The Rape by qmommad

The Rape

She felt like she was being followed. She had had that feeling for days now. As she walked to her car she felt like eyes were on her. She had the security guard see her to her car so now when she got in she felt safe as she pulled out of the parking lot and into the traffic.

She had been living alone now for a year since her boyfriend had decided to wander off. She had never felt exactly comfortable living alone. She was a woman who enjoyed the company of others and she was also very precocious. Since her lover had left, she had acquired a vast arsenal of masturbatory devices. Her favorite was a dildo that had a suction cup device so you could stick it anywhere and ride it. Just last night, she had adhered it to the top of the toilet seat and had cum several times before her legs were tired. Once she stuck it to the wall and backed up to it.

Her assortment of vibrators and dildos was pretty amazing, actually. She could cum several different ways. She was blessed with an enormous clit and it stuck out like a little cock. She could actually see it sticking up when she was really hot. Like right now.

Driving home, she planned her evening. A hot bath and the vibrator with the special clit stimulator was in order tonight. She pulled into her long, dark, driveway and came to a stop outside the garage. As she dug out her keys, a head appeared in the back seat of her car. She attempted to jump out of the car but he grabbed her hair and held her in the seat. She tried to scream but he placed a sharp knife to her throat and told her not to. Holding her hair with one hand, his other slid down the front of her shirt and ripped it open in one motion, exposing her tits. His hand continued its path, past her waist band, and the elastic in her panties until his fingers slipped into her wet slit; her earlier thoughts had made her very wet and slippery. She gasped as his fingers went inside her and then slid out, rubbed her clit and then plunged back in. He never said a word. He put his wet fingers to his lips and sucked, greedily.

She was terrified. She didn't want him to do this, but it felt so good that she tried not to respond. Suddenly the knife was back and he indicated she was to get out. Keeping his hands in her hair, they got out. He walked behind her and kept her from running. She unlocked the door to the house and he roughly pushed her inside. He pointed to the door: "Lock it." She did. He hussled her into the bedroom of her house.

She stood there, trying to see his face. It was semi-dark in the bedroom, and he was sheathed in shadows and a long coat. Suddenly he produced a blindfold; he handed it to her and she put it on . She stood there with it on for what seemed an eternity, wondering what he was going to do, wondering if she was going to die. She was shaking and terrified , but secretly wanted his hands on her again. Cold steel; she felt it on her thigh before she felt his hands. The blade sliced through her skirt and it slid to the floor. It went up again, and now her panties whispered to the floor. Next he surgically removed her shirt that was already in tatters....

As she stood there, waiting, something cold and hard touched her thigh. She imagined it was the knife and wondered what he would do with it. Her legs were trembling with terror, yes, but mostly with heat and desire. She whined and suddenly felt a sharp slap across her ass and she was pushed onto the bed and left there. She whimpered and waited. Wondered. The suspense was driving her wild and her hands found her clit and she began to rub it, hoping he would like the show and spare her life. No whippings came, so she moved her fingers inside her wet slit and held the lips open for him to see. She wanted something inside so bad. She put both feet on the bed and opened up her pussy for him to see and raised her ass off the bed. She could feel her nipples rise up and she desperately wanted him to suck them and suck her clit, but his touch never came. Once she tried to remove the blindfold and he put the knife back on her leg. Oh she wanted to cum so badly, why didn't he just RAPE her?

She turned over so he could see her ass as she finger fucked herself and suddenly she felt him place one of her dildos in her hand; the large one. She wasted no time putting it inside her. She flung herself on it and the cum bubbled out of her and ran down her legs. She pulled on her clit as she rode the dildo. She could feel it push against her cervix and she so wet and hot and she came so hard that she started to scream. He wanted her to be quiet so he put the blade back on her leg.

She moaned and whispered things to herself and quivered and kept rubbing herself. Her cunt was so slippery, the large dildo just slid out and landed on the floor. Her ass was raised up high and her head was on the pillow as she mumbled to herself, she felt a weight on the bed behind her and suddenly something huge attempted to go into her. Her eyes flew open and she tried to crawl away but it kept pushing forward while large hands held her hips firm. Suddenly the head of his cock slipped into her with a sucking sound and she wailed out in pain and ecstasy as the massive cock began its journey. She was so hot and juicy it slid, like a piston, halfway in. She bit into the pillow as each time he pushed it in further. Finally she shoved backwards and it slipped all the way in causing her to scream out. There was much pain, but it was exquisite pain. She felt it so deep within her she thought she felt it pushing into her chest. He began to pull back out and she begged him not to take it away. She thrashed and bucked and thrust back at him, meeting each thrust of his with her own, feeling the cum run from her in rivulets. His enormous cock rammed into her. His hips were thrusting like a machine and his cock buried deep within her, tearing into her, turning her too into a beast. His fingers found her clit and began to mangle it as he fucked her. She became a fucking machine, heaving and grunting, she came in such a long stream he thought she had pissed on him....but it was just her honey that flowed like water. His cock came out of her with a plop. He flipped her over, placed his mouth over her and began to suck on her huge clit, drinking her cum like nectar. His tongue moving it back and forth as she fucked his face and begged him to rape her again.

He aimed his enormous cock at her again and this time began to fuck her slowly. He pulled it out nearly all the way and then slowly plunged back into her, causing her cum to gush out with each push. Now she was like a rag doll on the end of his cock, moaning and thrashing her head. Suddenly the impossibly huge cock got bigger and he plunged it in as deep as he could and began to fuck her, fast and deep. His cock felt as though it was touching her spine as he plunged it as deep as it would go. Her hands pulled at his ass and he became very still as a huge load of cum shot deep with in her and filled her up. It began to spray from the seal of their bodies and she whined and bit him and sucked on him wherever he would allow. He continued to cum until his cock began to soften but he still moved it in and out of her. She wanted it to never stop. Suddenly she felt the huge dick leave her and there was a mouth slowly cleansing her and drinking her. She came again as his tongue flipped her clit around.....then she drifted off to sleep.

When she woke up, the Rapist was gone, and there was a note that simply said, " You should close your blinds, my dear."