The Virgin by Cat

The Virgin

I had not seen Rick in several years. He was the one who took my virginity when I was 15. It was summertime, and I was walking to the beach to meet him when he pulled up beside me in a yellow beat-up wagon. "Need a ride, beautiful?" he said. Rick was always over-enthusiastic with his praise. I once commented that the moon looked very beautiful and he replied that it did not look nearly as beautiful as me; sweet, but sappy.

I climbed into the front seat of his car. He asked whether I would like to skip the beach and head to our favorite "make-out" place. I agreed (rather enthusiastically), and we drove down a dirt trail into the woods, where we parked the car. Rick was 19 and had never pressured me to "go all the way"; in fact, it was I who pressured him. But this time he had prepared for it. In the back of the station wagon were two pillows and a blue blanket. He reclined the back seat and we climbed into the rear of the car. He slowly removed my t-shirt, exposing my barely developed breasts, with their large dusky nipples. Leaning forward, he kissed one, his tongue caressing it, while his hand removed my shorts and cotton panties. I felt his fingers caressing my clit before sliding inside. I was aching with want and my hands struggled with his jeans until they found what they were looking for - his large, thick cock. I stroked it gently, my small hand wrapped around it as I fondled his balls with my other hand.

After a lot more kissing and petting, he laid on top of me and swiftly thrust his penis into my wet pussy. I gasped at the pain, but pushed hard against him, wanting to feel him inside. Once he was inside, I moved my hips against his, arching so that his cock would drive deeper into my hot cunt. My fingers dug into the skin of his back, my teeth imbedded in his shoulder. I moaned loudly and begged him to fuck me. He groaned and withdrew from my pussy, spraying his thick white cum all over my abdomen and young tits. I scooped some up with my finger and tasted it, savoring it on my tongue. We fucked two more times that afternoon, before he insisted he had to leave, although I was still begging for more.

Every summer, and sometimes once or twice during the year, he would come back to my hometown, and we would have wild fuck sessions, usually in a car. The next year, he was driving a red Dodge Omni. One night when I was 16, we parked in the cemetery. I was sitting in the passenger side seat. He told me to remove my clothes, which I did. Then he moved over to my side of the car and started kissing me. He pinned my arms behind the seat and handcuffed them. Next he flipped down the visor mirror so that I could watch as he knelt between my legs and licked me slowly, his hot tongue drawing circles on my clit. He kept licking, thrusting his tongue into my hole while his finger probed my ass until I was writhing in the seat. Nothing had ever felt so good as his tongue dancing across my little button. I came all over his face; cream trickled down his chin. He smiled smugly and I almost screamed as he started licking again. The feeling was unbearable. I lost track of how many times he licked me to orgasm.

I was twenty the last time I saw Rick. He was married now and on leave from the Army, having been stationed in Germany. He called me and I agreed to meet him. We went to dinner and afterwards he took me to his hotel room. He made a trip to the grocery store to get "supplies." When he returned, I was naked except for his leather jacket, which barely closed over my now full, round breasts. He quickly removed his own clothes. I never ceased to marvel at the beauty of his amazingly large penis. He laid me back on the bed and straddled my face. His balls rested on my nose and I inhaled deeply. Grabbing me by the hair, he pulled my head back and thrust his penis into my mouth. I sucked him greedily, my tongue sliding up and down his shaft as he moved in and out between my lips. Then he removed his cock and slapped it against my nipples. They were hard with anticipation. He bent down and bit one savagely and I cried out in surprise.

He removed a yellow banana from the bag of goodies he had purchased. He laid this on my stomach while he opened his duffel bag. From this bag, Rick took out a video camera and set it on the table. "I think this is a Kodak moment," he joked. I hesitated but agreed to let him film us. He picked up the banana and ordered me to spread my legs. First he inserted it with the peel still on it. It felt rough and uncomfortable, but as he began to thrust, my pussy took over, moistening it with my juices. He began to fuck me harder with the banana and I begged him to shove it deeper. Then he withdrew it.

I whimpered softly, wanting it again. He looked at me with his intense brown eyes and slowly peeled it. He re-inserted it into my hot cunt and fucked me softly until the banana was almost mush. "Now eat it," he said and placed it on my lips. I balked, but I could tell he was serious. He grabbed me by the chin and I opened my mouth. He stuck the banana inside and watched me eat it, tasting my cream. Then he took a pair of nylons from his bag. He took one leg and placed the foot near my breast. He pulled my nipple until it was hard and ordered me to hold it. My nipples are very protruding and as I pulled it, he slipped a leg of the nylon around it and tied a knot. He did the same with the other. I felt a strange mix of pain and pleasure as he pulled the nylon firmly around my nipple. He placed the waistband in my hand and ordered me to masturbate. As I rubbed my fingers in circles over my clit, the nylons pulled on my nipples; each tug causing me to moan. I rubbed faster, frantically trying to reach orgasm, as my large breasts jiggled from the continued pulling. He slapped my thigh and ordered me to stop. "Please let me cum," I begged. "I'm so close." But he refused, and I stopped, feeling extremely frustrated.

"Turn over." he said. Rick's hands rolled me over, and I heard him take something else out of his bag. Suddenly, he was probing my ass with something cool and sticky.

"What are you-" I started to say, when I felt the thick head of his cock tight against my hole.

"Wait Rick!" I exclaimed. "I've never done this before."

"First time for everything," he said and rammed his dick in one fluid movement into my tight asshole. I screamed and felt faint from the pain. I could feel the thickness of his cock spreading me apart, filling me. He was still for a minute. "You have such a nice, tight asshole." He started slapping my cheeks, which were high in the air, and began sliding in and out. The friction of his penis against the rim of my ass sent me over the edge. I was moaning and screaming, and I begged him to fuck me harder. I met every thrust with a counter-thrust until we were banging hard. I was near to climaxing when he pulled out.

"No! Don't stop!" I pleaded with him.

"Hold on," he said. I felt a pull on my nipples as he took the end of the nylon and tore a small hole near the top. He put his cock through the hole and pulled it back toward my ass. He again entered me; the pain was not as intense but the combination of his cock fucking me and the nylons binding my nipples caused me to collapse in ecstasy.

"Get up, slut!" he shouted as he slapped my butt hard. I scooted back onto my knees. "Beg for it." he commanded.

"Please do it," I whispered.

"Do what?" he said.

"Fuck me. Fuck me in the ass with your big hard cock."

"Rub your pussy for me, my whore," he said. I began rubbing my clit and he started moving in and out of my ass once more. My whole body began to shake as I orgasmed; I could feel my ass tighten around his cock, gripping it hard. Then he moaned and pulled his cock out. I could feel his hot semen landing on my ass, running down my cheeks. We lay down next to each other and I remarked how he had again taken my virginity. He smiled and said there was a lot more in store for me that night and that he had many more goodies in his bag. I couldn't wait to find out what they were.

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