The Contest By BJ and RC

The Contest

After his wife's death Charlie be came a drunk. Each weekend was a drunken binge that greatly disturbed his mother and father. Although 40 years old, he again was living with parents. Truthfully, Charlie stank from not washing his body frequently enough. Working in the foundry where his father was boss his feet were incredible to smell.

As a lark, one of Charlie's remaining friends told him of a long distance telephone operator he had spoken to who was a real hot turn on. With a couple of drinks under his belt he decided to give her a call. Much to his surprise, Ruth was located in Connecticut.

"Hello, Ruth, this is Charlie. My friend, Rip, suggested I call you and maybe we could get together."

"Well, Charlie, I only date special type of men -- what type are you?"

"Honestly, I don't know what you are looking for. I'm 40, tall and in good shape from hard work. "

"Is there anything that you could hold in your can that might interest me?"

"If I get your drift, it's too big for one hand and I cannot even wrap my one hand around it because it's so thick. It that the kind of thing you're looking for.?"

"Yum, yum, You sound good enough to eat. Are you?"

By now Charlie's cock was rock hard and in his callused hand. If he stroked it a little he knew he would cum in a second

"What are you doing, Charlie? Are you playing with your big friend. I just pulled up my skit and slid my finger inside my panties. What do your think I found there?"

"My guess, Ruth, is that you found something warm, soft and tasty."

"Very close, Charlie, but before I get there I have to pass the man in the boat. Are you familiar with him?"

"Oh yes, I've played with him a few times. What does he look like"

"Well he is about 2 inched long which is big for such a one as he. He hides most of the time inside the outer lips of my other mouth. When I squeeze him, he gets harder just like a little wee wee."

Charlie could stand it no more and shot his cum all over the place. Gasping over the phone he said, "When can we get together, Ruth? I really want to meet you. I've never spoken to anyone like you before."

"Wait a minute, Charlie, I just about to climax!"

Charlie her Ruth moaning and moaning until at last she gasped and left out a long sigh.

"Wow, that was great! Sure when can we get together. I want to see the special friend of yours. Is it as large as you've indicated or are you exaggerating a little?"

"Would 9 inches of wang be of interest to you? Are you woman enough to handle it? Maybe you're not the date I'm looking for."

"Oh, honey, if you're real, I want to get my hands on you as soon as possible."

In about two weeks they found a mutually agreeable time when they could get together in NYC. Ruth suggested a downtown bar that Charlie knew.

Charlie arrived at Coney's bar a little early. Ruth was to wear a red dress with a scarf around her neck.

When she walked into the bar, Charlie picked he out at once. Ruth was a skinny, medium sized brunette with big tits. Charlie liked the tits but her face had a big nose right in the middle. Gathering his courage, he finally went over and introduced himself."

Even though she was not as attractive as he would have preferred, when he spoke to her he was friendly and ingratiating.

"Well, toots, you look calm, cool and collected today. A penny for your thoughts."

"Let's not fool around, Charlie. I like your looks and your tight little ass. Come with me, I've booked a nearby hotel room and I need a man badly!"

Ruth took Charlie's hand and led him out the bar to a nearby low priced hotel. It was apparent from the hotel clerk that Ruth had been here before. Charlie began to wonder if Ruth was perhaps a working girl when she wasn't a telephone operator.

As soon as they got into the room, Ruth dropped to her knees and had her lips around his cock in a flash. He couldn't even remember her unzipping his fly.

Ruth was a professional cock sucker from way back and was thrilled to the core by the size, length and thickness of the huge monster before her eyes. While the length was not a problem, the thickness concerned. Slowly she nibbled and kissed the head of Charlie's cock and he shuddered with excitement. Her tongue now ran up and down the sides of his cock tracing his bulging veins from the cock's head to his balls.

Balls were a big thing for both of them. Charlie liked to have them twisted, sucked and squeezed. Feeling the pain was a real turn on for Charlie. Ruth looked upon balls as a challenge as she tried to get both into her mouth at one time.

Sucking and twisting his balls, Ruth got Charlie's cock to a huge hard size. Maybe bigger than ever before. She released his balls from her mouth and went after the head of his prick again. Now she had the cock head inside her mouth. She had sucked many cocks in her life, but this was very big. Moving her head up and down on the big piece of lumber she felt Charlie starting to pump his cock into her.

More and more cock went into Ruth's mouth and down her throat. At first somewhat gagged by its immensity her muscles began to expand and Ruth knew she could take it all. After all had she swallowed the huge black cock of her roommates black boyfriend?

Now, she was ready for her favorite trick. With Charlie's whole cock down her throat she began to lick his balls. With a sudden plunge, Charlie uncontrollably shot his whole wad of cum down Ruth's throat. She swallowed so fast that she didn't lose a drop and Charlie fell back on the floor exhausted.

There was no doubt from then on that Charlie want Ruth as a permanent fixture with her lip wrapped around his hard prick. After a few dates Charlie popped the question and was accepted.

Ruth did bring some baggage to the marriage. Charlie was her 4th husband and she had a beautiful 16 year old daughter who made Charlie's mouth water. Ruth and Barbara moved to Pennsylvania located in a small town.

When Ruth met Charlie's family they all hated her. She had tramp written all over her. A man's woman, she liked to sit at the bar with the boys and brag about her life experiences. Coarse speaking, she was different from all the local women.

Charlie's Dad had a cabin in the woods which he supplied with food and booze for all his friends and employees all summer long. Ruth made sure that Charlie was always there to please his Dad.

The fraternal lodge to which Dad belonged was having a convention in Chicago and summer and Mom and dad were going by train. This meant that the week end activities were to fall under Charlie's scrutiny, which meant of course that Ruth would call all the shots.

Giving Ruth here due, she had curbed Charlie's alcoholic habits, cleaned him up and sanitized his smelly feet. Ruth had brought a large sheet from home telling Charlie that it was to be used in a game she had devised.

In all about 10 couples were there that day sucking up Dad's booze and food. Charlie was getting stoned and soon didn't have any inhibitions.

Louella was there with her husband Sammy, both of who were 60 years old. Sammy was known for having a huge cock between his legs and this fact had aroused Ruth's interest. Being a drunken group of lusty foundry workers, Ruth knew that she could push them pretty far.

"The word is Louella, that you have something really big on your hands. It is true or just a rumor?" Asked Ruth.

"Why what do you mean, sweetie? I can't think of a thing that I cannot handle," replied Louella.

"It's common knowledge that your man Sammy is hung like a horse. How pleasant for you. Is it still as hard as ever?"

"I'll bet it's as big and hard as any other cock here. Too bad we cannot prove it."

"I think Charlie's got a cock that would match anyone's and I'm willing to bet on it!"

"Okay, but how are we going to find this out?"

"Just follow my lead," Ruth said.

Ruth called all the girls together and told them about the bet she had made with Louella. To make the contest more interesting, Ruth suggested that all the men participate. The concept would be for a big sheet she had brought for the occasion to be hung between two trees. Ten small holes would be cut in the sheet to provide an opening for the 10 cocks. The first contest would be for each woman to pick out her husband's cock using no hands. That would mean mouths only.

The ladies were a little taken aback, but with Ruth and Lobelia's encouragement and the effect of the booze all agreed and sold the idea to their hubbies.

Never had these men worked so fast. In no time at all the sheet was up, the holes were cut and the men stuck their cocks out. The only part visible of the men were their cocks which were all protruding in varying sizes and hardness.

"I'll go first to get things started," said Ruth. She started at one end and sucked each cock in turn. She was obviously in seventh heaven and had to be torn away from the last cock on the end.

Next was Louella. Although it was obvious which two or three cocks were the largest she also tried out each on.

Also present was Ruth's 17 year old daughter Barbara and Barbara's boy friend Brad. Brad's family was rather low class and so was Brad. He longed for a chance to get Barbara's sweet lovely lips wrapped around his cock. Therefore, he gladly agreed to play. Ruth the slut that she was thought it would be a good experience for Barbara and relieve her tight ass opinions about sex.

Barbara who was a little bit tipsy by the time had tentatively agreed to participate but only if she could go last and so she did. When all the other ladies had sucked all the cocks and made their choice which they kept to themselves, Barbara began. Unbeknownst to her Charlie was the first in line and surely a contender for the largest cock there. As Barbara suck up Charlie's cock he got a glimpse through the whole in the sheet and realized that Barbara was sucking his prick. Although, she was now the fellatrix that her mother was, Charlie exploded in he mouth almost immediately realizing his sweet little girl was sucking him off.

Barbara gagged on the glob of creamy white cum that began to dribble down over her chin onto her growing teenage titties. Obviously, Barbara was a natural when it came to cock sucking. Charlie watched closely to see if Barbara spit out his cum. To his surprise she licked her lips and using her fingers ate all the cum that was on her chin and tits. He could have cried for joy when she grabbed the cock next to his and began sucking the cock till it also came. Down the line she went one after another until she a drained all the cocks of their semen. At the end of the line, the other ladies were waiting. As Barbara rose the ladies gave a big round of applause.

"Time for the second part of this contest. Pick your partner's cock," said Ruth.

Immediately, the ladies dived for their man's cock. Barbara, who was not familiar with her boy friend's cock picked Charlie's because she liked it so much. This left Ruth to Brad's nice 7 inch cock that she deep throated as though nothing was there.

Oddly only two of the ladies selected the correct cock. For years afterwards it was always wondered if they were really trying.

"Now, the last part of the contest. We must vote on which is the largest cock. I vote for number 1 (of course this war Charlie's). Louella immediately voted for number 7 which was her Sammy.

"Looks like a tie to me, Mom," said Barbara to Ruth.

"Just wait a minute," said Louella. Taking number 7, Sammy's cock in her two hands she began to lick and bite it. In response it began growing and growing in length and thickness. When it finally stopped and they measured the cock, it was a full 12 inches long. More than any woman in her right mind would try to handle.

"You win, Louella, let me at that cock!" Screamed Ruth as she lowered herself onto Sammy's lap.

This meant that everything was out of control. Women sucking cocks, fucking having ass holes banged, the whole works. It was like a sea of cum on that sheet by now.

Brad was having a hard time getting to Barbara, since Charlie seemed to be using up all her time.

Barbara loved Charlie's cock and couldn't get enough. While she wasn't a virgin, still she had never ridden a prick like this one. Being a hard working man, Charlie was just able to keep up with her. In one final tryst with Barbara Charlie managed to lay on his back and induce Barbara to try to take his cock into her ass. With all the cum and natural lubrication spread all over the place by now, Charlie's cock began to make easy progress up Barbara's shit canal. At first Barbara thought she was being ripped apart, but as she stretched it became more and more pleasurable. The pain associated with ass fucking is always there, but it is also very dirty and very exciting.

What more could happen Barbara when she felt another cock sliding into her pussy. Opening her eyes she saw that Brad had joined the action and was pumping his dick into her snatch for all he was worth. Feeling the two cocks rub each other with the ass hole wal in between caused them all to cum at the same time.

"Welcome to the family, Brad," said Charlie's as the sun was going down in the West. "Want to fuck Ruth next?"

All the assembled group almost crawled down to the lake to wash up and get ready for supper.