The Fair by Les

The Fair

Jean and Amy shut the door of their house they were on their way to the fair, they were surprised when their mom and dad said as it was their 12th birthday they could be trusted to go out by themselves until 10pm that night.

They were twins, born two minutes apart and went everywhere together, liked the same music, boys and clothes, they often dressed the same which confused their teacher.

As they approached the fair the music wafted through the night and got them excited. The boys would meet them by the dodgems at 9pm. It was only 7, time for a bit of fun by themselves. They bought a candyfloss and went on the big wheel. "We should have worn jeans" Amy said as the night air pulled at their short skirts billowing out as they went down giving the people below a glimpse of their young thighs.

"It's alright they cant see much," said Jean, "besides it feels kind of good to tease them especially the man operating the wheel he's looks sexy". Jean was the bolder of the two and liked to tease the boys, she never wore a bra and her young breasts bounced as she walked the boys in school used to look at her nipples and try to guess how big they were as they were constantly erect from the stimulus of rubbing against her blouse,

As they slowed down to let people off Jean thought she would have some fun with the operator. Opening her legs as it was their turn to get off she slid her bum off the seat. This caused her skirt to ride up letting the man see her white knickers. He stared in disbelief at the tight young pussy before his eyes. He was 22 and his name was Peter, he let his gaze move up in slow motion. Taking in the sight of her tight top which clung to her breasts, he felt the blood flow to his prick which tightened against his shorts, as he looked at her face she smiled and took his hand to assist her to get down.

"Why thank you sir," she murmured and gave his hand a squeeze, "the names Pete" he flashed a smile back, "come back soon", "oh I think I will", said Jean giving a wink as they disappeared into the crowd, "Jean your terrible", said Amy "I know but it's fun.

Amy wanted a go on the twister but it was to fast for Jean so they agreed to meet in twenty minutes, Jean had a go on the coconut shy, lost, and her eyes saw the big wheel again, why not she said to her self it could be fun. As she approached she saw there was a queue so she held back until they were all on the wheel, she saw Pete standing next to another man talking, she sidled up close and smiled, "Hi, back again he said, I'm just off for a coffee, Saul is taking over now" she was disappointed Saul was about fifty and looked a grump, "I'll wait until later" she smiled at Pete, walking off .

Pete looked at her swinging her hips thinking Christ she's cute but too young. He had a yearning for young girls but so far only in his dreams, he found himself following the girl she looked back as he got close "are you following me" she laughed, "I'm going for a coffee break want one?"

"My god", he thought to himself, "What am I doing?"

Jean thought, why not. "OK but I got to meet my sister soon" she said, they walked to the back of the fair where a range of caravans were sited.

"Here's mine" opening the door of a small caravan on the end of a row.

"Oh" said Jean "I thought we were going to a stall or something".

"It's ok" he said, laughing, "I don't bite"

She looked around, well, there were plenty of people around. "OK." She entered.

It was clean and tidy, she sat on the sofa and looked at him, he was fit, good looking and very sexy, they talked for a minute as he brought the coffee, his gaze lingered on her breasts, Christ he thought she's hot.

Jean saw him staring at her tits and took a breath in making them swell even more against her top, feeling bold she said "are you looking at my tits", he spluttered as he drank his coffee, his mind racing as what to say, oh sod it, in for a penny in for a pound, "yes I think there gorgeous ", she felt hot when he said that ,raising her hands she cupped them through her top, "I love them she murmured , flashes of heat ran through her body , he's watching me play with myself she thought, "would you like to do this?" She looked at him as she grazed her nipples with her nails.

His hand reached out trembling to stroke the crest of her young breasts, they were so firm but soft at the same time, she saw his shorts tent up as his prick bulged inside, wow she thought that's big. Pete was excited now his dreams were coming true. He had his hands on a young pair of tits, he laid her down on the sofa she was breathing faster now with the feel of his hands on her tits, she didn't feel afraid he didn't look the sort to hurt her.

Pete bent over and grazed her lips with his she responded eagerly, his hands were roaming around her body, she was getting feelings that she had never experienced before and they made her feel good. She felt his hand on her leg stroking gently, his kisses were sending her into a dream state, gradually his hand went further under her skirt and she felt his hand brush her pussy. She gasped as she felt her legs open by themselves, his fingers probed into the warm crevice of her moist pussy, she felt a jolt go through her body again and again,

Pete knew he was doing wrong but couldn't stop himself, he took hold of her panties and slowly drew then down. She did not try to stop him, she was too far gone, as he pulled them off her legs opened and he saw her sex. It had a feint trace of hair on her mons and the lips were moist and pouting. He was in love with this young girl's body. He bent down and smelled her musk, it was the biggest aphrodisiac in the world to him, he placed his head between her spread legs and licked the lips of her cunt, she jerked her hips at the feel of his tongue rasping on her pussy lips. He licked between her lips to the tiny rosebud of her anus, probing his tongue into the tight hole tasting the salty residue, his finger probed into her pussy, she clamped her legs together at the sudden intrusion into her secret place but relaxed again as he rubbed it gently.

Pushing his finger into her he could feel it grip it, his dick was throbbing, he took his hand away from her cunt and pulled his shorts off. His prick sprang into the air freed from its tight constraint, Jean saw his prick and reached for it, grasping the thick pole she felt the full 8" get thicker as she rubbed it, she was in another world,

His finger went back to her pussy and probed deeper, he felt a restriction against his finger, her hymen. Feeling the tight skin he put his mouth onto her little clit, the bud was so sensitive, she yelped as his tongue flicked over the blood rich organ. Pussy juices were flowing from her cunt like a small river, down her slit into the crack of her ass his tongue licked it all out lingering around her ass hole.

He stood up drawing her head into his lap "suck me" he pleaded taking her hand and placing it on his pulsing rod. She licked the tip, liking the taste of his pre come she took the head into her mouth, it stretched her jaws apart as she struggled to get it in, her tongue played with the tip, moving up and down she got into a rhythm that almost blew him away. He could feel his sap rising, gently taking it out of her mouth he laid her down on the sofa. Lifting her arms he took her top off exposing the delicate mounds of her tit, her nipples were standing proud with all the stimulus they were getting.

Lowering his head and taking a nipple into his mouth he licked her whole breast but kept going to the engorged nipple, "FUCK ME, FUCK ME PLEASE" she begged as her body was racked with a giant spasm, I'M CUMMING!"

Pete was swept of his feet with the passion of this young virgin. He fumbled in a drawer for a durex, opening the packet and taking it out, "NO " she said "I want to feel the whole thing deep inside me."

Pete hesitated, she made up his mind by grabbing his swollen prick and placing at the entrance to her quivering pussy, he slowly pushed the tip in between her swollen lips feeling the vice like grip of her virgin pussy, he stopped for a moment to let her pussy get used to the width of his rampant prick, slowly pushing again he could feel her hips rising to meet his thrusts, he reached her maidenhead and pushed gently against it, it was tough, he said "this might hurt a bit " and plunged it deep into her feeling the skin tearing as he drove in deep, she gasped in pain he stopped but she grabbed his ass and pulled it to her plunging his prick in all the way. Lust took over and he started to thrust it in hard, the tip was banging at the door of her cervix. Suddenly the mouth of her cervix opened to his thrusts and he felt a vice like grip on the head of his prick, that was enough to make him go over the edge spunk spurted out of his dick filling her cervix with his baby making fluid,

Jean was out of it, her body was in auto mode as she received his sperm. Feeling it fill the pulsing vagina she was racked with erotic feelings, she had never had feelings like this before, but she loved it. Hugging Pete she slowly came back to earth, they lay together his prick now limp still in her. Her mind went over what had happened that night, "OH MY GOD" she screamed my sister, she'll be wondering where I am. She thought I wish she was here now.