Summer Camp by Joe Slackie

Summer Camp

What I am going to tell you, occurred in the 1950's, A much simpler, slower, and I think, better time. If you got caught smoking in school, it was tobacco, and you were expelled for it. AIDS had never been heard of. Playboy was considered to be a "Dirty" magazine, and either the girls were posed, or the pictures were retouched, so you never saw a pubic hair much less a real pussy in Playboy. The "Pill" didn't exist, and a lot of people got married because "They had to" (Well maybe that part wasn't so good). California sales tax was 4 1/2% (and we thought that was high), and USA citizens were really free, not a snow job like you get from the government these days (Don't forget to BUCKLE UP. Put on your HELMET. etc, OR GO TO JAIL). And best of all, I was a young boy instead of a beat up old man (Forced to wear that FUCKING SEAT BELT). Well enough of that, I think you get the idea. We didn't have to wear seat belts, helmets, or some of the other crap the government makes us do these days, and there were actually virgins (quite a few actually) over the age of 8 years old. I was one of them.

Two of my friends, brothers, told me one day that they were going to go to summer camp for a week in August. I looked at the flyers and thought that I would like to go with them. The camp was run by the Baptist religion in the Los Angeles National Forest. Looked like a lot of fun, swimming pool, horseback riding, hiking, crafts, and COED. Talking to my parents, they thought that it would be fine if I went, but funds were low and I would have to pay for it myself. I was already doing yard work around the neighborhood and the cost for the camp was really low, only about $20. I pulled lots of weeds, gave my father twenty bucks, he wrote the check, and I was on the trip. I wasn't going to pain you anymore with why the 50's were better but one more thing, Wives didn't work in the 50's, they stayed home and took care of the family. When it was time to go to camp, the brothers mother drove us up on Monday morning. Oh, I didn't tell you the brothers names. Not really important, this is close to the last time you will hear about them. The older brother was Tommy and the younger brother was Timmy, my name was Joey (now Joe, my son is Joey).

When we arrived at the camp it was mass confusion, all those kids being processed in. Bungalow assignments, luggage, etc took some sorting out. When it was done and we were all settled, there was a mass meeting in the cafeteria. Breakfast would be at 7:00 AM, bible class would start at 8:00 AM. Each hour there would be a 5 minute break till 12:00 noon when we would go to lunch. Lunch would be a half an hour, you could use the pool or sign up for horseback riding if you didn't want to eat lunch. At 12:30 sharp the class on the history of the Baptist religion would begin. Dinner at 6:00 PM, religious singing till 8:00 PM, showers till 8:30 PM lights out at 9:00 PM. We had to sign (actually check off our names) before breakfast, Lunch, and dinner. There would be a bed check at 9:00 PM. SHIT, I HAD PULLED WEEDS FOR TWENTY HOURS FOR THIS, the flyer had been a little misleading.

Tuesday I went to breakfast, classes, lunch, Baptist history, dinner, and the religious sing along. I was mad and bored. To hell with the twenty hours of weed pulling, I wanted to go home. Tommy and Timmy were eating this shit up, and I decided that I hadn't picked my friends very well. Talking to some of the guys in the bungalow, I found one who felt that same way it did, Jack. Jack had in interesting idea, since they didn't take attendance at the classes, but only at the meals, we could simply ditch the classes. "But what will we do, the swimming pool, and horseback riding are only open during lunch?" I asked.

"You can do those things back in LA" Jack responded, "Lets go hiking".

"OK" I said, "Where do we go"?

"I heard that there is a trail down from the cafeteria that goes to a stream below. Supposed to be a diving rock, small beach, and everything. Lets go check it out tomorrow". Jack responded.

That's exactly what we did. We checked off our names for breakfast, ate, and instead of going to bible class, found that little path and hiked down it. We found the stream, and it was more then you could ever wish for. Like a swimming pool, it was two feet deep at one end and about fourteen feet deep at the other. At the deep end there was a vertical wall to about ten feet, at the top it was flat and about ten feet by ten feet. The perfect diving rock. We left our clothes at the top of that rock and both dove into the crystal clear water below. We stayed and played with the trout (oh yes, forgot to tell you there were fish) the whole day, except for the hour required to sign in for, and eat lunch. We were having a BLAST but it was time to get dressed and go sign in for dinner. After dinner it was to dark to hike back down to our little pool, so we went to the stupid sing along. Actually that was alright with me. Monday night I had met a little blonde girl named Cindy and we had sat close all night. For the sing along, we all sat around a big fire on benches. The close benches were quite comfortable but the benches further back were a little cold. Cindy and I sat on one of the back benches and hugged each other close to keep warm. For whatever reason the camp counselors didn't bug us, and I was enjoying an occasional feel of her small firm breast pressed against my body. I didn't mind the sing along so much.

The next day we planned to do the same thing, but Jack wanted to take pictures and had forgotten his camera. No problem, we would just go back to the bungalow to get it. Passing one of the girls bungalows on the way to ours, we could hear moaning and groaning. Curious, we went around to the back of the building and climbed up on a trash dumpster that was there. Peeking through the open window we could see a couple on a mattress. They had taken the mattress off one of the bunk beds and put it on the floor so someone walking by couldn't look in one of the many windows and see what they were doing. Since we were on the dumpster, we could look in and down at them, they couldn't see us unless they looked up. They should have shut the window because not only could we see them clearly, but we could hear every sound, even their whispers. It was unbelievable, I had seen a few Playboy pictures, and knew what boobies looked like, but had never seen a girls Pubic area. The couple on the mattress were NUDE! She was laying on her back with her legs spread wide, and he was between them. His cock (yes we knew those words back then, we were innocent, not stupid) was hard and more then half way into her body where her legs came together. Unlike the playboy girls, she had hair there, Sparse and blonde, but hair.

After staring at her body for awhile I finally looked at the boys body, IT WAS OUR TEENAGED BUNGALOW COUNSELOR. No wonder he didn't hassle Cindy and I at the sing along. He was moving his cock in and out of her body, and they were kissing and moaning into each others mouths. Each time he would push forward she would too driving themselves tightly together, when he would pull back she would push her butt into the mattress. All the while they were moaning and groaning, telling each other how much they loved each other. Now their movements were getting frantic, they clutched each other so hard I could see red marks on their skin. He was making short strokes trying to stay as deep inside her body as possible while still moving.

"Danny, I'm right between periods, you can't cum inside" she gasped, "Pull out and cum on my tummy". With that her face froze in a look of extreme pain. Her body just stopped moving, and I thought that was it. Then she howled like she was in pain and her whole body seemed to convulse. Even the muscles in her neck stood out in sharp relief as she wailed that she was CUMMING. After her body shook about nine or ten times, he pulled out of her and almost immediately started shooting a creamy white liquid from the end of his cock onto her tummy. While it was coming out, he was growling and complaining that he wished he could feel her sucking it out of him.

After that they lay together cuddling. As Jack and I started to get down, Jack stepped on a glass bottle that went BANG when it broke. Danny immediately stood up and looked out the window. Seeing us, he simply reached through the window and yanked us into the room, in the mean time the girl pulled a sheet over herself. "Why aren't you in bible class" he demanded. We informed him that we didn't like it much and had decided to just not go. "I think you'll change your minds after I tell the camp director" Danny threatened. Jack, usually our idea man clammed up with fear, but I have a big mouth. "I'm going to go tell the camp director what I just saw, think he will approve of what you just did". That stopped Danny cold, and a look of fear crossed the girls face. Realizing that I had him by the balls, Danny leaned back and said "Not so fast, lets talk about this". "First off, I'm not going to shit you, if you tell the camp director about this both Lori here and I will lose our jobs. How about you kids forget what you just saw, and Lori and I won't see you ditching classes? What do you say". I knew I had a clear advantage and I pushed it. "I've never seen a nude girl before, not even a picture that showed her pussy. Jack and I will agree if Lori pulls back that sheet and lets us look at her".

Before Danny could respond, Lori simply pulled off the sheet and lay there for us to admire. Danny's thick cum was still laying in globs on her tummy as she spread her legs so we could get a better look. As Jack and I gazed at a pussy for the first time (before we couldn't see the whole thing because Danny's cock was buried in it), Lori took my hand and picked up some of Danny's cum with my finger. She then touched my finger to a little pearl like bump at the top of her pussy, leaving some of the creamy stuff on it. She moaned a little and then said that the little bump was her clit, the most sensitive part of her pussy. As she was saying that, her other hand was unzipping my pants and pulling out my by now throbbing hard manhood (boyhood?). Then as she ran the one hand up and down on my ridged pole, she moved my hand over the ridged area of her pussy. "These are the outer lips of my pussy. When I'm turned on, like now, they swell up just like your cock does. When I'm not turned on, they are flat and close up to make me pretty much flat down there". Continuing to move the hand on my cock up and down, she moved my fingers to flower like petals near the center of her pussy, "These are my inner lips, you probably saw these stretched around Danny's cock". Again moving my hand she pushed my finger between the little petals and it entered her body, "This is the entrance to my body, feel how soft and wet I am inside". Then she moved my finger back to her clit,

"It feels really good to a girl when a boy does this to her. Just keep doing that for a few minutes, first my clit, then my outer lips, inner lips, dip in your finger, then back to my clit". I started to reach for more of Danny's cum but Lori stopped me "That was just for a little extra lubrication, probably wasn't such a good idea the first time, I didn't intend to push your finger inside".

I kept rubbing my fingers around her pussy and she kept jacking my cock up and down. I knew what was going to happen, I've jacked off many times before, but it never felt as good as it did with Lori's hand doing it. I looked a Lori, her eyes were closed, and her face reflected happiness. "Just keep doing that little boy, your going to make me cum". "You're going to make me cum too Lori", I growled.

"Before you cum, tell me your name, tell me your name and give me your seed".

"Joey" I bellowed as contractions starting in my guts pushed through to the end of my dick, forcing thick creamy liquid fire to shoot from the end. Lori froze and then spasmed. It was amazing, the whole area between her legs pulsed with a steady rhythm as she screamed out her pleasure. After it was over, She continued to mover her hand up and down very slowly and gently. Now she had cum from both Danny and me on her tummy.

Lori motioned Jack to get on the bed, but before he did he was to take off his clothes. Jack was more then reluctant refusing to take off his clothes. "What is your name", Lori asked.

"Jack" he answered her. "Well Jack, if you don't take off your clothes, I guess this little show and tell is over, and you guys can leave".

"Come on Jack", I coaxed, "I don't want to leave yet, PLEASE". I guess Jack didn't want to leave yet either because he started removing his clothes. When he was as nude as Lori, he lay down on the mattress beside her. I guess she figured that she would just jack him off since she had already described everything with me. Jack wasn't cooperating though and his cock lay soft on his thigh. Jack's face was a red as a beet, and even his body was red with embarrassment. His cock just wouldn't respond to her hand. Lori decided to try something else and took him into her mouth. The look of embarrassment left his face and was replaced by pleasure, you could see him growing in her mouth. After he had a full fledged hard-on she pulled him out of her mouth and continued to rub him with her hand.

"Show me your pussy like you showed Joey", Jack moaned obviously wanting to touch her pussy like I had.

Lori took his cock and rubbed it in my cum on her tummy. Then she put the tip of it on her clit. "This is my clit" she moaned. Then moving it to her outer lips she said "and this is my outer lips". Lori was straddling him moving his cock from place to place on her pussy. "This is my inner lips", she gasped, "and this is the entrance to my body". Lori placed his throbbing member between her inner pussy lips and sat down on him, his cock sinking all the way into her. "Feel good Jack", she asked as her puffy pussy lips pushed into his groin.

"OHhhhhh Yesssssss" he moaned, looking up at her swaying breasts. "It's going to feel even better" she giggled as she started to move her cute butt up and down on his shaft. Jack put his hands around her waist and helped her up and down motion.

Soon they both seemed to have forgotten that Danny and I were even there. They were both moaning and whimpering about how good it felt. They were just making short strokes trying to keep as much of Jack deep in Lori's pussy as possible. Danny whispered in my ear, Jack's one lucky kid, your and my cum ended up on her tummy, she's so out of it, she'll get his cum inside".

"Have you ever cum before", Lori asked Jack, "Do you rub yourself every night shooting your cream into a paper towel".

"Never", Jack admitted, "That's why I was so reluctant, was scared, but this is heaven".

"Don't be scared baby" Lori gasped, obviously getting close, "When I suck the cum out of your balls you won't ever want it to stop".

"I feel you getting bigger", She was cut off mid sentence and wailed as her body went ridged. Jack bucked up hard, driving himself in Lori to the hilt, then he bellowed and clutched at Lori's hips. Lori was ridged for several seconds and then her body went into convulsions.

Throwing her head around and screaming "Yes Yes Yes!" you could see the muscles rippling in her tummy and thighs.

After it was over, they moved more slowly, savoring the aftermath of their violent love making. When he slowly withdrew, his cock was followed by seeping cum, oozing out from between her inner pussy lips. Lori, staring at the cum oozing from between her legs, suddenly looked very scared. "Danny", she wailed, "You know better, why didn't you stop us. I could be pregnant".

"Sorry", Danny mumbled, "I was so turned on, I was going to yank you off him at the last minute, I just didn't, Sorry".

Jack was visibly shaken, "Not your fault" Lori said, "You felt so good shooting inside me that I totally forgot the danger. Well maybe it will be alright, a girl doesn't get pregnant every time a guy pumps his stuff in her". After saying that she reached over and gave him a long wet kiss,

"You felt really good inside me, you didn't have any reason to be reluctant at all, you're a great lover", she said softly to Jack. After watching all this, my cock was hard and throbbing again. I was hoping that maybe Lori would do the same thing for me when we heard voices and food steps coming toward the bungalow.

We quickly threw the mattress on the bunk, and the three guys dove under it. Lori jumped on the bunk and spread the sheet so it covered her and fell to the floor such that we guys were hidden. Not a moment to soon, as the door flew open and Cindy and her girlfriend walked through. They had decided to go swimming for the lunch period and had come back to change into their suits. From where I lay under the bunk I could look under the sheet and see Cindy and her friend undressing. Cindy wasn't as mature as Lori, and her breasts were just bumps in comparison, but I liked what I saw. Maybe tonight I would try to sneak a feel of those lovely bumps through her blouse at the sing along. Jack could see also and whispered in my ear that Cindy had certainly been a good choice. He really liked the look of her friend and was going to try to make friends with her at the sing along tonight. Well the whisper was a little too loud and Cindy, now nude, demanded to know who else was there.

Lori told her that no one was and to put on her suit and go swimming if she was going to, she didn't have much time. Cindy wasn't buying, and walked over to the bunk and ripped off the sheet. What she saw was a nude, cum coated Lori, and three guys under the bed, two of us nude, and me with my cock hanging out of my pants. Cindy's friend, who was also nude, immediately tried to cover herself with her hands and arms, and let out a scream.

"SHUT UP" Cindy snapped at her, then looking at me said "Joey, what the hell are you doing here in my bungalow". As we three guys crawled out from under the bunk, I tried to think of a reasonable story. After we had crawled out, Jack also tried to cover himself just like Cindy's girlfriend, but Cindy made no such move.

While I tried to concoct a plausible story I was looking at her cute little body close up. It was kind of distracting. Seeing my discomfort, Lori came to my rescue. Starting with the statement that she hoped that the girls wouldn't tell anyone about this or she and Danny would be fired, she told the girls the truth, exactly the way it had happened. Cindy promised that she and her girlfriend wouldn't tell but there would be a price.

While she was talking, Jack surprised me by walking up to her girlfriend (still covering his privates with his hands), and said "I'm Jack, what's your name".

Somewhat overcome by all of this, the girl said "Teri" and kind of half fell, half sat on one of the bunks. Teri's hands were no longer covering herself since she had used them to steady herself as she sat down. Now she just sat there with her arms at her sides and her hands on the bunk. Jack sat down beside her, taking her hand in his. She now had a view of his erect cock.

Lori, looking a little worried, asked Cindy what the price would be. Cindy explained that they had never seen a boy nude before and they just wanted a good look. They also wanted to see Danny and Lori having sex, they were really curious, that was all. Then Cindy looked at me, and asked me to take off my clothes. That was fine with me, I looked pretty stupid standing there with my cock hanging out of my pants anyway.

After my clothes were off, I sat down on one of the bunks and Cindy sat down beside me. Looking over at Jack and Teri, I could see his arm around her nude body. They were talking in whispers, giggling, and feeling each others bodies. Then I felt Cindy's hand on my throbbing member. She was staring at it and then at the little opening into her own body. "How do you get this big thing into a girls body" she asked.

"It's easy", Lori laughed, "And it really feels good after the first time. The first time it hurts when the guy breaks your cherry. Then after that it feels like you have died and gone to heaven".

"I want to see" Cindy demanded.

As Danny got up he said why not, and threw two of the mattresses on the floor. Lori laid on one of them and Danny positioned himself between her legs. While he was doing that, Teri, Jack, Cindy, and I, sat together on the other mattress. Lori took Danny's cock and rubbed it on her pussy lips, still oozing Jack's cum, and said "This is really going to feel weird knowing you guys are watching".

Although Lori is older, she is almost tiny as Cindy, and Danny's cock is huge. As Lori put the head of Danny's cock between her pussy lips and he pushed, it looked like Danny was pushing a telephone pole into her. Instead of screaming in pain at having that monster pushed into her, her face took on a look of bliss and she moaned that it felt so good to be so full of Danny. As Danny began to pull out and push in, Lori explained what was going on.

"It feels so good the first time Danny enters me. Then I can feel the barb on Danny's cock moving as he moves in and out. It feel so good". Danny was moving slowly and pulling his cock almost all the way out before thrusting back in. "When we first start, Danny makes long strokes slow like he is now", Lori moaned, "The more he strokes, the better it feels".

The show was having a profound effect on us kids. Cindy was holding my cock in a vise like grip and her breathing was becoming ragged. I was stroking her breasts, and then ventured my fingers down to her pussy. Cindy moaned in pleasure and didn't move my hand away so I started to gently rub her there. Looking around I noticed that Teri and Jack were doing the same thing.

As I looked back at the loving couple in front of us, Lori continued. "When we are close to cumming, I like Danny to stay deep in me. It feels good to have my whole body filled when my orgasm comes". Sure enough, Danny was staying deep in Lori, only pulling out about an inch before thrusting back into her. Danny whispered in Lori's ear but we all heard it, "PLEASE, can I cum inside?"

"OHhhhh Yessssss", Lori groaned, "FILL ME WITH YOUR HOT CUM". After that, Lori tried to continue explaining what was happening but just wasn't coherent. Her ragged breathing, moans, and groans just wouldn't let her speak. Their motion was getting frantic now, Danny was only pulling out about a half inch before slamming back into her body. He slammed into her so hard that her breasts were moving back and forth with his motion. Then Lori went stone ridged, every muscle in her body tense. She let out a guttural cry and bucked up at him HARD. At the same time, Danny growled and grabbed her tight. After that Lori seemed to be having convulsions, her head whipping around, every muscle in her body seemed to be throbbing.

When it was over, Danny gave Lori a long wet kiss. "I love you babe" he whispered as he pulled out of her. The show had been so over powering that I hadn't noticed the little beauty sitting beside me. I was still rubbing her pussy. She clutched at me as I turned my head toward her, she also, just as Lori had, went stone ridged and screamed. Then I could feel her whole pussy area throbbing in time with her grip on my arms, Cindy was cumming. As she was cumming, Cindy was staring at the creamy white goo gushing out of Lori's pussy. Before Cindy was finished, I heard a grunt from Teri, and realized that she was on that same trip. Looking over at Teri I could see her tummy rippling as she screamed out her pleasure. Then Danny suggested that the girls get dressed and go to class. Jack and I would have to go sign in, since we hadn't. "I don't know where you guys have been hiding, but I suspect that they will feed you and then escort you to the history class. Tell them the reason you are late is that you were helping me pick up trash from an overturned trash can. Wind had blown it all over the place". Jack and I told Danny about our secret pool down below the Cafeteria.

"Yes, most of the counselors use that when camp isn't in session. It's plenty safe now, you can go there is you want tomorrow morning". The girls chimed in that they wanted to go there too.

Danny grinned at Lori, and said "Fine, Lori and I will see you all there tomorrow morning, we have the mooring off". With that everyone got dressed and headed to our assigned tasks.

Everything went about like Danny said it would. Our excuse was excepted (after Danny backed us up) but we did have to go the religious history class. The sing along that night was actually fun. No one thought anything about the four kids sitting on one of the back benches with a blanket over their laps to keep warm, and anyway, they were actually singing. I, for one, had a pretty good reason to sing, as Cindy rubbed my cock till my cum dampened the blanket. As I felt the mind blowing throbbing of my whole lower body, I rubbed Cindy's pussy and thought of tomorrow.