Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare

One afternoon when I was about twelve years old myself and a friend of mine were at my house hanging out doing what twelve year old boys do. His name was Tim and we were in boyscouts together. My parents were not home and we had just got done playing GI Joe, when we started talking about boyscout camp. It was a common practice of the older boys to play truth or dare on those late nights at camp and Tim and I were very interested in this game. The older boys in the troop wouldn't let the younger kids play because they were afraid we would tell on them. Tim and I decided that we wanted to play this game.

We closed the blinds in my room and got right down to business. We started out pretty weak with things like humping the wall because we were scared to do anything else. Finally I broke the ice by making him walk around the room with his pants at his ankles. I couldn't believe what I saw when I got a glimpse at his dick. Now mind you I was a late bloomer and at twelve had a dick that was four inches long when fully erect and not one hair on it. I saw the exact opposite when I looked at Tim's piece. I shit you not, this is a true story.... his dick was 10 inches long. This thing put mine to shame. It was covered with hair and he had these huge balls. I was very embarrassed when the dare came to me and he asked me to jump on the bed with no pants on. A game was a game so I did it expecting him to laugh at me, but he didn't. He thought mine was cool because his was so big. The game went on like this for a good hour. We only had one little part where we squeezed each other's dicks.

The next encounter we had like this was about two months later. We went on a boyscout camp-out and decided to sleep in the same tent together. We both knew what was coming. As soon as they put out the fires we took our clothing off and played some more truth or dare. This time things got a little hot.

When we played the first game I hadn't discovered masturbation and nor had he but when we reached this one we both had figured out how to beat it. The first dare was on me to jerk off for a little bit. I took out my little cock and played with it till it was hard. When it reached it tiny peak I stroked it slowly while Tim watched. I could tell he was loving it. We went back and forth jerking off for a while until he asked me to suck his dick. I said why not and he immediately got on his knees so I could slip his shaft into my virgin mouth. I pushed the monster down my throat about half way and gagged like hell!! It tasted terrible and I almost threw up. He sucked me off easily for a little while before we ended that night's session. The gag thing really put a bad taste in my mouth...literally!!

My last experience with him was about three months later. This was the big one. I asked my parents if Tim could sleep over a night and they said sure. Tim and I once again had a plan in store for after everyone went to bed. When my folks retired for the night, Tim and I hit it. We didn't play truth or dare this time, we just had sex!!

We took off each other's cloths and threw them aside. We never kissed which to this day leads me to believe that neither of us are homosexual. I am turned on by sex with men but have no other attraction to them. It is just a sex thing for me.

We started jerking each other off slowly and then Tim went down on me. I laid on my back while Tim took my whole thing into his mouth, nuts and all!! He sucked for a while until we switched off and I sucked his monster cock for a while. I was much more conscience this time only taking in a little bit at a time and working the shaft and head more with my tongue.

We switched on and off each other's dicks for a while until we discovered the 69 position. This was loads of fun for a good ten minutes. We just licked and sucked each other's cocks until we were both ready to cum. Before we did so we wanted to try anal sex. I didn't want Tim's monster up my butt so we figured I would try mine in his. I rubbed some cold cream on my stick and jammed it in his tight ass in the doggie style position. I pumped it in and out for just a few minutes before we both blew our loads. I shot mine in his tight ass and then I bent over and took his in my mouth. It truly was incredible. We both put our cloths back on and went to bed. That was the last homosexual experience I ever had.