mouth, and sucking and stroking until I received that fluid. Silently, as to not disturb him overmuch, I crawled out of the recliner and scooted toward him. He grunted slightly as my hand encircled his penis, and it grew almost immediately. Without much preliminary, I knelt forward and stuffed as much of it as I could into my mouth. The effect was an instantaneous swelling, until I was choking on the length of it. I pulled my head back, and began to stroke it with my hand, pulling up as my head bobbed down. He revived and began to fondle my bare buttocks and my testicles and fully erect penis with both of his hands. His hip movements became frantic, so I intensified my mouth and hand movements. I felt his penis, already rock hard, get even harder in my hand, and as large as it was, it swelled, and then there was a hot, salty, gluey taste in my mouth and he groaned out loud. I was torn between whether to spit it out, or swallow it. I finally decided to swallow it, wanting to swallow it. His hands continued their delicious, deliberate exploring and fondling, and I continued to suck and stroke his penis, until it was hard again. He gently pushed me away from him and eased me onto my back. Lovingly, he took my penis, now swollen and jerking and throbbing with excitement, into his warm, wet mouth.

He sucked me gently for a few moments, then stopped and looked up at me.

"Let's do something different," he suggested. I sat up, somewhat on guard. Sucking another man's penis, and swallowing his seed, was "something different" to me.

"Like what?" I asked.

"Up the ass," he groaned. "Stick your dick up my ass."

I stiffened. Oral sex was one thing; I'd performed oral sex on girls, and had girls perform oral sex on me. Other than my experience when I was twelve, I'd never had another male, nor had I performed it on any male. But, in my wildest fantasies, I'd never thought of anal sex, either with women, and certainly not with men.

He noticed my hesitation, and again took my penis into his mouth. I could still taste his come in my mouth. The combination of alcohol, the sensation of his mouth, and the slow realization that not only had I performed oral sex on a man, but I had wanted to, finally gelled into a resolve to try this foreign experience.

"You want to get on your knees, or what?" I asked, stroking his hair. He pulled his mouth off of me and looked into my eyes. He smiled and quickly lay on his back. He gripped his arms around the backs of his calves, which put him into a fetal position, with his buttocks, and anus facing me. With a slight lurch in my stomach, I crawled on my knees toward him.

"I'm not too sure of how to do this," I confessed to him.

"Just let Nature take its course," he panted.

I almost laughed at that. I really do not think that Nature intended for men to satisfy their lustful urges with other men. I placed the head of my penis, wet with his spittle, at the opening of his rectum, and pushed forward slightly. He gasped, and then groaned as at least one full inch of my six inch erection slid easily in. I gasped and groaned also. His anal canal was tight and hot, tighter and hotter than any vagina I'd ever encountered. He wiggled his buttocks, and I thought I'd hurt him, so I pulled out of him.

"Stick it back in!" he almost screamed. I placed my penis at the quivering opening again, and again leaned forward. This time, although he gasped and groaned, I did not pull out. Slowly, almost teasingly, I worked my penis in, until my entire six inches lay firmly inside of him. He squeezed his buttock muscles and groaned in pleasure. I looked down and groaned in pleasure, too. The sight of his testicles resting against my belly, my penis tucked away inside of his buttocks, and his long, smooth shaft twitching with excitement, almost caused me to ejaculate right then and there.

I let Nature take its course. I pulled halfway out, then rammed it home again. He unclasped his legs and rested his calves on my shoulders. I took Brian like I would take any girl, and fucked him slow and steady, until the tight and hot friction soon proved to be too much for me. With a guttural scream, I poured my sperm into his ass. I pounded at him while I came, and shortly after my first torrent, his penis exploded and poured his white, sticky fluid onto his chest and belly. Without pulling out of him, I leaned forward and hungrily slurped his semen from his chest and belly. Finished and satiated, we slept on the floor for about an hour, nestled in each other's arms.

"I didn't know you were gay!" he teased, when we woke up.

"I'm not!" I protested, then made the declaration, the decision. "I'm bi-sexual."

We drank another beer each, then showered together, to remove the seminal residue from our sweaty bodies. My semen was dried and stuck to the insides of his thighs, so I lovingly soaped them and rinsed them. He lovingly soaped my testicles and penis, reawakening an erection in both of us. Again, we had anal sex, this time with him on his knees, and rinsed ourselves clean. We grabbed two more beers, and settled down in his bed to "shotgun" them, and to sleep. I awoke the next morning to find myself alone in his bed. I heard voices coming from the living room, and groggily rolled over to return to sleep. The next thing I knew, I was awakened to a delicious tugging and tickling in my groin, and a penis was being thrust in my face. I opened my mouth to accept Brian's penis, and thought to myself that it somehow felt bigger. Opening my eyes wide, I could see Brian's head in my lap, but he was masturbating his own penis. Looking up, I saw Eric's big, black face, and almost bit down in surprise. Eric smiled down at me and pulled his penis from my mouth. He leaned over and shoved his large tongue into my mouth. I almost gagged; I'd never thought of kissing another man, but here I was, with another man's tongue in my mouth.

"Let me suck him off," Eric demanded, as he pulled away from the kiss. Brian slowly rose from his position and, in answer, took Eric's large penis into his mouth. Eric bent over and lapped at my testicles, hard. So hard it almost hurt, then roughly took my penis fully into his mouth. Brian had his own penis in one hand, and Eric's penis in the other, leaving me with my mouth empty. I pulled Brian's hips toward me, and we performed a "daisy chain" on one another. Brian was the first to climax, followed by myself, and then I watched as Eric's ejaculation filled Brian's mouth with so much semen, that much of it dribbled out of Brian's mouth. Without knowing what I was doing, I leaned over and licked the overflow from Brian's face and neck.

We lolled on the bed and drank a beer each, to rinse out our mouths. Eric fondled both Brian's, and my, penises with his large hands, and took alternate licks from one, then the other as Brian and I kissed. When Eric had teased us enough, he kneeled with his huge erection swinging in front of him. Brian immediately rolled over on his stomach, presenting his buttocks to Eric. Brian pulled his buttocks apart, and Eric leaned forward. He wet Brian's anus liberally with his large, pink togue, then gently worked his penis into the opening. Brian gasped, groaned, and then squealed as Eric drove his penis halfway into him. I watched, fascinated. When Eric was fully inside of Brian, he slowly withdrew. Brian grunted out loud as Eric pushed forward again. Again, he buried the full length of his penis inside of Brian's rectum, then pulled out. He kept up a maddeningly slow pace, until Brian screamed out, "Fuck me, damn it!"

Fuck him he did. With an animal growl, he lunged forward and drove home in Brian's muscular ass. Brian screamed again, then moaned in pleasure. A few more thrusts, and Eric and Brian both ejaculated. Again, Eric's orgasm was a thick, heavy flow that overflowed its receptacle; poured out of Brian's anus, and spilled onto the already sticky sheets. I sat, transfixed, my erection nearly painful from the excitement. Eric was the first to recover, and he noticed my rampant, painful erection. He leaned over and took my entire erection into his mouth. Within seconds, I shrieked and released my fluids into his throat.

We drank a few more beers, cuddled together on the sticky, sweaty bed. Eric placed the head of his large penis against my anus, and I quickly scurried away from this intruder.

"He's still a virgin," Brian teased.

"Well, shit! We're going to have to change that!" Eric said.

I stood, uncertain of what to do. True, I had been excited, watching Eric's large member thrusting in and out of Brian's ass, and while fucking Brian, I had briefly thought of offering my own anus to him, but Eric's battering ram, I was sure, would kill me. Brian must have noticed my trepidation, for he shook his head no.

"Only if he wants to," he said.

A large part of me did want to, but an equally large part of me was frightened.

"You want to?" Brian asked. Dumbly, I shrugged my shoulders.

"I'll be gentle," he assured me. "Not like Animal over here."

"Shit! At least I ain't like Smacky!" Eric protested. I was shocked. Brian being Bi-sexual was one thing, but finding that Eric, AND Smacky were in on the sexual games, too, was too much.

Brian eased me onto my stomach, and I felt a gentle tongue at the base of my spine. The tongue traveled down, and pierced my anus. With widening circles, the tongue forced its way into my anus until I was wiggling uncontrollably, wanting more than just a soft, insistent tongue in me. Brian must have sensed this, because he thrust the tip of a finger into me. I tensed up, then relaxed as he forced the finger in deeper. This finger was joined by another finger as the tongue continued its tortuous dance. When Brian had managed to work three fingers inside of me, I raised myself onto my knees.

"Fuck me!" I cried.

He needed no encouragement, and soon I felt the head of his penis pushing against my open, waiting anus. I involuntarily tensed up as the head slid in, and tried to force myself to relax. The more I tried to relax, the more I tensed up.

"Breathe," Brian suggested. I found that I had indeed been holding my breath. I let out a deep sigh, then sharply sucked in air as he shoved his penis into my rectum. A hot wave of searing pain engulfed my body, and I thrashed out, trying to dislodge him from my backside. I passed out.

When I came to, Brian was deeply inside of me, stretching my ass to the breaking point. I noticed, however, that the pain had subsided tremendously, and, although it still hurt, the pain was not greater than the feeling of pleasure. He withdrew slightly, then drove into me again. I let out a grunt.

"Fuck that white ass," Eric crowed. Brian did. In a matter of minutes, I felt a hot flash as he emptied his sperm into my bowels and pulled himself out of me. A few errant trickles spurted onto my back, and I collapsed, breathless onto the bed. I felt the mattress shift underneath me, then felt large hands on my hips. I briefly struggled to free myself, but Eric was much larger, and stronger. His gigantic penis, large to my mouth, was huge to my anus. But, Brian's gentle ministrations, and the lubricant of his sperm, eased the way for Eric. With a few lunges, I felt his wiry pubic hairs scratching at my buttocks, and, firmly inside of me, he thrust again and again. Before I knew it, I was spraying the filthy sheets with my own semen, grunting and gasping and moaning as Eric battered his way through me. I then felt his climax sear into my bowels. I farted loudly as he pulled out from my ass.

After we slept again for a while, we woke up to find that it was already four o'clock in the afternoon. Eric informed us that he would have to leave in an hour, to get ready for a date with his girlfriend, a wild white girl named Cheryl. She was tall and skinny, with almost no breasts or buttocks at all, and she was loud and raunchy in her mannerisms and talk. I didn't much care for her, and was always glad whenever she left our apartment after our infrequent parties.

"Well, you ain't leaving just yet, are you?" Brian asked.

"Not 'til I've had enough," Eric assured him. After we engaged in some light oral sex with one another, Eric lay on his back and drew his knees up to his chest. Brian lay on his left side, and positioned me to Eric's right side. I was amazed as we both slid our erect penises into Eric's rectum. He grunted with pleasure, and within seconds, Brian and I had established a rhythm. I would pull halfway out as Brian would drive himself in. Then I would thrust in as Brian pulled himself out. My penis, buried inside of an ebony ass, rubbing against another man's penis, was too much for me, and I spurted. As my warm semen flooded over his penis, Brian also spurted, and Eric followed suit, shooting his seed out onto his chest and face. He opened his mouth and caught as much of his ejaculation as he could. We decided that all three of us would not fit into our small shower, so Eric showered himself off, while Brian and I amused ourselves by performing oral sex on each other. Before he dressed and left, Eric had us kneel on the living room floor while he masturbated and spent his load onto our waiting faces and into our open mouths.

After Eric left into the twilight darkness, Brian and I cuddled on the couch. A question had been nagging at the back of my head since Friday night.

"Dianne, does she know? About..?" I finally asked him. I hoped the answer was no. I did not want to think that such a sweet little girl as Dianne would know, or condone, such deviant behavior.

"Oh, yeah. Of course she does. Hell, she even tries to satisfy my dick needs herself," Brian answered. "She's got this strap-on dick thing, and likes to fuck me up the ass with it. But, we only do that when she's, you know, having that time of the month."

I was crestfallen. My little fantasy doll was just as deviant as my new lover was. He noticed my troubled face and smiled.

"You like her, don't you?" he asked.

I wanted to deny it, for loyalty to my roommate, friend, and now lover, was a powerful emotion. But, so to, was my attraction to Dianne. I meekly nodded my head yes. He shrugged his shoulders.

"Yeah, she's a sweetheart, isn't she?" he commented casually.

We shotgunned a few more beers, then went to sleep in my bed. Brian's bed was a filthy, disgusting mess of semen, sweat, and fecal matter.

I awoke that Sunday morning, again to the sounds of voices in the other room. My anus gave a spasm, and my penis immediately rose. I imagined that it was probably Smacky, a husky Hispanic looking youth that spent a few nights out of the week on our couch. Now I knew the truth, that he spent some time in Brian's bed before retiring to the couch. I hoped it was him. Or Eric, coming back for more "white ass". Instead, a nude Brian sauntered into the room, followed by an equally nude Dianne. Nude, except for a large rubber prosthesis tied around her waist. This rubber phallus was easily the size of Eric's manhood, and slightly larger around. I tried to cover myself, but a smiling Brian and Dianne tumbled into the bed and wrestled me into a kneeling position. Dianne rapidly swatted my exposed buttocks, then scurried around and shoved that dangling prosthesis in my face.

"You suck me, now!" she commanded. Almost involuntarily, I opened my mouth. She roughly shoved it in as far as she could, until I was gagging. She pulled it our, looked at it and nodded her head in satisfaction. She then presented it to Brian, who likewise sucked it for her. She then wiggled around to kneel behind me, and again swatted my buttocks roughly. For such a tiny woman, she hit hard. With no preliminaries, she introduced the head of her strap on dick to my anus, and shoved it in. I winced in pain, and bit down on my lower lip. She grunted and groaned and pushed, but was unable to force any more of it into me.

"Here, let me help," Brian said, and put his penis to my lips. I opened my mouth and licked his penis. He then leaned over and pulled my butt cheeks apart as far as they would go. Dianne lurched forward, and I felt her slowly slide into me. She pulled out, then leaned into me again. Each time, it proved to be a little easier, and infinitely more pleasurable to me. Her speed built up, and the rough nubs of the prosthesis and Brian's penis sliding in and out of my mouth grew to be too much. I sprayed my semen into my cupped hand, and generously lathered Brian's testicles with the fluid. He groaned and flooded my mouth with his come. Dianne squealed out as she followed us in her own orgasm. As she bucked frantically, the rubber dick burrowed itself into my rectum. When she finished, she untied it and left it in me. She and Brian kissed, then she wiggled over to me and we kissed. She then lay on her back and presented her crotch to my face. She, like Brian, was smoothly shaven. I at once began to dive into that small, bare crotch, but then remembered Brian saying that she only used the rubber dick when it was her time of the month. She must have noticed my hesitance, because she pulled my face down and said, "It's clean. I finish period two days ago."

With no further encouragement, I dove in. I licked the outer lips, then opened her up and found her tiny little clit. I tasted the musk flavor, and felt the incredible wetness that oozed from her as I tongued her slowly, then quickly. The more I lapped, the more her juices flowed. Brian, not wanting to be left out, joined me in my oral explorations of Dianne's crotch. I took the outer and inner lips into my mouth, while he pretended her swollen clit was a tiny penis. I licked and sucked while he licked and sucked, and within moments, she was thrashing about in ecstasy.

After her third orgasm, she pushed us both away and crawled out of the bed.

"I'm going to the little girls' room," she announced. "Anybody want to come?"

"Go with her," Brian urged. She loves an audience. With her rubber dick still embedded in my ass, I mutely followed the diminutive Dianne into the bathroom. She pushed me down to the floor in front of the toilet, and squatted down on the seat, legs spread wide apart. A strong smell emanated from her as the liquid began to slowly, then rapidly splash into the bowl. I watched, transfixed. When she finally finished, my bladder felt as though it were ready to explode as well. She wiped herself dry, but did not flush. She stood up.

"You need to go?" she asked. I nodded my head yes and stood up. I aimed at the bowl, but found it impossible to urinate with the rubber dildo pushed against my prostrate gland. Without warning, Dianne reached out and yanked the penis out of my anal canal. With a shudder, I loosed a stream of urine that would have certainly won a distance award in any pissing contest had I not been forcing my slight erection downward. She watched as I emptied my bladder, and then nodded in satisfaction as I shook the remaining droplets free. She then flushed the toilet, and we rejoined Brian in my bed. Again, she lay on her back, and Brian mounted her, then told me to mount him. After we enjoyed an orgasm in this position, we cleaned ourselves up, ate lunch, and returned to the bedroom. It was my turn to mount Dianne, and open my bowels for Brian's pounding dick. After this, Dianne insisted that she also give and receive anal satisfaction, and, with her rubber dick buried in Brian's ass, she took my penis into her ass. Again, when we climaxed in this position, we switched. I found myself impaled on Dianne's prosthesis, while Brian dug his penis into her anal cavity. Monday morning found none of us ready for the weekend to end, and when Eric came by that afternoon, he dragged an excited Smacky with him. Smacky had been attracted to me from the first time he laid eyes on me, and I found him to be a sweaty, hairy, exciting lover with endless energy, and much sperm to fill my mouth and rectum, and a hot, willing mouth and anus for my semen to pour into. Dianne did not leave my bedroom, much to my delight, and much to Smacky's chagrin. I found out why they called him Smacky. That was the sound his testicles made as they smacked into your chin.

A year later, a professional football team offered Brian too much money for him to refuse. Three games into his first regular season, after a brilliant pre-season showing, he was seriously injured while returning a punt. Within a year, he was hopelessly addicted to the pain relievers prescribed by a well intentioned doctor. He moved in with the doctor, and the two were lovers until Brian's tragic overdose of pain pills and alcohol.

Eric also went to professional football glory and married Cheryl. Together, they had four tall, huge light skinned children, all within five years of his professional debut, and subsequent Pro Bowl appearances.

Smacky did not turn pro. He decided to return to his native Columbia. I receive a Christmas card from him and his wife, Juanita. It was Dianne that recognized the signature of "Paulo" and told me that this was Smacky's real name.

As for Dianne; when Brian turned pro, she had a difficult choice to make. She could either follow him, or stay in college. She was a year short of gaining her degree in Political Science, then applying for law school, so she decided to stay with her studies. At law school, I ran into her one day, outside of a professor's office. After I finished blowing the professor's small dick for a better grade, she was still standing outside of his office. We went to lunch together, and I told her I was still living in the same apartment, rent free. I simply let my puffy landlord come in once a week to suck me off, and then I would urinate on him while he masturbated. At first, he was terribly upset when Dianne moved in with me, but as soon as he realized that it would not affect our arrangement in the least, he calmed down somewhat. Dianne and I interned at the same law firm, and were married a year afterward. Once a week, usually on Sundays, she straps on her large rubber dick and fucks my waiting ass while I spray my semen onto the bed. Just to punish me, she makes me lick the semen up, until she's satisfied that I've gotten every drop.