Slut Wife At The Movies by Ooz

Slut Wife At The Movies

When Cal first told me about his adventures with other men at the movies, I knew I had to go with him, to both see and experience the kinds of deviate sexual adventures I had for a long time been craving. I knew also that our lives were changing, had changed. I was in command now, clearly, and we both loved it that way.

As we dressed for the movies that evening, Cal kept glancing at me to see what I would be wearing. I knew what I wanted to happen there, but what I wore may surprise you. Instead of wearing something simple, like a tank top and shorts, I donned a very slinky, very elegant black evening dress. It was an expensive dress, consisting of thin spaghetti straps, a low, square-cut neckline, and short hemline. It was slit up the side, so that when I crossed my legs a long expanse of flesh was exposed, enough to reveal a band of white flesh above the tops of my stockings. Beneath it I wore a garter belt, thong panties, and no bra. I took a long time applying my blue sparkling eye-shadow and mascara, accented by harsh Ferrari-red lipstick. I was no longer the shrinking violet of my college days. Now that both Cal and I were earning good money, I had changed my looks completely. My long, blond hair flowed in waves down over my shoulders, and my ice blue eyes were dazzling behind new contact lenses. I dressed to accentuate my large breasts now, not to hide them, and my long nipples, when aroused, never failed to attract attention. At 5'8" tall, with a 37D-27-36, 140 pound body, I was built for fucking, and damned if I wasn't going to do it.

"Marti . . . ."

"Yes, darling?"

"Can . . . can I wear the panties, too. The ones you bought me?" Cal asked meekly.

"Would it excite you, darling?" I asked, knowing, of course, it would.

"Yes!" he hissed, his eyes glowing with excitement.

"Then wear them, you little faggot," I smirked.

Like a little boy, I thought, he scrambled to put the panties on over his already erect cock. As he dressed in a pair of conservative trousers and a Polo shirt, I applied some of my most seductive perfume - Opium. Old, I realize, but still quite effective, especially where I was putting it . . . near my pussy and around my nipples. Cal observed all this, of course, and his little cock seemed to throb with excitement as he realized why I was dabbing perfume near my cunt.

Within the hour we were walking from our car into the movie theater. It was located in a seedy section of town, in a strip mall. At one end of the block of five or six stores, an adult book store seemed to doing a good business. At the other end of the block was a tacky "lingerie photo op" store advertising "live models." I wondered what it would be like to pose in lingerie for strangers, and I decided I would probably love it.

Inside the theater the man behind the counter looked stunned to see a gorgeous, fashionably dressed blonde accompanied by an equally well-dressed man. Clearly this place catered to the blue jeans and flannel shirt crowd, judging from the looks of the two or three patrons I observed hanging around outside the men's room. As Cal bought the tickets, the cashier continued to stare at me. I smiled, reached up and fondled one of my breasts, then winked at him. He smiled back, knowingly, and as we turned to walk toward the auditorium, said, "Have a great time in there, folks." I looked over my shoulder and said, "we will if we can find someone to fuck me." His grin disappeared, and he just stared at me, stunned at my boldness.

"Honey, maybe you shouldn't have said that," Cal whimpered.

"Shut up, Cal," I said, feeling more and more excited as we approached the sounds coming from the movie of someone fucking. Inside the theater we stood at the top of the aisle for a moment, waiting for our eyes to become accustomed to the darkness. There was a wide aisle between the back wall and the first row of seats, and as my vision improved, I noticed a line of four or five men leaning against the back wall. A couple of them had their cocks out, masturbating, and as soon as I recognized what they were doing, I felt my pussy flooding with hot cunt juice. Cal had been telling me the truth . . . this place was a cesspool of decadent activity.

"Let's sit down," I said, leading Cal down the aisle. About half way down the auditorium was a row separated from the one in front of it by several feet. I chose to sit in that row, although Cal was meekly squeaking his concerns about my selection.

"Honey, if we sit there we won't have any protection from the seats in front of us, and we . . . well . . . we'll be exposed. We won't be able to do anything without being seen by everyone."

"Jesus, Cal," I sighed. He was just like a worried little kid. "In case you've forgotten, Cal, the reason we're here is TO be seen. I thought you WANTED men to see me masturbating . . . and to see your cock."

"Well, yeah, sure, but . . . I . . . oh never mind," he sulked.

I ignored him, and moved to the center of the row, pulling my skirt half way up my ass as I sat down, revealing a wide expanse of flesh between the top of my black stockings and the edge of my skirt. No sooner had we sat down then a couple of men moved directly into the row behind us. I turned to look at them momentarily, and was pleased to see they at least appeared to be halfway decent looking men, in their forties or perhaps fifties. Good enough to suck, and perhaps fuck, I thought to myself.

Beside me Cal was fidgeting. He was watching the on-screen action of a woman who actually looked a lot like me being fucked by two black men with huge cocks. I felt my curiosity growing as I wondered what it would feel like to be abused by men with such huge cocks, and as I pondered the question, I reached under my skirt and touched my pussy.

"Take your cock out, Cal," I said, loudly enough for the men behind us to hear me.

"Oh God, should I?" he whined.

"Cal, just do it, okay?" I sighed, disgusted at his chicken shit attitude. He looked around at the men behind us first, then unbuckled his trousers and unzipped them. I watched, excited as Cal slowly tugged his pants down to his knees, revealing the bright red panties, beneath which his cock was already making a tent.

"Play with it, Cal. Let it stick out over the top of my panties, and play with it," I commanded, my fingers touching my own wet panties as Cal did as I requested. Watching his fingers rubbing his small cock as it stuck out over the top of the red panties excited me, and I turned to see if our friends behind us were watching. They were. They, too, were also masturbating now, and I could hear the rapid, rhythmic stroking of two cocks beating off behind us.

"Touch me," I said to one of the men. "Put your hands inside my dress and play with my tits," I urged. No repeat instructions were required. Instantly a pair of rough hands was sliding over my breasts. One of the hands was greasy, and I wondered if it was pre-cum lube. Then over my other shoulder another hand crept inside my dress, fondling my other tit.

"OH God," I moaned, as Cal turned to see what was happening. His eyes grew wider and I stared at him and said, "Two strangers are playing with my tits, darling. They're tweaking my bare nipples, Cal, while they play with their cocks. Tell them to come up here and sit next to me. Move over and make room for them."

Cal didn't hesitate. He invited the men to join us, and immediately moved over to let them. The men quickly got up and came down to sit with us . . . with me, one on each side of me. Their cocks were erect, and impressive, and when I began to squeeze each of them, the men began feeling my thighs. I raised up, and pulled up my dress, then sat back down again, spreading my legs wide enough so I could drape one over each of theirs.

"Finger me," I moaned, feeling them pulling my panties aside, feeling them feeling my wet pussy as they suddenly slid their fingers inside me. "OH GOD!" I gasped, tugging on my dress, pulling it higher, exposing my naked tits for them. "Touch me everywhere," I cried out, suddenly coming, so explosively it surprised me. "Oh YESSSSS!" I hissed, loudly, as my orgasm shocked me, causing my body to twitch and jerk violently.

"Jesus Christ she's a hot cunt," one of the men said, leaning into me, wiping his drizzling cock across my thigh and onto my stocking, leaving a trail of sticky pre-cum on my leg.

"Take my dress off," I said, holding my arms straight up in the air. They did as I asked, removing the dress, pulling it up over my head. "Give it to my husband. Tell him to take care of it for me while you fuck me," I said, heady with lust, and desire.

"Here," I heard the man between Cal and me say. Cal thanked him . . . actually thanked the fucker.

I said to the man, "Do you want to fuck me?"

"Shit yeah," the guy said.

"You have to let my husband suck your cock first," I said. Then, to Cal, "Do it, Cal. Suck his cock for me. Make it hard, real hard. Put my dress on the floor and kneel on it. Then suck his cock."

Cal groaned, then did as I asked, folding my dress, placing it on the floor, then dropping to his knees in front of the man. As I watched, the other man next to me continued feeling my naked tits and my stomach, thighs, and ass. I turned to him and said, "When your buddy fucks me, I want your cock in my mouth, okay?"

"Oh God yes. I'd love that," he said.

"I know," I smiled, turning toward Cal and his friend. Cal was sucking the cock in earnest now, his head bobbing up and down as he sucked the man's cock. Cal was making little mewing sounds, and jacking off his own dick as the man grinned down at my husband's servitude.

"He's wearing your panties, isn't he," the man said.

"Yes. He's a little faggot. Loves to wear them, and suck cum from my pussy. So far he's only sucked out his own, but tonight he's going to be chowing down on several hot loads of strange cum. I think he's going to love it almost as much as me."

"Well he better stop sucking me or he's going to get a mouthful directly from my dick," the man groaned.

"Cal, that's enough. Let him fuck me now," I snapped. Cal backed away from the man's cock, and I noticed a drool of spit dripping from Cal's face as the man rolled over on top of me and began probing my crotch with his cock.

"Put his cock in my pussy for me, darling," I said, and Cal quickly moved closer to us, grasping the man's dick, then spreading my cunt open for it before sliding it into me.

"Oh Goddddd!" I moaned, raising my legs, wrapping them around the man's waist. I turned toward the other man, kissed him, and told him to stand next to me and fuck my mouth. Other men were all around us now, and before I began sucking the man next to me, I said to our new lovers, "You can all come on my face, if you like, or wait and fuck me, your choice. But if you fuck me, you have to let my husband suck your cock first. You can come in his mouth, or on his face, too, if you prefer that. Can't they, Cal," I said, watching my husband for his reaction. His eyes were so excited, so filled with desire that I knew he'd do anything I asked of him.

"Y . . . yes . . . I . . . I'll suck any of you, and you can come in my mouth, or on me, or you can fuck my wife. Whatever you want," he groaned, his voice shaking with excitement. "What a little wimp," someone said, and I laughed. Cal shook with joy over being called that, however, and I realized just how deep his need to be humiliated was becoming.

I turned back to the man next to me then, as the man on top of me continued fucking me. Opening my mouth, the man next to me slid his cock inside, and in seconds he was coming, filling me with blast after blast of hot cum. From somewhere behind me I heard a man groan, and felt cum raining down onto my face from his cock. Then the man inside me was coming, and I cried out with joy as spurt after spurt of his hot cum squirted deeply up inside my cunt.

Another man came down and stood next to Cal, offering his cock. "Here, fag. Suck this to get it ready to fuck your wife with," he said, laughing at how quickly Cal gobbled up the offered cock. I was breathing deeply, when from behind me a man groaned, telling me to turn around. I did, and was met with a face full of hot cum. I moaned with pleasure and the man pressed his spurting cock against my cheek, wiping it all around my face as it continued to ejaculate cum all over me. Opening my mouth, I captured the elusive cock and sucked greedily as the last two spunk blasts spewed into my mouth.

I was on fire now, and suddenly the man Cal had been sucking slid his cock into me, into my cum-filled cunt.

"Oh GOD yes, FUCK ME!" I shouted, as loudly as I could. The crowd of men around me now must have contained everyone in the theater. Everywhere I turned I could see men, jacking off, waiting to fuck me, or to come on me. Cum rained down on my shoulder, and on my face from behind me, from next to me, and inside me, as the man I was fucking unloaded his jism with a long, deep thrust, his groans driving me over the line to another shattering orgasm.

"God DAMN she's hot . . . so beautiful, too," someone said.

"Best fucking looking slut I've ever seen anywhere," another added.

I relished their compliments, flopping my head back against the seat as yet another cock exploded cum all over my face and in my hair. I was giggling madly now, as another man began fucking me. Was that three . . . or four? I'd lost count as I lay there, my legs spread out in front of me, panties drenched in cum, twisted sideways, exposing my naked stomach and shaved pussy. Cal was gobbling another cock, and this one apparently couldn't wait for me. I heard Cal moan, and saw the man filling Cal's mouth with cum. My husband's own cock exploded then, all over my leg. God I loved it, this decadence, this perversion.

And yet . . . I wanted more. Suddenly I knew what, and the thought of what I was going to ask for thrilled me.

"Piss on me . . . somebody . . . everybody . . . please . . .shower me, shower us, my husband and I. Piss all over us . . . make him drink it, and me. PLEASEEEEEE!" I begged.

"Jesus CHRIST what a slut," a man laughed.

"Well shit, let's do it to them," someone giggled madly.

"YES PLEASE! DO IT!" I begged, my voice sounding strange, as though it was someone else's.

Suddenly I felt it . . . felt the warm rain, the golden rain of piss splattering down onto me. The man who was fucking me backed off quickly, cursing, as he jacked off his cock over my pussy until he, too, was spewing cum down onto my body.

"CAL . . . eat me, NOW!" I screeched, reaching out, grabbing him by the hair, pulling him into my gooey pussy. Cal immediately scrambled over to my spread thighs, burying his face in the dirty mess with glee, relishing it, wallowing in my soiled, scummy, spunk-filled cunt. I wiped my pussy up and down on his face as more piss splattered down onto me, in my hair, onto my face.

"Oh GOD YESSSSS!" I screamed, as loudly as I could, turning my head back toward the men behind me, opening my mouth, tasting their piss as it splashed down onto me from several cocks all at once. My body was soaked in cum and piss, and when one of the men turned around and offered me his ass, I greedily licked it, too, pushing my tongue upward, tasting his sweat and shit. I came so hard I thought I would die, and still I wanted more.

"GIVE . . . IT . . . TO . . . MEEEEEE!" I screamed, my mouth open as he bent forward, pushing his ass into my face. The first fart filled my nostrils with such an intensely perverse stench I almost vomited, forcing my face to remain where it was as he pushed and grunted, trying to give me what I was not sure I wanted, yet knew instinctively that I had to have.

And then I felt it on my tongue . . . tasted it as it plopped into my mouth, slowly, slithering inside my mouth like some kind of chocolate dildo. Only it wasn't a dildo . . . or a cock . . . it was shit, his shit, and I was sucking it, the acrid bitter taste so oppressive I could barely stand to have it in my mouth.

"God DAMN, what a sick fuck this bitch is," someone offered.

"Oh God, Marti, no!" Cal gasped as he watched me eating the man's shit. I turned toward Cal, and the rest of the man's turd slid across my face and onto my neck. My body was shaking so much now it felt as though I had a fever, and when I bent down and kissed Cal, letting him taste it, too, sharing it with him, he moaned, howled, actually, a long, eerie, anguished howl, like a wounded animal. And then he was pushing his tongue into my mouth, licking my lips, my face, sharing the sensation with me. Someone else began pissing on us, and I laughed, giggling wildly, like a mad woman, which by then I of course was.

Afterward, I picked up my dress from the floor and put it on. It was wet, sticky with cum, and so was I. Cal and I quickly walked up the aisle and into the bathroom to clean up. I joined him in the men's room, curious about what it looked like. A man was standing at the urinal pissing when we entered, and when he saw me he looked at me as though he couldn't quite believe what he was seeing. He had obviously only just arrived, and I felt it only fair he had some fun with me, too. Walking over to where he was standing, I sank to the floor and took his pissing cock inside my mouth, drinking the piss from it as he looked on in total amazement. When he was finished pissing, I squeezed and fondled him until he was hard, then sucked him off until he was coming in my mouth. Removing the cock from between my lips, I held it against my face, wiping it all around on my face until it finally stopped spurting.

The man thanked me, then left, quickly. I stood up, grinned at Cal, kissed him again, letting him taste some of the man's cum and piss, then turned to the sink, splashing water over my face, cleansing it with some of the industrial strength soap from a large container of liquid soap sitting on the counter next to the sink. Cal did the same, and we left. As we walked out into the lobby, the cashier stared at me with hungry eyes. A new arrival did the same, cursing his luck for having arrived too late to have had me.

"Better luck next time, fella," I grinned. "And don't worry . . . there WILL be a next time, won't there, Cal?"

"Anything you say, dear," he answered meekly, as we walked out into the warm Dallas night and to our car . . . .