Sleep Over by Eurydice

Sleep Over

I woke to the sound of my neighbor's noisy new Rottweiler barking at god knows what. The thing never shut up. I glanced over at the small clock I kept on the nightstand table. . . . Its glaring red numbers told me that it was six in the morning; only forty-five minutes since the last time that dog woke me up. I groaned and rolled over. . . . .

The first thing I saw was the long deep red hair that had spilled all over the pillow next to mine; it's long wavy tendrils appearing almost black in the darkness of the room. But the first streams of morning sun had begun to pour themselves into the room, and in some places, you could see the glinting red.

Only a year younger than me at her 14 years, Kerri was beautiful. Already as tall as my 5 feet, 7 inches, with big, long lash-framed green eyes that always had a somehow mischievous glitter to them, even though the girl herself seemed to be the picture of perfect innocence. Unlike most redheads, Kerri had not one freckle on that skin of hers. Her skin almost looked like milk - how I longed to lick that creamy flesh to find out if it tasted as good as it looked.

Kerri had moved from Detroit early on, and we had been best friends since third grade. We shared everything together - we traded gossip, clothes, make-up, secrets, and just about everything else. I always adored her as a friend, but lately, my feelings toward her had changed, and become more intense. It was strange, and a bit confusing.

When I had lost my virginity to a junior boy named Dustin Warner last October, Kerri had been the first one to know. I told her everything. Kerri's parents were a bit stricter than mine, and she wasn't even allowed to date yet. And during the school years, she wasn't even allowed sleepovers, but it was the summer, and we usually took turns sleeping at each other's houses almost constantly.

I looked at Kerri again; at the gorgeous auburn hair. I reached out softly and stroked it, letting my eyes wander down to her tank top, where I could make out the soft curves of her breasts, and the little buds where her nipples were, then down to her white panties where I could see a line in the crotch of her panties where they where tucked in between her lips.

I wondered what Kerri would say if she knew I was looking at her this way, and thinking these things of her. Would she be angry at me? Would she be embarrassed, or refuse to talk to me? I didn't know. . . wondered if she ever thought these things about me.

Shaking my head, I withdrew my hand from her hair, and pushed myself up. I walked down the hall and into the bathroom. I lowered my panties and sat on the toilet, placing my hand upon the soft thatch of brown pubic hair that had sprung there over the last three years or so. I began pissing all over my hand, feeling the warm liquid gush out of that soft fleshy part of me. I don't know why, but I had always loved the way that felt.

Flushing the toilet, I positioned myself in front of the mirror, and stared at my face. I wasn't anywhere near ugly, but I didn't think I was drop-dead beautiful like Kerri. I reached back and pulled at my hair-tie, unleashing a mass of long thick black hair. I saw my own eyes looking back at me, with their dark pools that were about the color of black coffee. My full, pouty lips were the one thing I prided myself on. I had almost olive-colored skin that I also liked, but I was a tad too thin for my own liking. Kerri was the slightest bit chubby, and it lent to her curviness. I wish I looked like that. I pushed myself away from the mirror and headed back for the room.

Upon walking in, what I saw before me made my heart beat faster. Kerri had rolled over in her sleep, and the first thing my eyes fell across were that little rounded ass of hers - it had always reminded me of an upside-down heart. Her legs were spread just a little bit, and I could see just a little of the soft pinkness that lay within her panties. Her tank was up just a little bit, and I could see the long indentation that led to the small of her back; my God, how I longed to run my tongue over that little hollow. I felt the crotch of my panties getting hotter and wet.

After gawking for a few more minutes, I tip-toed over to the end of the bed and sat down by her feet. I traced one finger over her ankle bone and up to the hollow of her knee. My eyes kept finding their way back to the insides of her thighs. I could see one hair sticking out the side of her panties. I wanted so badly to see how she tasted.

I dipped my head down, and taking her ankle in my hand, I licked it very softly, tracing the tip of my tongue along the curve of the bone. I licked all the way up to the hollow of the back of her knee, where I could taste just the tiniest bit of sweat. At that moment, I had never tasted anything so good in my entire life.

I stopped myself, and looked to see if she had awakened - she hadn't. I bit softly into the back of her thigh. I stopped again, and looked at her panties, taking in once again the soft line where her crevice was. I reached and caressed the inside of her thigh; it felt just as soft and smooth as I had imagined it would.

I couldn't believe I was doing this. It was something I had always dreamed of. Ihad to smell her. I carefully positioned myself in between her legs, resting on my knees. I put one hand on her ass, and rubbed it softly. I brought my head down; and brought my nose not an inch away from her cunt. I inhaled deeply, taking in a smell that was a mixture of soap and sweat, with just the very slightest scent of piss.

Not able to stop myself, I brought my head even closer, and put my nose into her crotch. I tongued the cotton of her panties, moving my tongue slowly up and down the crevice - then sucking on it.

I couldn't believe she hadn't woken up. Deciding to press my luck even further, I slipped one finger on the inside of the rim of her panties. I ran my finger over the patch of hair. It was soft like my own.....warm and moist.

Not knowing what I was going to tell her if she woke up, I pulled aside the cotton crotch, and looked at her sweet little cunt. Softly spreading her lips with two fingers, I took in her beauty. The pinkness, the hard little clit that stuck itself out at me and dared me to lick it. I ran my thumb over it first and then softly circling it with my tongue.

This was heaven. I pressed my tongue into her, and felt her getting wetter. Moving back to her clit, I ran my tongue over it, and slowly stuck my index finger into that tight little hole. God, she felt wonderful. I pulled my finger in and out and ran my tongue furiously over her clit, until my face was covered with her sticky sweetness....and then she moaned.

I knew I had been caught. I quickly withdrew my finger and tongue, and sat upright. "Kerri, are you awake?", I asked.

Moving her head around, she looked back at me, and blushed. "Why'd you stop?".

"How long have you been awake?", I demanded.

She blushed harder, her face turning completely pink. "I've been awake since you went to the bathroom."

I didn't know what to say. I finally forced a few words out, "Did you like that?"

She grinned very shyly, "Andie, it was beautiful."

Taken aback and hard-pressed for words for the second time in thirty seconds now, I couldn't force myself to say anything this time. So I looked away.

A minute later, I felt Kerri's arm snaking it's way around my shoulders. She wrapped the other one around me, and hugged me tightly. After holding me for a second, she pulled back and stared straight at me; those sneaky-looking green eyes feeling like they were boring holes into my own black ones.

I struggled for words, and came up with, "Kerri, have you ever thought about anything like what I just did before?"

She flushed pink again, and looked away for a second before responding with, "Yes. . .I've been thinking about you a lot lately."

"And what have you been thinking about?," I asked, not really knowing what to expect.


"What kind of things?" I pressed on.

"Well, after you and Dustin. . . .you know, I've been jealous of him. I think about you. I think about your face, and your body; and my God, Andie, you are so beautiful."

I forced a smile. "So are you - I've been wanting to do that for a long time now."

She moved a hand over my shoulder and my collar bone, and stopped, as if awaiting my approval. I nodded. She ran her hand down my shirt, and over my breast, tugging at the hem. I looked at her and nodded again; she ran her hand up my shirt, and softly tweaked one of my nipples. I couldn't believe this was happening.

She withdrew her hand after a moment, then got up, and pushed me softly onto my back, and positioned me so that I was laying sideways across the bed. She leaned over me and licked at my throat. I ran a hand through her hair and stroked the back of her neck.

Sucking softly on a collarbone, she began to pull up my shirt. I sat up quickly and pulled it off over my head. "Let me do that next time, Andie.," she said, pushing me onto my back again, this time harder than the first, and giving me a slightly annoyed glance.

She licked at my bellybutton, while pulling my panties off with one hand. "Spread for me, please," she said. "I want to look at you, the way you did me." I reluctantly moved my legs apart, opening myself wide to her. She stood, and looked my body over. I felt slightly awkward, and wanted to pull a sheet over myself.

Then she smiled, "Andie, I never realized how beautiful you were." She traced a finger over one of my lips, as I felt myself growing wet again.

As na´ve as I had thought she was, what she did next really surprised me. She dropped to her knees on the floor by the bed. Then she grabbed my legs and pulled them so that my knees hooked over her shoulders. Pulling my lips apart, she licked me softly at first, then became a bit rougher. She licked me from top to bottom, over and over again. Then she jammed three fingers into me. I winced, but stopped myself from crying out. After a few minutes of her pulling them in and out, I began to enjoy the friction they created. I felt myself begin to tingle, much more severely than I had with Dustin.

I quivered. She kept licking at me, and ramming those inexperienced fingers in and out of me. But God, it still felt so good. I began to tremble, and when I could no longer hold it, I let myself go completely. As I felt myself cumming, she slapped at my cunt with one hand. Soft. Then hard. I couldn't stop. It was such a release. I felt myself pissing all over her.

She got up and flung her body onto the bed beside mine. She leaned over and kissed me, her lips tasting of cum and piss, and a hint of blood where she had rammed her fingers into me so hard. . . . but I could imagine nothing tasting sweeter.

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