The Housekeeper by Screamer

The Housekeeper

John Denroe and his wife Crissy had been arguing all day. John had had a few friends over the night before and things got a little out of hand. Normally, this would not bother Crissy, but this time the guys had left the house looking like a total wreck and of course Crissy would have to clean it up. This was not the first time Crissy had to clean up for her lazy husband, not by a long shot. He always seemed to leave beer cans, chips, and other garbage lying around the house. But this time, Crissy had had enough.

"No John, I'm not hearing you anymore! She'll be here tomorrow and that's final!"

"Honey, do you realize how much maids cost?"

"You don't have to worry about that! I've got everything covered."

"But Crissy..."

"No buts, she'll be here tomorrow morning. And I want you on your best behavior, she's from Poland so she's not used to our customs. The last thing I want is you drinking beer and burping around her!"

"So what do you want me to do? It's my day off Crissy, I want to enjoy it!"

Crissy was now getting very aggravated, "Go ahead and enjoy it...but you will not offend that girl! I don't even want you to fucking talk to her unless you have something nice to say!"

John knew his wife meant business when she cursed. All he could do was nod his head in agreement.

The next morning when John woke up he discovered that he had slept later than usual. "Oh shit!" he said as he jumped out of bed in his boxers.

Crissy was gone, but it was past nine, and that was the time the housekeeping girl was supposed to arrive. As quietly as he could, John opened his bedroom door. She was there. As far as John could tell she was dusting the mantle. John couldn't believe how pretty she looked. She wore a black dress with a miniskirt, and a white apron tied around herself. Seeing her black stockings and high heels made John's cock twitch. The housekeeper had brown hair and brown eyes, and John guessed her bra size to be 36c. By now, he had a raging hardon and knew he had to do something about it. Crissy was gone so he figured he'd be singing solo with this one.

John opened up the top drawer of his bureau and pushed aside his underwear. Underneath a few sex toys that he and Crissy had bought, he found what he was looking for. A big bottle of hand lotion, one that he was very fond of. After dropping his boxers to his ankles he squirted some lotion on his right hand. He then wrapped his hand around his penis as slowly as he could, taking in all the pleasures. Gently he began stroking himself as his body quivered with desire. Thoughts of the housekeeper's legs and breasts filled his mind as he continued stroking. The scent of hand lotion filled his nostrils but he didn't even notice, he had fallen onto his bed in immense pleasure. Back and forth, up and down the length of his penis he stroked. Sweat began to form on his brow as he neared orgasm.

"Mr. Denroe? Excuse me sir, are you up?"

"Fuck!" said John as he pulled up his boxers and threw the lotion back in the drawer,"Uh...hold on a sec..."

"I will fix your bed if you like Mr. Denroe."

John tossed on a pair of pants and opened the door. "Sure, go right ahead."

An hour later, John was sitting in the living room watching the ball game and drinking a beer. Apparently, Crissy had let the housekeeper in. Her name was Cally. At first John mispronounced it and called her Kelly, but she corrected him.

And boy could she clean. As soon as John put down an empty beer can she picked it up, washed it out, and put it in a bag to be returned to the store for a refund. But what was even better than watching her clean was watching her move. Her body was perfect. So perfect that John couldn't help but look at her. He felt a little guilty because he was a married man, but all he was doing was looking.

"Mr. Denroe, I am going to clean the bathroom now, do you wish to use it before I do?"

Actually, John would have liked to have gone in there and emptied his anxious balls, but he just said "No."

As she turned and walked towards the bathroom, John reached down and touched himself through his pants. Staring at her sexy legs got John really excited.

As she began to wash the tub, John noticed she was bending over. This gave him a great view of her panties. They were black, and looked very naughty. More than anything he wanted to jerk off all over her ass and claim his territory like an animal.

Suddenly, a thought popped into his head. It was a crazy, but it could work. He called to Cally, "Cally! Could you get me another beer?"

In an instant Cally had the beer in her hand and was walking towards John. "Here you are Mr. Denroe."

"No, no, call me John."

"Alright Mr. John."

"No just John," he said with a chuckle, "Ya know, you are an excellent housekeeper Cally."

"I am just here to serve you...John."

"Really? Well, that makes me curious, is there nothing you wouldn't do for me?"

"I'm am paid to serve you Mr....uh John." With that, Cally walked back into the bathroom. John followed her and stood behind her, horny as hell.

"Really Cally, that's interesting," said John as he pressed his hard cock against her ass.

"What are doing sir?" asked Cally a little surprised. John unzipped his pants and pulled his underwear down to his ankles so that his throbbing cock stood in mid-air. Cally immediately turned around and took notice.

"Well Cally, if you're here to serve me, start serving me."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean my balls are about to explode, help me out!"

"Yes sir," said Cally as she got down on her knees. John grabbed onto her hair and pulled her head closer to his cock. She opened her mouth and he slowly slipped his cock in, feeling her tongue and lips beginning to suck on it.

"Oh yeah, that's it..."

John looked down and could see Cally's head sliding back and forth, up and down his shaft. Her mouth was incredibly hot and amazingly moist. It seemed as though she was a pro, John didn't feel her teeth or anything, just pure pleasure. In no time at all, John's muscles tightened and his conscious self was lost as his balls emptied their load into Cally's hungry mouth. With every shot of cum came a wave of pleasure that made John moan and smile. He thrust forward into Cally's throat until his body began to relax.

John looked down at Cally once again and felt like the happiest man in the world. He then pulled out his messy cock, which was now slightly limp, and rubbed it in her face to clean it. She licked off the cum like a thirsty dog and spread it around her face.

"Uh oh, I've made you all messy," said John.

"But it was fun!" said Cally with a giggle.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, but we're not done yet."

John removed his clothes and stood in the bathroom bare ass naked in front of Cally, who still had dry cum on her face. Cally untied her apron and let it fall to the floor which gave John an even better view of her incredible body. He couldn't believe it, but he was already starting to get hard again!

Cally was about to lift off her dress but John beat her to it. Once it was off, all that was left was her underwear and stockings. Her heels she kicked off to the side. Beginning with the left, John pulled down her stockings one at a time. Her legs looked even nicer with them off, which was surprising.

"Turn around," said John.

Cally obeyed with girlish joy, and John knew she was enjoying it. John's cock was ready again as he undid her bra and let it drop to the floor. Anxiously he cupped her round breasts and gave them a gentle squeeze as he kissed her neck.

"Please let me take off my panties John," said Cally, sounding as though she were begging.

"Go ahead,"

Cally kicked off her panties and John put his hard cock between her legs. "Start the shower," said John.

Cally and John now stood face to face in the shower. They kissed passionately as the hot water trickled down their bodies. Steam filled the bathroom, fogging the mirrors. John sucked on her nipples until she moaned, and then moved his lips down to her cunt. She eagerly spread her legs as John pushed his tongue between her cunt lips.

"Oh yes...please.." moaned Cally as pleasure ripped through her. John continued tongue fucking her, and then reached around and put his middle finger right up her ass. Her body shook as she was penetrated in both holes. With each thrust of his tongue, he gave a thrust with his finger. John's cock started dripping precum so he pulled out his tongue and stood up. His finger stayed in her ass, she seemed to enjoy that. After spreading her legs even further, he slipped his cock into her wet cunt. It went in with no problem, even though she was very tight. Cally screamed with pleasure as John's cock thrust into her. John released his own yell of pleasure as he thrust harder and harder. He could feel her ass muscles squeezing his finger and her cunt tightening even more as her body exploded with pleasure and joy. John felt the same as his cock once again pumped out a load of cum, this time right where it belonged. When his cock was done filling her womb, he pulled it out and hugged her. The water turned their skin red, but neither cared. After removing his finger from her other hole he stepped out of the shower.

Cally stayed in to clean the cum off of herself but John left the door open. Even if they were done having fun, he still didn't mind looking at her.

With Cally in plain sight he relieved himself in the toilet before walking out into the living room. He still had no clothes on.

Cally had to go too, but she just let her urine stream flow down with the shower water.

John sat in his seat watching TV once again, only now he was without clothing. Cally came out of the shower and sat on his lap. Again they kissed. Cally lied down and John rested between her legs as they lost themselves in a passionate embrace.

When Crissy came home that evening, everything looked normal. John was watching TV and Cally was cleaning the kitchen floor.

"Oh hi honey," said John with a little smile.

"I trust everything went well today?" asked Crissy.

"Oh yeah, everything went fine."

"Glad to hear it."

Cally walked over to Crissy, "Ma'am, I've finished my work, may I leave now?"

"Of course,"

John watched as both Crissy and Cally walked out to the hall. Once in the hall, Crissy turned to Cally.

"So?" asked Crissy impatiently.

"Yup," said Cally, "He's a cheater."

by: Screamer

This story is a work of fiction. If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions please feel free to write to me at