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Erotic Tales


These stories are for adults only and include graphic and sometime shocking content. The stories in this collection are provided for your entertainment. If a story does not amuse you do not read it.

(B/D is bondage/discipline, D/s is dominance/submission, NC is nonconsensual, S/M is sadism/masochism, WS is watersports)

New Stories:

All In Their Family by jungis1 (Hetero sex, Lesbian incest, Voyeurism) added 9/20/98
BeachBums by Marsh (Hetero sex, NC, Anal, Slutwife) added 9/21/98
Blind Man's Buff- A Game Adults Can Play (Yes, "Buff " not "Bluff"!) by Captain Squall (Orgy, Party game) added 9/20/98
Christine by Drywater (Hetero sex, First time, Minor) added 9/24/98
Fun with Mr. President by Panzram (Hetero sex except as defined by Clinton) added 9/20/98
Hiking Trail by Rashmi (Hetero sex, Voyeurism, Swinging) added 9/20/98
Home Alone - But not for Long by Captain Squall (Hermaphrodite/woman sex) added 9/22/98
In the Oval Office (Confession) by jungis1 (Clinton sex) added 9/20/98
Misty by Tossman (Hetero sex) added 9/18/98
My Friend's Mom by CaptainQ (Hetero sex) updated 9/18/98
Private Party Lesson by Karla W. (Hetero sex, NC, Humiliation, WS, Zoo sex-woman/dog) added 9/24/98
Still In Their Family: The Real Story by jungis1 (Hetero sex, Bi incest) added 9/24/98
Teasing Wife by Lookin (Hetero sex, Gangbang, NC, Interracial) added 9/24/98
The Babysitter by darkdante (Hetero sex, Anal) added 9/20/98
The Starr Report by Monica Lewinsky as told to Ken Starr (rev) White Shadow (Hetero sex) added 9/18/98
Truth or Dare (Gay sex, First time) added 9/23/98


15 and Ready by Nik the Tool (Hetero sex)
A Dream of an Eclipse of the Sun by virtual_vic (Hetero sex) updated 6/20/98
A Police Woman Betrayed by Jaz1701 (Bi sex, NC) added 8/23/98
A Visit to the Monroe Theater by T_____ (Hetero sex, Gangbang)
Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (rev) maggot (Hetero sex, NC, Humiliation) added 6/20/98
Added Benefits by heartzdesire (Hetero sex)
After School (zipped) (Bi incest, Hetero Sex, Zoo sex-woman/dog)
After-School Fun by Gavin McDowell (Gay sex)
All Alone by Lena (Female masturbation)
Alone by Joe Boone (Hetero sex, Western adventure)
Amish Country: Encounter in Kellen County by Fred Clarke (Hetero sex)
Amputee (Hetero sex)
Amy's Game by Amanda (Hetero sex, NC) added 6/6/98
Angela by Friar Dave (Hetero sex) added 6/3/98
Ann's First Camp by Les (Lesbian sex) added 5/29/98
Another Visit to the Monroe Theater by T____ (Hetero sex, Gangbang)
Appleseed or "I Guess That's Poetic Justice" (Hetero sex, NC) added 7/19/98
Asian Ecstasy by Renegade (Bi sex, Three way) added 5/29/98
Asian Ecstacy, Part 2 - Snowed in with Mollye by Renegade (Hetero sex, B/D, S/M) added 7/6/98
Barbara: Model Turns Slut (zipped) by NiteWriter (Bi Sex, Anal Rimming, Fisting, WS, Gang Bang, Rape, D/s, Bondage, Nipple Piercing, Bestiality) added 4/19/98
Beach Padre I - a Life in Paradise by Bruno K (Gay sex) updated 6/20/98
Beach Padre II - a Threat to Paradise by Bruno K (Gay sex) added 6/20/98
BeachSlut by Suzie SleaZe (Hetero sex, WS, Gangbang) added 6/6/98
Behind The Bar (zipped) by Polly Gaston (Bi Sex, Bondage, Voyeurism) added 6/4/98
Behind the Scenes of Tom Jones by Omni (Hetero sex)
Best Friend's Visit by G-boy (Lesbian sex) added 4/16/98
Bettina's COCK-Tail Party Adventure by Bett J as told to Joe the Cuckold (Hetero sex)
Blackmailed (zipped) by William Davis (Bi Sex, Rape, Gangbang) added 5/7/98
Blackmailed Into Swapping (zipped) by Dana Swanson (Bi Sex, Gang Bang, Masturbation, Rape, Zoo sex-woman/dog) added 7/3/98
Boss Man by Pervitron (Hetero sex, Wifeslut, Interracial, Voyeur) added 8/5/98
Boys Day Out by The Lord (Hetero sex) added 6/17/98
Boys will be Boys by Pecker (Gay sex, First time, Masturbation) added 6/20/98
Camp Counselor by Drywater (Hetero sex) added 8/23/98
Cheerleader Fun by Renegade (Bi sex, NC, B/D, Interracial, 3-Way, Hetero incest) added 6/26/98
Chicago Extra-Marital Affair by F. Nedlaw (Hetero sex) added 8/23/98
China Doll by Joe Boone (Hetero sex)
Cindy by Randy Lavery (Hetero sex)
Cocktease (Hetero sex, Gangbang) added 4/26/98
Cocktease, Part 2 (Gangbang) added 7/3/98
Cuckolded and Loving It by Ooz (Bi sex, Wife sharing, Cross-dressing, WS) added 7/3/98
Dawson's Creek by Homey D. Clown (Hetero sex, Anal, Scat, Impregnation) added 7/23/98
Don't Get Mad, Get Even by Captain Squall (Bi sex, Group sex, Double penetration, Interracial) added 6/17/98
Drink Me by Dod Kalm (Hetero sex, Drug use) added 7/3/98
Driven To Depravity (zipped) by Simon Jillson (Bi sex, Gangbang, Masturbation) added 6/26/98
Driver's License (Hetero sex, First time) added 4/12/98
Drugged Into Sin (zipped) by Peter Jenkins (Hetero sex & incest, Rape, Drugging, Beating) added 6/3/98
East Meets West in a Delightful Foursome... by Captain Squall (Bi sex, Gangbang) added 5/16/98
Exchange Student by Rashmin (Bi sex, Voyeurism, First time) added 8/23/98
Eye Of The Hawk by Joe Boone (Hetero sex, Western adventure)
First Time by Kitty (Hetero sex, First time) added 8/23/98
First Time with Corey by Cel (Hetero sex, First time) added 6/14/98
Forgiven by Velvet Kitty (Bi sex, First time)
Fucking Stories by Sally & Peter Kelsall (Hetero sex, NC) added 8/31/98
Going Anal - Part 1 by Cel (Hetero sex) added 8/23/98
Grow Up by Amanda (Hetero sex, Rape) added 5/12/98
Guilt (Interracial gangbang, B/D)
Heck of a Job by Dogboy (Hetero sex)
Helen Lust by Steeler (Hetero sex, Anal, B/D, Gangbang, Oral, Gay sex, Sex toys) added 7/19/98
Higher Education, Part I by Julia (Hetero sex) added 5/29/98
Hole in the Wall by Kahuna (Hetero sex, Gangbang, Interracial)
Horn Of Africa by Marsh (Rape, Interracial, B/D, Humiliation) added 8/23/98
Isaac by Julia (Hetero sex, Interracial) added 6/3/98
Jack Night by Burrito Bob (Bi sex) added 8/23/98
James Black loses his cherry.... by Captain Squall (Hetero sex, First time, Wife sharing, Voyeurism) added 5/27/98
Jason by Randy Lavery (Gay sex)
Jean's Journey by Coogrr Cat (Hetero sex, NC, Impregnation, Suicide) added 7/23/98
Jessie by Scott Collins (Hetero sex, First time)
Jo and the Boys by Aquinas (Hetero sex, Voyeurism) added 5/8/98
Just A Swingin' by Cat (Orgy)
Kate Goes Shopping by Walter Buckman as told to Joe The Cuckold (Hetero sex, Wife sharing)
Kerry (zipped) by Aquinas (Bi sex) added 8/23/98
Kim's Story by Aquinas (Lesbian sex) added 7/19/98
Last One Of The Day by LivLou (Hetero Sex) added 7/23/98
Latin Woman by Julia (Lesbian sex) added 6/3/98
Legshow (zipped) by DaChe (rev) Kanga (Hetero sex) added 5/22/98
Lesbian Pedophile Nuns by Xan (Lesbian sex)
Lucas, Darwin and Friends by monolog lucasdarwin (Bi sex, Group sex) added 6/20/98
Lust Takes A Holiday (zipped) by Neil Forit (Hetero sex) added 4/21/98
Mary Deanna's Anniversary Fuck - Episode 1 by Joe The Cuckold (Hetero sex, Interracial, Wife sharing)
Mary Deanna's Anniversary Fuck - Episode 2 by Joe The Cuckold (Hetero sex, Interracial)
Mary Deanna's Anniversary Fuck - Episode 3 by Joe The Cuckold (Hetero sex, Interracial, Gangbang)
Meriah and Miranda by Aquinas (Hetero sex) added 5/12/98
Mike's Mom by Senquio (Hetero Sex)
Mr. Cum's Ice-Cream Shop by Jerry (Hetero sex)
Monica's Adult Theater Adventure by Monica K. (Hetero Sex, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Exhibitionism) added 8/23/98
Movie Guy Slut by Ooz (Masturbation, Gay sex) added 7/3/98
My First Lesbian Experience by Natsuko Nakamura (Lesbian sex) added 6/3/98
My Girlfriend's Lust by Alex (Hetero sex)
My Little Angel by Drywater (Hetero sex) added 7/26/98
My Wife Roxanne (Hetero sex, Gangbang, Scat)
Naked and Helpless (zipped) (Hetero sex, NC, Masturbation) added 7/26/98
Neighbor Men by qmommad (Hetero sex, First time, WS) added 6/26/98
One Erotic Night in Bangkok by Captain Squall (Hetero sex) added 5/12/98
Our Holiday by Marsh (Hetero orgy, Rape) added 8/23/98
Our Wild Night Out by Wild Horse (Hetero sex, Exhibitionism) added 7/3/98
Pam by Doughman (Bi sex, Voyeurism/Exhibitionism)
Picking up a Young Girl by Thickdick (Hetero sex)
Pizza Girl by Min (Hetero sex, Gangbang, Interracial) added 6/17/98
Please Teach My Child by Vas Dragus (Hetero sex, Incestuous 3-some) added 7/3/98
Polo's Nitecap by Durrance (Hetero sex, NC) added 7/19/98
Pool Party by English Expatriate (Bi sex, Voyeurism, Gangbang, Interracial)
Pool Side Chat by LivLou (Hetero Sex) updated 7/11/98
Possession of a Soul by Nicholas and Felicia Romanschak (Hetero sex, B/D) added 5/10/98
Rape Betrayal #4 - Don't Rape me, Rape my Daughter! by Jaz1701 (Rape) added 8/23/98
Rottnest Ironwoman Rises Up by Captain Squall (Hetero sex, Gangbang) updated 7/14/98
Rules Get Broken by Calloway (Lesbian sex, Voyeurism)
School's Out by Les (Bi sex, S/M, NC, Voyeurism) added 6/3/98
SitterCam by Pervitron (Bi sex, Femdom, NC, Voyeurism) added 7/23/98
Shotgunning by G-boy (Bi sex, WS)
Shy Girl by Amanda (Lesbian sex) added 5/14/98
Sleep Over by Eurydice (Lesbian sex, Sleeping sex) added 7/26/98
Slut Wife At The Movies by Ooz (Hetero sex, Gangbang, WS, Scat) added 6/3/98
Snowy Day (Hetero sex, First time) added 5/17/98
Summer Camp by Joe Slackie (Hetero sex, Gangbang)
Suzy by Joe Boone (Hetero sex)
Swimming by G-boy (Bi sex)
The Abducted Bride (zipped) by Jon Reskind (Hetero Sex, Drugging leading to Rape, Voyeurism, Masturbation) added 4/16/98
The Bath (Hetero sex)
The Beast In Me (zipped) by James Butler (Bi Sex, Hetero Incest, Voyeurism, Zoo sex-woman/dog, Masturbation) added 4/12/98
The Blue Lagoon Cabanas by Dane Salade (Hetero sex) added 7/14/98
The Boyfriend's Dad (zipped) by Peter Jensen (Hetero sex, Blackmail and Rape, Voyeurism, Lesbian Incest, Drug, Zoo sex-woman/dog) added 4/19/98
The Call Girl (Hetero sex, Interracial, S/M, D/s)
The Family Swappers (zipped) by Grace Wilkenson (Bi Sex, Gangbang, Rape, Masturbation, Blackmail, Drugging, Voyeurism) added 7/19/98
The Car by Jill and Sally (Hetero sex, NC)
The College Girl by Lil' Kim (Hetero sex) added 7/3/98
The Contest by BJ and RC (Group Sex, Hetero incest) added 6/20/98
The Counsellor gets a Nice Surprise by Captain Squall (Hetero sex, Interracial) added 7/11/98
The Door-To-Door Salesman (zipped) by Jean Sifton (Bi sex, Gangbang, Rape, Masturbation) added 7/19/98
The Fair by Les (Hetero sex) added 5/10/98
The Farmer's Step-daughter (Hetero sex & incest, Zoo sex-woman/horse) added 7/3/98
The Gift by Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison, and Maureen Tucker (rev) White Shadow (Hetero sex) added 5/28/98
The Housekeeper by Screamer (Hetero sex) added 6/20/98
The Hunters by Kahuna (Hetero sex, Voyeurism)
The Missionary's Daughter (zipped) (Hetero Sex, Kidnapping and Rape) added 5/3/98
The Olympic Dream (Lesbian sex)
The Penile Pump Implant by Man-Cock (Hetero sex) added 8/30/98
The Polaroid Club (zipped) by William Davis (Hetero Sex, Voyeurism, Blackmail, D/s, Zoo sex-Woman/Dog, Rape) added 4/16/98
The Rape by qmommad (Hetero sex, NC) added 6/26/98
The Schoolgirl by Screamer (Hetero sex) added 5/6/98
The Schoolgirl 2: Teacher's Pet by Screamer (Hetero sex, Masturbation, WS) added 6/14/98
The Schoolgirl 3: Extra Credit by Screamer (Hetero sex, Masturbation) added 8/23/98
The Second Contest -- A Smutty Seinfeld Story (Bi sex, D/s, Humor)
The Singer by Jan M. (Hetero sex, Supernatural) added 5/6/98
The Slut Wife by Ooz (Bi sex, First time) added 6/3/98
The Sympathetic Rapist by Jaz1701 (Rape) added 8/23/98
The Teacher (Hetero sex, First time) added 7/26/98
The Tennis Instructor by Paul Grahm (Hetero sex, S/M)
The Twins: And Mother & The Twins: And Teacher (zipped) by Alberta Graham (Bi Sex, Gangbang, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Drug use, Zoo sex-woman/dog) added 7/3/98
The Virgin by Cat (Hetero sex)
The Wedding Conception by Mon (Hetero sex, Impregnation)
Three on Julie (a true story) (Hetero sex, Gangbang, Wife sharing) added 6/3/98
Treach (zipped) by The Cruiser (Hetero sex, Enema)
True Story: Confessions of a Peter Beater (Male masturbation, Hetero sex & incest)
When Harry Met Sally by Joe Boone and Sally (Hetero sex, NC)
White Slave (zipped) (Hetero Sex, D/s, Rape) added 4/26/98
Wife On Film (zipped) (Bi sex, Voyeurism, Gangbang, Masturbation, Foot fetish) added 7/12/98
Young Angie (Hetero sex) added 7/26/98
Young Cherry Cheerleader (zipped) (Hetero sex, Voyeurism) added 7/29/98
Yumi Seiko and Big Carl Johnson by qmommad (Hetero sex, NC, First time) added 8/23/98