The Tennis Instructor by Paul Grahm

The Tennis Instructor

Karen shifted her Camaro into second and slowed down. She was driving through a winding street in an affluent suburb. "Wow!" she thought to herself, "The Engles must have money!" Karen was a tennis instructor at the club downtown. The Engle family hired her to teach their son Jason the finer points of tennis. "If he doesn't have any talent, hopefully he will be cute," she thought. "This must be it," she said to herself and drove up a long driveway. At the end was a 2-story brick mansion.

An older woman walked out the front door to greet her. "Hello! You must be Karen, the tennis instructor!" she asked.

"How could you tell?" Karen joked. She was already wearing her tennis outfit, a short white skirt and t-shirt.

The older woman laughed and said, "My name is Harriet, I'm the boy's Governess. You will find Jason in the tennis court around back.. Oh, and afterward please join me for lunch."

Karen thanked her and went to find Jason. He was in the tennis court practicing his serve. Right away Karen saw that her prayers had been answered. Jason was an adorable 13-year-old. He had blonde hair and deep blue eyes. He was very tan and the way he swung his slim hips was getting to her already. "Hi there! You must be Jason!"

The boy was startled. "Huh? Oh, yeah. Are you my new teacher?"

"That's right. My name is Karen, pleasure to meet you." Karen took his hand and looked into his soft eyes, so sweet and innocent, she thought. Jason was impressed too. Karen was tanned and had a slim athletic build. She was only 21, at least that's what his Mom told him. "Well Jason lets see what you've got!" Karen giggled at her inside joke. She would like to see what he's got all right.

Karen and Jason worked on tennis fundamentals for an hour. She watched the boy closely and realized he really did have some talent. The back door to the main house opened and Harriet called out. "Jason! Come in for your bath! Karen would you like to have lunch now?"

Karen replied yes and she and Jason walked toward the house. The boy suddenly seemed quiet. "What's wrong tiger?" Karen asked. He didn't say anything, but she noticed he was blushing.

They entered the kitchen and found Harriet putting out sandwiches. There was another woman there, wearing a nurse's outfit. "Oh Karen, I'd like you to meet Donna, Jason's nurse."

Donna was a beautiful blond about her age. The women exchanged greetings. "Is he sick Donna?"

"Oh no, his parents are in Europe and while they're gone we have to watch him." It seemed to Karen that Donna gave the boy a wink when she said that.

"Well it was nice to meet you. Come on Jason! Time for your bath, and I want to check your temperature too and make sure you didn't over exert yourself!" Jason said goodbye to Karen and slowly walked away with the nurse. Karen sat down to have lunch. She decided right then that she would get to know Donna better. And hopefully that way get to help her with the duty of bathing young Jason.

"OK Jason, take off all of your clothes!" They had entered the master bathroom and Donna started the bath running. As many times as Jason was forced to undress in front of her, he could never get used to it. As usual she sat on the edge of the tub and watched the boy reveal himself to her. She knew he hated the way she stared at him but that didn't matter to her, she was in charge. He pulled off his t-shirt, shoes, socks, and finally lowered his short pants. He stood there in his cotton briefs. "I thought I told you to wear an athletic supporter!" she said sternly.

"But it's so tight Donna!"

"I don't care, Jason! It's my job to make sure you're healthy! Now take off your underpants so I can check and make sure you didn't hurt yourself!"

He obeyed and slipped his underwear off. Donna looked the totally nude boy over head to toe and smiled. "I really lucked out into this job," she thought. "A 13-year-old boy that has to do everything I say!" She looked him in the eye and said, "Come over here you bad boy! I'm going to have to examine your private area very carefully!"

Jason slowly walked towards her and cursed himself for giving her another reason to examine him. Jason stood in front of the nurse as she sat on the edge of the tub. "Spread your legs apart boy." After he obeyed, she slipped her right had in between his legs and cupped his testicles. She fondled the warm sac under the guise of making sure he was ok. Does this hurt little boy?"

"No-o-o Donna" he said.

She giggled at his fearful reply. "I'm afraid I'll have to report you to Harriet for not following my orders Jason. You know what that means don't you?"

He knew. A spanking. Harriet was very strict with the boy and listened to every word the young nurse said. "Oh please Donna, don't tell her!" He hated to beg the nurse for anything, the way she enjoyed seeing him naked and her embarrassing examinations of his private area made him hate her, but he really didn't want another spanking. By this time her playing with his testicles had given him an erection. She admired his hard dick with its wet little hole pointing right up at her.

The next week brought Karen back to the Engle estate for her session with Jason. He was back at the tennis court and after exchanging greetings, they began practicing the backhand. Karen looked at the boy and imagined him in the nude. She had not seen Donna yet this morning and she hoped the boy's nurse was there. Karen had to figure a way to tag along when Donna took Jason to give him a bath. In a moment, Karen's question was answered.

Donna stood on the upstairs porch and called down to Jason. "Jason, are you wearing you supporter like I told you?"

Jason hesitated for a second and said, "Uh, yeah Donna, I am".

He didn't sound very convincing so Donna said, "Karen, will you do me a favor and look in his shorts to see if he's really wearing it?"

Karen's heart leaped. "Sure Donna!" She walked up to Jason and looked him right in the eye as she hooked her finger inside the elastic band of his shorts and pulled them out. She had pulled out the band of both his shorts and underwear so when she looked down she beheld the sight of his penis, pointing straight up at her. Karen gasped for a moment then smiled. "He has an adorable pecker," she thought to herself.

Jason turned beet red as he realized that his tennis coach was looking as his dick. It seemed he had no choice around these women but to let them have their way with him.

"Well Karen?" Donna asked. Karen was jolted out of her trance and let his underwear band snap back against his bare stomach.

"Nope Donna, he's wearing cotton shorts"

"That's it! Jason I want you inside now!"

Jason and Karen went inside. She didn't want to miss anything. Harriet and Donna were in the kitchen. "So you didn't obey your nurse, Jason?" Harriet asked.

"Please don't spank me Harriet!" the boy pleaded.

"While your parents are gone I'm in charge Jason, now come with me!" Harriet grabbed the boy by his arm and dragged him upstairs into the master bath. Donna and Karen followed them. "Harriet, I asked Karen to stay and watch. It may help reinforce the boys punishment if he is spanked in front of her too."

Jason looked horrified and Harriet said, "Yes, I agree. Now Jason, since Karen is here I think I'll spank you bare naked! Come here so I can undress you."

Jason stumbled toward his governess. Usually she just pulled his pants down to spank him. It was only when someone else beside the nurse was there that she completely undressed him. Once it was a woman that asked to use the phone. Another time she stripped him in front of two Girl Scouts. The girls' eyes were glued to Jason's penis during the entire spanking and they giggled at the way it swung in rhythm with each blow. Now this time it would be his new tennis instructor Karen that would get to witness his punishment. Karen watched with an excited smile as Harriet took off all of Jason's clothes. She stripped off his shoes, socks, t-shirt, then his shorts. He now stood there in only his underwear and glanced at Karen. Karen met his look with a sly smile. Now Jason knew how much Karen was going to enjoy this too. Harriet slipped his underwear off and threw them to the side. The boy was totally nude and the three ladies took a moment to admire his body.

Donna brought the towel dyeing rack over and Jason was ordered to bend over it. They loved to use the rack to position the boy so they could still see his genitals during the spanking. Jason was sobbing now as he took his position. Harriet took a round flat hairbrush from a shelf and walked up behind him. She pressed it against his plump bottom and pulled back..

SMACK! Jason yelped in pain as he felt the first slap. Donna and Karen winced as well. Then she gave him another one. Harriet loved watching the boy's cheeks wiggle after each blow. She alternated spanking his right cheek, then his left. He was crying now and that turned Donna on even more. She laughed and said, "maybe now you will listen to me, you little shit!"

Karen was surprised at the cruelty of the boy's keepers but was enjoying the view of the nude boy. He had actually gotten a hard on! Soon his cheeks were bright red and Harriet let him stand up. Harriet saw his erection and smiled. "Donna, this part is up to you".

Donna came over to Jason and said "Should we show Karen how much you can squirt after your spanking Jason?"

"Oh, no please don't do it Donna!" He began backing into the corner and the nurse grabbed his arm. She pulled him by the arm and sat down on a small chair, pulling the boy onto her lap. She reached down and slowly began to stroke his penis. Donna took her time and very slowly masturbated the boy. Karen stood right next to them and watched. She wished she could rub her clit as she was getting really turned on by what the nurse was doing to the young boy. Jason shuddered each time the nurse's thumb rubbed the tip of his dick.

"I think he's ready to cum Karen, are you hungry? Believe me, a 13-year-old's sap is delicious!" Karen didn't hesitate as her mouth had been watering for Jason's pecker. She kneeled next to the boy. Jason watched as her mouth neared the tip and finally surrounded his penis with her mouth. She closed her lips around it and was in heaven. The boy's virgin penis was warm and wet. She licked the sensitive underside and felt it twitch. She tightened the grip of her lips on the shaft and then he spurted for her. Karen almost gagged at first then quickly swallowed his first jolt of semen. Donna was right -- it was thick and delicious. Jason offered several more squirts for her and she milked his prick with her mouth like he was a cow. She savored each of his spendings.

Donna and Harriet smiled when they heard her humming. Jason felt relieved to cum, but the way she kept sucking on it hurt. It seemed like she was making him cum even more than when Donna did when she gave him enemas. Finally Karen lifted her mouth off him, after giving the tip of his penis a final kiss.

Karen looked up at him and said, "I'll see you next week Jason!"

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