The Slut Wife by Ooz

The Slut Wife by Ooz

God, I love cum. And the cocks from which it spurts. And tongues. And balls. Assholes. No, not the macho, conceited jerks who hang out in bars hitting on women like me. I love assholes . . . you know, anuses, if that's a word.

How did I become this cum-craving, cocksucking slut, you ask? It was easy . . . my God was it easy.

My husband, Jim, is a sweet man, and I love him dearly. I'd also love to blame him for what I've become, but in reality, it isn't poor Jim's fault, even though he started it all. No, the fault is mine, all mine. You see, all my life I've been taught to be a "nice" girl. I've been told sex was "dirty," and that "nice girls" didn't do those "nasty things" I heard whispered about when I was in high school. I was so fucking na´ve I thought if I got to close to a man when I was having my period I could actually get pregnant just from standing near a guy. Dumb? You bet! Was it my fault? Not really. It's what my fundamentalist mother taught me. You see, my parents were so conservative and uptight we didn't even get a television set until I was in college. Instead we spent our long days working on my father's farm while at night we read the Bible, for hours, holding hands, praying constantly until bedtime. Bedtime, by the way, was 8:30. Real swingers, my parents. I doubt my father ever even saw my mother naked, and I know they didn't fuck. Other than to have me, I guess. Dad must have gotten carried away on the honeymoon, but other than that, I was it. No brothers, no sisters. Just me, my mother, my father, and a few farm animals. Growing up I thought I would go mad.

When I finally won a scholarship and went away to college I did everything I could to conceal my large breasts. I wore loose sweatshirts, and did nothing to look attractive, wearing my mousy blond hair pinned up in a bun behind my head, shunning makeup of any kind, while hiding behind large, black horn-rimmed glasses. I was ugly, I felt ugly, and I knew I'd never be anything but ugly. Hell, my mother and father made that plain enough to me, almost every day.

"Martha, you're a plain girl, dear, and always will be. But some nice young man will come along and marry you when you're older. When father allows you to date, after you've graduated from college. You'll see, dear. Your time will come. But don't rush it. We're only young once, Martha, so take your time." Blah, blah, blah . . . .

So I spent my high school and college years as a nerd. My grades were excellent, although I was always mortified whenever I had to speak in class. I was so shy I blushed whenever the professor called on me, and I never even looked at a boy. Yet something, some craving deep within me, kept gnawing at me, filling me with strange sensations, frustrating sensations. Once in the shower when I was washing my pussy I felt a sudden, incredibly powerful jolt of pleasure rack my body. I know now I must have had a little orgasm from washing my clit, but at that time all it did was scare the hell out of me. My legs felt wobbly, and I had to tear my hand away from my pussy it felt so good.

Later that evening, all alone in my bunk bed - my roommate was never in the room - I touched myself again, under the covers. When the pleasure began this time I was prepared for it, and when it washed over me again, filling me with even more glorious sensations than before, I actually heard myself crying out with pleasure as my orgasm shattered me. What WAS this, I wondered, knowing I could never ask my mother, or anyone else, for that matter.

It was during my senior year when I met Cal. He was as shy as me, and just as dorky. A nerd majoring in computer science, like me, we were given a study assignment to prepare together, and it forced both of us to have to talk to each other. One thing led to another, and before long we began going out together.

The first time Cal kissed me I swooned and almost fainted. I felt giddy, and my stomach was filled with the same kinds of sensations I experienced when I touched myself. I prayed I wouldn't catch anything from his kiss, although by then I did at least know I couldn't get pregnant from just a kiss, even when I was having my period. I wasn't sure if this was how girls got venereal diseases, though, so I guess I was afraid of the unknown.

Toward the end of my senior year Cal touched my breasts. I was stunned, and scolded him immediately for his unbelievable action. I made him kneel beside me and pray for forgiveness, but afterward, that night, in bed, I again touched myself as I recalled how wonderful his hand had felt on my tits.

Shortly before we graduated, Cal asked me to marry him. He had received a wonderful job offer, in Atlanta, from a major computer company, and wanted me to go with him. I had also received an offer from the same company, and when I asked if I could work in Atlanta as well, they said yes. I was thrilled, but afraid of what my parents would say.

When I called home to tell my mother and father, I received terrible news. One of my parents' friends answered the phone. She said they had been trying to reach me, and asked me to sit down somewhere before she told me what had happened. I did, and she told me there had been a horrible accident. My parents car had been hit by a truck on their way home from church, and both of them had been killed instantly.

I cried a lot, of course, and Cal went with me back to Iowa for the funereal. Our family's lawyer helped me a lot, and asked what I wanted done with the farm. I told him to sell it and send me the money, explaining that I was getting married, and moving to Atlanta.

When Cal and I began our new careers, we were fortunate enough to have the money from my parents' farm to help us get started. We got married right away, and bought a nice home in a suburb just north of the city.

Our honeymoon was wonderful. Both Cal and I were virgins, naturally, and the first time he fucked me I came so hard I screamed. Everyone in the motel must have heard me, but I didn't care. God I loved fucking, and took to it like a duck does water. Or something like that. All I know is I couldn't get enough of Cal's cock, even though it's not all that big, I found out later.

We didn't engage in any oral sex, or anything like that, for the first year or so. When we finally did, it happened quite by accident. We bought a computer for our home, and Cal signed up for one of the Internet services. At first we just used it for news and stuff like that. But then one night Cal discovered Newsgroups, and our lives were changed forever.

When we saw the list of subjects available there we were stunned, but when we innocently opened some of the binaries Newsgroups, we were more than stunned . . . we were shocked! We saw pictures of people doing things we could never even have imagined people could do together. Not just posing nude, but fucking, and sucking, and pissing on each other, drinking it, even eating shit and fucking and sucking animals. There were pictures of men with little girls, and women with boys . . . pictures of women changing their tampons . . . pictures of women with women, and men with men, and groups of people having sex together.

Cal and I looked at these pictures for hours that first night, and when we finally went to bed we were so hot I made Cal fuck me three times. Meekly Cal asked me what I thought of some of the pictures, and I admitted they had made me very hot. He asked me which ones, and I told him I liked the ones where people were having oral sex. He asked me if I'd like to try it, and, trembling with excitement, I said I would.

That first time Cal went down on me I came as soon as his lips touched my pussy, but when he put his tongue inside my cunt, actually fucking my cunt with it, I exploded all over his face. I think I pissed in his mouth, because I was so hot and so excited I knew something strange had happened. Cal moaned, and sucked me harder, and I just let myself go and gushed all over him.

Afterward he kissed me, and when I smelled and tasted my pussy juices all over his face I came again. He was very hard, and suddenly I wanted to taste him, too. I smiled at Cal, told him to lie down, and began crawling down his body, kissing and licking his hot, sweating flesh as I moved closer and closer to his bobbing, twitching cock.

"Oh God, Marti, yes, oh God YES!" he begged, calling me by the new name I was now using.

When I first licked his cock I came again, whimpering and twitching, as excited as Cal, but when I took him in my mouth and he came, instantly, I couldn't stop sucking him. I chewed his cum, then swallowed it, my insides going flip-flop, knowing we were probably dooming ourselves to an eternity in hell, but unable to stop myself. I loved it, all of it, and knew I'd never go back to the way I was before.

After that night Cal and I ate each other constantly. Then one night he asked me a strange question.

"Marti . . . what does it taste like?"

"What baby?" I asked.

"My cum," he said. "You seem to love eating it so much. Is it good?"

"Would you like to find out for yourself?" I asked, instantly feeling hot.

"Maybe," Cal whispered.

"Then let's do it, baby," I said, leading him to the bedroom.

We undressed in silence, and when Cal took off his undershorts his cock was rock hard and dripping pre-cum lubricant.

"I have an idea," I said, walking over to Cal, hugging him to my body.

"What?" he asked, excited, anxious to try something new.

"Why don't you fuck me and then eat your cum out of my pussy?" I said, using some of our "dirty" words to make Cal even more excited.

"Oh God, Marti, that sounds so hot," Cal gurgled, his cock twitching.

"Then do it," I said, walking over to the bed, spreading my legs for him. I touched myself then, masturbating for Cal, something that always excites him. When he entered me he was ready to come already, so I told him not to go too deep.

"Pull out and come all over my pussy and clit, darling," I said, masturbating furiously now as he fucked me.

"Oh GODDDDD!" Cal gasped, pulling away from me, holding his cock as it erupted sperm all over my pussy lips and fingers. I used some of the hot cum to masturbate with, and when the last of several spurts were nice and gooey, all over my cunt and clit, I told Cal to eat me.

"I . . . I'm not sure I think I want to now, baby," he sighed.

"Well I WANT you to, damn you, now DO IT!" I snapped, slapping Cal on the ass, hard, so hard the imprint of my hand made a red mark on his cheek.

"Oh God, yes, yes, baby, make me do it. I love it when you make me do things," he moaned, immediately diving between my thighs, burying his face in my mushy, cum-coated cunt. He wallowed in the cum, slurping and eating and sucking me so hard I thought I'd die from the series of orgasms that instantly flooded my body.

"Oh GOD YES YES YES, Cal!" I screamed. "Oh God, baby, that feels so fucking nasty. Oh Cal, darling, I love it. I FUCKING LOVE ITTTTTT!" I screeched.

"Hmmm . . . me, too," Cal moaned, masturbating, his cock hard again.

"Oh Cal, what if . . . what if that was another man's cum. Oh Cal . . . what if another man had fucked me and come in me. Would you still eat me, darling?"

"YES!" Cal hissed. "OH GOD YESSSSSS!" Suddenly he climbed up near my pussy and came again, all over my cunt, his cock jerking and spitting gobs of cum all over my pussy again. I was amazed at how much he came again, after just shooting all over me, but the look in his eyes told me how excited he was. He LOVED the idea of sucking my pussy when it was coated with cum from another man, and I loved it, too.

"They came all over me, Cal. Look . . . look at all the cum those guys shot on my pussy, darling. Don't you want to eat it, Cal? Don't you want to eat all their dirty old scummy cum off my pussy?" I teased, spreading my cunt lips open for him, letting the cum drip down into my hole as he watched, his eyes glazed with lust.

"Eat it, Cal. Eat all their cum. You know you want to do it, you fucking queer. So DO IT! NOW!" I snarled.

"YES! I DO! I REALLY DO! Oh GOD, Marti, I wish . . . I think I wish it really was cum from other men," he gurgled as he buried his face between my sweating thighs again, slurping and sucking the cum from my pussy, even wiping his face back and forth through the gooey mess while he ate me, getting the cum all over his face until all of it was gone.

Afterward we talked about what we'd done. I asked Cal if he really did want me to fuck other men, and he asked me if I would. I told him the idea sounded exciting, if he would still love me afterward, and he said he would if I'd let him participate and watch me while they fucked me. I told him I would only do it if he watched. Then I asked him a question that had been in my mind since he first went down on me and ate his cum.

"What if they want you to do something with them, too, Cal? What if they want you to suck them or something?" I asked, casually stroking his cock, feeling it growing in my hand yet again.

"I . . . I guess . . . if . . . if you wanted me to . . . I might . . . do it," he whimpered.

"You'd like to, wouldn't you, Cal. You'd like to suck a man's cock while I watch, wouldn't you."

"I . . . yes, oh God, Marti, yes, I think I would," he admitted.

Shortly after that we began hearing stories about that sportscaster, that Marv Albert. When I heard about him having sex with his girlfriend and another man while wearing his girlfriend's panties, I knew I'd easily be able to get Cal to do that, too. That night I called him into the bedroom and told him to undress. He did, and when he was naked, I took the package out I'd bought that day at the mall and handed it to him.

"Put these on," I said sternly.

He opened the bag and took out a pair of red silk panties and a pair of stockings. Cal looked at me for a moment, his face crimson, and I again ordered him to put them on. His cock was already growing hard, and when he pulled the red panties up over his cock and balls, I could see it dripping pre-cum, staining the panties.

"Don't come yet, darling," I instructed. "I want you to see what you're going to look like when we have another man over to party with us."

"Oh God, Marti . . . do you mean it?" he asked, his cock fully erect now.

"Yes. I mean it. You're a bisexual, Cal, and I want everyone who fucks me to know this was your idea," I said.

"Yes . . . of course, darling. Anything . . . anything you want," he sighed, pulling the red stockings up his legs. I noticed how ugly the hair on his legs looked, and made a mental note to do something about that later.

When Cal was fully dressed in the panties and stockings, I dropped to my knees in front of him and began sucking him through the panties.

"Oh Marti, I . . . oh God, I'm . . . I'm going to . . . to-"

"I know, baby. Do it. Fill your nice new panties with your hot, nasty cum. Then I'll let you suck them afterward," I said, my own fingers bringing me closer and closer to my own orgasm as I watched my husband's cock twitching, then filling the panties with hot cum. I rubbed the cum over the tip of Cal's cock as he continued to spurt, and with each new burst of cum he groaned.

"Just think, Cal. Soon you'll be doing this in front of other men, letting them see what a hot man you are. Maybe you'll even be doing it in a man's mouth, darling. How would you like that? Would you like that, Cal? Would you?" I asked.

"I DO LIKE IT!" he shouted, stunning me to silence.

"You DO like it?" I finally asked, looking up at him, puzzled.

"Yes! Oh God, help me, Marti, but I've been . . . I've let . . . I've been going to an adult theater on the weekend, not computer shops like I told you. I've wanted to tell you, baby, but I couldn't," he groaned, close to crying.

"Well tell me now, then, Cal. Tell me everything, God damn you!" I screamed.

He did begin crying then, and over the next few minutes he poured out his heart to me, telling me he'd been going to this adult theater where at first he'd been just masturbating with other men. Lately, however, it seems he'd been letting men suck his cock . . . and he'd been sucking theirs.

"Can you forgive me?" he asked, looking like his life was over. By this time I was almost laughing at him. Actually I thought it sounded hot as hell, and I wondered why I hadn't figured it out before.

"You really are gay, aren't you, Cal," I said.

"NO!" he shouted. "I'm not GAY! I . . . I guess I'm bisexual though," he admitted.

"Yeah, I guess!" I said, laughing. When Cal saw I wasn't mad any more he began kissing me and apologizing for hiding it from me, and begging me to forgive him like a little kid. I told him to never ever lie or keep anything from me again, and he promised he wouldn't.

"Can . . . can I still go to the movies once in a while?" he asked.

"If you take me with you," I said, an idea suddenly growing in my mind.

"Would . . . would you GO there?" he asked, his face puzzled.

"Cal . . . we've talked about other men fucking me for a long time, haven't we?"


"Well then . . . if this movie is safe enough to allow men to suck each other, don't you think it would be safe enough to allow men to fuck me, too?" I asked.

"YES!" Cal smiled, looking as happy as I've ever seen him. "But Marti . . . we're not fooling around now," he said. "If you go there, they will want to . . . well, they can get pretty nasty. And some of these guys are big black guys. What if . . . well . . . would . . . would you let a black guy do something to you?"

"Cal, if we go there, I'll let anyone who wants me do anything they want to me. Actually I might enjoy a black cock for a change. Or ANY strange cock for a change. I think we've talked about it long enough, darling. Now it's time to put up or shut up. But if you don't take me with you, my darling, you aren't going back there either.

Cal looked hurt for a moment, then began to grin, and said, "When do you want to go?"