Please Teach My Child by Vas Dragus

Please Teach My Child

This is a fantasy, written for mature adults.

During the summer, I spend as much time as I can building a tan at our pool club. Since most of the guys work, I'm there with all kinds of young mommies and delicious looking kids. I drive myself crazy just checking out bodies in their revealing bits of nothing and mentally filling in details.

I was especially hot for Dianne, who was there almost every day. Although she had a daughter, age nine, and a son, three, she took excellent care of her lush body and showed it off proudly in bright colored bikinis.

Di was twice divorced and was raising her son, Robby. Her daughter, Molly, who had the same dark beauty as her mother, lived with her dad and was here for a visit.

I had known Dianne since she was a teenager and part of my son's tight little group. They congregated at my house, knowing we were far more liberal than most of the parents. Basically, I knew they were going to drink. I preferred to have them party at my house than make the long drive across the state line where the legal age was younger. With flashes of firm young bodies and casual touches, it was fun for me, too.

Molly had matured early and, by age 12, had beautiful breasts and, from what I observed, a very active sex life. We teased each other a great deal but, back then, my sexual appetite called for adult women.

One very hot August day at the pool, Di was trying to put lotion on her back. I volunteered my help and she flopped face down on her blanket. I couldn't help but get excited as I spread the sun-warmed oil on her soft skin and was thankful some of the usual old gossips weren't around.

Without asking, I unfastened her top "so I wouldn't get lotion on it" and, as I massaged up her back muscles, she gave a contented sigh. "Do my legs", she murmured, and I tried uselessly to stay calm as I lotioned her from the soles of her feet to under the edge of her bikini bottom.

She was moving her round, tight butt in rhythm with my rubbing and I knew she was grooving on the feeling. As she turned over, she didn't quite catch the open top of her bikini and treated me to a glimpse of one of her breasts, ivory colored against her dark tan. She glanced down at the bulge in my trunks and gave me a wicked smile. "Well, Mr. D, some things don't change. You're as horny now as when I was a little girl."

We talked about those days and she told me who did what to whom and other funny "secrets" about their teen years. One blew me away. She told me how she and Pam, another cute kid in the group, thought I was "cool" and talked about how it would be to make out with an older guy.

I jokingly told her it wasn't too late to find out. All she said was, "Why don't we leave now?" To my complete joy, we started a series of loving interludes after our days at the pool. Dianne was very hungry without a current man and welcomed a "safe", considerate lover. I found it wildly exciting to make love to someone young enough to be my daughter. But the surprises had only started.

Ordinarily, we had an hour or so to ourselves while her daughter took swimming lessons. I was laying on the daybed in Di's family room with her fucking me on top. She loved it that way and it fascinated me to watch her fondle her breasts and kiss them while her greedy pussy sucked me in and squeezed me out. She marveled that I could go for hours without cumming and I didn't have the heart to tell her it was simply aging. She loved it and her body wracked with spasm after spasm.

I saw movement in the doorway and let out a cry. Dianne opened her smoky brown eyes and said, "Don't worry, it's Molly. I told her it was all right. I don't want her to learn like I did. Help me to teach her."

My head and emotions were in a whirl. I had a hard time dealing with it. While Molly seemed timid and frightened, there was a hot, excited look in her eyes. She edged closer and her eyes darted to where her mother and I were still joined. Dianne smiled at her and told her to take off her damp swimsuit. I couldn't understand how this could be happening until, as I found out later, they planned this whole thing as a "safe" way to learn.

Molly peeled off her suit without embarrassment. Her breasts were just starting to bud and her little conical nipples looked swollen and sensitive. Her pussy was smooth and soft. A few downy hairs surrounded the slit which opened slightly to show the touch of pink within.

Dianne pulled her up beside us. It was obvious they were very close to each other. Molly touched her mother's breasts lovingly and they kissed deeply. Dianne gently opened Molly's tight little box and the giggled as the tiny bud of her clitoris rose from behind its cover.

Di positioned Molly so her round behind was right at my face and I needed no urging to start licking and sucking. My tongue explored her little asshole and tasted the dew inside her cunny. The minx loved it and squirmed and wiggled until I could barely stay in contact. Dianne was showing her my cock and explaining how it worked. She started sucking me to get me harder and Molly asked if she could do it too. When I felt the cool touch of her little hands on my hot cock, any fears and good sense I may have had vanished in the passion of that moment.

Molly used her tongue like I was an ice cream cone and, under her mom's expert instruction, managed to get my engorged cock into her mouth. She sucked lovingly and I screamed silently at the waves of pleasure she brought me.

Dianne asked her if she wanted to be fucked and there was no hesitation. When I had tongued her, I realized there was only a partial hymen as happens with so many active girls today. I was happy about that. I wanted it to be as pleasurable as I could make it.

Molly looked apprehensively at my cock which was now at its hardest, thick and mean looking and straining to get even larger. "I can't get that thing in me", she whimpered, "it will tear me apart!"

Her mother told her, "we girls are specially made" and told her to get on top "just to see how it feels."

Di added some KY jelly to the slippery spit and love juices that covered my cock. Molly took the purple, throbbing end and hesitantly placed it up against her puffy little opening. Her mother was impatient and lifted her over it and thrust her down. Molly gave a cry as some membrane tore loose, but with her face red and wild looking, she pressed down until my cock slowly slid into her hot, tight opening. She could only take about four inches of the eight but I have never-never-felt anything so good.

Her pussy was so tight around me and the suction so great I felt locked in there for good. She instinctively started moving up and down and each stroke was excruciating in perverse pleasure. Her mother was everywhere. Giving me her pussy to suck. Deep kissing her little girl as she watched her being fucked. Licking the sloppy wetness of my cock as it went into her little girl.

I don't know what happened within that child's body, but she screamed and whimpered with pleasure as wracking orgasms crashed through her. I was frightened as I watched her eyes rolling back until only the whites showed, but I could not stop as I felt the pain and pleasure of my own cumming. Spasm after spasm of cream shot into that hot little hole as I screamed in total pleasure.

Molly fell off me in a half faint and my cream welled up out of her hole. Dianne licked at it like a starving cat while Molly weakly licked the last few drops which oozed out of me.

It was time for Molly's return to her dad, so I had only one more opportunity to make love to her and her mom together. She seemed so mature the second time around. She told her mom and I what she wanted and how. We were happy to oblige. Dianne found a new guy and moved south. I never saw Molly again. Every once in awhile, in a quiet moment, I remember the sight of that little pussy stretched tight around my cock. The plump, little girl body, with her two little buds, sitting astride me. But, most of all, I remember her face, lit up with triumph, pleasure and a new kind of power.

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