Shy Girl by Amanda

Shy Girl

"Want some popcorn?" I asked as I sat up from my laying position on the floor.

"No thanks," my best friend Maranda said back.. "Ok well I'm gonna go grab a soda".

"Sounds good -- grab me one too!"

When I returned to the room we once again stretched out to watch T.V.. Miranda as usual was wearing sexy tight clothes. Her outfit included a tight white tang top, and her breasts filled the top out so nicely. Also the top stopped just above her naval, but stretched up further due to her laying down. She was so opposite my style, me in my baggy sweat shirt and jeans. I knew I could pull off these clothes if I truly wanted to. I mean hey under all the baggy clothes was a slim waist, and 36D's. But I wasn't Maranda, I couldn't be outgoing like the blond beauty, and would be to shy to show off like her.

It was late night, and it was just she and I at my house. My parents were out of town for the weekend and it was pretty usual of her to keep me company. Pretty soon the movie we were watching was over, and as usual on late night HBO the mood swung from family to adult.

"Oh geez like anyone actually is that good in bed" Maranda informed me as we watched a man eating out some cheesy actress.

"I wouldn't know," I laughed, as I answered "I don't jump on everything that moves!"

"Oh shut up" she retorted "you know I've only been with Jay and Josh."

"Yeah but still at 17... I dunno I haven't even thought about anyone I would screw."

"That's cause your so damn shy. You could get anyone I bet if you tried."

"Oh no I couldn't," I blushed deeply.

"Sure you could!" She hopped up, and pulled me up by my hand... she dragged me up to my room. "Here try this on" she pulled her top off, and stood there in her bra.

"No" I protested.

"JUST try it on" she persisted.

So reluctantly I slipped off my shirt and put hers on "nowwww..." She said digging through my clothes.. "try this.." She threw a skirt that she had gotten me last birthday that I never wore... not as though she really expected me to. I put on the clothes. She pulled the elastic out of my hair and my black main fell down.

"Now," she said spinning me around to the door mirror. "look." What I say amassed me. I was attractive, standing there in tight clothes, my long legs visible, my large breasts so much more noticeable, and she was standing there in undies.

"WOW.. you clean up nice kid" she giggled, and I blushed that was always our way. "No seriously, I would fuck you" I laughed at her, I was uneasy looking like this. "If I were a man you mean?" I asked.

"No silly, but if I wasn't your best friend, I would."

I seriously thought she was kidding. "Oh and is something wrong with me being your friend?"

"No" she continued. "It would just be uncomfortable for you, and I don't want you uncomfortable."

I felt odd at that moment, would I be uncomfortable? I also felt ashamed, thinking of all the times I envied her body, and thought of what it would be like to kiss her full lips. "But.." my voice trailed.

"But what?" she asked.. "But what if I wasn't uncomfortable?"

"But you're so shy... I'm sure you don't do things like that I know you to well."

"Well I MIGHT not do them but I might think them."

Her jaw dropped. "You think about me?"

"Well yeah I mean god your so pretty and sexy, and I just wondered how you would look nude and I'm sorry don't be mad I didn't mean it" I was rambling on so embarrassed and ashamed all the while my skin was bright red.

"I'm not mad, I'm just kind of flattered. If it makes you fell better I've thought about you, and who says your not pretty?!"

"But not like you" I said... I was close to tears, I was so ashamed and scared I had ruined my relationship with my best friend. But then suddenly she kissed me.

I snapped my head away in protest. "Cinda, I love you more than a sister, you are my best friend! I trust you with every aspect of my life, and I want to try this with you." and she kissed me again.. at first I resisted, but soon her tongue mad it's way past my lips.

Soon we were kissing as lovers and her hands found my breasts. It was so weird this feeling. But I couldn't call it bad, there was a slight pain in my crotch, the familiar pain of needing to touch myself. I broke the kiss and slipped my shirt off, and she unhooked my bra. soon her mouth encircled my nipple. Oh god I had never experienced this, masturbation paled in comparison.

As I started to push her away so I could get out of all my clothes she undressed the rest of the way. Oh I was so turned on I could feel wetness escaping me, and as our naked bodies pressed together I could feel heat escaping her cunt. It was like nothing else her full lips sucking at my hard nipples. Then she pushed me gently to the bed. We lied there kissing and I tried her nipple she groaned like I had done earlier.

"Is this nice?" she whimpered... "Oh yes Maranda, it's heaven." Her hands trailed my body and her fingers stopped at my pussy. "Wow and I thought I got excited" she teased "who's the slut now?" She fingered my cunt... playing with my clit, in a way I could never achieve with my own fingers.

Soon I exploded into orgasm, and it was so intense, so new... I pushed her off, I couldn't take any more of this. "What's wrong?" She asked sounding concerned.

"Nothing... it's just I... oh Maranda this is so new."

"Yeah that's true, but if you don't like it I'll stop... I just thought it's what you wanted" I felt bad then I was upsetting her. "No it's NOT what I want!" She looked so sad. "What I want is this!" and I rolled on top of her and demanded access to her mouth and explored it with my tongue. "I've wanted to taste you for such a long time Maranda, can I taste you?" She only moaned... "That's gotta be a yes" I joked.

I let my mouth travel her body stopping at each nipple on the way down. Her breasts were so nice, the taste was like nothing and the feel of her getting hard on my tongue was wonderful. I kissed light kisses all over her flat stomach and flicked her naval with my tongue. "Oh Cinda..." she moaned softly. Then I did it. I licked slowly, thinking of how I would like it... she rocked all over the bed but spread her legs wider.

I explored, after all this was new to me, she smelled so nice.. and the taste was different from mine. I licked like a dog at first, but then started sucking. It was so nice to make her feel this good, she humped at my face and moaned in little strings. I sucked harder... sticking my tongue deep in her.. the sucking the clit.... She finally exploded in my mouth..

"OH GOD!!" she screamed as I brought her off... After she stilled I crawled back up to her side, and we kissed again... "ummm" she said...

"And you said I was shy!!!" I laughed...