Yumi Seiko and Big Carl Johnson by qmommad

Yumi Seiko and Big Carl Johnson

Big Carl Johnson just finished up his bacon and eggs sopped up with biscuits from the diner on Polk street down from the bus station. Big Carl just got out of prison 6 hours before, and was enjoying his freedom very much. It had been 15 years since he walked around free and he was determined to not go back this time. He had plans. He wanted to stay clean this time, drug free and sober. He had gone to Narcotic Anonymous meetings everyday and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings too. Sometimes 3 or 4 times a day till the pain was less noticeable. Withdrawal is a bitch, he thought. But tolerable when you have another habit to fall back on. He had been given a cellmate who was more than happy to service him whenever he needed it and he needed it a lot. Big Carl Johnson had a johnson that was 12 inches soft. When fully inflated, it was a fearsome thing but his jail bitch took it all deep into his rectum when ever Carl wanted it. His name was Ralph and he would howl in pain and delight as Carl drove it deep into his bowels and exploded into him several times a day.

Carl couldn't go for long without some sort of relief and he was feeling the stirrings beginning now, here in this greasy spoon. His cock was waking up in this stupid fucking diner and he would have to get up and walk out with a massive hard on that would be hard to miss. He got up, using his newspaper as a shield to curious onlookers and made his way to the men's room. Settling himself into a stall he released the monster and gripped it like a fire hose... and began to stroke it. It responded by doubling in size and standing out like a flag pole as he stoked it and stroked it, head back and eyes closed, he felt his balls tighten up as the cum boiled deep inside of his balls, ready to explode on the wall opposite him. He felt a thick string of slime drip onto his pumping fist as he neared orgasm. His mouth fell open and he pumped on, and on, closer to cumming and closer. His cock was huge, black and shiny as his lubricants oozed from him constantly. He imagined it was buried deep within a woman and he was slamming it deep inside of her. He was very good at fantasy as he had been doing it for so long. Suddenly he heard someone come into the restroom and his eyes popped open, as he heard someone with a mop bucket. He looked down to see two tiny feet walk by as a distinctly feminine voice begin to hum a tune. He was frozen in place hands on his enormous cock, slime oozing to the floor as he stared at the feet. His eyes were glazed over and he was crazy with lust. The door suddenly swung open and a tiny little oriental girl, mop in hand stared with disbelief at the cock which Big Carl had a death grip on. Slowly her eyes lifted and met his near slits and fear replaced amazement. What she saw was pure animal lust and she was afraid.

She was only 14, but all Japanese girls know what a cock is and what it is for. Girls are taught at a very young age about sex and men and what is expected of them. She had been lucky and was still a virgin only because her father had been killed and she lived with all women. Incest was rampant and fathers always had the daughter before anyone. She was present while her sister was deflowered. She had dreaded the day it would be her turn. But then her father was dead now and she had no reason to worry. She could wait until she was ready.

But here was this huge black man, sitting on the toilet of her mother's diner, handling that thing as if it were alive. She muttered something like an apology and turned to leave. But she had waited too long. His hand shot out and dragged her into the stall with him. Suddenly his large hand was across her mouth as she took a breath to scream. He stood and easily lifted her off the floor as he ripped off her panties and bent her over the toilet, head in the bowl. He stuck her head into the water and raised her ass high in the air. Her pussy was tiny and his cock was parting her pussy lips trying to do what he had wanted to do for the last 15 years. Fuck a woman. Only this wasn't a woman, it was a girl, but his cock had taken over now and he was in no shape to argue. She was dry and tight and very wiggly. He let her up for air and put his mouth to her ear and told her if she screamed he would kill her but he was going to fuck her and she was going to have to deal with it.

She was gasping for air and was partially impaled on him and nodded her head, for she didn't exactly know what else to do. He knew he would have to do it differently so he opened the stall door, walked out into the bathroom with her slung over his shoulder and locked the outer door. She was shaking and terrified. He warned her again about screaming and sat her up on the sink, and spread her legs. He knelt on the floor in front of her and began to lick and get her wet outside and inside. She was so tiny, he could hardly get his tongue to go inside of her... so that made him more determined. The tip of his tongue found her tiny clit and he began to move it around with his tongue. Her cunt was hairless and this made him wild with lust. His cock was raging and demanding attention. He wanted to make her slippery so his cock would go in so he sucked and licked and held her legs up so he could get in her with his tongue.

Suddenly he noticed she had stopped crying and was making a mewling sound so he looked up and she was watching him intently. He growled and said...."You kinda like this don't you?" She covered her eyes with her hands as he inserted his middle finger, which was huge inside of her now slippery pussy. She yelped and tried to get away but he held her in place as his finger explored her young tight hole. He stood and was in her face as he fingered her and his mouth explored her neck and he couldn't resist the urge to lick her face. He was whispering about how tight she was and how bad he wanted to fuck her and now he was back on his knees fingering her and licking his fingers and smelling her and growling. She felt her self move with him and was shocked to find herself cooperating with this black rapist pig. He felt it too and looked up and grinned. "Oh yeah..." he said.... as he pumped his finger in her. He suddenly came up on her hymen and pushed on it. She backed off in pain and new fright. He suddenly became impatient, wanting to fuck fuck fuck. He roughly turned her over and raised her ass in the air as his huge pulsating cock parted her again, this time meeting less resistance with her all juicy now. Still so fucking tight... he pushed hard and felt her wall against his furious prick. He clamped his hands over her mouth as he pushed his way in. She made a high pitched sound and bit him hard but then she pushed her ass against him as he made a trail inside of her with his cock. He looked down and he was only 1/3rd inside . Suddenly he noticed she was trying to help him get inside. Wiggling and squirming and pushing against him. She was bleeding too, and it was getting slipperier.

He moved his hand from her face and she was mewling and groaning and saying things in another language he didn't understand but he got the basic idea that she liked what he was doing to her. That's all it took, holding her narrow hips with his hands he moved forward, and sunk his cock shank deep inside of this girls hairless cunt... moving in and in and in till he hit the end of her....now he pulled it back and he looked down to see how slick with blood and body fluids it was......it was too much and he began to fuck her in earnest, knowing he was only moments from cumming earlier it was an animal need, he was mating with her, fucking her, wanting to impregnate her wanting to fill her with his cock till she screamed. Suddenly her hands gripped the sink in front of her and she began to grunt and push back hard. He could see her face in the mirror as her mouth went slack and her eyes glazed over as she came on him, he felt her pussy contract hard and it was like a vise grip had him as she came and cried out in pleasure, his hand again went to her mouth, and this time she licked his hand and threw her ass back at him, his cock went in another inch and he began to cum deep inside of her, pumping his cock and watching, unable to stop watching how each time he pushed in most of her young pussy lips would disappear inside of her. Suddenly her hands went to her clit and she was riding the corner of the sink and it was massaging her clit as he impaled her with his huge black cock. The contrast of his blackness against her paleness was startling... and it drove him mad with lust and he wanted to kill her with his cock but she wasn't going to die. She was liking this.

He became enraged and doubled his efforts but it only produced another round of orgasms for her. Sweat glistened on him and dripped on to her as they coupled and rutted. He raped her and raped her and he tried to make her hurt but she spread it open wider for him. His cock erupted deep inside of her as waves of pleasure whipped him. He brayed out loudly and buried his head deep in her hair and bit down hard on her shoulder as she was filled to overflowing with his seed and as he impaled her high on his prick her feet came off the floor and she was suspended in midair by him and her hands on the sink. The fucking slowed down and his cock remained inside of her but softer now... he came to his senses and realized what he had done. He had just raped this young girl in this bathroom. Shocked, he withdrew his cock, zipped his pants and ran from the restroom and from the restaurant. He knew it was just a matter of time before he was picked up again, and was expecting the cops any minute.

Yumi Seiko crumbled to the floor in a ball of ecstasy and continued to masturbate long after her assailant was gone. She inserted the mop handle and rode that after she figured out he wasn't coming back. After she came two or three times she got up, cleaned up with paper towels and went back out to the diner. Her Aunts and Mother asked her multiple times if she was ok, and she nodded and asked to be excused for the rest of the day as she was feeling poorly. They gave her the rest of the day off . As she passed by where he had been sitting , she noticed a scrap of paper sitting by his money. Picking it up she looked at it. His name was printed out on it for her along with the hotel he was staying at. She knew what she needed to do. Locking the door she went at herself again and came some more. But something was definitely missing and she immediately knew what it was. It was the massive black man who had raped her. She had no idea what she had been missing and was sorry she had held out so long. All she could think of was finding him again. And she had a good lead. She showered, put on fresh clothes and set out to find her rapist. She was very sore but it felt wonderful. She put on her tightest pants so they would ride her clit as she walked. She walked a few blocks and found the hotel on the slip of paper. She walked in the lobby and asked the concierge if Mr. Carl Johnson was in. He indicated the room and she made her way down the hall.

Big Carl Johnson was very nervous. He was packing fast. He kept stopping, thinking he heard sirens and whispers. They will be here for me soon, he thought. Slamming his bag shut, he strode over to the door and jerked it open and nearly fell out with shock to see young Yumi Seiko standing there, about to knock on his door. His eyes wide, he stared at her for a full half minute before putting his bag down and opening his door wide for her. She walked by him without hesitating and he stared at her as he closed the door. He wasn't sure what she wanted from him but wondered how she found him. His cock began to make its presence known, and her eyes immediately went to it, and she smiled. Suddenly he understood. And he smiled. He knew he wasn't a wanted man. At least not wanted by the police. She knelt down and placed her cheek on his growing cock and rubbed it like a cat. She wanted him to fuck her again and she wanted to suck his dick and she never wanted to stop... ever. She would come to him at all hours of the day or night begging to be fucked and he always obliged her, but was becoming slightly annoyed by her. She was clingy and young, but jeez she was so fucking TIGHT he couldn't stop himself. He would find himself getting hard inside of her right after he had cum and he thought he would die inside of this bitch who just couldn't get enough of him.

Then one day, he was laying beside her and noticed a distinct mound of belly that he hadn't noticed before. He put his hand on her belly and asked her when her last period was. In her broken English she told him she had not had a period in a long time. He lay back and cursed. The fucking bitch was pregnant.

He had to find another place to live and get away from this clingy, now pregnant teenage china doll. So that night, after she had gone and he had fucked her 3 or 4 times, he moved. In fac , he got on a bus and left town.

The next day when the pregnant Yumi Seiko got to his apartment, he was gone. No note , no anything. She began to wail and thrash about on the landing. She missed him and needed him and wanted to be fucked by him RIGHT NOW THIS INSTANT. She had learned enough English to be able to say this quite well. So a man named Roosevelt in the next apartment heard the commotion and came out to see what was going on and she told him that the man who had fucked her was gone and could he please fuck her now? After giving it a minutes thought, he said... "Sure, why not?'

Big Carl Johnson never looked back, and he's still dragging around that massive cock.

Neither did Yumi and Roosevelt and I heard they are still fucking and sucking every day. I think they have about a zillion kids.