Suzy by Joe Boone


She was a knock out. The first time I met her I knew I wanted her. But like most guys, I figured I stood a better chance of being run over by a truck than getting to be with her.

This all began back in the early '90's. I met Suzy through work. I was a computer technician and she was a computer operator. I had many occasions to work on the equipment in the computer room and we became good friends. She was perhaps the most beautiful lady I had ever seen -- long dark hair, big beautiful eyes, a very sharp dresser and a body that was out of this world. I mean, this woman had the biggest set of tits I had ever seen. Hey, I admit it! I am a tit man. The bigger the better. But there was more to her than just tits. She had a sharp head on her shoulders too.

After a couple of years of joking and carrying on with her, I finally got the nerve to tell her I would like to see her some time. With me working shift work, it was very difficult to arrange a time. We were both working swing shift one night and I had responded to a trouble call in her office. Not finding anything wrong, I decided to sit and talk with her for a while. Again our conversation got around to seeing each other. She finally asked me to drop by her house after work. Her shift was about to finish for the night but I still had a couple of hours to go but I agreed if it wouldn't be too late for her.

I didn't think my work would ever end that night. As I left work and approached her house, I kept thinking, "Why are you doing this?" You see, I was married. Granted our sex wasn't that good but she was a good wife. Years before we both had flings that almost ended our marriage but we worked through it. Now here I was about to make the same mistake again.

The next thing I knew she was standing there after answering my knock. I remember she was wearing a black sweatshirt and black pants. The soft light behind her silhouetting her. Damn she was gorgeous! I stepped inside as she shut the door and locked it. Trapped! My mind went crazy. I knew she wasn't married but what if she had a boyfriend? Or what if...? Who knows what a man thinks at a time like this?

"How about something to drink?" she asked.

"Sure, coke or tea would be fine," I said.

Watching her returning from the kitchen, I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. Her huge nipples were making tents out of her shirt. She sat the drinks down by the couch and sat down. We exchanged small talk for a few minutes until I couldn't stand it any more. I leaned towards her and kissed her. God could this girl kiss! I had an instant hard-on. Her lips parted and we tongued each other for what seemed like hours. My breathing must have sounded like a freight train.

Slowly I slid my hand up her back under the shirt. Nothing but skin. I had been right. She didn't try to stop me so I became bolder and moved my hand to her front. The back of my hand rubbed the under side of one of her giant tits. I kissed around her neck and ears while slowly moving my hand up to grasp one of her boobs. The nipple must have been as big around as my thumb. I captured it between my thumb and finger and massaged it gently. Her breathing was speeding up also. I grabbed the bottom of the shirt and raised it above her breast. There they were! In all their splendour. I immediately lowered my mouth to first one nipple and then the other, paying homage to this queenly sight.

Suddenly she rose form the couch, holding my hand, looking down at me.

"What?" I said.

"Come on," she said.

She led me to the bedroom. As I stood there glued to one spot. She started to undress. Slowly she raised the shirt up to her tits, all the while looking at me. I guess she was as nervous as I was. Quickly she pulled the top over her head and threw in on the chair, while turning her back to me. Next, she slowly slid the pants and panties down over her ass, down her legs until her panties lay on the floor. Then she turned towards me. I almost came right then. She was beautiful. She was a big girl. I don't mean fat. Not one ounce of fat. Just big boned. I let my eyes take in her giant breasts (which I later learned were 44-FF's) with those huge nipples, her flat stomach, down to her love nest with the dark bush surrounding two aroused lips of her cunt. Her beautiful long legs. She was absolutely breath taking. I must have looked funny as hell standing there with my mouth hanging open and a hard-on about to break my zipper.

Slowly she walked towards me and started unbuttoning my shirt. Next came my pants. My raging hard sprang out like a switchblade knife. Leaving me standing there she moved towards the bed. Lying down, she held out her hand to me.

"Come up here," she quietly said.

I crawled up the bed to lay by her side and reached over and cupped one of her tits. I immediately took the other in my mouth. Her left nipple is an inverted one but with a little attention it would extend itself to fill my mouth. Sliding my hand down her stomach to the soft fur I soon found my target. Her clit was filled engorged and standing erect waiting for my touch. As I rubbed it, her back arched upwards.

"OH GOD!" she moaned.

I slid my fingers down between the lips of her pussy. She was so wet that my finger slid easily up inside her. She placed one hand on my head and pulled my mouth hard against her breast as I continued to work my finger in and out of her pussy.

Slowly I slid my lips down her stomach, licking around and into her belly-button. Her hips were rotating faster and faster. Sliding down I spread her legs and laid between them, my mouth only inches away form her clit. The aroma was breath taking. Almost sweet smelling. It had to taste just as sweet. Slowly I lowered my tongue to her. I licked all around the clit grasping it with my lips and finally drawing it into my mouth. I couldn't have sucked on it very long before she had an orgasm. As she floated down from her peak, I raised her legs and rammed my tongue up inside of her. With a scream she grabbed my head and pulled me tight against her pussy. With my nose buried in her pussy, I withdrew my tongue from her hole and slid it down to her ass-hole. Slowly I licked all around her opening. She was going crazy. Another orgasm followed closely behind the first.

"Please, Oh God, please fuck me," she said. "I can't take anymore of that."

I moved up between her thighs and slid it in. She stopped me with her hand saying, "Please be gentle, it's been so long since I've done anything."

Slowly working myself in and out of her. I could feel the tightness and the heat engulf me. I had to fight to keep from coming right then. Ever so slowly I increased my thrusting. Again she reached her peak, raising her hips off the bed until only my toes and hands were touching the bed. As she calmed down again, she reached over on the nightstand and handed me a foil pack.

"You had better put this on because I'm not on the pill," she stated.

As badly as I hate those damn things, at the time I hated the thought of her getting pregnant even worse. I rolled it on and immediately buried myself back in her.

"Give me some tit, baby," I said.

She reached under each arm and pushed both mountains of flesh up to my waiting mouth. I was in heaven. The more I sucked, the harder I fucked. Once again she was getting close.


Later as we lay there, I asked her what she meant about it being so long. She said she hadn't slept with anyone in two years. No wonder she had come so hard and so many times so quickly. How on earth had I managed to find someone like her?

As we talked, she was slowly rubbing my cock, which was beginning to show signs of life again. I moaned and rolled towards her, fastening my mouth once again to those beautiful tits. I again started rubbing her clit and had her humping my hand. Then I had her get on her knees and put her hands up on the wall above the headboard. I then crawled under her parted thighs and started sucking her cunt. From her clit to her ass-hole my tongue worked. I stuck my thumb up her pussy and slowly inserted my forefinger, slick from her cunt juices, into her ass. She started to pull away.

"Just relax," I said. "I would never hurt you."

I felt her muscles relax and my finger slipped in all the way up to my palm. With my mouth sucking on her clit, I started moving my thumb and finger in and out of her ass and cunt. I could feel them almost touching each other, separated by the thin membrane. Again she was moaning and then screaming as she came. I must have hit her G-spot from this position because she actually shot juice all over my face. I quickly removed my thumb and clamped my mouth to her cunt. I could barely swallow all the juice that she squirted out. Never in my 46 years had I ever experienced anything as wonderful as this.

After a couple of hours of this wild love-making, I had to get dressed and drive some 50 miles to my home and to my wife. I was hoping that when I got there she would be asleep and not want to play. There was no "play" left in me.

A few days later, an ice storm hit at work and I had to get a hotel room because the roads were closed. Suzy and I made arrangements for her to stay with me at the hotel. When she got there, she was upset and crying.

A while later, I stopped by again and found her upset. She had started her period and couldn't do anything. We kissed and played around a bit. Then I got my tongue on her clit and made her come over and over.

As I got up to go to work, I was standing naked in front of the bathroom sink washing my hands. Suzy came up behind me, rubbing her giant tits on my back. She reached around and found my hard dick. Slowly she rubbed it back and forth. Until I stopped her because she was close to making me come. Suddenly she grabbed it with one of her hands and turned me around.

"Come with me," she said.

She led me by my cock back into the bed oom. When the back of my knees touched the bed, she shoved me backwards. I hit the bed and just laid there. She had this funny look on her face and knelt down.

"Now it's your turn to enjoy," she said.

With that, she lowered her mouth to my hard cock. God, I never expected this. Her tongue running around the head and down to my balls. Then she would kiss her way back to the tip and then take all of me in her mouth. She had never instigated this before. Of course she would kiss around on it or maybe give it a quick suck but nothing like this.

"Honey, you don't have to do this," I said.

"Shhh, just enjoy it," she said. "I've never done it before but now I want to."

I ran my foot up to her cunt and heard her gasp. The more I rubbed the more she sucked. Soon I couldn't stand it any longer. I could feel my come boiling up from my balls like a freight train.

"Suzy, you'd better quit before it's to late," I yelped.

She only redoubled her efforts as I started to come in her mouth. I could see her trying to swallow it all without gagging. At the same time my foot was bringing her off at the same time. As the last of my juice emptied into her throat she let out a long moan and clamped my foot between her thighs. I felt like I had died. I was so weak I could get my eyes to focus. I looked down at her and watched as my softening cock slid from her mouth and she rubbed it on her face.

"Was that OK?" she ask. "I never knew it would be that good."

With that I pulled her to me and kissed her long and deep. Tasting myself in her mouth was even more of a turn on.

As I said, that was some 7 years ago. We been together ever since. There have been many times together. Trying new things. She even bought vibrators to use when I'm not around. We even have some of the wildest phone sex when I'm out of town. She even bought some anal-ease to help me fuck her in the ass the next time we are together.

No -- it's definitely not fair to her, me being married and all. And we do love each other! We've even talked about getting her pregnant. But that wouldn't be fair to either of us. But how do you let someone like her go???

Maybe we have no future. But without her there is no future. Or at best, a damn lonely one!