Just A Swingin' by Cat

Just A Swingin'

This was the second swinger's party Lynn and Michael attended together. The first one had been interesting but somewhat unfulfilling. Lynn met an attractive, older woman named Jean who was more than happy to provide Lynn with her first bisexual experience. Jean had the most amazing ass, full and luscious, like a ripe peach. Her long, straight auburn hair hung down her back, and Lynn loved the way it contrasted with her pale skin. Her hair was what first attracted Lynn to Jean and provided an opportunity for her to approach Jean. As she was walking past Jean to the restroom, Lynn had leaned forward and whispered, "Your hair is so sexy."

Later, while Lynn and Michael were sitting in the room with the porno movies, Jean and her husband followed. Jean spread her legs so that Lynn could see up her tight black skirt and observe that she was wearing no panties over her bare gash. The sight aroused Lynn and Michael, and the two of them went upstairs and undressed, preparing to fuck. Jean and her husband followed, and Jean came into the room. She explained that she was interested in Lynn but her husband would not allow her to do anything with Michael. Michael wanted Lynn to experience what she had been craving for so long and gave his assent. Jean was very shy at first. "I'm nervous," she laughed nervously. Without a word, Lynn leaned forward and kissed her hungrily, then laid her back on the bed. They undressed each other, exploring each other's soft, rounded bodies. Jean laid on top of Lynn as they kissed and touched.

Lynn enjoyed tonguing Jean to orgasm and tasting the warm liquid that trickled from her smooth, hairless pussy while Michael pummeled her from behind. She used her fingers to fill Jean's wet hole and put her pinky into Jean's ass. Michael kept sliding his thick hard cock into Lynn, and she reached up and grasped Jean's husband's erection, expertly stroking it. Then Jean moved to straddle Lynn's face, grinding down on her eager mouth, the points on Jean's full breasts teasing Michael as he thrust inside of Lynn, missionary style. He later confessed that he had wanted to lean forward and nibble on those pretty pink nipples, and it frustrated him that he could not.

After she came, Jean expressed her amazement that it had been Lynn's first time with a woman and asked Michael if she could take Lynn home. Of course he declined. Jean then moved to lick Lynn, and Jean used her long fingers with their pointy nails to penetrate her. Lynn moaned and started to rub her clit while Jean concentrated on fingering her. Michael moved to suck one of her nipples, pulling it with his teeth. Lynn was nearing orgasm, when an unidentified blonde woman who was on all fours being fucked leaned forward to suck Lynn's other nipple. A crowd had gathered in the doorway, contrary to club rules, eager to watch the only woman-to-woman scene being performed. Lynn came with a soft scream, her limbs trembling, wet juices soaking the mattress. They left soon afterwards, and Lynn thanked Michael for allowing her to experience this, but they agreed that in the future they would have to find someone who wanted to be with Michael too.

Once Lynn had attended alone. It was a special night at the club, and at 10:00 everyone was to change into lingerie. She went into the bathroom and changed into a black lace bra with cut-out nipples and black harem pants that tied at the ankles and were slit on the side. Beneath this she wore black fishnet stockings, held in place by a lace garter. She wore high heels with thin ankle straps and large golden hoops. She was the only woman to arrive alone, and she tried to look unselfconscious as she walked out of the bathroom with her medium-sized breasts with their pert brown nipples exposed. Other women were wearing silk camisoles or satin teddies. Most of the men were in boxers, although a few brave ones were in black bikinis.

She had promised Michael to confine herself to the downstairs, where intercourse was not permitted. But then Shannon arrived. Young, with long honey blonde hair, lightly tanned skin, and enormous breasts, she attracted immediate attention. Lynn barely noticed her date, a small, dark Hispanic gentleman with a golden earring. Shannon and her boyfriend didn't realize it was a lingerie night, but Shannon cheerfully peeled off her pants and underwear to get into the spirit of things. She knotted her top beneath her full bosom, and Lynn marveled at the near perfection of her round ass and sweet, girlish-looking netherlips. She ached to part them with her tongue and slide her fingers into the soft folds of flesh. Taking a deep breath, she sauntered over to the blonde woman and her boyfriend.

"Hi," she said shyly.

"Hello," Shannon said with a sexy smile and introduced herself and Pablo, her boyfriend. "I love your bra. It makes me want to just suck one of those big nipples into my mouth," Shannon said, with a slurping sound.

Lynn smiled, "Be my guest."

"Oooh," she replied.

They talked for a while and developed a rapport. Lynn discovered Shannon was a 19-year-old college student still living at home and Pablo was a 22-year-old nursing student. When she saw they were interested in her, Lynn explained to them that she was married, and because her husband was not able to come, she was not supposed to "do anything." They looked disappointed and started looking elsewhere for the evening's entertainment. Because Lynn knew Michael would adore Shannon's body, she decided to go upstairs with them, hoping this would ensure Michael's chance at enjoying Shannon.

Upstairs were three rooms. One was an orgy room, where anyone could approach anyone, and saying no was frowned upon. The second room was a semi-private room. You could approach someone, but saying no was permitted. The third room was considered private, because nobody was supposed to approach you and your partner(s). The floor of each room was covered with mattresses, and naked bodies writhed on most of them. Lynn felt the heat spread between her legs as she watched one attractive, dark-haired woman bouncing on the cock of her husband while her mouth opened to receive another man's penis as he played with her small breasts.

Shannon and Pablo led her to the private room. Shannon immediately lowered her head to Lynn's breast and sucked on her nipple like she had teased earlier. Lynn moaned and ran her hands through Shannon's silky hair. She reached down and started unbuttoning Shannon's blouse; Pablo stood behind Lynn, and pulled her harem pants down, exposing her voluptuous rear-end. Lynn felt his cock probing her ass cheeks as she pulled Shannon's mouth up to hers and the two of them kissed passionately, their tongues sliding against each other. Lynn looked down at Shannon's breasts and gasped. They were beautiful; full and natural, each one firm and round like a grapefruit, with large pink aureoles decorating the center. "Oh Shannon!" Lynn moaned as she took them in her hands, then pressed her own against them while they kissed.

Then Pablo turned her head toward him and kissed her while Shannon knelt down and sucked his throbbing cock into her mouth. He pushed a finger into Lynn's moist, aching pussy and she wiggled as he deftly fingered her.

The three of them moved to the floor. Shannon lay on her back, and Pablo and Lynn each mouthed one of Shannon's delectable tits. Lynn heard Shannon's indrawn breath as she pulled one of the nipples with her teeth. Pablo put his cock into Shannon's open mouth and fucked it; she moved her hand up and down his shaft, sucking the head as it slid between her rosy lips. Lynn ran her tongue along the side of Shannon's neck, gently nibbling the warm flesh of her shoulder. Then Lynn used her tongue to draw a trail down Shannon's chest, beneath the deep valley between her breasts, down her flat stomach, to her luscious thighs. Shannon spread her legs, inviting Lynn to lap the cream she had been aching to taste since she first saw Shannon's pouty pussy lips. Already moist, her clit throbbing with arousal, Shannon arched against Lynn's tongue. Lynn caressed the hard button furiously with her tongue, pushing it back and forth, while she slid two fingers into Shannon's hot opening. Shannon moaned, with Pablo still shoving his meat into her mouth.

Lynn remembered her surprise to learn that Shannon enjoyed anal sex as much as she, and she took a finger, slick with the juice from Shannon's dribbling cunt, and slid it gently into Shannon's tight but receptive backdoor. Pablo removed himself from Shannon's mouth and started suckling her breasts, which she was squeezing together. Her body writhing and shaking, she came and Lynn eagerly lapped the delicious nectar that spilled from her pink gash.

Pablo laid Lynn back on the mattress and slid a condom over his engorged penis. He parted her legs and thrust it into her sopping hole with its tangle of dark brown curls. Shannon leaned over Lynn and rubbed one of her nipples against Lynn's. She moaned as her nipple became instantly erect, a ripe raspberry waiting for Shannon's lips. Shannon sucked it, pulling it with her teeth while her fingers grasped the other one and twisted it firmly. Moans and grunts filled Lynn's ears, and her eyes wandered around the room. She watched one couple fucking enthusiastically, a dark-haired woman lifting her hips off the mattress to match her lover's every stroke. Lynn watched as he withdraw his cock and sprayed the woman's perky tits with his gooey cum.

The sights and sounds of animal lust were everywhere, increasing the fever between Lynn's thighs. "Harder!" Lynn whispered, closing her eyes to focus on the feel of the cock driving into her. Pablo took this as a cue to pound her furiously while Shannon twisted her nipple and stretched it in her fingers. Suddenly everything stopped, and Lynn opened her eyes, confused. Pablo smiled and indicated she should get on her hands and knees. She complied and bit her lip as Shannon slid a finger full of KY into her asshole. "Please go slow," she pleaded with Pablo when he put the head of his latex-covered cock against her opening. He was too eager to take it slow and thrust deep into her as she yelped.

"Shh," Shannon said softly and kissed her. The pain turned to breathtaking pleasure when Pablo moved in and out between her butt cheeks. "Isn't she sexy, Pablo?" Shannon said, stroking Lynn's hair. She sat on the ground and fed one of her delicious, gigantic breasts into Lynn's mouth. Lynn sucked like a nursing child, eagerly taking as much of Shannon into her mouth as she could.

"Suck her tits," Pablo said, as he slapped Lynn's ass.

"Are you fucking her good Pablo?" Shannon asked in her breathy, girlish voice.

"Yeah." he said with a smile in his voice. "She's so tight. Come on baby, squeeze me!"

Lynn responded by tightening the muscles in her ass, clamping down on his thrusting cock. Pablo moaned at the sensation and shuddered as he ejaculated, his hot pole throbbing inside Lynn. Pablo withdrew and laid down. He watched as Shannon and Lynn played with each other, embracing and pressing their breasts together. They kissed and Shannon buried her fingers deep in Lynn's box, shoving them in and out, teasing her clit with a well-placed thumb. "Oh yes!" Lynn gasped. She reclined on the mattress, pulling Shannon on top of her. Shannon's blue eyes gazed into her golden-green ones, full of passion. Lynn felt Shannon rub her pussy against her own, and she matched Shannon's rhythm. They kissed, fondled each other, and rocked their pelvises together, frantically trying to reach orgasm.

Shannon came first, and Lynn thought her pants and cries were so sweet. Shannon positioned herself between Lynn's legs, and Lynn squirmed as Shannon's tongue started gliding across her clitoris. Taking Shannon's long silky hair, she rubbed it across her body, feeling its softness on her stomach and her nipples. Pablo leaned over and kissed her, his tongue roughly pushing against hers, while he used his hands to stimulate her soft mounds. Animal noises came from her throat, and Pablo urged her to come. "Shannon's licking your pussy so good, I want to see you come all over her pretty face."

"Oh god!" Lynn exclaimed, and felt a warm stickiness flooding the mattress beneath her. Shannon looked up and smiled, her chin covered in sticky white cum. Lynn pulled her close and licked her own cream from Shannon's face.

"You're so hot," Shannon murmured.

"You're beautiful," Lynn responded. Pablo was again erect, and asked Lynn to suck him off while he caressed Shannon. Lynn obliged and sucked Pablo's cock with her practiced mouth.

"You do that so good," he groaned. She caressed the head of his shaft with her tongue and ran her fingernails lightly on the underside of his balls. She was rewarded with a load of hot spunk that he shot down her throat. She swallowed it willingly and sucked out the last drop.

The exertion had left Pablo hungry and he dressed to go downstairs for pizza. Lynn and Shannon lay side by side, holding each other, their naked bodies pressed together. Lynn told Shannon about Michael and how much he would enjoy her. Shannon said he sounded great, and the two of them talked about getting together once he returned. They dressed and went to find Pablo. He was sitting on a sofa, eating pizza and drinking a beer. He held out his arms for the two of them to sit on either side of him.

After he finished his pizza, they sat critiquing the pornographic film someone had slid into the VCR. "Look at those babes," Pablo said. "They don't even swallow. If I made a porno film, the girls would all swallow." He smiled at me. An older couple came in, and it seemed that Shannon and Pablo knew them. The man sat beside Shannon and started caressing her. Lynn and Pablo were kissing, and then Lynn reached over and started sucking Shannon's fingers.

"You sure know how to get things hot," Shannon smiled. The man, an African-American, untied his robe, exposing his erection. He held it to Shannon's lips, and she opened wide to receive him. Lynn felt Pablo's cock stiffen while he watched, and she freed it from his boxers and lowered her mouth on it. The two women sucked energetically, as the men groaned. Pablo had one hand on Shannon's breast and one on Lynn's and was squeezing them tightly. Lynn received another helping of Pablo's delicious cum, while Shannon was enthusiastically pushing the black man's face deeper into her bare snatch. "Suck her tits," Pablo ordered, and pushed my head down on one of those big mountains. I didn't need a second invitation. Her hand caressed my face, and her tongue snaked into my ear as I relished her lushness. She came, trembling, and her hand squeezed my arm. They invited Lynn to spend the night with them, but she declined and returned home. They had exchanged phone numbers and talked about arranging a time to get together as a foursome, but things never seemed to work, and they never hooked up.

Michael was disappointed, but wanted to experience lingerie night, after Lynn told him how much fun it could be. Michael was a voyeur, so even if they didn't connect with anyone, he would enjoy watching the women in their scanty clothing. For half an hour, the two of them sat alone at a larger table in the back. Then they were joined by an attractive couple, whose names were Denise and Peter. Denise was slim and fit, and Peter was reasonably attractive. They talked, and it was evident that Peter was very interested in Lynn. Denise was shy, and it was more difficult to tell. Then a third couple joined them at the table.

At 10:00, the host told everyone it was time to change. Lynn changed into a black lace corset that laced up beneath her breasts with a red ribbon and fastened in a collar around her neck. It had lace, gloved sleeves, and garters, to which she fashioned black lace stockings. Denise was wearing a silk, ivory brassiere and tap pants. Her skin was alabaster, and the nipples on her small breasts were pointing against the fabric. Lynn felt her eyes gravitating again and again to Denise. Denise had such incredible skin and red pouty lips. Her eyes were doe's eyes and complimented her bobbed auburn hair. Valerie was also attractive. She was about 5'6" and very curvaceous. Her full breasts were barely contained by a forest green babydoll. A mass of brown curls topped her head, and she had sparkling green eyes. Her legs were incredible -- long, shapely, smooth. She explained that she had been a ballet dancer when she was younger and continued to dance for fun. Unfortunately Peter was an ass, but Lynn thought she could endure him in order to be with Denise. Valerie's partner, Phillip, spoke little, but he seemed nice and although not extremely handsome was not without appeal.

The six of them decided to make their way to the semi-private room, where they piled onto a king-sized mattress. Peter was over-eager, and immediately had Denise fellate him. He came almost instantly, dribbling it down into her open mouth. At first Lynn simply caressed Michael, feeling his thick cock swell under her ministrations.

Initially, everyone kept to their respective partners. Michael penetrated Lynn doggie-style, which put her face close to Denise, who was being fucked by Peter. Denise and Lynn began kissing; Denise's breath was warm and sweet. Denise's bra had been removed, and Lynn couldn't resist savoring one of her puffy pink nubs. Michael and Valerie began kissing, and Phillip contented himself by playing with Valerie's pussy. Peter leaned forward to kiss Lynn, which she allowed, although reluctantly.

Lynn whispered that she wanted to lick Denise's cunt, to smell her female scent and taste her pleasure. Peter explained Denise had never been with a woman and perhaps they should take things slow. But Denise eagerly parted her vaginal lips for Lynn's searching mouth and did not protest as Lynn tongue-fucked her. Gaining confidence, Lynn wiggled Denise's clit, sucking it into her mouth and biting it gently. As she held it between her teeth, Lynn flicked her tongue across its sensitive surface. Denise orgasmed quickly, to Peter's surprise. Her shyness gone, she eagerly kissed Lynn. Michael began stroking her swiftly, and she cried out as her body was racked with throbbing jolts of pleasure.

Valerie, meanwhile, was enjoying deep penetration from Phillip. She wrapped her hand around Michael's still erect cock, and he moaned. Lynn leaned in and took Valerie's dangling tit into her mouth. Valerie started rocking against Phillip, moving faster. Phillip climaxed before Valerie and pulled out. Michael again entered Lynn, and she and Valerie began petting heavily. Valerie was so hot, and her kisses were very passionate.

Lynn used a hand to stroke Valerie's aroused pussy, lightly rubbing the soft brown fur before fucking her with three stiff fingers. She moved them back and forth against Valerie's cervix, and Valerie cried out and clamped Lynn's fingers with a tight vaginal contraction. Lynn started pushing Valerie's clitoris in little circles.

"Oh, do it!" Valerie whimpered.

Denise and Peter were fucking in the missionary position, Phillip was masturbating, and Michael was inside Lynn, one hand caressing Valerie's sweet bosom. He and Valerie came simultaneously, both releasing long, drawn-out cries of pleasure. Valerie and Michael were resting, and Lynn decided to assist Phillip with his solo pursuit. She wrapped a hand firmly around the base of his cock and began licking the head, as though she were licking a giant postage stamp.

Peter watched enviously, "I wanted that!"

Denise socked him in the arm. Lynn took Phillip deep into her throat, until his cock had completely disappeared inside her warm mouth. He moaned as she sucked him, her pretty head moving up and down on his stiff pole. "Oh she's good, Val!" he said.

Phillip seemed to derive arousal from "talking dirty," and Valerie encouraged him. "Suck his dick really good," she told Lynn. "You like how she plays with your balls Phillip, while she sucks your dick?"

He nodded, head back against the wall and his eyes closed.

"Makes you want to spurt that come in her mouth doesn't it?"

This elicited a soft groan from Phillip. His hands grabbed Lynn's head and held it while he thrust himself in and out. She continued sucking it, and he could feel the pressure of her tongue as it caressed the head with each thrust. Valerie started to caress Lynn's breasts, squeezing them. "And she has such nice nipples, Phillip. They're so good to suck. Wouldn't you like to suck those titties?"

He pulled out of Lynn's mouth and with two furtive strokes, he ejaculated a white stream onto her breasts. Lynn wiped it off with a Kleenex and found herself lying next to Denise, who was kissing Michael. Peter began kissing and fondling Lynn, who was more interested in wedging her face back between Denise's legs. "Watch how she does it Peter," Denise said.

Lynn was having difficulty doing anything when Peter stuck his face beside hers either in an effort to observe or assist, she wasn't sure. She felt Michael tapping her shoulder. "I hate to be a spoilsport," he grinned. "But it's late, and we have to get home."

Lynn pouted briefly but knew that he was right. She kissed Denise on the mouth, giving her a taste of her own cream. "Bye," she whispered. Denise smiled. "Thank you so much," she said, returning Lynn's deep, wet kiss. Everyone exchanged kisses with Michael and Lynn, who then dressed and departed.

Back at home, they could not keep their hands off each other. Throughout the night and into the morning, one of them would awaken and reach for the other. They kissed, fucked, and sucked until daybreak. The next day, Lynn could hardly walk, she was so sore between her legs.

Michael said it might be a week before he could get it up again. Lynn grinned wickedly. "That's ok," she said. "We have exactly a week until the next party."

Michael gave her a sharp slap on the rump. "You are so naughty," he said. "And I love it."

Lynn stood on tiptoe to kiss him. "And I love you," she said huskily.

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