Swimming by G-boy


We watched from our bedroom window as the twins swam in our pool. They were unaware that we were watching them, or they would have run back to their home next door. In the pale underwater light, their fourteen-year-old bodies gleamed a sickly white, especially their genitals, with the light fringe of blond pubic hair. We watched as they cavorted, wrestled, giggled, then shushed each other.

"Oh, I'd love to suck both of them off," Dianne moaned and rubbed her small naked breasts against my arm. I clasped her buttocks and squeezed tightly.

"Me, too," I whispered. "Really, I'd shoot my load with one of them up my ass, and the other one in my mouth."

"Well, I'm not going to compete with my own husband for some dick," Dianne snapped playfully, then pulled me toward the bed. I rubbed her slightly swelling belly; she was five months pregnant, then worked my way down to her smoothly shaven crotch. We made love that night, both fantasizing that it was the twins in our arms.

My wife, Dianne, an Asian-American, and I are lawyers in a prestigious law firm. In our mid twenties, we're fast climbing the corporate ladder, and we recently bought this house in a well-to-do subdivision. Shortly after we bought the house, we discovered, to our joy, that Dianne was expecting our first child. We say "ours," even though we're not sure if I or Jason, our intern, is really the father. We joke and say that if the kid comes out with a big dick, then Jason is the father. His penis is at least eight inches long and three inches around. When he has it buried in my rectum, believe me, I know it's buried.

The house came with a medium sized swimming pool; surrounded by a privacy fence, it's perfect for midnight swims, sans clothing. The couple next door have a seventeen year old boy, the two fourteen year old twins, and a sweet twelve year old daughter. The daughter has already put in her bid for babysitting rights. The parents are both mousy people and Dianne and I wonder how they managed to have four gorgeous children.

The twins were gone when we finished making love. Dianne vowed that she would confront them the next time they sneaked over to our yard, and their punishment would be a fourteen year old dick for the both of us. My mouth watered at the thought of it.

We didn't have long to wait. That Saturday night we heard the creak of the gate and raced to our window. Sure enough, it was Tracy and Todd. They quickly divested themselves of their shorts and tee shirts, and dove in. Dianne slipped on her bath robe, and I rubbed my growing erection.

"What are you kids doing?" she loudly proclaimed. With a shriek, the twins scrambled out of the pool and grabbed their clothing.

"Come inside. Now!" she barked. Struggling to get their clothes on, they meekly followed her into our living room. She sat them down on the couch and sat in the recliner, facing them like a queen. "Well, what do you think I should do to you two?" she asked them, "I mean, if you add it all up, it spells real trouble for you. Breaking and entering, trespassing, out after curfew -- yes, we're looking at some serious trouble."

"Please, Miss Dianne," one of the boys croaked. "Don't call the police."

"I wasn't planning on it," she admitted. They looked somewhat relieved, but still very nervous.

"Our parents?" the other twin whined. Dianne smiled and shook her head no.

"No, but, you are going to have to pay," she said. The twins looked at each other in fear. Dianne opened her robe slightly. "So, what do you think would be a reasonable punishment?"

"Well, um, we could maybe cut the grass, or clean up around the house," one of the twins suggested.

My wife shook her head no. "No, I had something else in mind."

They stared at each other, then at Dianne. Her robe was almost fully open. They stared at her left breast as it peeked out at them.

"Well, first things first. You better get out of those wet clothes, before you ruin my couch," she said. Again, they looked at each other, then as one, the twins stood up and slowly began to remove their clothing. When Dianne shrugged off her robe, they stopped and stared in fascination. She waved them on and they finished removing their own clothes. They seemed to be fascinated by her smooth, hairless vagina.

"Do, um, Chinese people, um, not have any hair?" one of them managed to ask. "Because, um, Tara has, you know, hair on her pussy." Tara was their twelve year old sister. My wife smiled and shook her head no.

"No, I shave it. I like the feeling of a smooth pussy," she explained. Then, she looked at them. "You look at Tara's pussy a lot?"

"Well, yeah," they admitted. "We, um, touch it and stuff, you know."

"No, I don't know. What else do you do?" she asked, her breathing becoming erratic.

"Well, um, we, um, you know, we, um, we lick it, and stuff like that, and she licks ours, like we do with each other," one of the boys stammered out. The other twin punched his brother in the arm, but both boys were growing an erection as they stood in front of Dianne and confessed their incestuous activities.

"You don't fuck her or anything, do you?" she asked. From my vantage point in the kitchen, I could see her vaginal lips moistening and puffing out slightly. She was really becoming excited. I was too. Several times, looking at my wife's lovely body, with its swell where our baby was growing, and the young boys' four inch erections, I had to stop stroking myself for fear that I would groan out loud.

"Oh, no! Nothing like that! We just, um, you know, Bunny each other, and stuff."

"Bunny? Bunny? What in the world is Bunny?" my wife asked.

"When you, um, you know, do each other, like at the same time," the other twin attempted to explain.

"Show me!" she demanded. The boys looked at each other, then shrugged their shoulders. One lay down on the floor, then the other straddled his twin, penis to mouth. Slowly, embarrassed, they started to suck each other. At this point, I did ejaculate. I quickly caught my semen in the palm of my hand, and licked my hand clean. As they grew more excited, they began to suck each other in earnest. Dianne was slowly starting to rub herself, and she waved me into the room. I entered the room and shoved my still erect penis into her mouth. Within seconds, I came again. I shoved three fingers into Dianne's gaping vagina and rubbed her clitoris with my thumb. Seconds later, she squealed in her own orgasm. The twins, now engrossed in the pleasure they were giving to each other, also exploded in their own climaxes. They rolled apart, gasping for breath. That's when they noticed that I was in the room. I approached the closest one.

"Got room for one more?" I asked, and presented my penis to his small lips. After a second's hesitation, he opened his mouth wide and took the head of my penis in his delicious warm little mouth. I let him suck for a moment, then pulled out.

"Let's Bunny," I suggested. He readily agreed, and I lay down on the floor. He straddled my face and I slowly worked the head, then the shaft, then the testicles into my mouth. He gasped in pleasure as my tongue massaged and mashed his testicles together. The head of his penis rested in the opening of my throat, but Jason, our well developed lover, had taught me (and Dianne) how to "deep throat", so it was not an uncomfortable feeling. After a moment, I had to reach up and force his head down onto my own penis. He took as much as he could into his small mouth, but lacked any real techniques. With my hands, I guided him, pushing and pulling him gently.

His brother was not standing around with his hands in his pockets. Dianne had him firmly imbedded in her mouth as they too performed this sexual act they termed "Bunny".

After a few moments, Dianne insisted that we exchange partners, so, after some fumbling, I had the other twin straddled across me, and I gently guided him in the art of oral sex. Within moments, we four enjoyed another orgasm, almost as one. The boy's semen flooded into my mouth and throat, and I pulled as much of him as I could into my mouth. He gasped and gurgled as my own sperm shot into his mouth. Some of it dribbled out of the corners of his small mouth and down his chin. On Dianne's command, his brother came over and licked the excess from his lips and face. Watching them kiss and lick at each other's face quickly stirred my diminishing erection. Dianne herself was far from finished with our guests. "Either one of you ever do it up the ass?" she bluntly asked. They looked at each other and shook their heads no. She picked her legs up to her chest, which exposed her anus.

"You do the same," she ordered me. I had to smile. Dianne can be somewhat of a controlling person. Being only four foot ten inches tall, she relishes authority whenever she wields it. I complied. Husband and wife lay side by side, their anuses thrust into the air. The boys nervously knelt between our legs. We guided the heads of their erections to the mouth of our anal cavities. Slowly, deliciously, they pushed forward. When they were buried as far as their four inches would let them be, they began the exquisite in and out thrusting. As they fucked our asses, Dianne and I kissed each other passionately. Suddenly, one, then the other, tensed up. I felt the hot trail of my fucker's sperm shoot into my bowels, and I groaned. Half in pleasure, and half in frustration that it was over so soon.

We sent them home after that, and Dianne and I quickly ran upstairs. Once alone in our bedroom, she put her strap-on dildo on and gave my hungry rectum what it wanted: a brutal fucking. I returned the favor, and we fell asleep in each other's arms.

That next night, as soon as it got dark, which is around 8:45 in the summertime, we heard the splashing and giggling coming from our pool. Dianne and I looked at each other and laughed out loud.

"Well, I guess they just didn't learn their lesson," Dianne said, as she wandered over to the window to look out into the pool. She gasped and smiled. She looked at me and nodded me over to the window. My penis was already growing in excitement. I looked out the window, and to my pleasure I saw the twins, and a slightly smaller figure. The twins had brought along their little sister to join them for "the punishment". We hurried downstairs and stepped out into the backyard. The three children didn't even have the decency to act somewhat ashamed of themselves. We waved them inside and sat in our living room; five deliciously naked bodies.

Tara was a small, slim girl, with the promise of a lush body soon to come. Her long brown hair hung about her sweet little face and the wet ends almost touched her nipples, which were a light brown in color. These nipples sat on the slight, almost imperceptible swell of what would soon be lovely breasts. Her belly still held some baby fat and her hips flared out gently. Her buttocks were small and high, but also held much promise for what was to come in the months and years ahead. Her mound was covered in a light brown fuzz, almost invisible. They sat on our couch expectantly.

"Well, what do we have here?" Dianne said. They looked at each other and shrugged.

"We, um, we told Tara that you, um, you know, we fucked, and she wanted to, um, you know, watch and stuff," one of the twins said. His brother and sister nodded their heads in eager agreement.

"Just watch?" Dianne teased. The little girl blushed and shook her head no. Dianne was getting very excited. Her pussy lips bulged out with the excitement and moisture made them look slick. Tara stared at Dianne's smooth vagina and Dianne stared at Tara's almost hairless one. We were silent for a few moments, not sure of how to start, but Dianne took the initiative.

"Come here, Tara," she ordered. Quickly, the girl bounded over to stand in front of my wife. Dianne ran her hands lightly over the girl's body, then kissed her. Tara returned the kiss, and Dianne opened her mouth for the small girl's tongue and they kissed passionately. I sat down between the twins and took their penises into my hands as we watched the two females kiss and touch each other. Dianne broke from the kiss and put her lips on one, then the other nipple of the girl. Tara sighed and held Dianne's head loosely. Dianne's mouth traveled down over the plump little belly and finally rested on the child's vagina. Unwilling to take my eyes off of the sight of my wife making love to this girl, I gently, but forcefully pushed one twin's head into my lap. When his small mouth encircled the head of my throbbing erection, I guided the other's head to my testicles. Their two mouths and tongues sucked, licked and rubbed and nibbled my genitals while my hands massaged and pulled at theirs'. Tara and Dianne slid to the floor and assumed the "Bunny" position. I had never seen Dianne with another female, and the sights and sounds of my small, pregnant wife with her mouth firmly attached to another's vagina was so overwhelming that I felt my orgasm impending. Without warning, I emptied my sperm into the mouth that thrust up and down my shaft. He gagged and gurgled as jet after excited jet flooded into his mouth and down his chin. Finally, I tore my eyes from my wife's lovely face as her tongue darted in and out of the girl's slit, and knelt on the floor.

"You. Fuck my ass! You. Fuck my face!" I commanded. The twins quickly complied, and within seconds I was trapped between the two thrusting teenaged boys; one in my anus, the other in my mouth. I dimly heard Tara and Dianne cry out in ecstasy, but was too busy enjoying my own delight to pay any attention to anything else. After a few moments of thrusting and sweating, the twins emptied themselves of their sperm into my waiting bowels and mouth, and we fell apart, gasping and moaning. Dianne quickly mounted my erection and we wetly and noisily fucked in front of the teenaged audience. She came three times before I finally reached an orgasm inside of her.

She and I rested for a moment and watched as Tara sucked one, then the other of her twin brothers' penises. She sat on the floor as her brothers stood and face-fucked her. I could see her tiny pussy was wet with excitement, and I crawled between her raised knees and gingerly lapped at her girl pussy juices. When I found her little nub of a clitoris, I really went to town on it, First I gave it broad swipes with my tongue, then pursed my lips around it and sucked it like a little penis, then more broad swipes. Dianne pulled the two boys away from their sister's hot little mouth and lay on the floor on her side. One boy penetrated her vagina, while the other lucky boy shoved his erection into her tight ass. I continued to batter Tara's little clitoris until she screamed and came. I gave her a moment to recover, then presented my throbbing penis to her mouth. She looked at Dianne, imprisoned between the twins, and shook her head no.

"No, I think I want to do that," she declared. I looked at her in lustful shock and delight. My wife's pussy is tight, as she is a small woman, but I was sure that this little girl, not yet a teenager, was even tighter.

I lay down on the floor and helped her to straddle my hips, facing me. Slowly, I brought the head of my penis to her slick opening and introduced it slightly.

"Go slow, okay?" I cautioned her. There was no need to tell her this. Even if we had been in a hurry, the smallness of her pussy demanded that we go slow. When almost half of my seven inches was inside of her, she strained and grimaced. Her tight little twat was excruciatingly tight and hot and wet, and I almost shot my sperm into her at that point, but managed to hold back.

"Take a deep breath," I advised her. She took a halting breath and held it.

"Now, let it out slowly," I said. She did so, and another inch of my shaft disappeared into her small pussy. The tightness and friction proved to be too much for me and with a scream, I came in a torrent into that tight little channel. My semen lubricated her little box even more, and my thrusting hips drove my penis into her further. Before either one of us realized it, I was buried to the hilt in her throbbing little body. With a gasp of pain, she realized that I had her impaled on me. She rose up slightly, but the pain forced her back down on my belly. Tears welled up in her eyes, and I pulled her down so that she was laying across my belly and chest. I kissed her face and held her tightly.

"It's okay, baby," I crooned and murmured to her. After a few minutes, the child's body quit twitching, and I let her sit up again. Again she gasped as my seven inches slid easily and fully into her small vagina, but she also noticed that there seemed to be no pain. I pulled her forward again, and this time we kissed with our tongues. She sat up again and felt my fullness slide into her. Forward and backward she went, and then, with Dianne's helpful hands on her hips, she bounced up and down. Dianne knelt behind the little girl and guided her motions, until I pulled one of her hands and pulled her to my face. She readily squatted over my face and I greedily sucked the twins' seed out of her tight pussy and anus. Tara screamed out and I felt the unbearable tightness grow even tighter as the girl's body convulsed in orgasm. She fell away and Dianne immediately took me into her mouth and cleaned my penis of Tara's juices and continued to suck until my own fluids filled her waiting mouth.

Exhausted, we sat back against the couch. Suddenly we heard their father calling the children. They ran out through the back door and, gathering their clothing from our pool deck, ran next door. A few moments later, we heard the doorbell ring. Dianne slipped her robe on and answered the door. It was the father.

"My kids told me they was over here swimming," he apologized. "Listen, I'm going to tell them to stay out of your yard, okay?"

"Oh, no!" Dianne protested. "It's fine! If they want to swim over here, we're okay with it."

"You sure?" he asked. "I mean, they can be a handful, those kids of mine."

They sure can. And a mouthful and an assful and a pussyful.

"Whenever they want to come swimming," Dianne assured him.